Did you have a nice weekend?  Maybe you’re still enjoying your weekend because you have Monday off in light of Columbus Day or maybe you’re Canadian and are still basking in the post-Thanksgiving glow.

I had a nice weekend but it flew by.  Weekends always seem to go by quicker than other days of the week.  I’m sure you can relate.

But it was a happy weekend because I spent some time at the park with Scott and Skylar.

Tree in green landscape park

It was nice to just be together.   Spending more time as a family, even an extra hour or two here or there and whenever we can grab it, was an October goal.  So far so good on that one.

We also had a kiddie birthday party to attend.  Plenty of laughter, shrieking, cupcake eating, running around, and 5 year old antics ensued.

Chocolate cupcake with yellow frosting and raspberriesHappy times were had by all.

I also saw these…

Jet-Puffed Ghost Marshmallows brown and white shaped like ghosts

…and I saw Funfetti brownie mix, spray-on frosting, and Funfetti frosting, and it’s probably so wrong…

Pillsbury Halloween Funfetti brownies, Easy Frost Frosting Halloween, and Halloween Frosting…But it felt so right and it made me happy to think about what I could make with it all.  Hmmm…

So far, we’re still working on the Oatmeal Raisin Cookies so I really don’t need to bake anything else.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies stackedBut I like to bake.  Even if I don’t need to.  I find it relaxing, therapeutic, fun, and it just makes me happy.  This made me happy, too.

The winner of the Silpat Giveaway is:

Katie October 6, 2011

“Cookies. I need to make more cookies! I am earning a reputation at work for being the cookie baker, and its been a couple weeks. I need to keep my reputation!

I’m thinking those snickers cookies would be a hit. I mean, DUH, right?”

Congrats, Katie!


1. What made you happy over the weekend?  Do you have Monday off?

2. Does baking, cooking, or spending time in the kitchen make you happy?  Stress you out?

It used to stress me out and I didn’t enjoy it, at all.  I was scared of it.   The kitchen, cooking, baking, new recipes, experimenting and trying new things left me intimidated and scared to try.

Once I fully realized and embraced the notion that the worst that can happen is something doesn’t turn out and you have to pitch it and that the only way one can learn is by trying, practicing, and just going for it, I learned that not only was cooking not so bad, but I love it now.

Baking, coming up with recipes, combining whatever ingredients I have on hand to come up with something new, trying new recipes I read about, it’s fun and makes me happy to make and create.

Doing the dishes?  That doesn’t make me happy.  Wish I had a kitchen assistant for those.

If you’re just catching up on posts from the weekend, here are mine

Have a great (and hopefully short) week!


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