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It’s been a manic Monday.  I woke up to my blog running as slow as molasses and although I just upgraded to new servers about three weeks ago, it seems that they weren’t quite big enough.  I knew this almost immediately after migrating, but was putting off doing anything because tech changes give me panic attacks.  Sweaty palm city.  However, I couldn’t avoid it any longer so I spent half the morning and much of the afternoon dealing with tech stuff.

The tech support people told me it should have been seamless to all of you and the benefit is that my site should load faster now.  Fingers crossed.

In addition to going nutty with blog stuff, I spent time with these kind of nuts.

Rosemary Chipotle Roasted Almonds in white bowl

The smell of roasted nuts in my house has been intoxicating.  It smells like Christmas time at the mall when you can smell the fragrance of roasted nuts wafting through the stores just begging you to inhale a few handfuls, immediately.

And the smell of Baked Vanilla Glazed Donuts with Vanilla Glaze, i.e. Krispy Kreme donuts, was wafting through the house over the weekend.

Baked Vanilla Glazed Donuts with Vanilla Glaze

The smell of baking donuts is a good problem to have.  No complaints or anything.

The winner of the Cookiepedia Cookbook Giveaway is:

bakerbynature November 4, 2011 at 7:31 pm

“I would be all over those black and white cookies; how typical new yorker of me is that? I’d share… of course “:)

Congrats, Ashley @ Bakerbynature

The scent of this coffee has also been wafting.

Two bags of coffee Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, Lake Tawar and Finca Santa Ana

Did you enter the coffee giveaway yet?


1. What scents have been wafting through your world lately?

I did smell some bus exhaust and diesel fuel.  Ick!

But there’s been lots of other good stuff like coffee, roasted nuts, and laundry soap because in addition to calming tech fires, I caught up on some laundry.  Thrilling indeed.

2. What are some of your favorite scents?

I love:

anything vanilla

this body spray

and peanut butter banana bread (vegan, GF) baking doesn’t smell too shabby either.  Something about bread, and especially banana bread, that I just adore.

Stay warm!  It’s gotten pretty “wintery” in San Diego the past few days.

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  1. Those nuts are totally calling my name!! I love all the scents this time of year – apple and cinnamon and vanilla and maple… yum!

  2. This comment has nothing to do with THIS blog post, but… I’m looking for a good gluten free alternative to ginger-molasses spice cookies – preferably in the form of your incredible raw cookie dough bites. I was thinking some version of your Raw Vegan Gingerbread Cookies & Cookie Dough Balls? Any suggestions/ideas?

    maybe ground flax,
    walnuts (or ground almonds/almond meal)
    fresh grated ginger
    pumpkin pie spice
    pinch of salt

    Now, for the ratios :)

  3. Sorry about the tech issues, no fun! Agreed on nuts and thank you for reminding me to dehydrate more for hubby. :-)

  4. It’s funny how you say San Diego’s been pretty wintery… I’m visiting from Vermont for a few days and I swear it’s warmer back home!

    1. Whenever I mention that it’s ‘chilly’ here people think I’m a wimp or that it’s always balmy here and growing up in MN, I know what cold is…and when I can see my breath running, I call that chilly! Glad to know you think it’s chilly here too!

  5. Nothing nearly as delicious as roasted nuts or doughnuts. More like roasted squash and the risotto I made last night. Apparently my house will permanently smell like vegetables. I have got to get some baking done!

    When it comes to food I love vanilla and cinnamon scents the best. Otherwise (for candles or perfumes) I like fruit. Apples, melons, strawberries. I’m a walking farmer’s market…or pre-teen, lol.

  6. Right now, I’m obsessed with the autumn wreath candle from Yankee Candle. It smells like a roasted turkey, pumpkin pie, a warm cup of tea and a cold night all rolled into one (that’s a scent, right? :) ) My all time favorite scent though, is that of Christmas tree!

  7. Oh I really see the different interface when I chose to leave a comment! But before then it looked the same!

    I love essential oil smells and my favourite is geranium. I just LOVE it. So relaxing and such a pretty scent! I know it’s not food related though – hmm…I can’t drink coffee (too sensitive to the caffeine) but I do love the smell of it. So coffee anything! I can just sit in a Starbucks and smell (though that would look pretty odd).

  8. Isn’t the scent of baking donuts amazing? Thank you for that.

    I know I keep saying this, but I’m really sorry I didn’t get to meet you. If you’re ever in LA, let me know, okay?

