Sprinkles and Klutzy

I really could not plan this. First, it’s Friday the 13th. Yes, quite a superstitious day.

In addition to that, today’s National Food Holiday just happens to be Kitchen Klutzes of America Day

What are the odds.

And guess what I did late on Thursday the 12th?


As I was setting down my camera, my strap flung and knocked over a half bottle of chocolate sprinkles. The jar tipped over in slow motion across my kitchen table, sprinkles went flying across the slick surface, then bounced around the wood floor like miniature ping-pong balls, getting in every nook and cranny.

In nooks and crannies and dust bunnies I didn’t know I had.

I spent at least a half hour on my hands and knees picking up sprinkles. Using a broom was actually just wedging them deeper into the miniscule space between the floor and the baseboards and the only way to really clean them up, was to pick them up.

One by one.

Fun times.

The incident was reminiscent of a glass jar of caramel sauce falling off the shelf and shattering.

For months, I was cleaning up caramel sauce and glass shards. Glass shards were everywhere and so was caramel sauce. It must have multiplied in volume on it’s fall from grace and seeped into all my kitchen drawers. There was a sticky coating on every fork, spatula, lid, spoon, and random knickknack I owned no matter how many times I washed everything.

I swear on the day we moved out of that house, and I was packing up the last box, I saw a few drips of caramel sauce in the lazy Susan. And there was always one more piece of glass, despite literally vacuuming and sweeping my kitchen hundreds of times.

Sprinkles are nothing compared to caramel sauce.

I had the sprinkles out because in addition to a smoothie, I made some candy-stuffed cupcakes and just wanted to dust the top of them with a couples sprinkles to make them look extra pretty.

It’s the finishing touches that will get you every time.

After all that, I needed an Eggnog Donut with Rum Glaze – but was fresh out of eggnog.

The rum glaze sure sounds good.

A Vanilla Baileys Slushie to wash down the cupcakes with was in order.

What was the last klutzey thing you did in the kitchen or otherwise?

The last kitchen klutzey thing I did of epic proportion was the caramel sauce incident.

In more minor klutzey things, sauces bubbling up and splattering on my hands or reaching into the oven to pull out a sheet of cookies and accidentally touching my forearm on the oven rack above the cookie sheet just happen. That’s life in the kitchen.

In general, I don’t really consider myself a klutz but I do move in warp speed. If I slowed down, took a breath, and took one more second to do things, I could probably avoid half the little dings, bangs, and minor klutzey stuff. Note to self.

Are you superstitious?

I would say in general, no, I’m not. But I do pay attention to things, observe, take note, and something just have to say, hmmm, now isn’t that interesting.

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55 comments on “Sprinkles and Klutzy”

  1. I almost wish I dropped a glass of caramel, looks kind of cool!

  2. Wow, I’ve got LOADS of klutz stories! haha. The worst is when I’m klutzy with the final product. It’s annoying when it’s a single ingredient, but when it’s with something you’ve slaved over and you’re really looking forward to enjoying, and you and your husband can smell the deliciousness wafting through the air…. and then you drop the whole pan face down on the floor when you take it out of the oven. Well… you kind of just have to laugh I guess!

    • Oh that’s awful! Knock on wood, I usually don’t drop finished products (now watch I will). For me, it’s the process of cooking. Well, I take that back, I have had my reflective light boards fall over into a fragile plate of food and ruin the whole thing. Shudder.

  3. A couple of months ago I dropped a glass which hit some towels on my counter (didn’t break), fell onto a rug (landed almost upright–still didn’t break) then fell off the rug and shattered–onto the wood floor of course. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself superstitious either but definitely wonder about some of those strange coincidences which manage to occur during a full moon or a Fri. the 13th.

    • It’s already been quite a Fri the 13th around here. More on that tomorrow. But your glass…sounds like my caramel sauce. It took a few “bounces” before it actually bit the dust. The whole thing is always in slow mo and you’re screaming no!! in your head the whole time!

  4. Not the kitchen but at a restaurant last week: Went to pour some A-1 Steak-sauce on my fries, expecting it to come out slow, and it didn’t…dumped half a bottle all over my plate.

