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Hi Friends!  How was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun?  I worked Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, so my “weekend” is just kind of starting now.  And I’m pretty happy about it!  But really, as a parent, you’re always “on”.   There are no weekends or breaks when little ones, or even bigger ones, are involved!  The weather here went from low 90s and hot and humid to low 70s and crisp, no humidity.  Perfect in the middle of the day for a nice walk, and we did get a couple nice walks in as a family. 

Woman in white shirt and skirt on sidewalk outside

Woman in white shirt and skirt waving on sidewalk
Total squint-inducing sunlight!   I never walk or run in sunglasses because they wiggle around too much.  I just squint and give myself wrinkles.

I also picked up a new hairdryer over the weekend.  Gosh I am posting a lot about hair.  Remember yesterday’s new Gluten Free Vegan Shampoo & Conditioner? 

Two bottles of Unite Shampoo and Conditioner
 Lots of you told me you have used it before and really like it.  It’s new to me and so far, lovin’ it!

For those of you who asked what the effect of gluten in personal care products like lotion or shampoo is, well, in very gluten-sensitive people, it can cause reactions.  Everything from eczema to psoriasis and although I am not gluten-sensitive enough to have to worry about that, it’s good that there are specialty products for those who need them.

Anyway, I have had a Hai hairdryer for a few years but it was on it’s last leg.  In my non-parent days, I would have popped for another $150 Hai since they rock.  But these days, naw.  The $35.99 Remington from Target is what I got.  I don’t blow dry my hair very often but when I have to, I have to so I needed a new dryer.

Remington Hair Dryer in packagingBox of hair dryer saying New Technology tourmaline
Tourmaline + Titanium + Ceramic = All the good-for-your-hair new Buzz Words! 
It gets hot, it’s not super heavy or noisy, and the feel of the handle is sort of non-slip which is nice
Hair Dryer on countertopClose up of pink buttons on hair dryer
And the buttons are pinkHuge bonus.

Now for a Couple TJ’s Finds in Review…

Coffee from This Post about my TJ’s Finds….

Bay Blend Coffee with grounds in filterClose up of coffee grounds in filter
My verdict on the Bay Blend Coffee is that it’s a dark roast but that it’s sweeter than Sumatra and French Roast and not quite as strong.   The same scoops of coffee and water into my machine yields a slightly less strong brew with the Bay Blend, and it’s slightly sweeter.  I definitely like it And use less sugar or stevia in my cup of coffee as a result.  It won’t replace Sumatra or French Roast, but it’s a nice addition to the rotation.

Peach Salsa from the same post

Jar of Peach Salsa
Chip being dipped in jar of Peach Salsa
Hand scooping Peach Salsa up with chip

I am not a fan of garlic, onions, or added salt.  There is no garlic listed on the label, but the smell of onions was so strong to me when I opened the jar.  Although the sodium isn’t too high, the onion flavor is still present.  So for me, it’s better than most salsas, it is sweet-ish which is a bonus for me (but I can’t tell it’s actually peaches and not just another type of fruit in it) and it’s medium heat on the spicy meter, but it’s not a true “fruit salsa” in my book, which would be totally devoid of onions.  

For instance, my homemade Sweet Mango, Lime, & Corn Salsa with lime juice and agave has no onions, garlic, or salt.

Sweet Mango, Lime, & Corn Salsa
Close up of Sweet Mango, Lime, & Corn Salsa

Skylar loved the peach salsa and chips! 

Young girl in pink zip up doing silly smile
Young girl standing in kitchen smiling
Young girl standing drinking from re-useable bottle
Chug that water honey!

Then again, the day that Madeline was here last week, Skylar went to town on restaurant chips and salsa!

Chips and Salsa on table
Young girl sitting at table with chips in front of her

From my Last Post…
Thank you everyone for your support and kind comments about the creepers and weirdos who have the time, energy, or lack of common human decency to talk trash about me and my family on internet forums.  If they left Scott and Skylar out of it, I wouldn’t be quite as pissed and fuming and baffled about why people do this.

I really try not to devote my good, productive, positive energy on these types of people, but it does drain me, and concern me.  No one sets out to blog and expects this as the outcome from simply sharing about my life   I’m just living life, and sharing about it.  But whatever.  People are weird and those types of people aren’t playing with a full deck, or living a happy life I surmise!

Thanks for sharing about your own experiences with any creepersEwww, scary!  And for your support and for the first time commenters who came out of the woodwork, thank you!

And car alarms, clearly we all hate them.  haha!

Dessert Today:  Dark Chocolate & Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies
Not Vegan, Not GF, but damn good I am told!  Or use PB Cups or any candy you want to smoosh in the centers.   Super easy and fast.

Overhead of Dark Chocolate & Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies in container
Close up Dark Chocolate & Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie
Hand holding one Dark Chocolate & Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie

Tip of the Day:  My 2 Pounds of Chia Seeds Give Away!

Large bag of chia seeds
Have fun everyone!  Thanks Chia Seeds Direct!!!!
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1. Best Thing You’ve Done or Ate this Weekend?

Me = Just being with my family, outside in the fresh crisp air, trying to forget about the drama that has stemmed from blogging.  And of course, any time I can go through Target and buy some health or beauty stuff, I am a happy camper, too.

2. Would you rather shop for Food Finds, Household Goods, Clothes, or Healthy & Beauty stuff?
I pick food last.  I do love buying things for my house from appliances to lamps.  Clothes, definitely love shopping for clothes, too, but have to be in the right mood.  And new lotions, makeup, skincare stuff, that’s all fun too.  What can I say, new products, new items, new goodies, it’s all fun.

3.  Streamlining
I’m going to be experimenting with slightly shorter posts, not quite as much info, linkbacks, and recapping as I’ve done in the past.  All the time on my computer is kicking my butt and taking away from my Real Life.    In addition to being mom, wife, the household engineer who keeps our house running and our family life on track, I am working 25 hours a week outside the home and I just need to streamline things on my blog.

Have you ever made a blog format change?  Or a lifestyle change that helped you streamline things and become more productive or efficient?   
My Home Gym/FreeWeights & Bowflex isn’t perfect, but it’s certainly helped shave time off my day chasing to the gym and makes me more productive.    Planning and organizing my grocery trips and not going to the grocery store more than twice a week is another thing that saves time.  All these little things add up to lots of time saved and being more productive and efficient.

What have you streamlined?  Did you notice you felt like you got part of your life back?

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