Urban Remedy 3-Day Purify Cleanse Review + Giveaway ($200 Value)


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I recently just did my third Urban Remedy cleanse.

For detailed reviews of the other two cleanses I’ve done, see Three-Day Juice Cleanse and Three Day Juice Cleanse: Purify Cleanse.

Win a 3-Day Purify Juice Cleanse from Urban Remedy and Averie Cooks!

For those who don’t know about Urban Remedy, it’s a direct-to-consumer, certified organic food company specializing in raw ready-to-eat meals, snacks and cold-pressed juice.

Certified organic juice cleanse bottles

I’ve done all three of my cleanses with Urban Remedy and have nothing but good things to say. The juices taste great and they’re easy to drink. Ironically, I find that even though the Purify Cleanse is considered a deeper level cleanse, more ‘advanced’ than their Signature Cleanse, I like the juices better in the Purify and find them tastier overall, but that could be personal preference.

My motivation for cleansing is not to lose weight, and personally I don’t lose any weight on cleanses according to the scale. I think it’s because I’m drinking so much fluid that the number on the scale doesn’t go down. But I feel lighter. After the cleanse is done, I find myself less puffy, less bloating, I have more spring in my step, and I just feel lighter.

Win a 3-Day Purify Juice Cleanse from Urban Remedy & Averie Cooks!

My motivation comes from baking and cooking 6 to 7 days a week, writing cookbooks and a dessert blog. Not only am I around food non-stop day in and day out, but I’m around sugary, fattening desserts and decadent treats. I sample everything I make and there are times I just have to give my body time to rest, heal, recuperate, regroup, and reset. Juicing does all that and those are my motivations for cleansing.

With any cleanse, you will likely have some tough moments. There will likely be moments of hunger, wondering if you can go on, self-doubt and wondering why you decided to do it in the first place, tiredness, grumpiness, and some overall icky feelings. But that’s part of the cleanse and natural detoxing process.

The end of day 1 is the hardest for me, about 6pm that night, when my last meal was dinner the night before, and knowing I still have 2 more full days to go. That’s when I’m detoxing the hardest, the stress of my normal day catches up with me, I know I’m not eating dinner that night but am drinking it. But if I can get over that hump, the rest of the cleanse gets infinitely easier.

Win a 3-Day Purify Juice Cleanse from Urban Remedy and Averie Cooks!

So much to the point that I always want to do another one after I finish. This cleanse has motivated me to stay liquid or raw until dinner, at least 4 or 5 days a week. Normally I do that a few times a week, but I’m making an effort to juice, have smoothies, or raw fruits and vegetables until dinner most days of the week. I feel so much better and have more energy overall when I’m liquid until dinner than when I eat a donut for breakfast, a cookie for lunch, and pound down a big cup of coffee in the afternoon.

I really believe in the benefits of juicing including helping our bodies reset to a more alkaline state, helping detoxify our organs, and allowing our digestion time to rest.

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Win a 3-Day Purify Juice Cleanse from Urban Remedy & Averie Cooks!

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  1. I want to win this cleanse to help me get back on track, health-wise. I’ve made some really unhealthy food choices and need to flood my body with good stuff.

  2. I’ve been debating for years about doing a juice cleanse — I’d love to give the Urban remedy program a try – the variety of colors looks interesting.