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How are you doing today?  Well we made it, we’re here, we’re all in one piece, and spent our first full day on vacay catching up on some sleep and laying low since we missed out on one whole night’s sleep due to the cruel trick that is a red eye flight!  Does anyone actually like them?  With the frigid temp they seem to keep the aircraft cabin to the drink cart knocking into you, to those obnoxious loud talker types at 3am, not to mention an needy toddler on the verge of a sleep-deprived meltdownthere’s really no way to get sleepSo when you do have to red eye, what do you do?  Load up on Starbucks?  I know that Venti Gingerbread Soy Latte went down sooo easily!  Yummy Necessity, and I did skip the whip and it still rocked!

Holiday Beverages
I am really glad you enjoyed Veggie Girls’ Guest Post on my blog!  There’s lots more where that came from!  Thanks to all my blogging friends who so graciously offered up guest postsyou know how much I appreciate it and love you ladies!!! 

As is my Weekly Tradition of doing recaps and highlights, here goes this week’s Highlight Reel.  In case you missed Last Week’s Recap Post with all the recipes neatly tucked in one handy place, check out this post.

Onto this week…
Sunday I unveiled my Raw Vegan Gingerbread Cookies & Cookie Dough Balls recipe

Monday I reviewed some bars

And bought some Clothes


And ate a Kale Salad with “Cesar” Inspired Vegan Tahini Dressing


 And Made Guiltless and Fast Vegan Vanilla Hot Cocoa

Tuesday I Announced Give Away Winners
Kay’s Naturals

  and Amazing Grass


Tuesday I got my Hair Done

Did Some Product Reviewing

And Ate Veggies with my Homemade Vegan Slaw Dressing

Wednesday I made Raw Vegan Sugar Cookie Dough Balls

Thursday I did Product Reviews

110 Calories Per Serving.  That’s what a serving looks like.


Nibbled on Some Kale & Veggies with Vegan Slaw Dressing


And made a Green Salad with my Holiday Spice Orange Vinaigrette

Made Raw Vegan Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding

Combined it with Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowballs

And Ate a Balls Trifecta

On the left: there’s a Raw Vegan Sugar Cookie Dough Ball
Center:  a Raw Vegan Dark Chocolate Fudge Ball
On the right: a Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ball

And a Raw Vegan Gingerbread Cookie Dough ball.

And Announced my Trip and some New Year’s Intentions

And I was Nominated for 3 Awards in the  Best of Raw Awards!

I asked for your vote and support in these 3 categories:
1. Sexiext Raw Vegan Woman of 2009Averie from Love Veggies and Yoga
2. Favorite Raw Blog of 2009: Love Veggies and Yoga
3. Favorite Raw Vegan Website: Love Veggies and Yoga

Friday Veggie Girl’s Guest Post: Back to My Roots went up


Friday I also found out I my High Raw All Vegan Gingerbread Cookie Dough Balls were Featured on the Crazy Sexy Life Weekly Tune-Up Newsletter

CSL's Weekly Tune-Up Newsletter
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Averie’s High Raw Vegan Gingerbread Balls10 Minute Recipe!

Yoga Today is Parivrtta Parsvakonasana (Revolved Side Angle Pose).  If you need to take a modification of this because you cannot get your right arm all the way to the floor when you cross it over to the outside of your left leg (or vice versa on the other side), then just do a revolved prayer as deeply as you can, knowing dropping the hand to the floor is the full extent of the asana (pose).

Tip of the Day:  The CSL Newsletter, Chock Full of Great Info!

What’s your take on Christmas or Holiday music?  Part of me hates it, but part of me kinda loves it.  Sometimes both!  Skylar loves it but it can get a little annoying and overplayed.  One of those gotta be in the mood for it things, I guess.  And then the songs get stuck in your head!  Oh well, it’s kinda fun, I guess.  Or, what do you think of Christmas music?

Next question….when you’re on vacation are you the type who can never sit still and feel like you have to take in all 6787689 tourist activities and sightseeing excursions OR do you just say, whatever happens, happens?  And maybe I’ll get to that “amazing thing I have to see” but maybe not.  I’m definitely of the Whatever Happens, Happens mentality.  No point in stressing out over directions, waiting in line, fighting crowds for a view, or pushing my luck with Skylar’s attention span.   Do you do the tourist things or do you skip things if takes too much effort?

Stay Tuned For Guest Posts and An Awesome Cookie Give Away…


  1. Ok – all of that food looks incredible! And YOU!?! You look gorgeous! I am glad you are having fun. The scenery looks incredible. I'd love to go there.

  2. Food Makes Fun Fuel Reply

    I looooove to go crazy at foreign grocery stores, but at the same time I hate not being able to read anything! It's most definitely a conundrum

  3. SO FUN!!

  4. looks sooo fun!!! its always hard navigating grocery stores in other countries trying to translate language, price and even nutritonal info and ingredients! I am so glad you got some good stuff! I always make sure I pack some staples with my in my bag from home (granola bars, protein bars, PB packets, oats in ziplock bags…I also try to 'do as teh romans do' in certain places so try the local foods, etc…I love seeing different cultures and peoeple and just try to blend in ;)

    keep soaking up the sun my dear!! you look like one HAWT MAMA!

