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I recently found these cookie scoops at Bed Bath & Beyond

They don’t seem to have them on their website, but when I was at my local BB & B for my donut pan last week, I picked up the $3.99 gadget on a whim.

And it rocked my weekend bakestravaganza

Dig into your dough

And push the big button to release the dough onto your cookie trays.

And it releases the dough easily and effortlessly.  No sticking!

Which seems to have resulted in my most uniform cookies to date.

Martha Stewart may not approve but for me, they were as uniform and neat as I have ever managed.  Between my Silpat and my Flexipat and a cookie scoop, I feel like I have a new lease on cookie baking.

In the past I have tried scoops like these and the “releasing mechanism” usually doesn’t want to release the dough easily.  Then the dough builds up and gets caught in the wire and it’s a big mess and not a time saver or a pretty-cookie-maker.

I usually resort to just spooning my cookie balls out with a kitchen spoon onto cookie trays but my cookies were never as neat as I wished.   <– And if this is my worst problem in life, I realize I’ve got a blessed life.

But who knew that $3.99 separated me from cookie nirvana.

I can’t wait to try it on a batch of Snickers Bar Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

Or a batch of Peanut Butter Oatmeal White Chocolate Chip Cookies

It’s the simple things that get me excited.

Did Microwave Salsa Verde Pepperjack Tofu get you excited?  It got me excited.   It’s another simple thing that just changed my dinner repertoire, big time.


1. Do you use a cookie scoop?  Any particular types or brands you’ve tried?  Opinions or do they work for you?

2. Any simple things that you’ve discovered lately or simple things that have really helped you?

A few of mine…

Freezing leftover coffee into ice cube trays is great in iced coffee because it doesn’t get as watered down.

Planned leftovers.  Cook in batches and then reheat.   Not for everyone, but for me, makes life much easier.

Not walking into the grocery store with everything pre-determined.  Being flexible and taking advantage of what’s on sale and up in the front of the store in the produce department.  Saves money and increases the variety of produce I buy.  Here was a post I did on saving money on your grocery budget.

P.S. Please vote here for my No Bake PB Biscoff Cookie Dough Bites in the Delta Biscoff Bakeoff.  You can vote once per day for the next week.  If I win, I could win a culinary dream trip to NYC, Napa or LA.  It just takes a second to click and vote.  Thank you so much!

54 comments on “Scoop It & Simple Things”

  1. I haven’t seen this version, but I want to lick that spatula. ;)

  2. Not to be a party pooper but I have bought that cookie scoop twice and each time it broke through the flimsy plastic on the bottom of the scoop when I pushed too hard. So make sure not to overfill the scoop or put anything in it that is tough to get out, etc. But for me I will stick to the metal ones that they also sell at BB&B. P.S. – I love your blog!

  3. Cute scoops, love the colors. Thanks for the info!

    1. Nope, I have a large ice cream scoop that might be good for large cookies. :-)
    2. New cutting boards that are lighter and easier to wash.

  4. “And if this is my worst problem in life, I realize I’ve got a blessed life.” Amen, sister! I like to say I have high-class problems. :)

  5. Wow, those look awesome! I usually just dole out cookies with my hands because it seems less messy in the long run, but those would help even more. I’ve been voting – hope you win the Biscoff bake off!

  6. Love your super cute yellow bowl with dots & the measuring spoons!! :D

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  15. I am so happy to see you use one of these. I saw it yesterday, and thought…”plastic?” – thought of dough sticking……I passed it up. Found this on a search. I figured there would be Public Outcry. “Look-they are out to distroy us…” ;) Well, I know I can trust your word; girl you know cookies. Thnx

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