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Hump Day of a Holiday Week.  Does that make Hump Day sound any better?  Nah.  Not really.  So what’s happening in your world?  Are you wrapping presents like a banchee?  Or baking up a storm?  Speaking of baking, so glad you enjoyed Shannon Marie’s holiday high raw all vegan dessert recipes yesterday!  Everything from Cinnamon Mocha Crinkles 

To Raw Nog Creams

To Raw Ginger Creams

Shannon Marie of Raw Dorable is a creative baker like no other!  

As the super lovely PB & Jenny said, she needs her own Food Network show, and I totally agree!   

Thanks again, Shannon Marie for guest posting…muah!!!!!

But let’s move onto what I’ve been up to in Aruba.  We actually went out for a Sunset Drink! 

Except check out this drink menu.  It was soooo extensive…

The Vodkas

Specialty martinis

I ordered a couple bottles of Veuve.   Kidding.


But the Lover looked good

And so did the Milky Way Martini

And so did the Milky Way Blended Drink.  Move over Frappucinos, there’s a new blended Oreo Sheriff in town!

Then there were the Top Shelf Options.  I’m all about pimpin’ up my ride drinks Cadillac style.

In the end, the choices overwhelmed me.   So I didn’t even order.  I know, lame, huh??!!!  You may recall me talking here about why I haven’t drank in four years I really want to break my dry spell.  But I am kinda scared to even drink!  I hate that hungover feeling, that next day what-was-I-thinking-feeling, and I know that one drink will hardly send me over the edgebut then again, after being squeaky clean for four years, ya never know!

I lived vicariously through Scott’s drink.  A Madras Tini.   

 And they don’t skimp.  There was a flask brought for seconds.

And Skylar got into the the mixed nuts.

A chick on a mission for her salted nuts.  Do not get in her way! 

Here’s some pictures of Skylar and I at the Radisson.  Damn sunset lighting.  I thought sunset lighting was supposed to be flattering according to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Photographers….But it’s dark!  Sorry bout that!

A little brighter

The Radisson had their open-air lobby decked out with a holiday sceneCuteness!  They must have known we were coming.

And after all that non-drinking, I came home and made appetizers.  You can see I really slaved over these.  Mary’s Crackers in Black Pepper flavor that I brought with me

and some pineapple salsa I found.  I hate salsa’s that are loaded with sodium!!!  Spicy is cool, salty is not.  This one is perfect!

And you may recall that I mentioned it was Scott’s Birthday a few days ago?  Well, he ordered baked ziti and some chicken parm from an Italian restaurant like I mentioned he would be.  $25 bucks for that pasta & chicken parm.  He said it was fine, but like a 6/10 fineI added the salad.  It totally makes $$ sense to cook rather than go out, if you can!

For my dinner and Skylar’s too, kale, brock, cauli, cukes, and sugar snap peas with Homemade Vegan Slaw Dressing.

Never. Get. Sick. Of. This. Meal. 

Hope you’re not yet either.

For Dessert, I broke into this Lindt Swiss Bittersweet Dark Chocolate Bar that I found on one of my many Island Grocery Store Runs

Smooth, and the perfect barely sweet with a little bitterness.   Nice.

Yoga Today is Hanumanasana (Monkey Pose, or the full splits).  A wonderful hip opener and way to stretch our your hammies, quads, and hip flexors.

Tip of the Day: My Nutridel Cookie Give Away!!!!

Have you entered yet?  What are you waiting for, go get yourself entered!  Yay for Yummmmy Cookies!!!!

What’s your favorite drink?  You can say water.  You can say Coca-Cola.  Do I hear coffee from the peanut gallery?  Or, based on the drink menu pics above, what drink would you order?

Do you drink alcohol?  Why or why not?  Would love to hear your take and stance on the libations!  I mentioned some of my choices and rationale here, and the Cliff’s Notes version is that between being pregnant, extended nursing, taking care of a small child with a hangover not sounding fun, and knowing my body operates and runs smoother and cleaner when the strongest stuff I put in it is coffee, that’s kept me away from drinking.  But a Pina Colada is sounding mighty good about now!   Lots of you chimed in before, but I would love to hear what your New Year’s Eve, or Christmas Eve/Christmas, plans are regarding indulging in some bubbly, wine, or something a little stronger.  Do tell!

