Sprinkles and Klutzy

I really could not plan this. First, it’s Friday the 13th. Yes, quite a superstitious day.

In addition to that, today’s National Food Holiday just happens to be Kitchen Klutzes of America Day

What are the odds.

And guess what I did late on Thursday the 12th?

As I was setting down my camera, my strap flung and knocked over a half bottle of chocolate sprinkles. The jar tipped over in slow motion across my kitchen table, sprinkles went flying across the slick surface, then bounced around the wood floor like miniature ping-pong balls, getting in every nook and cranny.

In nooks and crannies and dust bunnies I didn’t know I had.

I spent at least a half hour on my hands and knees picking up sprinkles. Using a broom was actually just wedging them deeper into the miniscule space between the floor and the baseboards and the only way to really clean them up, was to pick them up.

One by one.

Fun times.

The incident was reminiscent of a glass jar of caramel sauce falling off the shelf and shattering.

For months, I was cleaning up caramel sauce and glass shards. Glass shards were everywhere and so was caramel sauce. It must have multiplied in volume on it’s fall from grace and seeped into all my kitchen drawers. There was a sticky coating on every fork, spatula, lid, spoon, and random knickknack I owned no matter how many times I washed everything.

I swear on the day we moved out of that house, and I was packing up the last box, I saw a few drips of caramel sauce in the lazy Susan. And there was always one more piece of glass, despite literally vacuuming and sweeping my kitchen hundreds of times.

Sprinkles are nothing compared to caramel sauce.

I had the sprinkles out because in addition to a smoothie, I made some candy-stuffed cupcakes and just wanted to dust the top of them with a couples sprinkles to make them look extra pretty.

It’s the finishing touches that will get you every time.

After all that, I needed an Eggnog Donut with Rum Glaze – but was fresh out of eggnog.

The rum glaze sure sounds good.

A Vanilla Baileys Slushie to wash down the cupcakes with was in order.

What was the last klutzey thing you did in the kitchen or otherwise?

The last kitchen klutzey thing I did of epic proportion was the caramel sauce incident.

In more minor klutzey things, sauces bubbling up and splattering on my hands or reaching into the oven to pull out a sheet of cookies and accidentally touching my forearm on the oven rack above the cookie sheet just happen. That’s life in the kitchen.

In general, I don’t really consider myself a klutz but I do move in warp speed. If I slowed down, took a breath, and took one more second to do things, I could probably avoid half the little dings, bangs, and minor klutzey stuff. Note to self.

Are you superstitious?

I would say in general, no, I’m not. But I do pay attention to things, observe, take note, and something just have to say, hmmm, now isn’t that interesting.

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55 comments on “Sprinkles and Klutzy”

  1. I manage to fall UP stairs at least three times a week. The other day it was outside class, on pavement, in front of a crowd of people. None of whom asked if I was okay, either. Sigh.

  2. Haha, too funny – I have totally done stuff like this. The worst was when I knocked a bottle of olive oil from above the fridge. It shattered and coated the floor in slick oil. Yikes!

  3. I bought a set of 6 giant mugs from Peet’s coffee because I loved how huge they are. Yesterday, I broke the 6th of them and yes, it was all me. I broke them all and over a period of time, too. How is it possible?? My husband and kids have to laugh because it is almost too awful to be true…I mean, has to be a joke! LOL! :-)

  4. I am a super klutzy person, especially in the kitchen! I broke a whole jar of mustard last week and I am forever breaking dishes or glasses or spilling stuff on the floor. That caramel sauce on the floor is super heartbreaking – it looks SO good I might have been tempted just to lick it up. Okay, maybe not, but it looks very, very yummy!

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  6. No I am not superstitious … the last clutzy thing I did was spill a drink, yesterday.

  7. There are sprinkles in crevices that I currently do not know exist in my apartment. They are also hiding in my car seat creases, the bottom of my purse, and in my pockets. I actually think I may be made of sprinkles?!

    I’m pretty much a huge klutz everyday. I have a ginormous bruise on my leg from walking into the corner of my bed. It looked really cute all weekend long in my bathing suit. But the worst klutzy thing I ddi was last August when I FELL DOWN THE STAIRS and broke my wrist and elbow. Good times.

    • Omg what a story! I fell while I was running about 18 mos ago and tore up my hands, legs, and it took the skin on my hands a good 3-4 months to really heal. Surprised I didn’t actually break anything. Your story…ouch!!!

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