Lighter Egg Salad

I love egg salad and I’m super picky about it.

An instant deal-breaker is gloppy, mayo-heavy egg salad that just screams empty calories.

Lighter Egg Salad - All the flavor of traditional egg salad minus the fat and calories! Made with 0% fat Greek yogurt to keep it creamy and wayyy healthier!!

I’ve created this easy recipe that largely uses 0% fat plain Greek yogurt and just a smidge of fat-free mayo.

For crunch there’s a bit of celery while green onions, dill, and Dijon mustard add classic egg salad flavors.

You can doctor it up by adding diced red peppers, Roma tomatoes, dill relish, but I kept this version more traditional, minus the fat and calories. You’ll never miss them.

Lighter Egg Salad - All the flavor of traditional egg salad minus the fat and calories! Made with 0% fat Greek yogurt to keep it creamy and wayyy healthier!!


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