Tofu Disaster, Afraid of Going to the Dentist or Doctor?, Talking to Strangers


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Hi Bloggies!  Is everyone ready for the weekend, or what?  I sure am!  Scott returned from his business trip this week, but unfortunately has already bought his airline tickets for next week’s trip.  Ugh.  So, I plan to make the most of the weekend and get some time in with him and Skylar, and I am especially excited for Pride Parade!  Should be some amazing photos to emerge from that.  I will try to keep them PG-13 for the blog.  Anyone opposed to seeing plenty of banana hammocks? 

Today I went to the Dentist and got my teeth cleaned.  My last dental cleaning experience in Phoenix was a doosie due to a really wacky dental office and a comedy of errors, so it was great being back with the dentist I’ve had since 2004.  I go every four months to have my teeth cleaned and have never had a cavity, so if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Skylar also sat in my lap and had her first “dental exam”.  

Young girl standing in front of door wearing pink high heels

Close up of young girl with hands on hips smiling
 Healthy Choppers.  No Cavities.  She doesn’t drink milk.  She eats broccoli.  Plenty of calcium in plants.

The dentist counted her teeth, used the poking tool and just tapped her teeth, and proclaimed that her teeth were “awesome” and then she got a little plastic ring from his bowl of prizes and toys.  She was thrilled!  As he said, start them young, reward them, give them a toy, and then you “own them” as they get older and there’s no fear since everything was about fun, gentle TLC, and a toy.  I am not big into bribing and head games, but in this situation, it works. 

After the dentist we went on a major grocery and produce re-stashing.  Too much to even bore you with photograph.

Sliced up strawberries

After all the produce was unloaded, I made some Honey Lemon Tofu.

Honey Lemon Tofu in clear container

I actually tried to make this tofu at 1am last night because I really wanted some, and had used Danielle and Heather‘s method of freezing the tofu, then thawing it, and then I pressed it.   Which was a 4 day process to freeze and thaw it.  And look at the density of it.  Photo before the 1am disaster struck.  It was perfect.

Tofu Press
Sliced up tofu
Close up slice of tofu
After freezing and thawing it, the texture changed a bit for the better.  I was so excited to eat this tofu.

Until I burned it!  Nothing like the smell of tofu and a honey glaze burning at 1am.  It was bad!! 

I left the kitchen to check my email for just a minute, got sidetracked for 5 extra minutes, and it was a singe-fest.  Smoke detector going off, smoke everywhere.  Me “rescuing” the charring cookie sheet of tofu as burning tofu smoke is wafting into every fiber of my hair and clothes.  Not a good scene.  And the smell.  Nasty.  

Lesson Learned: I am a high raw vegan for a reason and ovens and me don’t necessarily mix well, especially at 1am!

So today, in the daylight, I re-made tofu.   Nothing like re-slicing it, re-making the marinade, re-cleaning up, everything.  But, it was worth it.

Honey Lemon Tofu in clear container stacked

I recently posted about how I hate other people’s food smells and I have to say burnt tofu and honey was not pleasant!  And it was my own fault.  And I’ve also posted about hating burned foodIck!  It wasn’t really my night in the kitchen and it took my house all day today to recover and not stink even with the windows open all day!  Eww.

Close up of Honey Lemon Tofu
Worth it, though
Close up of stacked Honey Lemon Tofu in container

In shopping finds, there is an Urban Outfitters across the street from my gym (very dangerous!) 

Urban Outfitters Bag

And I went in and found these.  Not totally sure if I am keeping them, but I think so.

Folded up black Leggings
Label that says Jegging
Jeans + Leggings = Jegging.  Perfect.  

As you know, I have been on the hunt for JeansClick here for my Search.

And Click Here to See what Everyone Else Recommended.  A massive Jeans Roundup post.

I know I said I wasn’t a fan of skinny jeans but honestly, all the cool kids are wearing them and I said, what the hell.  I’ll pretend I’m 17 and jump on the skinny jeans wagon.  Not to mention, actually trying to find straight or bootcut jeans is tricky.  It seems the skinny trend is still here and is not going away.  I do need to check the stores you all recommended though, too.

From Yesterday…
My Blogger Meetup with Marla was awesome and the major generosity she bestowed on Skylar with all those hand-me-downs blew my mind.  Skylar’s wardrobe is Grade A Status, for sure.

Two women and young girl sitting on fountain
Various piles of childrens clothes on countertop
 And it sounds like a few of you are serious Outlet Mall lovers!  But that many of you can show restraint at the outlets and not over-buy, just because you “think” you’re getting a deal.

