I’ve been a baking and cooking machine the past day.

Mixing bowl with spatulas and measuring spoons

Although I’ve done plenty of baking and it’s been a dusty scene here were with plenty of sugar and flour and baking soda all over my countertops…

Kitchen counter with baking supplies

…I’ve also made and tried some things that I’ve never tried before, including two savory recipes.

Jalepeno peppers and bell peppers

If you’re a savory fan, you’re in luck.

The family has been well fed and they’ve asked for another batch of these.

Mango and white chocolate chip cookies

But I need chocolate in my life, too.

Flourless chocolate chocolate chip cookies

Have you made anything lately that you’ve never made before?  Or tried something new in the kitchen?

I’ve had plenty of it the past few days.  Stand by while I edit the pictures and type up the recipes…

What’s on your to-make list?  Any recipes or tasks around the kitchen you’re a little intimidated by?

One thing I don’t make is traditional bread.  I’ve always felt that quick breads such as banana bread or donuts are one thing, but loaves of bread are their own yeasty little beasts and I don’t typically make them.  If I did make bread, Scott could put away a loaf a day, which is both a pro and a con for making it.  He has told me actually to not make bread because he knows he loves it so much and is not blessed with loaf-of-bread-eating-metabolism.

I have some dip recipes I want to try.  Ahhh, I love a good dip and saw so many tempting ones floating around on various blogs preceding the Super Bowl.  Maybe I need to make bread to use with dip.  And make sure my running shoes are ready to go for after all that bread and dip.

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