Thursday Things

Time for a few Thursday Things

1. This may seem self-evident, but do you know how to properly measure dry ingredients for consistent and optimal baking results?

The Food Network has a two minute video that I found informative.

Packing versus just lightly layering in ingredients, some ingredients leveled with a knife, some it doesn’t matter.  If you’re not measuring the proper way, you can end up with a recipe flop and no one wants that.

2. But I want this: a Twinkie pan.  Ever since I saw it, I need it.

Homemade Twinkies?

Come to mama.

3. Because when I saw Kristan’s Pumpkin Twinkies on Pinterest, I about died and went to spongecake heaven.

And moments after I read her post, I saw Kris’ homemade Twinkies (gluten, dairy and soy free, vegan)

The Universe is clearly telling me I need a Twinkie Pan.

Did I mention, I love Twinkies.

4. Peanut Butter Cheerios are new and they sound awesome.

I have looked at my grocery store (Ralph’s) and at Target, but so far, they’re not available here yet in San Diego in those two stores.

I grew up eating cold cereal for dinner many nights, survived college, and many evenings in my early twenties consisted of Cheerios for dinner, Twinkies for dessert, washed down with some Ketel One.

Those were the days, and I mean that in a good way.

5. There is also new Dulce de Leche Cheerios and those are on the shelves here, but no Peanut Butter Cheerios as of yet.  I’ve heard people say they’ve seen the new Cheerios in their grocery stores or at Wal-Marts, so I know they exist in some states already.

6. I read this article called Don’t Eat Like a Caveman in reference to the Paleo Diet.  I am not Paleo but it’s an interesting turkey leg to munch on interesting food for thought.

7. This copper-colored over the door vanity could be a space saver in tight bathrooms.

Or in any bathroom where storage is at a premium, which would be 99% of bathrooms I presume.

8. Free People’s 1970s Vintage Collection of One-of-a-Kind pieces.  Once they’re sold, they’re gone, which is pretty amazing that a big company like Free People is selling one-of-a-kind’s, Etsy style.  I heart Etsy.

9. SOPA – What’s This SOPA All About Anyway?

Blocking access to certain websites.


Kind of a big deal.  You may want to read up on this and Take Action.

Wikipedia went black for a day to give a glimpse of what life may be like without access to the information we may likely take for granted.

Here’s the Wikipedia SOPA Learn More Link

Heavy stuff.

1o.  Heavy stuff also comes in the form of Samoas Bars (Vegan & GF options). Dense and rich, just the way I like desserts.


Had you heard of SOPA until recently?

Fan of Twinkies?

Fan of Etsy or one-of-a-kind clothing or items for the home?

What are your things this Thursday?

39 comments on “Thursday Things”

  1. I’d quite love me a beef-free Twinkie!

  2. I have had the peanut butter cheerios, and can attest – they are FABULOUS :D

  3. Jason was a huge Twinkie fan – I always liked some of the Little Debbie snacks instead – or zingers. Remember those? Loved the vanilla with that yellow icing LOL

  4. I’m glad you were able to utilize some of the links from my SOPA post! :)

  5. there were definitely a few (ok, many) days in college where all i consumed were cereal, milk + vodka. oh, how healthy i was!

  6. I thought the title of your post was Thursday Thighs, lol. Love it. ha

    I’ve eaten the Dulce de leche Cheerios and they are amaze!


  7. I am terrible at measuring…which is why I use my scale when I bake ;) I want that twinkie pan too! And some of those beautiful skirts! ah!

  8. Homemade twinkies! WOW. those look gorgeously delicious!

    I am trying to spread the word about SOPA and have people sign the petition that’s going around.

    I love ETSY! I would buy anything off of there. I have a really cool picture on my wall from there that reads, “Keep Calm & Run On”. :)

  9. I live in SD too and I’ve seen the pb cheerios everywhere! I have yet to see the dulce de leche ones though those sound fab!

  10. Hi Averie!
    LOVE Free People, drooling over this one-of-a-kind stuff :)

  11. I LOVE me some etsy for sure…it’s hard not to find something unique you just have to have!


  12. Eeek I really don’t like twinkies but I can say I LOVED zebra cakes like none other.

  13. They just have pans for everything now, don’t they!!? Twinkie pans!! What will they think of next? Haha!

    I was glad that Wikipedia was down yesterday to raise awareness … no one better mess with my open internet!

  14. My Thursday things are VerMints in cafe express and peppermint. Never heard of these before-found them at a health food store but they are sold on amazon and the VerMints website. They remind me of an altoid but not as potent. I think I’d like to mix the PB and dulce de leche cheerios!

  15. Peanut Butter Cheerios! Oh man, I have to Google that one! There are so many different kinds of cheerio’s now. I bet they’d be good over my yogurt!! I love twinkies, so I could never buy a twinkie pan, I’ll make them and love them and then I’ll never stop!!! It’s sad I have no control!

  16. My Thursday’s things are:
    I sprinkle that all over my salad, along with plain nooch.
    I pour them into mugs and freeze them and then eat them with cinnamon and NuNaturals vanilla stevia.
    I LOVE these!!

    Happy Thursday, my friend! Btw…your new profile photo is lovely! You are gorgeous!!

  17. I heard about SOPA a month ago or so. I didn’t think it would get as far in Congress as it did, so I didn’t think about it too much.

    Obviously, I love Etsy. Not so much the Twinkies though.

    The flour thing – I get around that by always measuring with weights. That’s the key to good baking, in my mind. Or one of them.

    I ate SO MUCH cereal in high school and college. Even now, I can down a box in two days. So I just don’t let it in the house. It’s bad news.

  18. I have to admit to think unclean thoughts when I saw that Twinkie maker. LOL!

    So much fun though – the sky is the limit! I’m thinking a peanut flour Twinkie with a strawberry jam filling…

  19. Very interesting read on the paleo diet thing!!! I could never give up grains…i love oatmeal too much! And I honestly don’t think I’ve ever tried a twinkie. But when i was little I was obsessed with those packets of mini muffins…who doesn’t love a bite sized treat right?

  20. I actually heard of SOPA back in September when people first started talking about it. I’m glad it’s getting more press now! I used to absolutely love Twinkies, but I haven’t eaten one in years. But since you linked to that gluten-free version I might have to experiment!

  21. i’m glad you mentioned SOPA! we live in a crazy time, witnessing the internet in its baby years! we have access to an amazing amount of information at our fingertips, literally. as an informed populace poses a massive threat to a tyrannical system like the one we’re living in, i’m sad to say that i don’t think the internet will be the same in a few years, but i’m trying to stay positive and soak in as much in as i can now!

  22. Fun list, too funny on the Twinkie pan, I could totally see you getting all Paula Deen with that. :-) SOPA is heavy and infuriating stuff. My list is short, new vegan shoes, tea kettle, and new web software. Happy Friday!

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  24. I have absolutely NO space in my new kitchen, but I NEED that Twinkie pan!!

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