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Hump Day of a Holiday Week.  Does that make Hump Day sound any better?  Nah.  Not really.  So what’s happening in your world?  Are you wrapping presents like a banchee?  Or baking up a storm?  Speaking of baking, so glad you enjoyed Shannon Marie’s holiday high raw all vegan dessert recipes yesterday!  Everything from Cinnamon Mocha Crinkles 

To Raw Nog Creams

To Raw Ginger Creams

Shannon Marie of Raw Dorable is a creative baker like no other!  

As the super lovely PB & Jenny said, she needs her own Food Network show, and I totally agree!   

Thanks again, Shannon Marie for guest posting…muah!!!!!

But let’s move onto what I’ve been up to in Aruba.  We actually went out for a Sunset Drink! 

Except check out this drink menu.  It was soooo extensive…

The Vodkas

Specialty martinis

I ordered a couple bottles of Veuve.   Kidding.


But the Lover looked good

And so did the Milky Way Martini

And so did the Milky Way Blended Drink.  Move over Frappucinos, there’s a new blended Oreo Sheriff in town!

Then there were the Top Shelf Options.  I’m all about pimpin’ up my ride drinks Cadillac style.

In the end, the choices overwhelmed me.   So I didn’t even order.  I know, lame, huh??!!!  You may recall me talking here about why I haven’t drank in four years I really want to break my dry spell.  But I am kinda scared to even drink!  I hate that hungover feeling, that next day what-was-I-thinking-feeling, and I know that one drink will hardly send me over the edgebut then again, after being squeaky clean for four years, ya never know!

I lived vicariously through Scott’s drink.  A Madras Tini.   

 And they don’t skimp.  There was a flask brought for seconds.

And Skylar got into the the mixed nuts.

A chick on a mission for her salted nuts.  Do not get in her way! 

Here’s some pictures of Skylar and I at the Radisson.  Damn sunset lighting.  I thought sunset lighting was supposed to be flattering according to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Photographers….But it’s dark!  Sorry bout that!

A little brighter

The Radisson had their open-air lobby decked out with a holiday sceneCuteness!  They must have known we were coming.

And after all that non-drinking, I came home and made appetizers.  You can see I really slaved over these.  Mary’s Crackers in Black Pepper flavor that I brought with me

and some pineapple salsa I found.  I hate salsa’s that are loaded with sodium!!!  Spicy is cool, salty is not.  This one is perfect!

And you may recall that I mentioned it was Scott’s Birthday a few days ago?  Well, he ordered baked ziti and some chicken parm from an Italian restaurant like I mentioned he would be.  $25 bucks for that pasta & chicken parm.  He said it was fine, but like a 6/10 fineI added the salad.  It totally makes $$ sense to cook rather than go out, if you can!

For my dinner and Skylar’s too, kale, brock, cauli, cukes, and sugar snap peas with Homemade Vegan Slaw Dressing.

Never. Get. Sick. Of. This. Meal. 

Hope you’re not yet either.

For Dessert, I broke into this Lindt Swiss Bittersweet Dark Chocolate Bar that I found on one of my many Island Grocery Store Runs

Smooth, and the perfect barely sweet with a little bitterness.   Nice.

Yoga Today is Hanumanasana (Monkey Pose, or the full splits).  A wonderful hip opener and way to stretch our your hammies, quads, and hip flexors.

Tip of the Day: My Nutridel Cookie Give Away!!!!

Have you entered yet?  What are you waiting for, go get yourself entered!  Yay for Yummmmy Cookies!!!!

What’s your favorite drink?  You can say water.  You can say Coca-Cola.  Do I hear coffee from the peanut gallery?  Or, based on the drink menu pics above, what drink would you order?

Do you drink alcohol?  Why or why not?  Would love to hear your take and stance on the libations!  I mentioned some of my choices and rationale here, and the Cliff’s Notes version is that between being pregnant, extended nursing, taking care of a small child with a hangover not sounding fun, and knowing my body operates and runs smoother and cleaner when the strongest stuff I put in it is coffee, that’s kept me away from drinking.  But a Pina Colada is sounding mighty good about now!   Lots of you chimed in before, but I would love to hear what your New Year’s Eve, or Christmas Eve/Christmas, plans are regarding indulging in some bubbly, wine, or something a little stronger.  Do tell!

Stay Tuned For Some Cool Guest Posts, the Give Away Winner on Friday and Trip pics (unless you’re sick of ’em and please tell me!)…

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  1. Well I to but I about the post should prepare more info then it has.

  2. Genial post and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you on your information.

  3. Aaawwhh Happy Birthday Skylar! How exciting for you. Your only daughter turning three. I don't remember my third birthday, and I think I only remember fourth because we videotaped it. But blogging is so cool! She's going to have all of this documented.

    I officially miss your balls. (TWSS) I swear I'm gonna *hope* my mom makes them (at least somewhat good) and ships them over. I have a surprisingly empty little freezer in my mini fridge. That's where they're going. I also thought I was gonna have to buy my own broccoli.. AVERIE- they have a salad bar at every meal with TO GO boxes with raw cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, lettuce, cucumber and green peppers.I filled up one for the weekend. I'm so excited.

    Right now I'm thankful for all my sweet bloggie friends who have been commenting and keeping up with my life even though I've ignored my reader for like a week and a half. And mature, inspiring women to boot too.You, Heabs, Deb, Janetha, Susan, Lara- I am OVERWHELMED with your guys' kindness. Loove you. xoxo

  4. "Stay tuned for yummy eats" Hahaha Averie – well duh!! Every post of yours has yummy eats :)

    I chew a lot of gum, WAY too much gum. My favourite are the Trident Splash pieces, although I'm really into the "5" stuff now. I'm a totally fruity girl – in fact I'm chewing bubblegum flavour right now!

  5. You know you could rock those jeans too girl!!!! Hot Blonde and hot brunette rocking the jeans!!! Hehehe!!!

    Oh and I am grateful today for finding your blog, so glad we became friends through it, and I am grateful my son made high honors on his report card!!!!

  6. What a cutie patootie! I know you're a great mom because Skyler is always so happy : )

    I always get so hungry looking at your food pics! Thanks for reminding me : )

    That Vega Sport looks great. I actually just got that e-mail and checked it out. If it wasn't so darned expensive I would get it for my kids. Maybe one day.

    I was a MAJOR gum chewer but no more. I have to settle for a cinnamon oil spray. It works well but I miss chewing. My favorite flavor was either cinnamon or bubblegum flavor when I did chew it.

    Now stop typing and go relax will you?!?!


  7. I haven't seen cherries in my local health store or farmers market in a looong time! Now you have forced me to go out and hunt some down… :) I'm with ya on the gross mushy fruit, don't care what it is, but it has to be crunchy!

  8. Happy Birthday planning to Skylar! I'll have to revisit this post over the weekend to recreate your yummy treats! As always, thanks for sharing!

  9. Mmmm those GF snacks looks great! I will have to go out and find some =)

  10. Skylar is only 3!! My Goodness, I thought she was 5 …she is growing well! Her momma takes good care of her I think ;)
    Love it all as usual…if there is such as thing as eating tooooo much produce and vegetables it's me…along with carrot cake and coffee cake muffins and chocolate…;(

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