Thanks for playing along and telling me what you’ve received lately from others and what you’ve given to others.  Everything from giving a baby shower to giving change for a homeless man.   You are all a bunch of givers which is nice to read about! 

Posting Schedules.  It seems in a perfect world, many of you like to know when most bloggers publish or usually publish, but everyone realizes that it’s hard to always keep up with a schedule because that little thing called Life sometimes happens and blogging takes a backseat (as it must!) and schedules go out the window.  That’s what Google Reader and just going to the person’s site directly are for.

Speaking of which, although it’s been fun to post late and try it out for a few days, I am thinking it’s just a little too late because I feel wired, not sleepy, at 1am when I have gotten done posting which is not ideal.  So I am going back to my late afternoon/early evening on the West Coast posting schedule like I’ve always had.   For now at least.

Today’s Green Food: Romaine, Edamame, Sugar Snap Peas, Cukes, Tomatoes

Edamame Salad
Close up of Edamame Salad with Vegan Slaw Dressing


Dressed with Homemade Vegan Slaw Dressing using Reduced Fat Veganaise
Homemade Vegan Slaw Dressing with ingredients in background
Close up of Edamame Salad with Vegan Slaw Dressing
Summer’s Bounty in a Bowl.  I love sugar snap peas that are “puffy” and how it feel when I crunch into them.  I give the flat ones to Scott and Skylar and save the puffy ones for myself.


Dessert: Vegan Creme de Menthe Bars

Vegan Creme de Menthe Bars in container with one slice taken out
Close up of Vegan Creme de Menthe Bars showing filling
Vegan, Gluten Free, Chocolate, Mint.  What’s not to love?  These will cool you down when it’s hot with the minty action!

Yoga Today: I updated my Yoga FAQ’s post with 50 Great Yoga Books.  For all new readers, anything you want to know about yoga from beginner questions to DVD recommendations to how to score free classes to what yoga clothes I like the best, Click Here

Gym & Weights Workout Today From This TabChest/Shoulders

Thanks for telling me if your gym is crowded certain times of the year.  Most of you said January and also the summer months.  Possibly due to the heat or it being “bikini season”. 

1.  Do you get your teeth cleaned regularly? 
Yes, every 4 months.

2. Are you afraid of the dentist or going to the doctor? 
I am not afraid of either.  However, I rarely ever go to the doctor.  First, I just don’t get sick very often.  I get one cold a year or so (having a kid bringing home germs contributes to that!) but that’s a virus and there’s nothing doctors can do anyway. 

I prefer to treat things like aches and pains or headaches or upset tummies with herbs and holistic or natural remedies anyway.  I am far more inclined to treat things naturally, then wait it out, and if I absolutely have to, only then will I go to the doctor.  I feel it’s such a colossal waste of time to go to the doctor.  A half-day kill, for sure.  When I am sick, I’d rather just be at home anyway. 

So I am not “afraid” of doctors, although I do shun many, or most, mainstream medical ideas but that’s a whole other story.   For instance, I’d rather treat with massage and bodywork or chiropractic and herbs than with antibiotics.  However, I believe that there is a time and place for medical help, either traditional MD’s or otherwise, and I’d hate to think anyone doesn’t go because they fear doctors/dentists, but I know this is actually a very common problem.

3. Do you make eye contact with people in elevators?  Do you Talk to Strangers? 
I usually give a super quick tiny smile and tiny glance at them, and that’s that.  Skylar and I have to ride an elevator every day going to the gym and there’s usually someone who wants to be all up in her face, overly excited, like “HI, HOW ARE YOU LITTLE GIRL?” with super high energy and just over the top.  

I wonder if they conduct themselves that way with other adults and strangers?  Clearly, No way! as it would be very socially unacceptable!  They wouldn’t do that to an adult, why are you doing it to my 3 year old without even acknowledging me?   It freaks me out a bit when people are that into her.  And she looks at me like mommy, why is this person all up in my shizzle?  As she continues to back up into the corner of the elevator and I shield overly-friendly stranger from encroaching anymore.

I want to teach her that it’s nice to be friendly; it’s what we do in a polite society.   However, we live in an urban area, not everyone has pure and good intentions, and there have to be boundaries, especially as it pertains to a child and strangers.  We don’t just chat up every strange man wearing a trenchcoat that hops into the elevator and wants to talk to us.
Do you talk to strangers? What do you or would you teach your kids about talking to strangers?  Where is the balance between politeness and safety?

4. What’s on your Agenda for the weekend?
Me = Pride Parade, being with Scott & Skylar, hopefully getting some R & R in! 

Stay Tuned For An Awesome Give Away…

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