Ahhh, what an insane 24 hours I have had.  More on it all in the next post.

An update on my blog is that it probably wasn’t hacked like I originally thought.  Rather, it was a massive database file error that caused most of my blog to go missing and go down for about 12 hours.

AKA: my site crashed.  Big time.

Why did this happen?  More than likely because my blog has been growing and I’ve seen big and sustained traffic increases, and my blog has outgrown the servers that it’s hosted on.  I am a self-hosted WordPress blog and use Bluehost and did a post in my Blogging 101 Series about being self-hosted and pros and cons.  All in all, huge pro to be self-hosted but this was a con.  To say the least.

Solution: move my blog to new servers that are bigger, better, dedicated, and won’t crash.

Do I want to deal with this?  No!  But it’s a good problem to have.

Thanks to everyone who reads my little blog and also thanks to everyone who replied with your support after my tweets, Facebook wall posts, and cries for help; specifically Jenn, Kath, Angela, Corey, thank you.

Having my online world blow up in my face and thinking that I had lost years worth of work was pretty nerve-racking and panic-inducing, to put it mildly, but all is well.  For now.  I need to figure out the server situation, asap.

When chaos strikes…

I’d rather see pictures of palm trees and sunsets

Purple sunset with city lights and palm trees

Do some yoga, at home.  Definitely at home.  Would not want to get in my car, drive to a studio, find parking, and be in anyone else’s energy.  I have enough on my own when life is chaotic.  Solo time and so I can think things through is key for me in the midst of calamity.

Black yoga mat on hardwood floor

And of course, eating chocolate, or cookie dough, or both all in one is a fantastic idea.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Marshmallow Stuffed Rice Krispie Bars stacked

Or there’s always drinking a Baileys Slushie if all else fails.

What do you do when chaos strikes?

Walking, running, time outside in the fresh air, hugs from Scott & Skylar, a phone call with a friend, or a good pound-my-keyboard-email-vent-session with trusted friends usually helps, too.

P.S. Thanks for the Manna Bread Giveaway entries, too

And I think it got lost in the chaos shuffle, but check out my Baking Rules post if  you have time.  I’d love to hear what your Baking Rules are.

Enjoy your night.   I hope mine is calm and chaos-free.

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