Urban Remedy 3-Day Purify Cleanse Review + Giveaway ($200 Value)


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I recently just did my third Urban Remedy cleanse.

For detailed reviews of the other two cleanses I’ve done, see Three-Day Juice Cleanse and Three Day Juice Cleanse: Purify Cleanse.

Win a 3-Day Purify Juice Cleanse from Urban Remedy and Averie Cooks!

For those who don’t know about Urban Remedy, it’s a direct-to-consumer, certified organic food company specializing in raw ready-to-eat meals, snacks and cold-pressed juice.

Certified organic juice cleanse bottles

I’ve done all three of my cleanses with Urban Remedy and have nothing but good things to say. The juices taste great and they’re easy to drink. Ironically, I find that even though the Purify Cleanse is considered a deeper level cleanse, more ‘advanced’ than their Signature Cleanse, I like the juices better in the Purify and find them tastier overall, but that could be personal preference.

My motivation for cleansing is not to lose weight, and personally I don’t lose any weight on cleanses according to the scale. I think it’s because I’m drinking so much fluid that the number on the scale doesn’t go down. But I feel lighter. After the cleanse is done, I find myself less puffy, less bloating, I have more spring in my step, and I just feel lighter.

Win a 3-Day Purify Juice Cleanse from Urban Remedy & Averie Cooks!

My motivation comes from baking and cooking 6 to 7 days a week, writing cookbooks and a dessert blog. Not only am I around food non-stop day in and day out, but I’m around sugary, fattening desserts and decadent treats. I sample everything I make and there are times I just have to give my body time to rest, heal, recuperate, regroup, and reset. Juicing does all that and those are my motivations for cleansing.

With any cleanse, you will likely have some tough moments. There will likely be moments of hunger, wondering if you can go on, self-doubt and wondering why you decided to do it in the first place, tiredness, grumpiness, and some overall icky feelings. But that’s part of the cleanse and natural detoxing process.

The end of day 1 is the hardest for me, about 6pm that night, when my last meal was dinner the night before, and knowing I still have 2 more full days to go. That’s when I’m detoxing the hardest, the stress of my normal day catches up with me, I know I’m not eating dinner that night but am drinking it. But if I can get over that hump, the rest of the cleanse gets infinitely easier.

Win a 3-Day Purify Juice Cleanse from Urban Remedy and Averie Cooks!

So much to the point that I always want to do another one after I finish. This cleanse has motivated me to stay liquid or raw until dinner, at least 4 or 5 days a week. Normally I do that a few times a week, but I’m making an effort to juice, have smoothies, or raw fruits and vegetables until dinner most days of the week. I feel so much better and have more energy overall when I’m liquid until dinner than when I eat a donut for breakfast, a cookie for lunch, and pound down a big cup of coffee in the afternoon.

I really believe in the benefits of juicing including helping our bodies reset to a more alkaline state, helping detoxify our organs, and allowing our digestion time to rest.

I’ve partnered with Urban Remedy and one lucky reader is going to win a 3-Day Purify Cleanse

Win a 3-Day Purify Juice Cleanse from Urban Remedy & Averie Cooks!

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Good luck!

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  1. I want to win this cleanse to help me get back on track, health-wise. I’ve made some really unhealthy food choices and need to flood my body with good stuff.

  2. I’ve been debating for years about doing a juice cleanse — I’d love to give the Urban remedy program a try – the variety of colors looks interesting.

  3. I would love to give this cleanse a try! I’ve been looking at some and would love if I won some!

  4. After going through a brain surgery this year, this could definitely help me on the path to getting healthier all around :)

  5. I usually have juice for breakfast and have been skeptical or bottled juices but these seem to be more pure than other brands! sounds like an awesome cleanse, who doesn’t love a little more spring in their step? :)

  6. Hi,

    I have never tried a cleanse before, but have always wanted to. I feel like the cleanses can be expensive. I would love the opportunity to see what effects the cleanse would have on my body.

  7. I’ve never tried a juice cleanse but I’ve heard so many great things about them. If I win it would really help me get clean for the summer!

