Trader Joe’s Finds

I mentioned the other day that the grocery store is my second home.  I wasn’t lying because when I went to the grocery store, I also swung through TJ’s for a quickie.

I picked up this new coffee.

Ground Coffee + Cocoa + Natural Chocolate Fudge Flavor =  Perfection

And I picked up a can of Sumatra.  It’s been my go-to coffee for about 5 years.  I always come back to it.

I did a big TJ’s Coffee Review Post.  Check that out if you’re curious about what Joe to buy next from Joe.

I also picked up Caramel Popcorn.

By my accounts, the ingredient list would suggest it’s vegan and GF.  Even it wasn’t, I’d still buy it anyway because it’s super good.

I sprinkle the Caramel Popcorn in with Chocolate Cheezy Popcorn

Coconut Oil, Nooch, Chocolate, and Caramel.  That’s the four food groups, right?

I love popcorn and have a whole section in my newly re-vamped Recipes Page entirely devoted to creative popcorn recipes, blends, and flavor combos.

I also had to replenish the raisin stash.

They happen to be high in plant-based iron and fiber.  And they’re sweet.  What’s not to love?

I was getting low!

I use raisins in everything and have an entire Raisins Recipes Post.

Raisins in Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Protein Bars

Or Raisins in Raw Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

More ideas for Raisins Recipes Here

From my last post about Rainy Day Projects, lots of you like the looks of the fireplace on my balcony.   Yes, I need to use it more!

And taxes, well, some of you have started, some of you haven’t.  I am glad that mine are in the mail on the way to my accountant.

Which means that chocolate is in order, right?

No-Bake Vegan GF Fudge


1. Any new grocery/food products you’ve tried lately?

I am always trying new things.

However, I have gotten more selective as time goes on.  Just because I see it on a blog and it looks “amazing” doesn’t mean I have to have it. I try to balance cool new finds with being practical.

I did this post about how to save money on your grocery budget which includes not impulse buying.

2. Fave TJ’s items?

I’ve posted about many of mine before (coffee, condiments, fruits/veggies, canned beans, salsa, and so many more)

And I did this post on my Pantry & Refrigerator Staples (Not necessarily all TJ’s items, but some are)

3. What have you been up to this weekend?

I’ve been working, working out, cooking, cleaning, blogging, and being with the family.  But it’s still raining here.  Darn.

Enjoy your Weekend!

45 comments on “Trader Joe’s Finds”

  1. LOVE the coffee a cocoa! My recent finds at TJ’s are the pumpkin butter, cocoa almond spread (WAY better than Nutella!!!), citrus shampoo, and the slicing brie cheese. I, unfortunately, live within 2 blocks of a Trader Joe’s and 3 blocks of the biggest Whole Foods in LA. O_o It’s a dangerous game. :)

  2. The coffee/cocoa blend sounds perfect!!!

    We took in an NHL hockey game spur of the moment on Saturday in Buffalo which was super fun!

  3. I wish we had TJ’s in Austin but alas, this is the land of Whole Foods….maybe someday soon? Trader Joe’s, are you listening?!

  4. Today was a TJ’s day for me too — holy crowdedness, the line literally went through the whole store, to the back, and started wrapping around aisles. Nuts.

    while not in the slightest healthy, my new find there today was thumbprint cookies. Their cookies in the plastic tubs are always a win. I’m about to dig in and find out how delicious they are!

    I also have recently been loving the indian food that is in the aluminum sealed packaging, and you just throw the package in hot water. It’s perfect for camping!

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  7. Love everything from Trader Joe’s!!! That coffee sounds amazing!!!

  8. TJ and I have developed quite the love affair since our first encounter about 6 months ago. I can’t even imagine living without him, I mean it, now! ;)

    I got that Dark Sumatra coffee on one of my last runs, but I can’t decide which one I like better, that one or the Bay Blend. I love my DARK roasted coffee! Fave TJ items: whole wheat pizza crust, white bean hummus, and crunchy Valencia PB!

    I love trying new things, but since I’ve recently realized that I am a total impulse buyer when it comes to new foods (especially ones seen in blogworld), I’m trying to scale it back a bit. Plus, I’m doing a little grocery budget experiment this month to see how much I normally spend. I think having that in the back of my mind is helping me to think more about purchases before just throwing them in the cart!

  9. I have mostly just relaxed, hung out with friends, cooked, ate, and drank wine this weekend so far :-) Tonight we are going to our friends’ place for dinner, and we have tomorrow off, so that will be nice.

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