Pantry & Refrigerator Staples

I made a TJ’s run yesterday and picked up a few staples

I see other bloggers sharing what they have in their cupboards, refrigerators, and what they keep on hand.  So I figured it was mu turn to share.

Things I always have on hand:

1. Sugars/Sweeteners (white, brown, agave, maple syrup, honey, stevia)


2. Chocolate (chips, barks, bars, cocoa powder, white, milk, dark)

3. Nuts (almonds, cashews) & Seeds (chia, hemp)

With nuts and chocolate you can make

Raw Vegan Dark Chocolate Fudge Balls

4. Dried Fruits (raisins, dates, coconut flakes)

I always have a bag or two of these on hand

Check out my Recipes Using Raisins Post, too

5. Flours (almond, coconut, peanut)

6. Oats (entire post showing my Oat Recipes Here)

No Bake Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Or, use oats to make a

Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter and Oat Snack Bar

7. Rice, potatoes, lentils, canned beans

For recipes like Spicy Vegetable, Corn, & Bean Soup

8. Coffee & Tea (see my recent Coffee Review Post)

Such as….Smores Coffee!


9. Condiments (ketchup, mustards – yellow, sweet, hot, dijon, etc. Salsa, Vegenaise)

I use Veganaise to make Vegan Slaw Dressing which I pour over most all veggies.

10. Vinegars & Oils/Butters (olive, hemp, coconut)

I use Coconut Oil for No Bake Mint Chocolate Chip Snowballs

11. Spices & Seasonings + Nooch. For a list of 15 Nooch Recipes, check out This Post

12. Milks (almond, coconut)

I use coconut milk for Caribbean Coconut Rice with Garbanzos & Veggies

Or use coconut milk in

Vegan Fudge – 10 Min No-Bake (Gluten/Soy/Tree-Nut Free)

13. Cereals

Rice Krispies cereal is key in my Vegan Gluten Free Rice Krispie Treats with Vegan Chocolate Frosting

14. Nut Butters (mostly PB but I have others, too)

PB + Cereal in Special K Bars

15. Fresh Fruits & Veggies of all kinds. And a more limited supply of frozen and canned.

99 cents for this kale bunch

I eat at least one tomato per day.  It’s a pricey little habit because I really only purchase vine-ripe, but I don’t skimp on my tomato addiction.  There are worse things.

With that list, I can pretty much make anything and everything I make!

Of course off the top of my head, I’m sure I am forgetting things, but really, nothing on that list is too fancy.  Some of the items are not things I use every day, but they are in the back of my cupboards for a rainy day.

From my last post about Challenge: 10 Facts, I am glad you liked mine and it was great to read yours!  Thanks for playing along.


1. What are your pantry, refrigerator, or cupboard staples?

I also have a list of things I use for baking/unbaking at the bottom of my Chocolate Recipes post.  Cupboard and pantry items and ingredients that I keep on hand to whip up goodies at a moment’s notice.

2. What has made you laugh today?

Skylar told me she was hibernating.   And explained that means when you sleep for a long time.  And since when is a barely 4 year old sleeping only 7.5 hours considered “a long time”?  I guess it must be all that Birthday excitement!

Many thanks to those of you who have continued to comment and wish her well on her birthday!  She’s my big 4 year old now.

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Enjoy your day, gang, and fill me in on what’s in your cupboards and fridge!

67 comments on “Pantry & Refrigerator Staples”

  1. I need to try that s’mores coffee! It sounds delicious :)

  2. What made me laugh today = the movie “No Strings Attached.”

  3. the fact that it’s soooo cold made me laugh today – if you don’t take a lighthearted approach to the weather right now, you’ll be quite miserable for weeks on end!!!
    haha, your post reminds me of that show “behind closed doors” – thanks for sharing your staples! nothing wrong with a fresh tomato a day, either.
    oatmeal, pb, apples, salad, tofu – top five staples that i am never without!
    have a great day with the now 4 year old!!!

  4. Happy belated birthday to your princess!

    I’ve never gotten the raisin medley – I think I’m going to get that next time!

  5. Every time you post that raisin medley…I really really want it. I don’t know why–it’s just raisins! But I’m a sucker for pretty stuff, and those look better than plain old raisins.
    I definitely have many of the same things as you in my cupboards.
    I also usually have maca and a few other weird things like that. Def always have stevia!

  6. Our pantries and refrigerators must look very similar :P I nodded my head to everything you’ve shown!
    So far today, I’ve laughed at myself for forgetting the chia egg for my pancakes. Whoops. Turns out it’s not critical to successful pancakes ;)

  7. Your pantry looks glorious! Will you invite me over for dinner? :)

  8. The baking supplies I keep on hand are always kind of random depending on what I’ve made recently, but I ALWAYS have the goods for Super Charge Me cookies on hand. Oats, maple syrup, spelt flour, flax…God forbid I should want to make them and be out of something!