  8. I’ve done two other juice cleanses but I hadn’t heard of Urban Remedy before. I”d love to try theirs as well.

  9. I tried juicing myself at home. I was only able to juice 1 time a day and get 2 juices out of it. But it’s expensive and time consuming! I’d love to just have it all juiced for me, ready to go.
    Since I’m nursing I’d have to eat 1-2 meals along with it to keep up my supply, but by eating whole foods of meat and vegetables I could keep up with the cleansing my body! I’d love to give this a try.

  10. I want to win this cleanse to give my body a jump start in the right direction! I have so many food allergens and I really appreciate all of the natural and organic ingredients that go into this product! I love how juicing can cleanse the body of impurities and I am so interested in learning more about how!

  11. havent really gotten that into ‘juicing’ , but am ready to and this would be a great way to start and get healthy at the same time. i really need to do this big time. thanks

  12. I have heard so much about cleanses and have been curious for a while! I would love to feel lighter. :)

  13. Since having my baby almost 1 year ago I still don’t feel quite back to being me. I think this would be a great way to cleanse and to start fresh. I have looked at a few cleanses and could. Ever decide on one but would love to try this one as it looks great!

  14. I’ve never tried a juice cleanse before, but I’ve been trying to eat healthier, so this is really interesting to me!

  15. I’ve done three cleanses with three different companies so far and I absolutely love trying them out (though I have discovered not all cleanses are equal). I feel the same way about reasons for doing it though. It’s less about weight and more about pushing a reset button. This sounds really exciting I might have to give them a try!

  16. I’ve heard good things about a juice cleanse, but I’ve never tried it. It would be great to do for the summer!

  17. I have always wanted to do one of these but the price seems to high. It would be great to do one before my wedding!

  18. I’ve always wanted to try a juice cleanse – but I’ve never had a couple hundred dollars in the budget for it :(

  19. My sister is getting married within the year, so I’d really love to drop 30 pounds so that I can look my best as I stand by her side. Thanks for the chance to win.

  20. Doing a juice cleans has always interested me for its health benefits, but I really think I could use this now in my life. I’ve been having stomach issues and I think a cleans could really help my system

  21. I’ve always been interested in juicing, but haven’t actually invested in a juicer! After a weekend of wayyy over indulging, I’m craving a little reset. Some juice would do me good!

  22. I’ve wanted to try a juice cleanse for the longest time, but the prices are just unreal for me, so that is why I would like to win this giveaway :)

  23. I am interested in this cleanse and juicing in general because I would really like to clean up my diet.

  24. I would love to win this cleanse because although I’ve always wanted to try a juice cleanse to refresh my self the big price tag has always scared me away from it!

  25. I’ve always wanted to try a juice cleanse and with summer upon us this seems like the perfect time!

  26. I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of a juice cleanse, but I’ve never put my foot down and done it. It sounds like an amazing jump-start to cleaning up your system. If I won, I’m positive my husband would love to do it with me.

  27. I love juicing, but have never tried a cleanse! Plus juicing yourself is a hassle… Would love to try one that looks so good! :)

  28. I have the same problem, I find that I’m eating too much because I’m tasting my work. I haven’t tried a cleanse before but would love to “reset” my body this way!

  29. I’ve always wanted to do a juice cleanse and Urban Remedy has been on my radar! I’ve always been hesitant because of the price. I would love to win!!

  30. I’ve actually done an Urban Remedy juice cleanse in the past (per your recommendation) and would love to do another!

  31. i’ve always wanted to try a juice cleanse, but have been afraid to start one. this sounds like a great opportunity!

  32. I would love to do a juice cleanse. I have always wanted to try one. Thank you Averie for this cool give away :)

  33. i NEEEEED this cleanse. juice cleanses are amazing but i can’t afford them! sometimes you just need to kick start your health and a cleanse is the best way!

  34. I just returned from a week-long conference of eating too much sugar and junk food – need this cleanse in my life!

  35. i need to completely rejuvenate my system… this winter was NOT good on my body and i’d love to start things over!

