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Earlier in the week I picked up some of this.

Pink victoria's secret bombshell perfume

I also picked up some replacement running gear at the Nike store, but it’s not new-to-me.

I replaced these socks (recommended if you like padded socks for running), bought another pair of these pants because I’ve worn them every single day since I bought them and love them, and replaced these shoes that have 500 miles, give or take, on them.

Nike brand shoes, pants, and socks

The new-to-me item was this wool running shirt.  Wool does not scream technical fabric to me.  Instead it screams itchy, scratchy, and not what I when I’m working out, but the sales person recommended it to me.  To my surprise, this shirt has been perfect for morning runs, with temperatures in the 50’s F.


I don’t have to layer it with anything else and although it’s not as soft as some of the other technical fabrics, it’s much warmer, and that’s a tradeoff I can live with.

There’s nothing worse than overdressing for a workout because hot, sweaty, and overheated makes me want to just quit.

But under-dressing for the conditions and having a paper-thin shirt that’s known for it’s ability to”wick away sweat” is great when it’s 80F, but not when it’s 50F.  The wool shirt has been the solution for my too hot, too cold, just right, situation; and it’s not scratchy or itchy.

These are not itchy or scratchy either.

Marshmallow Pillowtop bars

I nicknamed them Pillowtop Bars (Gluten Free) for a reason.  Marshmallow creme, peanut butter, white chocolate, and sweetened condensed milk become soft and pillowey after being baked, in case you’re wondering.

Do you find wool scratchy and uncomfortable or do you like it?

I know some people who very sensitive to wool; they break out in rashes, start itching, and it bothers them intensely.

I’m okay with softer weaves but not directly on my skin.  I couldn’t wear a wool sweater without having something on underneath it because I’d be an itchy mess.  As long as I layer it, I love wool sweaters.

Have you ever worn any wool workout clothes?

This was my first and I know wool workout socks are popular, but I haven’t tried those.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Interesting on the wool shirt, I wouldn’t have guessed it would be comfortable. I have a few long-sleeved running shirts for the cold, one paper-thin for slightly cold conditions, one medium-ish for running in the 40s, and one thicker turtleneck for the 20s.

  2. Not all wool is itchy. Just look at those beautiful italian men’s suits. Most are 100 per cent Merino wool. Wool can be just over 30 percent saturated with water/perspiration/apple juice and still feel quite warm and dry and that’s why it’s great for working out or hiking. And once ypu’ve worn real quality wool socks, there’s no going back.

  3. If you like wool workout clothing, I would suggest Icebreaker’s line of work out gear. I initially purchased them for traveling, and discovered that they had a workout gear line as well. They also have different levels of warmth, but all levels are so soft and the barely there itchy-ness decrease by wash (The website claims to have absolutely no itchy feeling, but I found there to be a tiny bit; but that may be because I have really sensitive skin).

    Another thing that I recently discovered was that Amazon sells Icebreaker clothing at a much cheaper price than the website itself. I wish I had known this when I bought mine! Anyways, hope this helps!

  4. I have never worn wool workout clothes and wool does bother me if I don’t wear it with a cotton tee underneath it. But if I have a roomy cotton piece underneath, I am fine with it! Happy Saturday, Averie! :-)

  5. Hi
    I was wondering if you would do more post on yoga. I started reading your blog quite awhile ago. I am hoping you go back to more veggie raw yoga post.

  6. only love my wool hats.
    love your new running shoes girl.
    while you’re out running take some sunny photos for this sun-starved cali girl will ya?
    have a fabulous sunday!

    1. I just posted and put up a new pic of sunny blue skies (because of this comment!) That one’s for you!

  7. Haha, I love how your chilly runs are 50 degrees – that’s T-shirt and shorts weather, girl! OK, I’m off to dream of living in a climate like yours…