  5. You're lookin hot in that bikini, Ms. Averie. Looks like you are relaxed and happy!!!

    A few years ago in the Turks we stocked up at a grocery store and didnt eat all week.. it was easier! I remember a case of Carona being like 45$, though..lol.
    On our honeymoon (uh to an all inclusive) I brought a whole suitcase of food.. you can never be too prepared!


  6. I voted for you! What wonderful foods you get to experience!
    PS NO WAY can I do that yoga pose…hehe

  7. the weather looks gorgeous!!! My family is Dutch and my aunt says Aruba is like Holland…in the Caribbean! Since real Holland is freezing and cloudy about 340 days/yr, I'd love to see the island someday!

    Here's a mini Dutch lesson:
    "pindakaas" = peanut butter (pinda=peanut, kaas=cheese(???yah strange))
    likewise, pindasaus=peanut sauce, very delicious if you find some

    Leiden cheese is my favorite, it has caraway seeds in it.

    any word with "je" on the end is a diminuitive form of the word (i.e. we say pupp"y" or kitt"y" they say hundje or katje)

  8. If anyone can get away w/ posting a pic in a bikini it's you! Glad you are having a blast.

  9. your blog is so fun! i just came across it :)

  10. averie,
    i hope you are having a glorious time in aruba! and i am now following you on twitter as well and i can't wait to keep reading your blog :)

  11. I love going to grocery stores in different areas! Awesome! Love the pics, so beautiful! I am so jealous!! ;)

  12. hey gorgeous!

    i love going to grocery stores when on vacay, namely ones where all the products are in a different language. so fun. loved seeing your photos.

    yay for semi homemadeness!

    keep having fun, averie! love you! and you are smoking in that bikini :) work it!

  13. Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) Reply

    Gosh, how much was the almond butter??? Those prices are crazy.

    When I travel, I like to try new things, but I always bring some back up snacks, oat bran, Jay Robb rice, and dark chocolate…and almond butter if I was to go to an almond butterless country. :)

  14. It is very cool checking out the aisles at the Aruban grocery store! That bread DOES look delicious! Glad you found a few greens.

    I just pray for lettuce when I'm traveling : ) I bring my own dressing, OCD :o) Creature of habit.

    Please! You look smokin' in a bikini, show it off!!



  15. Love the grocery shopping and all the fun finds! Do you have a $ converter or do you already have it down in your head?

    That last picture of Skylar – wow, she is such a beauty! She looks like Naomi Watts.

    And you are kick ass in your bikini – stop it!

    Thanks for a beach pic. It'll help me get through my rainy Seattle day!

  16. ahhh sunshine! so jealous!

    well, it's sunny finally but cold.

    I sit in my car to defrost at lunch~

    I wish I travelled more but I could SO EMBRACE the do as the Roman's do philosophy…why do what we normally do…it's vacation. (unless of course it's a health related issue)

    Skylar has the MOST BEAUTIFUL EYES!!!!!

    Thanks for the Beach Break…I needed it!

    and OUCH those prices are KILLER.

  17. marla (Family Fresh Cooking) Reply

    Travel can be very hard on me as much as I love it. I usually ship food ahead and I like to stay in places where I can cook. I love trying regional cuisine but it still needs to fit into my clean eating & healthy lifestyle. I don't want to feel icky 'cause I ate the wrong stuff, especially on a trip!
    We are off to the Caymans soon. I will have very similar grocery store experiences. The fresh produce is far from fresh and heavily sprayed I am sure!
    What is up with the islands and their bread selections? Huge and full of sugar. great observations!!

  18. You and your daughter look so positive and happy. So nice for you. That bread looks yummy!
    I really need to work on (and am working on) being more "go-with-the-flow"…stress less…ease up…lighten up…laugh at all the bad things in life…or try anyway…hard to do these things…gotta try though…enjoy the sun…its freezing where i am!

  19. haha good! i'm glad to hear that when i'm a witch to my family later because i'm stressed over school that i can blame it on the moon! woo hoo.

    ughhh it looks AMAAZING there :) thanks for keeping us updated and sharing all these awesome guest posts with use! you're a doll girl!

  20. healthhappinesshope Reply

    What a neat experience getting to shop in another country! It's always surprising how many of the same items they have, yet there are SO many unique finds. :)

    Aww, Skylar is adorable. And you look gorgeous! I'm so jealous of your time in the sun!!!


  21. I always loved grocery shopping in other countries before I became a blogger so, I think if I went now, it would take me the entire day to get through the store! That's crazy that their stores aren't open that often!! That bread has me drooling!!

    Enjoy plenty o' sun for me :)

  22. Fayinagirl (means Free One) Reply

    You have nothing to worry about, sweetie. You look fabulous in a bikini! Go gurl!

    Love traveling and exploring the food and culture (including strange store hours). Enjoy =)

  23. What a cute bikini!

    Thanks for featuring me on the blog :D I bought some more dates and cashews today; I can't wait to make some more dough!