  9. what a great post–love how you categorized things!

  10. Oatmeal, almond milk, apples, NuNaturals, veggies (something seasonal), beans and coffee. All of these are a must for me to survive!

  11. I always have those things too– although we’re OUT of coffee right now!!! Gasp!!! :-)

    I usually also have canned tomatoes and vegetable broth. And because of Ryan, we always, always, always have tortilla chips in the house :-)

  12. I like to keep my pantry full – aka I over-buy like I might not get to the store again. I keep tons of cartons of veg broth on hand for soups, I have dried beans like Whole Foods bulk section then I have bags of them cooked off and frozen. I will never run out ;-) I always have oatmeal, a variety of flours, barley, canned tomatoes, tons of frozen veggies, tons of sauces/condiments, and spice blends.

  13. That is my favorite brand of stevia in the whole wide world! Have you tried their baking blend? I use it instead of sugar in EVERYTHING, plus it is loaded with fiber:)

    I think I will have to do a post like this, I love seeing other people’s cupboards, and everyone’s doing it;)

    No matter what, I am ALWAYS sure to have plenty of fresh fruits and green veggies on hand..otherwise, I would start gnawing on trees.

  14. Great list, we have a lot of the same staples. :-)

    1. Hemp seeds, almonds, cashews, carrots, spinach, kale, tomatoes, red peppers, onions, cilantro, sprout seeds, lentils – to name a few.
    2. Too early, but I guess my dog standing on me this morning to get me out of bed.

  15. I always make sure I have almond milk, frozen fruits for smoothies, protein powder, Fruits and veggies (peppers) tofu and almond milk. I also make sure i Have almond buter or soy butter too!

  16. not much right now haha, most things are in a box but i know i’ve got hemp protein powder, stevia, cocoa, olive & coconut oils, a ton of spices etc. right now i’m mainly doing eggs, fresh produce and a couple cans of tuna here and there until we get settled.

  17. i made the microwave chocolate peanut butter oat bar last night…and YUMMY! thanks so much for the recipe! i also used your recipes for the one bite blueberry streusel muffin and banana bread and came up with something somewhat different…because i didn’t have all of the same ingredients!!! again, thank you for the inspiration!!!!


  18. I really need to make another trip to TJ’s. I haven’t been in a long time. I always love seeing what other people buy at the grocery store. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  19. Okay, I’m on a mission to find that Smores coffee (and the DD strawberry shortcake!). I loved seeing all of your pantry staples–mine are very similar! :)

  20. wow, that kale looks so fresh and vibrant! i cant wait to have it in the garden again, winter is draaaagging onnn

  21. I’m so glad you mentioned those recipes using coconut milk…I have a can in the pantry that I’ve been dying to put to use!

    And you can be SURE I’ll be on the lookout for S’mores coffee…!

  22. Your pantry and refrigerator look very similar to mine! You keep a few things that I don’t let myself keep around, because I have a bad habit of eating anything and everything if I have it (chocolate, sugars (other than maple/agave/stevia), cereals, and peanut butter). Most of these things I buy in very small quantities, or only when I need them for something specific. Additionally, I always have flax seeds and almond butter. Other than that…everything’s about the same! Fresh fruits and veggies the most; usually whatever I can get at the farmers’ market, plus the staples I can’t get there I grab at the grocery.

    P.S. I loooooove tomatoes, too! We get beautiful and delicious tomatoes here in Indiana in the summer. Right now, everything’s pretty much crappy…but I get the best ones I can find. I have to have my tomatoes!

  23. My 8 yr old turns to her friend and says: It’s my mom’s LAST day of eating raw.
    Friend: What’s that mean?
    Iz: She doesn’t have to eat living food all.the.time.
    Friend: Living food? You mean like animals? Like a raw cow?
    Iz: No…like plants silly.
    Friend: Hmmm…I don’t get it. At least she’s pretty.

    (I was like…guys….I’m standing RIGHT HERE!) lol….kids are so funny!

  24. coffee smores?! sounds like the best crack to me! hah

  25. My selections are very similar to yours, but with some notably non-vegan exceptions. I always have canned tuna, lots of eggs, Aidell’s frozen Chicken-Teriyaki Meatballs, ground beef, and I frequently pick up a rotisserie chicken.

    Things you buy that I never or rarely buy: Cereal, tomatoes, stevia, and flavored coffee. I like to have plain coffee flavored-up with either vanilla creamer or Bailey’s Irish Creme! (I’m still working on that jumbo bottle I bought on New Year’s eve; almost done with it, though!)

    • meant to reply to you the other day re eating out and it diminishing (the modest) yield you are making at your job..YES! So true!

      If you need help w/ the bailey’s, just LMK :)

      I used to buy more flavored coffee but lately have been flavoring w/ vanilla coffee creamer or with stevia.

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