Stevia Plant & Gardening, New Driver’s Licencse, Do you Like Your DL Pic & Are you a Donor?

Hi Bloggie Friends!  Can I get a big TGIF!  I just wanted to pop in and say hi and see how everyone’s doing and see what you’ve got shaking for the weekend?   We’re going to spend lots of time outdoors walking around Balboa Park.  I’ll hit the gym, the Farmer’s Market on Sunday, and not sure what else, but hopefully just keep it mellow and fun!
Today I went to Mission Hills Nursery which is a mile from my house and bought a Stevia Plant!

 Can you believe this whole plant was only $2.99.  Less than the price of a latte!

Those green leaves are nice and sweet and the price was sure right!
 I have been chewing leaves this afternoon.  It’s been sweet fun.

 “Nothing Beats the Taste of Fresh Cut Herbs”.  Isn’t that the truth!

Remember my trip to the DMV last week?  Well, My Driver’s License arrived today in the mail!

I had no idea when she was actually going to take the picture.  So I have a perma-smile frozen on my face.  And clearly no makeup and air-dried hair.  Gone are the days when I would actually primp for my Driver’s License photo.  C’mon, admit it.  You’ve done it too!


I’m a Donor, too
Thanks to everyone who has chimed in on Kombucha Making & Drinking and Medical MarijuanaIt’s been quite the Hot Topic Post!  I will recap and try to give a synopsis of the comments tomorrow.  
Click Here to read what everyone’s been saying, for yourself.  Most of you don’t give two hoots about pot.  Medical or otherwise.  That’s my general, non-scientific consensus thus far. 
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1. What’s on your agenda this weekend?  Anything fun or unique planned?  

2. Do you garden?  If so, what do you grow?  Do you grow things on your patio, in your yard, on your kitchen countertop?  Flowers or more edible things like veggies or herbs? 
It’s clearly amazing when we can grow our own veggies and herbs!  And even just having fresh flowers is lovely!  In San Diego and southern California, the growing season is amazing and pretty much anything will grow, any time of year.   That said, it’s practically cheaper for me to go to the Farmer’s Market or do a CSA than it is to grow my own food.  I don’t have a yard and my front patio is not secured, i.e. people will steal my plants, so I am limited to countertop growing, or the largest farmer’s market in San Diego county which is across the street from me.  I am super spoiled so admittedly don’t have huge plans to turn my countertop into a greenhouse or anything.  But I couldn’t pass up the stevia for 2.99!  If anyone has experience with stevia plants other than my homegirl, Katie, let me know! 

Skylar a year ago when we were still living in San Diego.  Next to my Strawberry Plant and Orange Tree.  Sadly, I left these at our old place when we moved to Phoenix and wish I could take them back…who knows what happened to them.

What do you grow?  Are you scared of gardening?  Up until about 2 years ago, I was!

3. Do you like your Driver’s License picture?  On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being awful, 10 being amazing, what do you give it? 
I give mine maybe a 6 or 7 because I am fine with my hair, despite the glazed over eyes and perma smile.  I dare anyone to post a picture of their license on their blog!

4. Are you an Organ Donor?  
Yes I am, because although I know that organ donation is not perfect, I may as well let someone else have my vegan liver and my gluten free intestines if that should ever happen.  Just keeping it real.

5. Random Fact about You?
I only like bananas when they are pale, pale yellow.  Medium yellow or, god forbid, brown at all, no way!  They get throw in the freezer for Banana SoftServe at that point!

Stay Tuned for my Shopping Finds Post tomorrow….

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