  36. I have been wanting to do a juice cleanse forever but have been to afraid to try it. Hoping I win!!! :)

  37. I’ve wanted to do a juice cleanse for a long time but haven’t got up the guts to do it :) hoping this time is it for me!

  38. I want to try the cleanse to push myself to do it, and be more easily able to cut off/down on sugar and caffeine afterwards. I think my skin would clear up if I did it!

  39. I started a completely new fitness routine in January. I’ve been able to stick with it all year and I continue to push myself beyond my comfort zone to achieve results. A cleanse is also something I’d like to try. I love your blog and bake your recipes often. I trust your opinion and I’d love to experience Urban Remedy!

  40. I could use something to jump start the feeling of less puffy and bloated and I love that this juice is completely organic!

  41. I love getting juices at my local juice bar but have yet to do a full day cleanse. I love that this is a three day one and that you said once you get past dinner time it get easier!

  42. Getting started on a workout routine is always difficult, so I think a juicing cleanse will help start off the schedule well. I can’t wait to feel healthier!

  43. I would like to jump start a major weight loss and I think this would be the best way to detox and prepare my body!

  44. I’ve been interested in Urban Remedy for a long time and just haven’t wanted to put forth the money to do the cleanse. But I love the idea of hitting reset on my body

  45. I think my body is begging for a cleanse with all the beer fests that have been going on.

  46. Every time you’ve posted about Urban Remedy’s juice cleanse, it makes me want to try it! The juices always look so flavorful, and I love the variation. I did a 3-day cleanse this past fall and there were only two types of juices in the cleanse, which was just too monotonous after three days! This one sounds great!

  47. I done my own cleanse with juices made at home but would love to try a juice cleanse as long as it’s cold pressed and no added sugar .

  48. Last summer I did the Suja 3 Day Cleanse and absolutely loved it – I felt so amazing afterwards! I have been wanting to try some other brands cleanses, and Urban Remedy has been one of those! Would love to win :-)

  49. I’d love to try this cleanse to see how it makes my body feel. It’s an interesting concept!

  50. I’ve never tried a juice cleanse but have been wanting to! Great giveaway and they look delicious!!

  51. I’ve been thinking about doing a cleanse for a while now and this is exactly what would get me started.

  52. I am a dietitian nutritionist and I’d like to experience what this juice cleansing is all about, so I can talk to my clients/patients from personal experience!

  53. I’ve always been interested in the idea of a juice cleanse and would like to see what it has to offer!

  54. I just went to whole foods to look for a 3-day cleanse today! They only had the Suja one, wasn’t totally sold on it, so I am trying to piece together one myself. This would be wonderful. I am going to explore the Urban Remedy website now!

  55. I just read a whole book about cleansing and am still a skeptic that only juices for three days would work for me (I need a lot of calories). But I figure I can’t knock it until I try it! And the juices look very enticing.

  56. I’ve always wanted to do a cleanse, just to help rid my body of things that are working against it.

  57. I’ve always liked doing juice cleanses to get back on track. I always feel so great after doing them, and try to do them a few times a year.

  58. Just started a new healthstyle! working out and eating right! I would love to have a juice cleanse to jump start things even more!

  59. Juicing interests me because different combinations highlight different flavor profiles of the same veggie or fruit.

  60. I have heard a lot about juice cleanse and its natural detoxifying properties. I would like to experience that first hand.

  61. I’ve been trying to be more healthy over the past year or so, so I’m always up for trying new things! I’ve always been curious about juice cleanses, but I’ve heard so many mix reviews on them. It’d be awesome to take a shot at it and see what I think before paying. ;)

  62. I have never done a juice cleanse before. I’d like to try one and see if I can get past my weight loss plateau. (75 pounds down, 30 or so to go!)

  63. I would love to win this juice cleanse because I have never done one before! I am so interested to find out how it makes me feel during and after the cleanse.

  64. I’ve never tried doing a cleansing before. This would be a good opportunity to try.

  65. I’ve tried cleanses before but haven’t been very successful :( I’d love another opportunity and am so excited to give it a try!