Stay Tuned For Some Cool Guest Posts, the Give Away Winner on Friday and Trip pics (unless you’re sick of ’em and please tell me!)…

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  1. AAwww Skylar!! Hope she is feeling better for the bday. I don't really chew gum that much – it hurts my jaw!!

    Guess what I FINALLY bought tonight?!?!? Nutritional yeast!!! What should I do with it????

  2. Cute photos of Skylar! I hope you all have a wonderful birthday with her. I love camel pose! I did 90 minutes of Dave F. yoga and we camel like three times!!
    <3 jess

  3. Awww poor Skylar! Good thing she has you to take care of her!! And that is SO awesome you found some cherries. They are fosho one of my fav fruits


    I can't chew gum because I have horrible TMJ, and grind my teeth and clench my jaw all night long. I have to wear a mouth guard from my dentist to protect my teeth, and they are supposed to last you about ten years…well I grind completely through them in only 2-3 years. It's horrible. I have to wear it religiously every single night, if I miss it I wake up LITERALLY with chipped teeth! Not to mention the worst headache ever on earth. So no gum for me. Chewing my food is work enough!!!

    So, I have to tell you…you have such nice fingernails! Every picture of you where you can see them they always look so nice!!!
    Do you have any secrets? My nails break and crack and are so thin and weak…what am I doing wrong?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!


    P.S. I did just buy the new Honey Altoids, I thought it seemed weird, but they are actually really good. Not really Honey-like…but milder than a normal Altoid. If that makes sense. :)

  5. Such gorgeous produce- I'm jealous! My favorite gum is Orbit Sweet Mint. It's less strong than the others but lasts super long!

    I vaguely remember my mom taking me to get my nails done on a birthday when I was really little. They didn't even do the full manicure, just put on polish, but I felt like such a big girl!

  6. Aw, hope the poor girl feels much better for her birthday party! Happy birthday, Skylar!
    Goodness, when is cherry season? I haven't seen cherries in like forever.

  7. Happy Birthday to Skylar! My favorite birthday memories are the ones that have been small and intimate :)

    What an amazing price for strawberries!!! I can't wait for them to get below $4 a box here!

  8. I don't chew gum anymore, but when I did I loved Grape Bubble Yum… I haven't seen it in ages! I also liked Big Red, it's cinnamon. I bet those products no longer exist though… sigh… I'm old. ;P

    Hope Skylar feels better soon! Yea for birthdays!

    I love ice cream, I will have to keep an eye out for that brand.

    I keep meaning to make your oat bars but then I eat up all the bananas… just got some bananas today… must.make.oat.bars! :)

  9. looks like you are going to have the makings of a great party :) and i'm glad i'm not the only one wiht a minor gum obsession!!

  10. aww give her a hug for me! and some B.S! =D just kidding.

    HAHHAA i know- we use our own like language and shorthand and people totally DON"T GET IT! =D

    porn stars. share the wealth. SERIOUSLY!

    and hey, if i'm beautiful, YOU"RE GORGEOUS!!! hot mama!

  11. hope skylar feels better before her bday party! and intimate celebrations are the best, esp for moms who won't have to be chasing down sugar-loaded kids all afternoon :). if the ice cream passed the extra-premium ice cream connoisseur's test, i'm sure i'd love it too! cherries and berries, i can't wait till summer gets here so i can enjoy all my fave fruits! your flexibility = crazy cool!

  12. Gah, I keep forgetting to tell you that I have been nomming (is that a word) on the asian slaw dressing!! I have a big jar of it that I eat almost daily- thank you!

    I do have a fave gum. I can't think of it but it lasts and lasts and lasts. Sugarfree of course. When I remember i'll shout. (see you're not the only one)

    Funny the party favors look like the one I bought for the first Heabversary giveaway winner! :-)

    Hope your little gal feels better.

