Taste of the Tropics Smoothie

Being in the warm weather in Aruba is the perfect opportunity to drink up.

I didn’t add rum to this, but you could.

Rum makes life more interesting.

But even without the rum, just blend this up and pretend you’re on vacation.


Taste of the Tropics Smoothie

1 medium banana (previously frozen is ideal but not essential)

1/3 c pineapple (I used canned, crushed pineapple but fresh would be great)

1/4 c yogurt (I used peach passion fruit)

1/2 tsp vanilla extract (or almond extract)

1/4 c milk (nut milk, vanilla flavored nut milk, milk, cream, or peach mango milk <– I used that)

1/3 c additional fruit (optional, such strawberries, mango, peaches, plums, nectarines, papaya, honeydew, cantaloupe, etc.)

1 ounce rum (optional, such as dark rum, light rum, Malibu)

1 tbsp chia seeds (optional)

1 scoop protein powder (optional)

sweetener to taste (optional, such as honey, agave, sugar, stevia, vanilla NuNaturals stevia drops)

6 ice cubes (use your judgment)

Blend everything in Vita-Mix, Magic Bullet, or blender until smooth.

Yields: one hearty portions or double the recipe, pour into plastic glasses and freeze, and pull out of the freezer as needed over the next few days to save time.

For Vegan Options: Use Coconut Milk or Nut Milk of your choice, or simply use water.  For the yogurt, use soy or coconut based yogurt, or omit.


Add everything to the Magic Bullet.  I left the Vita at home.

Cream infused with Peach + Mango.  Hello heaven.  Omg.

Stuff everything in & blend

And then go out to the pool and enjoy!  Or drink at your desk in the middle of the day and use your imagination.

By the time I got done shooting the photos for this post, I was dripping in sweat.

I really did shoot at the pool.

And it was 3:30pm, 90F degrees and humid, and I was laying on the concrete of the pool deck to “get the shot” .

I really am a food blogger!

It was definitely time to inhale this smoothie.  I wanted to drink them both, so badly, while I was photographing them!   I exercised Big Time Restraint.

I made my way inside and made a second batch of smoothies and shared them with Scott and Skylar.

It was kid and husband tested, and they both approved.  And asked for seconds.  Tomorrow family, tomorrow.

Sweet, tropical, creamy.  Perfect.

From my last post on the Full Moon & Beach Pictures, thanks for sharing if you feel the full moon has effected you the past few days, or in general if you feel full moon effects.

And I’m glad you enjoyed the Aruba beach pictures!


1. What’s your favorite smoothie combination?

Other recent smoothies of mine include:

Vanilla Avocado Banana Smoothie in a Bowl

And my Purple Rain Smoothie

Featured by Women’s Health Magazine

For me, a smoothie has to be sweet and creamy.  I eat plenty of vegetables, I don’t have an urge to put kale and chard in my smoothies.  That’s what salads are for.

Smoothies, for me, are basically dessert in a cup. Or bowl.

2. Are you a smoothie person?

In general, as I mentioned, I’m not.

They don’t really sustain me and I usually finish them feeling strangely full, i.e. bloated with liquid, yet unsatisfied.  And within an hour or two, I am on the food prowl, again.

However, being in the warm weather here in Aruba, they are perfect!

P.S.  Thanks for the entries for the $50 Ecolissa giveawayKeep them coming!

Enjoy your day!  I’m off to the beach.

76 comments on “Taste of the Tropics Smoothie”

  1. Oo, this sounds delicious. And it would make a nutritious breakfast…if you dont add the rum :)

  2. I love smoothies – for breakfast on the go and too cool down after a workout… I love adding the spinach, kale to my smoothies because its a good way to get extra veggies in. Your Aruba beach pictures are fantastic :)

  3. Awesome smoothie recipe Averie! Definitely a perfect one for summer! I completely agree that, in general, I’m not a smoothie person, but I do enjoy them on occasion, especially in the summer. I’ve gotten pretty good an green smoothie combination and love them, but I need to experiment more with fruity combinations!

