The Server Shuffle


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I hope your day is going smoother than mine.  I woke up to an email from my current web hosting company saying that my site was down so if you ran into any “site temporarily unavailable” messages earlier today, you know why.

This is on the heels of last week’s site crash and database failure.

Coincidentally, I am happen to be in the midst of a server migration (today) to a new hosting company.

Apple desktop computer with Love Veggies and yoga website front page pulled upTo say I’ve got a few tech fires burning is an understatement.   All in all, self-hosting is still 100% worth it.

As I said in my Thursday Things post, Full Moons are notorious for things breaking, crashing, mechanical issues, and for technology-related problems.  Some people may dismiss it all as hocus pocus, but on many full moons, I am not a stranger to random snags and glitches.  Some bigger than others, of course.

So what’s a girl to do?

Shop.  Well, thrift shop.  I found a $2 plate at the thrift store


And now if you’ll excuse me, I need to nurse my pumpkin addiction with a Pumpkin Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bar (Vegan, GF)

Pumpkin Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bars

And now I need to get back to the server shuffle and emails.  This should all be seamless to readers but if you notice any weird snags or glitches in the next 24 hours, please be patient and just try back again shortly and things will likely have sorted themselves out.


What are the best parts of your day today?

Best parts of my day have been the 86F sunny weather, Skylar’s smiling face, and knowing my tech issues should all be behind me very soon.

And that the weekend is in sight.  Yay for that.

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  1. So I made the PB, Pumpkin, Oat bars…Instead of white sure I used Raw Agave, only 1/2 cup brown sugar (and they came out super sweet), half PB and half Almond Butter, no spice mix (because I couldn’t find any in my cupboard), and white choco-chips…MMMmmmmMMMmm…it turned out a lot darker and thicker than in your picture, but they still came out pretty yummy. I might have to stick to the original recipe next time to see if I can make them as “pretty” as yours :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. hope the glitches get sorted out asap! this explains what happened last night when i tried to access your blog – i didn’t get an error message, but i got a message asking me if i wanted to open a file, or something weird like that…anyway, it’s all back to normal today!
    have a great friday!

  3. Oh man, so sorry you had to deal with that today. :( Not fun, but hopefully that pumpkin bar helped. :)
    The best thign today- I’m the Vitalicious fan of the month! Yippee!!! :)
    Averie- hope your weekend gets better!

  4. Ay, ay, ay… you’ve got to love all of the tech problems! I’m not a tech person at all, so I freak out when anything goes wrong…

    But that plate is gorgeous! Now that’s a killer thrift store find!

  5. Hope things are smoothing themselves out! Deep breaths…sometimes when I notice that I’m going CRAZY over a computer thing I just have to walk away. It’s not worth the upset sometimes. But blah…the drama! I Know it sucks!!
    best part of my day was teaching!

  6. Sorry about the web drama, it’s super frustrating having your site down and no control. Super cute plate, what a find!

    The best part of my day was surviving work and it being closer to Friday! :-)

  7. Highlight of my day was my very best friend arriving for a weekend visit. Very exciting! Glad your getting that sorted out… what a headache :/

  8. Good luck with the migration! Best part of my day was meeting a friend for a mani-pedi. I got a bright orange with the black OPI “Shatter” polish on top. Very edgy and fun, plus a perfect look for Halloween :-)

    It was really good for me to take a couple hours away from final retreat prep/logistics. I leave tomorrow. Will check back in with ya after the weekend :-)

  9. Yep, I also saw your error message earlier. All better now.
    Went to TJs this morning, got the hot pepper jelly AND the fig butter; haven’t gotten around to trying them yet.
    Had a couple hours of training for my new fitness center job this morning; I’m going to love it up there.

    1. oh im jealz of the fig butter…but it proves it’s a regional distribution situation down here in S.D.

      LMK how you like it. I’ve heard rave reviews about it. I want to try it so badly!

  10. hope things go well with ur site!
    I really thought it has crashed again, when I wanted to check out ur new post. Glad it´s back.

    (those measuring cups from your last post look awesome!)

  11. I ran into your message, I’m glad it’s getting resolved. And I’m jealous of your thrift store find! The best part of my day was coming home early to snuggle with the kitty, and my dinner!

  12. I am sorry you hit glitches today. I ran into your temporarily down message and was sad. ;-) Hope all is fixed soon! I had a good day; nice run & workout, got to experiment in the kitchen, got to go fun shopping, & have hangout time with the kids. I loved reading yesterday about your views on pumpkin pie crust-I had to laugh. I refuse to eat it; I just scoop out the filling-it makes my kids laugh. Last year my husband said “why not try graham cracker?” I had this epiphany….I had never heard of that before! I loveloveloved it! Now that’s how I make it. I live a sheltered life I guess, lol. Your smoothie sounds yummy. Can’t wait to try it! Have a good evening!

    1. sorry you hit the error msg and yes, the middle part really is the best part of a pumpkin pie.

      graham cracker crusts CAN be tricky b/c they tend to burn before the middle is really set and done but sounds like you have it down pat.

  13. Our South Carolina weather is much like San Diego’s today!

    I had a delicious breakfast, an interview, lunch with my parents, and a trip to the farmers’ market today. The weekend is certainly on the horizon!