When Chaos Strikes


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Ahhh, what an insane 24 hours I have had.  More on it all in the next post.

An update on my blog is that it probably wasn’t hacked like I originally thought.  Rather, it was a massive database file error that caused most of my blog to go missing and go down for about 12 hours.

AKA: my site crashed.  Big time.

Why did this happen?  More than likely because my blog has been growing and I’ve seen big and sustained traffic increases, and my blog has outgrown the servers that it’s hosted on.  I am a self-hosted WordPress blog and use Bluehost and did a post in my Blogging 101 Series about being self-hosted and pros and cons.  All in all, huge pro to be self-hosted but this was a con.  To say the least.

Solution: move my blog to new servers that are bigger, better, dedicated, and won’t crash.

Do I want to deal with this?  No!  But it’s a good problem to have.

Thanks to everyone who reads my little blog and also thanks to everyone who replied with your support after my tweets, Facebook wall posts, and cries for help; specifically Jenn, Kath, Angela, Corey, thank you.

Having my online world blow up in my face and thinking that I had lost years worth of work was pretty nerve-racking and panic-inducing, to put it mildly, but all is well.  For now.  I need to figure out the server situation, asap.

When chaos strikes…

I’d rather see pictures of palm trees and sunsets

Purple sunset with city lights and palm trees

Do some yoga, at home.  Definitely at home.  Would not want to get in my car, drive to a studio, find parking, and be in anyone else’s energy.  I have enough on my own when life is chaotic.  Solo time and so I can think things through is key for me in the midst of calamity.

Black yoga mat on hardwood floor

And of course, eating chocolate, or cookie dough, or both all in one is a fantastic idea.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Marshmallow Stuffed Rice Krispie Bars stacked

Or there’s always drinking a Baileys Slushie if all else fails.

What do you do when chaos strikes?

Walking, running, time outside in the fresh air, hugs from Scott & Skylar, a phone call with a friend, or a good pound-my-keyboard-email-vent-session with trusted friends usually helps, too.

P.S. Thanks for the Manna Bread Giveaway entries, too

And I think it got lost in the chaos shuffle, but check out my Baking Rules post if  you have time.  I’d love to hear what your Baking Rules are.

Enjoy your night.   I hope mine is calm and chaos-free.

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  1. When chaos strikes I cry. Then I pull myself together and figure it out. Eventually I move on.

  2. i had frozen grapes last night for dessert! i love them. they are like little balls of sorbet. mmmm…so so good.

    skylar’s hair is so long! (i just realized im commenting on the wrong post, but oh well)

  3. What an awful day. Glad you know what to do so that it hopefully won’t happen again!

    I still haven’t been able to concentrate on yoga with my mind racing a million miles a minute. The cookbook (and my story!) came out yesterday, I’m attempting to make my blog actually look like something instead of all cheesy. You know, first world problems. I need to do something for someone else today!

  4. Some kind of hard core physical exercise works for me when my world is chaotic! My favorite is tae kwan do! (especially sparring)!
    Love your blog – just came across it. Can’t wait to try the marshmallow treats – my daughter will love them! Thanks for the tips. =-)

  5. What a mess to deal with! Glad you got things sorted out and found a solution!

    I’m feeling a little “chaotic” right now. Yesterday ended badly with Sarah catching a wicked cold, she got cut for a volleyball team she tried out for which upset her terribly and one of our beloved cats was struck and killed by a car last night. I really just want to sleep and wake up on the other side, ya know? *sigh*

    1. Oh Krista, I am so sorry to hear about your cat. And VB team cutting.

      I hope things get better in your world!

  6. That’s good to hear your site wasn’t hacked. But rather your site is growing and couldn’t handle the lil server you were using! :) AT least it’s over now. When chaos strikes, i always talk to my boyfriend…he’s basically my best friend and i love talking things over with him. Then i go to church to also ask God for guidance and to keep giving me strength. Just praying makes everything.better. :)

  7. Is that your setup for yoga at home? It looks beautiful!
    I’m glad that you agree with doing yoga at home. I almost always do it at home- that way I can work around my own schedule and don’t have to go anywhere. I feel like some people “poo poo” that idea because they think that you don’t work as hard as you do in a class…. not true for me!

    I usually do a yoga dvd when I get home from work, but I actually brought my yoga mat and a dvd to work today because it is super quiet and peaceful here after the students leave (I’m a teacher). I’m testing it out to see if I like it. :)

    1. yes, not really a setup, just throw a yoga mat down on the floor and look out the window, but yes, that’s what I do :)

  8. Girl, I am so sorry to hear that happened. That would drive anyone more that nuts. Our whole lives work lost in a blip would be tragic and beyond awful. Glad to hear it is just ’cause you are so popular!! xxoo

  9. gosh, Averie, this must have been soooo bad!! I was really worried you last of your data when I couldn´t get through to your blog… Hopefully the move will go well and your blog will be safe!
    So glad you are back :)
    I find it always helps when I go get some fresh air, when the chaos strikes. Also, I take really deeeeeeeeeeeep breaths (that is something I forget quite often, would you believe it, but I am a shallow breather), just take a look at the mess and try to figure out the best way to tackle the problem, instead of just throwing myself in there.