  5. I know from bitter experience that those sprinkles get everywhere! My worst kitchen klutz moment was when I tried to hard not to burn myself on a cake tin that I dropped the cake I was removing onto the floor. Not good.

  6. I’m not super klutzy in the kitchen, though I do have about five burns on my arms from the oven or hot pans. And for whatever reason they won’t go away. It’s been over a year for most and they’re still as pink as if they happened last month. I’m told I’m very messy in the kitchen, however.

  7. My most kitchen klutzy story is actually a common occurrence for me. I’m a klutz everywhere–not just in the kitchen. I’m the girl who’s brother always says “Hey, Kate…you haven’t had any major falls lately. You’re about due for one” And 3 days later I fell OUT of a party bus (BEFORE I even started partying).

    Anyway, back to the kitchen. Sometimes I’ll switch pans in the oven. You know put in a new one and take out the one that’s done. And I’ll put in the new one using a pot holder and reach in for the hot one with my bare hand. This happens more often than I’d like to admit. I have a killer bottle of misting aloe spray that is good for sunburns, and oven burns. IDIOT!

  8. Kitchen Klutzes of America Day???? My people! I honestly don’t know if there’s a clumsier person alive. When someone doubts me I tell them about the time I broke my foot while walking. Yes, I was walking along and minding my business when suddenly I just fell down and broke my foot. Amazing, right?

    I also constantly spill things, bump things, etc. I made a strawberry tart a few weeks ago, meticulously placing strawberries and then I flipped it onto the floor by accident. Luckily my friends and family find this endearing. To klutzes!

    • Oh Jen, I don’t mean to LOL but your 1st sentence has me laughing. Actually I’ve known people like that who literally have tripped over themselves. I took a gnarly fall while running about 18 mos ago and blogged about it. I tripped over a routine crack in the sidewalk, nothing too “special” but boy, I did a number on myself!

      Your tart. Omg.

  9. “I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious”-Michael Gary Scott

  10. I knocked over the entire bottle of wine last night :/ major klutz moment!!!

  11. I’m definitely a klutz all the way around and make huge messes in the kitchen all the time. The dogs love me b/c I always drops food. Worst move was probably knocking a full glass of wine onto laptop and frying it. An annoying move was spilling quinoa all over the counter and floor. I still find it and that was at least a year ago.

  12. oh this is so my day – so i think I will try to stay out of the kitchen just to be safe! My last klutzy moment was when I made my lemon & honey tart. I pressed the graham cracker crust into my springform pan and was picking it up to put in the fridge to cool for a bit. Apparently the bottom of the pan wasn’t in tight, and when I picked it up, my hand underneath just popped the whole crust up and right onto the floor! What a disaster! And of course, I didn’t have any extra ingredients, so I had to get to the store later to make it. I was so bummed!
    Your caramel sauce incident sounds BRUTAL! I don’t envy that one!

    • omg graham cracker crumb crust all over – can only imagine how bad that one was! Couldnt have just been a regular pastry flour crust, had to be g.c.c.’s ugh! And the work! And then not having extra ingredients. I feel your pain!

  13. Oh man, burning myself on oven racks is norm around here. However, recently, I DID grab a freshly pulled cookie sheet out with my hand–ouch. Thankfully I recoiled in time to avoid a burn. Do you ever get that? You’ll scorch yourself silly and think “great, that’s going to be a big nasty one!” and then nothing ever happens? As if the cupcake gods were on your side that day or something :) & I’m so sad over that caramel sauce. TJ’s fleur de sel sauce is easily my fave jarred caramel evah. So good.

  14. I am such a klutz too! Actually I stepped on a shard of glass last night from a broken cup last week! I was cooking your white chocolate chip blondie bars :) (I didn’t make the frosting because I didn’t have enough chocolate chips, but they are still mighty good).

  15. Both completely depressing moments! Sprinkles and caramel should never be spilled. It disrupts the nature order of things. Or something like that ;)

  16. I do klutzy things DAILY. And they always always happen when I am in a hurry and/or starving. I hate it. Such is my life though.