    I usually bring a few bars when I travel for emergencies, but I try my best to embrace local culture and eating habits, and when I do, I get so much out of my trip! Also, I think it is so much fun to hit up the duty free in airports for foodie gifts. Lame, I know, but I can't help it :P

  24. bom chica ow owwwww.. hot mamii! and skylar looks like such a precious little sun child :)

    Aruba sounds like a total culture shock. No coffee 'til 7? no groceries after 5? a yi yi!

    usually all of my vacay locales are islands and beaches.. so as far as the dress code, bathing suits all day every day. I love :)

    hugs and kisses, angelface! xo

  25. Holy mother of pearl! Tiramisu babies?! Whoa I missed Katie's guest post. And you look fabulous and your vacay sounds awesome! You are radiating in your pictures and I can't help but smile. I hope you enjoy your trip to the max. I know you will. Lounging poolside is the life isn't it ;) That grocery store looks AMAZING by the way – I love mueslibread :D


    p.s. you and I are both sun goddesses right now ;)

  26. I loooove going to foreign grocery stores and scoping out all the local products and outrageous prices on the important goods ;) I try to go with the flow when traveling. Like you, I have a ton of food intolerances too. So I can only go with the flow to an extent – otherwise my tummy will pay!! So I alwaysalways make sure I have some back up food on hand. Cause going hungry ain't an option! :P

  27. wow, that beach looks amazing. Makes me want to jump in and do some snorkeling!

    Really cool and interesting pics and info about the grocery store! Makes sense that all the imported items are way pricier. When i travel I like to stick with local foods. Why buy stuff I can get at home? I like to try new things! Although it is nice they have some necessities available. Like almond butter!=) I was really into that Museli bread. Looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing everything!! Looks so wonderful. Ive been on a kale kick too. Such a staple!

    By the way, you look super gorgeous in those pics! Keep on rockin, you are one sexy mama! =)

  28. OH MY GOSH this post is such a TEASEEE! i wana be there!! wow, i love your daughters one strap bathing suit too!! and the grocery shopping! I LOVE looking at new/foreign foods! girl-you look so good in a bikini..hope that doesnt sound weird but FOR REAL i hope i look like that when im a momma! own it!!

  29. Wow that looks like such an awesome vacation! I'd love to be lounging by the pool but it's in the 20s and 30s :P lol. When traveling I always make sure I have some of my favorites: Larabars, nuts/seeds, instant oatmeal packets (just add hot water that has run through the coffee pot if the hotel supplies it), and then will buy things like bagged carrots, apples, and fruits and veggies that will last. And I usually bring single servings of Amazing Grass to get some more veggies in :)
    Have a great vacay!

  30. Hey, you gorgeous mama!
    That was incredible fun…I LOVE looking at other country's grocery stores…they always seem to have so much more fun stuff!

  31. Kris | iheartwellness.com Reply

    Ooooo delish!! All the food there looks so good!

    I hope you are enjoying your time away! I love trying new grocery stores on vacation!

    Love you!

  32. Absolutely gorgeous pictures Averie!! The ocean looks nice, too. ;) no seriously though, you look fantastic in a bikini…even if you hadn't had a child you'd look amazing so add that on top of everything and whoa mama!! I'm glad you got to relax at least long enough to snap the picture. :)

    I'm glad you're having fun!

  33. Never be ashamed of your hot-mama bikini bod!

    Oh, the Dark Sumatra at TJ's is my favorite coffee too! Unfortunately we don't have one where I live, so whenever I drive down to Phoenix I make an EPIC TJ's run (pb, almond butter, coffee, etc.). Wish i could get down there more often, been out of the coffee for a while now.

  34. Oh – I must have missed you going to Aruba!! So jealous – looks amazing girl!! Great post (as usual!)…I hope your not baking down there haha :).
    Question about your yoga? Is that your maind exercise method or do you do other 'activities' as well (structured?). Cheers girl :)

  35. I remember trying to navigate the grocery stores in Negril- it was a tough situation,let alone knowing how much everything was! But it looks like you're doing a fine job.

    Lady! You look awesome in that bikini. I bet if people all over the world had your abs, everyone would be walking around in a bikini. :)

    Like you I'm also a mixed bag, I love experiencing all new flavors and different cuisines, but I have to have some of my own stuff too. I'll stay sane that way- that's why we crazies always pack well, right?!

  36. Voted!

    What interesting finds! I'm especially into those breads and nut "pastes"… mmm.

    Thanks again for letting me know about my site. I think I fixed the problem, but let me know if it's still not working for you. Thanks A!

  37. Kailey (SnackFace) Reply

    Averie, how GORGEOUS is Aruba!?!?! My boss is flying there tomorrow, actually!

    I cannot get over the sand, sun, beautiful fam pics, the joy of your posts! I also can't get over those food prices, but I won't go there.

    I hope you're having the most amazing time ever. You more than deserve it! xoxoxoxoxxo

  38. Thank goodness you've found kale!!

  39. Okay, your vegan slaw dressing recipe has converted me to a serious fan of the greenery. I can't stop eating it! Love your blog.

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