  10. Glad it wasn’t too serious with your blog, code/DB issues aren’t fun. But awesome that traffic has grown so much for you! For me, long runs, games, and maybe a little wine help when chaos strikes.

  11. Just catching up now, but man….hugs!! I am so sorry you had to deal with that stress. Just what you need, right?


  12. I just read your last 2 posts and Holy Cr*p! What a day. I would have had a nervous breakdown…that is my BIGGEST fear losing all of the hard work! Aghhhh!!!! Scaaaaary!!!!! Glad everything is okay now. I was good about daily back ups but realized I hadn’t done it in a while. I totally just went on and made sure to do a full back up with my server. Thy have def given me problems in the past where I was down for like 2 hours and having major panic attacks

  13. Aww, Averie. I’m so sorry that you had to experience that. I am sure that the anxiety and worry was enough to make you sick. I mean, the thought of losing all of that work…I’m so glad you did not lose all your beautiful work!!

    Well, when chaos strikes, I try as hard as I can to realize that everything happens for a reason and that worrying about things does not make anything better. Of course, I am human so I only do the best that I can and I often fail…but I do try.

  14. Oh honey, sending you a big hug. Sorry this happened; how stressful. :-(

    But I’m glad it wasn’t as bad as it originally appeared.

    Funny, I checked your blog this morning and got an error message; figured it was a temporary glitch.

    My coping strategies are similar to yours. A combo of alone time and time and connection with loved ones really helps. A few moments of deep, calming pranayama and a whiff of lavendar eases the stress when my nerves are frayed.

  15. That’s great your blog’s getting so big now! But yeah, that’s definitely not a happy surprise! I should look more into backing up my blog…

  16. You made me realize I NEED to back my blog up just in case! I am so glad it wasn’t hacked!!

  17. glad you’re up and running again, averie! i saw your tweet this a.m., and haven’t been home all day to check back…whew! i, too, would feel just heartbroken if i lost my blog…so i am very glad that you didn’t lose all those years of blog posts.
    when chaos strikes, i have a good cry if it’s serious enough. otherwise, i need fresh air when i am stressed, i need a good walk, and i need my mom!!! :)
    hope you can relax a bit tonight!!

  18. I’m so glad to hear you got it figured out Averie, phew! I can’t imagine what your day was like :( We can all learn from this to back up our work!

  19. WOW!!! I miss one day of reading and your whole world has fallen apart, come back together and all is well. Goodness, that must have been close to having a family member die…I know what it felt like to have a year’s worth of photos WIPED off our comp, including baby pics of our first born, my graduation from Uni…the whole nine and we never recovered them. I was a wreck. But to lose yeaarrss?? I’m so glad it was just a glitch!!

  20. I was wondering why I couldn’t get on your site today!! Hope all the chaos dies down and you can make a smooth transition!

  21. Ah, I’m glad at least that you weren’t hacked!!! Too much traffic is a good problem to have :-)

  22. So glad you weren’t actually hacked! I was panic stricken for a few minutes and it’s not even my blog. I’m a bit behind but I was wracking my brain with the recipes of yours I had that I could email back to you.

    Also, sorry I haven’t commented in a while. Still reading/lurking, just busy!

    1. you dont have to apologize! it’s good to hear from you when ever you have the chance :)

  23. So sorry about all your chaos. Hope it calms down. You’re just too popular! :) he he! Hand in there and enjoy your night! :)

  24. I’m so glad this got sorted out for you today Averie. I was thinking of you all day with my fingers crossed. So glad it was a positive problem rather than a negative! You’re just too darn popular lol!

    I spilled water on my Macbook and it died a few weeks ago. All my photos everything…I was so concerned. I soaked it upside down in rice overnight and then dared to try to turn it on the next day. It turned on! And I instantly backed everything up and thanked my lucky stars. It can be so terrifying! Yay you :).

    1. soaked it upside down in rice overnight = WOW, that’s amazing…how did you even know to do that??!

      and glad you got it back on and BACKED UP!

  25. Aaaaverie! I can’t even begin to imagine what you’ve just gone through. My site “crashed” for about 10 minutes 2 weeks ago and I FA-REAKED. like, TOTES PANIC ATTACK. like, PEED MY PANTS AND VOMITED AND CRIED AT THE SAME TIME.

    But it’s okay now.

    I’m SO glad you’re up and running again. Whew!

    1. and i read a comment of yours on a post of jenna’s about your 80s motorcycle chick hair…I have been LOLing at that for 2 days to myself :) and no, your hair looks gorgeous! what are you talkin about!