  4. Your smoothie looks delish, as do all your creations!

    This is totally off topic, but I just placed my first order with IHerb and wanted to thank you for the promo code. I’m super excited to receive my goodies :)

  5. You know– I’m having a BALL in France. BUT– this post made me majorly jealous of YOUR vacation!!! There’s just something about a tropical drink!!! Yum! Have a blast, girl!

  6. Oh yummy! So tropical! It’s raining here, so this makes me feel warm!!(even though it’s a smoothie!)
    Have fun on your vacation! Super jealous!

  7. I love smoothies :) I actually went through a phase where I had a green smoothie every day for breakfast but I don’t do that anymore. I do enjoy them occasionally though. And plus, I don’t like certain greens in salads so I still get some in by blending them up. I’ve been enjoying strawberry banana lately but it’s time for something new :) Love the tropical flavors idea!

  8. These look so fresh and light, I may just add rum to naughty it up a bit! Great inspiration for summer smoothie time, and vacation looks amazing!

  9. I am a HUGE smoothie person….I have a smoothie about 5-7 times a week! lol, its such a great way to start the day….that avocado smoothie in a bowl looks awesome!

  10. That looks so delicious! Last July we rented a house on Arashi beach. I love aruba but I HATE the airport there. Have fun!

    • As Caribbean and non-US based airports go, it’s better than most I think. I remember once I was traveling thru a small airport in the Domincan Republic and they didn’t even have a roof over the entire thing…..and it was raining! yikes!

      Glad you had fun in Aruba!

      • That’s true. The Jamaican airport was nuts last year…no communication between employees whatsoever. Best part about traveling outside the US is Duty Free shopping!! I had a blast, hope you are too!

  11. Those smoothies look like they would hit the spot! Perfect for right by the pool :)

  12. Alright lady, making me a BIT envious over here ;)

    Enjoy some sunshine and cocktails for me love!

  13. I can practically taste it!! Lovely combo! So glad you’re having a blast in Aruuuuuuuuuuba! <3

  14. I can see how thick that smoothie is — and I would just have to pour some rum in there.

    I like smoothies — usually I have a large one with breakfast and I make smaller ones for after workouts. As long as they are loaded with ingredients (fruit, protein powder, peanut butter + more) then I find them very filling!

  15. Those smoothies look yummy! I forget about the canned options sometimes so that’ll make having a nice pineapple smoothie more convenient!

    Do you like your Magic Bullet? I’m trying to compare the bullet verses the Tribest personal blender.

  16. I’m really not a smoothie person. I see them and they look and sound fantastic, but I like to eat/chew my food ;-)

  17. That flavor combination sounds amazing!

  18. I’m impressed you did all that food prep/photos on your vaca! Looks great. Enjoy the sun :)

    I LOVE smoothies (especially the looks of your vanilla avocado one)!

  19. Oh how I wish I were in 90 degree weather!!!

  20. Too funny because I just posted our most recent favorite banana smoothies this morning :) This looks so refreshing..yum!

  21. Oh yum!!! I need to start adding rum to my smoothies. What a great idea! :) I don’t think I would have any leftovers though.

  22. it’s 6:10 a.m., it’s pouring rain, and i still wore mittens when i went out yesterday. aruba? yes, please! take me awayyyyyy!!! early mornings in aruba are the best: sun coming up, no one up and about yet, the birds singing…do enjoy!
    not a smoothie person at all. but your photos are pretty!

  23. I really want one of those smoothies right now! I love smoothies, especially in summer. Mine usually include bananas and/or strawberries or blueberries, just what’s easily available around here. For me smoothies are more a dessert or snack, not a meal, they’re simply not filling and sustaining enough.
    Enjoy your day at the beach!

  24. Tropical smoothies are amazing. Especially on a cold rainy day where the sun is nowhere in sight. A tropical smoothie always reminds me of warmer climates and happy holidays.

  25. Oooh that smoothie looks delicious, I love tropical smoothies! My favourite at the moment is banana-spinach-pineapple-milk but yours looks way more luxurious! :)

    Also very envious of your photoshoot by the pool, makes me want to go on holiday right now! Hope you’re having a great time :)

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