  66. I’ve done a few cleanses before, but never tried Urban Remedy’s. Would love to try it!

  67. This would be a great to use right before starting to eat clean, which I would like to start doing. Thanks for the giveaway

  68. I definitely feel that I need to detox: stress adds up and makes me feel so sluggish and toxic. With summer coming, I’d like to feel “lighter” and have my bodies digestion taken care of. Juicing is much easier for the body to digest and absorb the nutrients, allowing energy to go towards repairs and healing the rest of the body. I think of it like “taking a load off” for my body.

  69. I just did a 28 day detox program then went on vaca and feel like I reversed all the positive benefits from the program. I def want to try a diff plan. This juice program has me intrigued. Thanks for this opportunity.

  70. I would love to win this. I am like you, I seem to eat junk all day and I feel like junk. I think this would help me jump start into eating better and feeling better!

  71. I would love to do this juice cleanse as I’ve done a juice cleanse before and I love how it makes me feel and it helps me to keep my weight in check. I too, am a foodie and cook all the time. I exercise daily to balance it all out. Feeling and looking good is hard work :)

  72. I plan on doing a juice cleanse after my baby is born in a few weeks. I did a week long one last year and I dropped 10 pounds and felt great!

  73. A friend of mine is doing this exact cleanse this week! It sounds awesome and I would LOVE to try it myself!

  74. I would love to try a juice cleanse! I think it would help me “reset” my eating habits, which have gotten quite sloppy recently. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  75. Wow, the flavors and colors are wonderful. I would love to try this juice because it would be so nourishing for my body.

  76. My mom has been juicing for several weeks now (she’s eating real food too, but she juices kale, blueberries, etc. daily) and feels great. I want to feel great too, lol!

  77. I’ve never done a juice cleanse for 3 days straight and would love the opportunity to do one. I’ve had morning juices and feel so light, fresh and surprisingly full, that I don’t need a snack and sometimes I’m not even hungry for lunch! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  78. It’s a fascinating thing to juice and it would be interesting to say I’ve done it, and can decide if it’s worth it from there.

  79. I would love, love, love to try this 3-day juice cleanse!!! it’s excactly what i need right now!

  80. As a challenge to myself, I would like to try a 3-Day Cleanse. Also, I would like to try the different juices.

  81. I would love to try this. I’ve been interested in cleansing and this would help me with my first one. Thanks for your information.

  82. I would love the cleanse to reboot my body as I’m studying for a very difficult licensing exam. I’ve juiced before, but never a full cleanse, and I’ve heard great things about this cleanse!

  83. I’ve tried juicing on my own but never have it in me to make all the varieties of juice for a cleanse. I would love to try this!

  84. Looks shiny! I’ve never done a cleanse but I agree about being surrounded by food all day long and just needing something different. I also figure it would help to be more mindful of what I *do* eat. Also, yum! :D

  85. I love juice cleanses and I’ve been looking for the perfect one! I tried juicery and didn’t like that one so much and I’ve been looking to try this one!!!

  86. I would love to feel healthy and I’ve wanting to jump start my change in eating habits by doing a cleanse.

  87. Loved your honesty about being hungry the first day and then how you felt at the end of the cleanse!

  88. I would be interested in trying this, because I think it is a great way to really get the nutrients of the produce.

  89. I would love to try this juice cleanse and this brand. I love juicing and trying an actual juice cleanse! Thank you.

  90. Yes PLEASE, I’d love, love, love to win this wonderful, healing, cleansing opportunity to have 3 days of scrumptious juices!!! :)

  91. Having these organic juices is definetly a great motivator to start a cleanse! No need to worry about buying the ingredients, cleaning them, juicing them nor the clean-up afterwards. Just open, drink and enjoy the good health. Win-win situation for me.

  92. I have looked at this product a few times!! I have been looking for something to jump start my desire to eat a more healthy diet…

  93. I’ve never done a juice cleanse, but have friends who have and they love the way they feel after it’s over. I’d like to give my body a chance to clean out the toxins from every day life.