  9. Have you thought the tech glitches could be due to the full moon…?!

    Also, I made the oatmeal pumpkin peanut butter squares for a cookout Sunday night, and they were a huge hit! Thanks :)

    1. Oh thanks for the report back! I wish I could say it was all due to full moon but there were other things going on but the moon may not have helped matters.

  10. Lately my house has been filled with the smell of vegan chili, pumpkin butter and peanut butter cookies. And of course, when I step outside to breathe in the crisp mountain air, I also breathe in juniper pollen.

  11. Right now I just smell the coffee I’m drinking.

    It looks COLD outside and I am not looking forward to stepping out there in 20 minutes. I better go get dressed. UGH.

  12. MMMM those almonds look fantastic. Vanilla is hands down one of my favorite scents. Since I’m at work right now – not really any exciting smells happening around me with the exception of my apple cinnamon oatmeal.

  13. Fave scents – cinnamon rolls!! and clean linen scents. LOVE Dolce and Gabanna’s Light Blue!

  14. I’m smelling hazelnut coffee, pumpkin candle, and fresh linen…love all these scents! I want a donut maker. Headed to BB&B today!

  15. Right now is coffee and the cool morning air! This time of year reminds me of when I moved to Georgia. There is a distinct smell from the trees and I love it!

  16. Are you hosting with dreamhost? If so, they are garbage. I was on VPS with them and they kept telling me nothing was wrong and that I just had to pay more money to make sure my blog worked… I switched over to hostco and they’ve been absolutely unbelievable. Like, crazy unbelievable. They do backups more than once a day, so I never have to worry about losing anything, they are super helpful (you don’t have to pay for support), and my blog is fast, reliable, and way less stressful. I know I’m sounding like an advertisement right now, but serious, these guys are awesome. They will move everything over for you SO easily too.
    Favorite smell… probably curry. Reminds me of my childhood!

  17. Can’t wait to see the new recipe, that one photo is such a tease! Some of my favorite smells- cooking garlic and onions ( I know you hate that!), the ocean (reminds me of home), faint men’s cologne, coffee grinds yummmm, and book stores.

  18. I’ve been smelling that lots of neighborhood homes are using their fireplaces, now that morning temps hover around freezing. I know it’s not environmentally sound, but it sure does smell good!

  19. Your site seems to be loading a lot faster for me! :)

    Those roasted almond look incredible. I always love that smell at the mall too. Haha well I was smelling some popcorn last night… apparently one of my neighbors was making some. I was very tempted to go knock on their door and ask them to share. ;)

  20. i had noticed that your blog was super slow this weekend, but it was better yesterday – hope it wasn’t too frustrating/anxiety-provoking for you yesterday, averie!
    i love the scents of choco chip cookies in the oven, fresh baked bread, apple pie (see a theme here?!)and the “christmasy” scent of cinnamon and whatever else is in that.
    hope the temps warm up for you! too early for winter chill to set in permanently!

  21. Those roasted nuts would make the perfect holiday gift…packaged all pretty in a mason jar, complete with festive ribbons…hmm. You’ve got me thinking!
    As for favorite sents, I’ve been using the very last drops of my Ralph Lauren HOT perfume very carefully – they discontinued the sent! I have to find a new one. Kind of sad when that happens. But, I’ve been eyeing a Christina Aguilera perfume. . .

    1. Stay tuned for a post about that :)

      I hate it when they discontinue fave fragrances…frustrating!

  22. I have this new candle that is pumpkin and vanilla and I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Um, so I was eyeing your butterfinger bars yesterday again. can I get candy corns anytime of year? Or should I RUN to the store tomorrow to get some? i have got to make those bars!!!!

    1. Not sure if they are year round but I’m sure you could scrounge some up. If you buy a $2.99 bag or so, you will have candy corn to last you for a year of butterfinger making. Or at least a month :)

  23. Wafting through my house… Pumpkin spice (candle), roasted pumpkin, maple syrup… But I love Vanilla, nag champa, and oatmeal cookies. ;)

  24. Actually I just bought some oil incense from the Body Shop and I am SO impressed with it. It’s the kind that comes in little glass bottles, you open the tops, and put tiny little sticks inside. They magically suck up the oil and your whole house smells amazing. I put vanilla nutmeg in my living room and black apricot in my bathroom. WOW. They are mucho yummy!

    Although, I wouldn’t mind the scent of some donuts in my house right about now…