  17. Black cherry juice EVERYWHERE yesterday, including all over Gigi’s brand new WHITE tank top and tan shorts. I almost lost it. Thank goodness for bleach!

    Happy Friday!

    • That story has me recalling to my youth – I rarely was rewarded with red Kool-Aid but have vivid memories of spilling it all over my WHITE summer outfits and my mom wanting to throttle me. As a mom, I feel her pain…and yours! And it always has to be on new clothes, doesn’t it!

  18. I just has srinkle spillage yesterday too! It seems we were being klutzy with the same thing at the same time, haha!
    That Baileys slushie sounds crazy good! I must have one!
    I just love your posts and all of your beautiful pictures. So bright and happy! I found you a little while ago from a comment you left on Sally’s blog – so glad I did! Have a great weekend!

  19. I am a huge kitchen klutz! I spend a lot of time cleaning up my messes and broken dishes, glasses etc. I think the last thing I did was a huge blender blunder making a smoothie where I got green smoothie ALL over our kitchen as I was walking out the door for work. It sucked!

  20. The last klutzy thing I did was knock a glass tumbler out of my cabinet onto the corner of my counter. The glass shattered EVERYWHERE and I spent 45 minutes on my hands and knees vacuuming and wiping up stray glass shards. We don’t wear shoes in our house so I definitely don’t want any little feet stepping on glass.

    I’m always knocking over and spilling things. I can be such a spaz in the kitchen at times :)

  21. I didn’t even realize it was Friday the 13th until you just said so! I only seem to ever realize it’s happening when it’s May and my birthday happens on a Thursday because mine’s the 12th. I’m not superstitious about it so it just doesn’t occur to me! So sorry about the sprinkle fiasco, that would be so frustrating!

  22. Man, I am such a klutz, not just in the kitchen but everywhere! I am always spilling sprinkles all over the place.

  23. That caramel sauce post was one of the first I ever read on your blog, Averie! That totally, 100% would suck BIG time. Enjoy your weekend :)

  24. lol, I burn myself, trip, fall, drop things, spill things, etc. It doesn’t help that I have two kids under 2 creating an obstacle course throughout the house with their toys…

  25. Wow, this post is TOO funny! I totally forgot it was Friday the 13th!


  26. I manage to fall UP stairs at least three times a week. The other day it was outside class, on pavement, in front of a crowd of people. None of whom asked if I was okay, either. Sigh.

  27. Haha, too funny – I have totally done stuff like this. The worst was when I knocked a bottle of olive oil from above the fridge. It shattered and coated the floor in slick oil. Yikes!

  28. I bought a set of 6 giant mugs from Peet’s coffee because I loved how huge they are. Yesterday, I broke the 6th of them and yes, it was all me. I broke them all and over a period of time, too. How is it possible?? My husband and kids have to laugh because it is almost too awful to be true…I mean, has to be a joke! LOL! :-)

  29. I am a super klutzy person, especially in the kitchen! I broke a whole jar of mustard last week and I am forever breaking dishes or glasses or spilling stuff on the floor. That caramel sauce on the floor is super heartbreaking – it looks SO good I might have been tempted just to lick it up. Okay, maybe not, but it looks very, very yummy!

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  31. No I am not superstitious … the last clutzy thing I did was spill a drink, yesterday.

  32. There are sprinkles in crevices that I currently do not know exist in my apartment. They are also hiding in my car seat creases, the bottom of my purse, and in my pockets. I actually think I may be made of sprinkles?!

    I’m pretty much a huge klutz everyday. I have a ginormous bruise on my leg from walking into the corner of my bed. It looked really cute all weekend long in my bathing suit. But the worst klutzy thing I ddi was last August when I FELL DOWN THE STAIRS and broke my wrist and elbow. Good times.

    • Omg what a story! I fell while I was running about 18 mos ago and tore up my hands, legs, and it took the skin on my hands a good 3-4 months to really heal. Surprised I didn’t actually break anything. Your story…ouch!!!

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