  94. I need something to jumpstart my diet (the WAY I eat – not a weight-loss plan). I want to eat healthy, but I crave all the junk. I need to do a cleanse to get my body on the right track!

  95. I’ve done a couple juice cleanses before, and loved how I felt afterwards. There’s something about them that intrigue me!

  96. I want to win this cleanse to try it out and see how it works for me. I could definitely benefit from a detox. I have done a fast to cleanse but I have never juiced. The whole concept of juicing and the benefits intrigues me.

  97. I’ve wanted to do a cleanse for a while now, but could never decide which one. This would be great to try. And the flavors sound delicious!

  98. I wnat to win a cleanse so I can finish a juice cleanse! I have tried to do one on my own but never can make it last! I would love to try this one!!

  99. I make green smoothies all the time, but I have never juiced. I’ve read about this cleanse before, and would love to try it.

  100. I’ve been wanting to try a juice cleanse. I’ve been eatting pretty poorly and would love a reset

  101. I feel like this will help me “restart” and start anew. I have such issues with SUGAR!!!!

  102. I need it for all the reasons you said: sugar, sugar, and more sugar. I need a reset, and this would be a good push to get one!

  103. I would love to try a juice cleanse! I already consider myself a pretty healthy person but I think a juice cleanse would help me feel even better within my own body!

  104. Thanks for the testimonial! I’ve heard great things about juice cleanses but have always wondered if they are really all that they’re cracked up to be. This post helped clear up some things and I would be super excited to try a cleanse!

  105. I need to get into juicing/cleanses because I recently found out I’m celiac and want to help restart my system :/ I’m not a big pasta girl anyways, but saying goodbye to cookies/cakes/bread is going to be sad. Sigh. At least I can still have vodka (vodka IS gluten-free, right??).

  106. Most days I have a smoothie for breakfast. On the days I don’t I don’t feel as great. I have always been intrigued by juice cleanses and would love to try it out.

  107. I’ve never done a juice cleanse but they sound interesting. I love juices so I’d love to attempt the feat

  108. I’m slipping back into the rigid, dark shawdows of neurotic eating/excercising. A fresh, clean slate would go a long way by helping to break the pattern.

  109. I have been wanting to do a juice cleanse for a while. I bought a juicer but somehow I just can’t get motivated enough to go through the whole process. This would help me because its already done, I just have to drink them! Most of the time the pre-made juice cleanses are just so expensive!

  110. I’ve really wanted to try a juice cleanse! I work for a school and we are just finishing up our end of the year celebrations and I feel like I need a reset before summer truly starts!

  111. I’d be fascinated to find out how these juices make me feel energy-wise

  112. I have wanted to try a juice cleanse and you’ve spoken so highly about urban remedy so I’d like to try it

  113. I love the idea of giving my body a bit of a break from intense digestion. Plus, these juice flavors sound delicious!

  114. I’ve tried some of their meal replacement drinks and loved them…never gotten the juice cleanse but have wanted to!!!

  115. I’ve never done a juice cleanse. I would I’ve to try it, and maybe get my summer off on a good and healthy start!

  116. I have never done a cleanse before but I have been reading up on them. It sounds like a great way to reset and start summer on a lighter note!

  117. Heard a lot about juicing, but haven’t tried it. Am interested to see what it’s all about and how I would feel afterwards.

  118. I would love to try this challenge just to see if I could push myself! It would also help me in my quest to go for raw foods before dinner.

  119. I love juice, but I just never seem to get around to making my own anymore. This would be a lifesaver during the summer.

  120. One of my co-workers has been telling me all about juicing. I’m thinking of buying a juicer, but figured this would be a great intro before spending all that money!

  121. I’ve always wanted to try a cleanse so this would be a great first opportunity! They all sound yummy!

  122. I have never juiced before but I’ve heard so many great things about Urban Remedy! I want to feel light and fresh!

  123. Juicing is something that I wanted to try for a couple months now and you could ask my husband. I’m constantly looking up all juicing information and how I could afford buying a package. I would love to try Urban Remedy juicing since it one that I have been eyeing for a while.

