I hope your weekend is getting off to a good start.

On Saturday, mine is likely going to include some baking

Ingredients on marble countertop: Oats, pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon

I love to bake and create…

…But hate doing the dishes and kitchen cleanup.

Open empty can of Condensed sweetened milk with pink spatula in it

Then again, who says, ‘Oh, I just love doing dirty dishes.’

I’ll be unrolling my yoga mat at home and working on some of my yoga goals

Black yoga mat on hardwood floor

Maybe I’ll make some pancakes (vegan, GF) on a cool, fall weekend morning.  I’d say lazy weekend morning but there’s nothing lazy about life here.  Weekends are no exception.

Vegan gluten free pancakes with blueberries and bananas
Vegan gluten free pancakes with blueberries and bananas

What will likely end up happening is that a Microwave Banana Oatmeal Cake will stand in for the pancakes.

Microwave Banana Oatmeal Cake

Piece of Microwave Banana Oatmeal Cake

Gotta love the microwave, right?

And I also love these new pants.  Well, they’re about 3 weeks old or so now and I can say they are my new favorite piece of fall workout wear and favorite workout pants I’ve owned in ages.

Nike Pro black workout leggingsThey fit like a glove without being too snug.

There’s a difference between fitted and secure and feeling like a stuffed sausage.

These pants are the perfect balance.

Nike Pro black workout leggings backsideThey’re also on the thin side and they are knee-length so they’re perfect for SoCal fall weather.  I try to hang with shorts as long as I possibly can because I’d rather be chilly than have that overly constricted feeling on my legs but these pants don’t do that to me at all.  Bonus!

Another bonus will be spending time with my family over the weekend.

Hopefully we can get to the park and enjoy the weather and watch the waterfalls and just chill out together.

Circular fountain with lights on the bottom and tree in the background

Til then..

I’m going to enjoy one of these

Caramel Apple Bars


1. What’s on your weekend agenda?  How’s your weekend so far?  Do you have Monday off in light of Columbus Day?

2.  Do you have any favorite cooler weather workout attire?  Pants, shirts, light jackets or vests?

There’s nothing worse for me than wearing pants that are too thick or heavy for the weather and then sweating profusely which takes a run from fun to miserable.  Overheating just slows you down.

I also hate to be underdressed and chilly, which can make it tricky to dress for fall/early winter outdoor workouts.  The temperature you are when leaving the house is not at the temperature you are 20 minutes later, compound that with direct sunlight or wind variables, and it’s no wonder I stick to the same 10 year old running shirts and old Nike vest I’ve had for a decade.

Most times when I buy new shirts or new workout pants (with the exception of the ones I mentioned in this post), they are never an improvement on what I own so I just stick with my tried and true clothes.  But sooner or later, everything needs replacing.

What’s in your fall workout-wear arsenal?

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Enjoy your (long) weekend and Happy Thanksgiving to Canadian readers!

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