  13. ECLIPSE!! ECLIPSE!! It's great but mostly in minty type flavors. Lasts forever.

  14. I have had the Watermelon one and LOVED it!! I am a huge spearmint gum fan, though. Stride , baby;)

    I hope Skyler is feeling spry soon!! Good thing you bought lots of Berries!! She will be a happy girly with lots of vita C !! :) hehe

    Are oats easy to digest? Since they are gluten?..or , are they? I didnt know this about wheat and gluten being an inflamitory.. i should limit my intake on that.. (i have never had a happy tummy.. dairy, wheat, animal. etc)

  15. Nice groceries!! I LOVE my fruit- and ice cream… hah :) I'm a gum person too- always have been.. when I was swimming 3 hours a day it got me through.. Yup I would swim hundreds of laps with my trusty gummy friend!! I really like the brand 5- good minty gum :) I'm grateful for so much: my husband and family of course, my doggies, my friends- especially my bloggie friends! the ability to practice and teach yoga, the ability to run, play and just have fun!!! And Fruit.. and greens.. YUM! Skylar is such a happy kid- she's so adorable.. and I'm excited to see her birthday party pics :) What kind of cupcakes are you going with?

  16. Skylar is sooo cute, I hope she'll get better soon!

    And oh yeah one day I'll try your balls, and post them on my little blog, I promise to make another post in English ;-)

    I am grateful today for my lovely boyfriend who is so supporting, for the yoga class I'm going to be taking tonight, for all I have now and for what I will have, for my health, and I thank you for leaving comments on my blog :-)

  17. I hope little Skylar is feeling better in time for her birthday! How much fun is it to celebrate a little ones birthday! Oh, glorious times for the kiddos!

  18. poor skylar…i hope she feels better soon…and i hope she has a fabulous time at her girly girl party…how about a piñata? maybe shaped as a disney princess?? pin the crown on the disney princess? sorry, i don't have many suggestions, as i have never had to plan a party for any child…

    can't wait to make the protein bars…

    i was wondering if perhaps you could answer a question about yoga? how long do you stay in your poses?

    have a beautiful day…

  19. Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Protein Bars look amazing

  20. The yoga class with Dharma Mittra sounds like quite an experience. I'm really trying to work on being present in the moment. But it's hard…

    Hope Skylar is getting better! Being sick is no fun!

    Have fun planning the girly birthday party! I am a bit jealous… :)

    Have a great day! And thank you for the being grateful reminder. There is indeed lots to be grateful for in my life! :)

  21. Sounds like it'll be a great birthday party. Hope it goes well.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one with a chewing gum addiction- I go through loads of the stuff. Always the mint and sugar-free variety though. x

  22. Oh this is going to be a stellar party!! I remember having similar hats and party plates (but with Disney's Princesses) when I turned 20. Yep that's how I roll.
    Oh dear, I feel guilty. Green & Black's organic dark chocolate ice cream is my FAVOURITE! Too bad that I've only found them in WF in London so far.. Sigh.

  23. I made your Vegan Peanut Butter bars for my boyfriend! He was looking for new snacks and is in LOVE with PB! I left off the vegan part when I told him about them.. but they were a huge hit! I added dried blueberries instead of rainsins and he added about 2xs the PB.. but they're fabulous! I've been reading your blog since you got back from vacation and love it! You're such a positive energy and your recipes are ones I can actually do myself! Thanks for the inspiration!

  24. Awww happy birthday Skylar! Her name is my middle name, although I spell it the man's way (Schuyler). It was my grandfather's first name. I love it, it's a unique one!

    Ahh gratitude. So important. Lately, my gratitude has been centered around being thankful for my educational opportunities. I am SO lucky to have parents that are willing and able to send me to college. I think about that every time I'm feeling lazy or unmotivated with my studies.

    I love camel!

  25. Hey Averie-

    Love the grocery finds! I have TMJ (jaw pops out of place) so unfortunately I can't chew gum. I used to chew it like crazy in high school though! My favorite mints at Altoids–they are so strong which helps me not eat too many. Mentos is my other favorite but I'll eat them in 1 sitting.

    I've never tried VEga bars..

    HAppy Birthday to the little one!


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