  124. I loved juicing the one time I did it. It reset my body and left me feeling light, nourished, and I no longer craved junk food! I’d absolutely love to win!!!

  125. I’ve done the Urban Remedy greens cleanse before! I kind of regret not doing the Purity one to be completely honest… The greens one was good, but very intense for a first time juice cleanser. Plus the lack of flavors got boring by day 3!

  126. I’ve never tried a juice cleanse, but a reset button sounds fabulous right about now. Just a little push to give my body some love.

  127. I’ve always wanted to try a juice cleanse! I just haven’t been able to afford one – just graduated from college and pinching pennies until my grad school program starts!

  128. After losing 45 pounds I have been stuck on a plateau for a year and would love something that will rejumpstart my weight loss so I can loose 30 more pounds and get myself to a more healthy weight.

  129. Would totally LOVE to win the Urban Remedy 3 day Cleanse.
    I’m in the fight of my life to lose the weight I gained during the stress of a recent home remodel.
    Striving to live whole & healthy!
    I love to JUICE!
    Have a juicer and drink green yummy juice almost every morning!
    Have always, always wanted to try a Juice Cleanse.
    You SHINE so bright!
    Thank you for this opportunity!
    Hugs from Bainbridge Island!

  130. I have never done a juice cleanse but am thrilled with the idea resetting my body! These combinations sound delicious!

  131. Thank you for sharing your experience with juice cleanses and healthy eating. It’s nice to hear that its not always easy but that how you feel makes it worth it. And I can only imagine how hard it is to stay healthy with so many baked goods in the house. Do you normally give food away to friends and family as well or make just enough to photograph?

    And I also try to mostly eat raw/vegan until dinner time. Once you get used to it and get a bit creative you see there are tons of tasty options and not very restrictive at all. Definitely easier to bring for lunch too since there’s no cooking/meat to be prepared.

    1. Do you normally give food away to friends and family as well or make just enough to photograph? = Both. I try to bake/cook in as small of a batch as possible but there are certain things like a batch of cookies, or an 8-inch cake, and you can only pare it down so much and then you’re dealing with less than 1 egg so I never do that, like halving eggs. That’s when my friends/neighbors thank me – when I have a batch of cookies or 90% of a cake to donate after having a few bites or pieces and my family has a few and then we’re done because tomorrow is a brand new whole full-on dessert!

  132. I love juicing and do so every morning, but I would love this cleanse to see if I’m capable of cleaning out over several days.

  133. I jusice regulary but have yet to commit to a juice cleanse. This would be just what I need to make the leap.

  134. I’ve always wanted to try Urban Remedy cleanses. I love juice and think cleanses are a great way to reset your internal gastro-clock.

  135. I have actually been wanting to do a juice cleanse! I would love to win this. Thanks for the opportunity!

  136. I’d love to try a juice cleanse. For the reasons above, I’m so sick of feeling puffy. Maybe that’s exactly what I need!

  137. I would love to try juicing to help my sluggish digestive system and give me more energy to keep up with my toddler. I feel like I end up going for quick, easy foods rather than take the time to make nutritious meals, so this would be a great start!

  138. I have been wanting to try a cleanse like this for a long time. You’ve motivated me to at least stay with liquids or more raw foods for most of the day :)

  139. I’m interested in seeing how juicing will make me feel! I love sweets more than anything so I think a few days of juicing would really benefit me!

  140. I love healthy smoothies and juices. I want to give my body a rest from carbs and a chance to detox and feel renewed.

  141. I want to kickstart my summer eating habits right! Also, my sister’s wedding is coming up, so you know how THAT is!

  142. Honestly, I’ve been reading up on juicing, cleansing, and different detox plans for a long time and your detailed posts on your experiences, how it has really boosted your energy, and how it makes you feel happier and healthier have pushed me to the point where I would love to try it. Also, your blog is one of my favourites and you seem like such a great person!