Tried Something New

I’ve been a baking and cooking machine the past day.

Although I’ve done plenty of baking and it’s been a dusty scene here were with plenty of sugar and flour and baking soda all over my countertops…

…I’ve also made and tried some things that I’ve never tried before, including two savory recipes.

If you’re a savory fan, you’re in luck.

The family has been well fed and they’ve asked for another batch of these.

But I need chocolate in my life, too.

Have you made anything lately that you’ve never made before?  Or tried something new in the kitchen?

I’ve had plenty of it the past few days.  Stand by while I edit the pictures and type up the recipes…

What’s on your to-make list?  Any recipes or tasks around the kitchen you’re a little intimidated by?

One thing I don’t make is traditional bread.  I’ve always felt that quick breads such as banana bread or donuts are one thing, but loaves of bread are their own yeasty little beasts and I don’t typically make them.  If I did make bread, Scott could put away a loaf a day, which is both a pro and a con for making it.  He has told me actually to not make bread because he knows he loves it so much and is not blessed with loaf-of-bread-eating-metabolism.

I have some dip recipes I want to try.  Ahhh, I love a good dip and saw so many tempting ones floating around on various blogs preceding the Super Bowl.  Maybe I need to make bread to use with dip.  And make sure my running shoes are ready to go for after all that bread and dip.

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  1. Yay! Can’t wait to see them. Have you tried making rustic loaves? I love them because they’re so easy and there’s no kneading involved. They don’t keep well but that’s never a problem in our household.

  2. Hmmmm, maybe bread could be a special occasion thing for you to make. I hear ya on the calories. That’s why I don’t make it more.

    I totally think you could swing it. I find cookies trickier, truth be told, and you’ve nailed those.

    • Cookies CAN be tricky, yes! There are sooo many variables and even some days when I make a tried and true, it turns out a little differently and I’ve done everything the same! Cooking and baking is part art, part science, part mystery :)

  3. For whatever reason, Indian cooking intimidates me.

  4. Heather – Indian Cooking is simple.. try some recipes from my site- if you need help with any ingredient, i will be happy to suggest an easy replacement..

  5. Can’t wait to see the recipes. I actually just created a challenge for myself – to make a recipe each week from a different cookbook, all the while trying to use recipes that are slightly outside my comfort zone or feature new ingredients or flavors. Should be fun!

  6. Awww, thanks for the link love, lady! I’m intrigued at your SAVORY STUFF coming. ;)

  7. Can’t wait for your savory recipes–I really enjoyed many of your rice and veggie combos from earlier posts! I’m only intimidated by kitchen projects or recipes which have tons of prep and clean up time involved. Needless to say I don’t host very many dinner parties! I generally feel pretty fearless in the kitchen, especially as I have gotten older and more experienced in the kitchen.

  8. yes, I finally made those spring rolls with enoki mushrooms. Come see it.

  9. Jenny, not sure if by “rustic loaves” you’re referring to the famous no knead bread, but that’s exactly what came to mind with me.:)

    No knead bread, for the uninitiated, is incredibly easy- all it takes is time and a good cast iron or Le Creuset type pot. I try to up the ante by using bread flour, and it reliably turns out amazing. Unfortunately, I haven’t had good luck using anything but pure white flour, which doesn’t make it a good day to day recipe in my eyes- it goes down very smooth. A friend of mine has been working on a whole wheat no knead- I’ll have to glean from her experience.

    I try often to make things I’ve never made before- and while stuff doesn’t always turn out anywhere near perfect (I’m thinking of an apricot almond baklava I once tried), it’s usually tasty and completely edible.

  10. I am always intimidated with making fancy desserts, i.e huge decorated cakes. Something I am trying to learn :)

  11. Looking forward to your savory recipe!

    The other day I tried making a new kind of kale chip — I slow roasted it and coated it with a Asian flavored peanut butter, miso, soy sauce. The next time I add a little sugar. It’s really fantastic. I used to blast them at 400 and they always had burnt edges. And I never used the coating before. I was inspired by another blogger who used a tomato based coating. So, yeah, I like to try new things and experiment, and I get really inspired by other home cooks/experimenters! :)

  12. I’ve been having fun perfecting bread recipes. Wow, those chocolate cookies look yum!

  13. Hehe, I just made a savory recipe of yours and will be a-bloggin’ about it soon!

  14. Love bread but I use a bread machine so it’s kind of cheating I guess. If I put enough “healthy stuff” in the loaf like flax and sprouted seeds, etc. I convince myself it’s okay to have a slice or two and then I freeze the rest already sliced so I can use it more sparingly. Otherwise I’d eat a loaf a day. My husband will eat any bread that I put cinnamon sugar on so that’s nice. Love bread with soup as a meal. And maybe a chocolate something or other to end it with! YUM.

  15. I want to make sourdough bread so badly but I am intimidated! I will do it soon, though!

  16. Can’t wait to see what the savoury recipes are!!!!!

    My list of recipes I want to make is very, very, extensive!

  17. Pretty intrigued about these savory recipes. you know I I love my dips! Bring it on, bring it on!

    I used to make bread all the time – in a bread machine. Now, I don’t make it only because I never crave it. Never. And that is something I never (hehe) thought I’d say!

  18. I can’t wait to see your savoury recipes! I love most things involving jalapenos :) I have homemade sponge toffee on my to-try list…it’ll be my first time with a candy thermometer, which makes me nervous!

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  20. I was terrified of making my own nut butter for the longest time. Now I’m a fiend and feel so silly about it!

    I really want to get into canning/preserving as well as growing my own herbs and tomatoes! One of these days I’ll even tackle bread-making. :)

  21. I’m still attempting to figure out how to get the right texture for homemade peanut butter cups. I’ve tried various recipes I’ve found online, but I just haven’t quite get what I want from it. I haven’t tried anything new in awhile. Mostly just retooling recipes I’ve been trying to perfect. Can’t wait to see what savory recipes you make!

  22. On my to-make list? Oh, that list is kind of full right now. I have two birthday cakes to make this week; I have chocolate sandwich cookies and someone’s delicious-looking white chocolate cookies-n-cream fudge to make for Valentine’s Day next week; and somewhere in there, I have an intense desire (and all of the ingredients!) to make pumpkin pie croissants that I found a recipe for online. And that’s just the dessert list! =)

  23. I have so much on my to-make list, but whenever I go to make something, I end up making something completely different, or so it seems. I just made doughnuts, which was new for me! They were yeast doughnuts, though, not the “quick bread” kind, and baked of course so as not to be too guilt-inducing. Thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way!

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