Cold Charge

When it’s hot outside and I start sweating just washing dishes in a hot kitchen, or when I come in after a long hot run, I can guzzle Gatorade like nobody’s business.

When water  or even coconut water sounds a little blah, an ice cold orange or lemon-lime Gatorade always sounds fabulous.

I love the stuff and if you don’t, that’s okay. More for me.


After a recent trip to a local grocery store where Gatorade is only sold in 20-ounce bottles in the refrigerated case, I noticed that my receipt had multiple line item charges of 35 Aruban Florins for Cold Charge, about the equivalent of 20 cents per bottle.

I would have bought it warm and refrigerated it myself, or bought one big bottle, but they didn’t sell it warm or in a large size.

So Cold Charge it was.

Here are a few of my favorite cold drinks, no Cold Charge necessary:

Coconut Water Sports Drink – aka, Homemade Gatorade (vegan , GF) – Combining coconut water with a squirt of lemon or lime, a pinch of salt, and stirring is a natural option to Gatorade

Blueberry Banana Recovery Smoothie (vegan, GF)

Coconut Cream Pie Smoothie (vegan, GF)

Strawberries and Cream Smoothie (vegan, GF)

Vanilla Avocado Banana Smoothie In a Bowl (vegan, GF)

Homemade Horchata (Vegan, GF, Soy-Free) – so creamy and delicious

Chocolate Cake Batter Milkshake – I don’t drink this after I get done working out but every now and then a cold one like this just hits the spot

And because it’s one of the last weekends of summer, I think a cold pitcher of this is in order.

Peach Mango Pineapple White Sangria (vegan, GF)

Do you like Gatorade?

In San Diego, I rarely buy it because it’s too easy to reach for I really would prefer to drink water most of the time.

Here in Aruba though, Gatorade is perfect and I stick with the original flavors and formulation. There are so many new formulations and flavors on the market now but I grew up with athletic coaches beating me into submission and the only thing that got me through many high school sports practices were the mental games I’d play with myself, knowing my beloved orange Gatorade was just around the corner.

What beverages refresh you like no other?

99 percent of the time I drink water (okay, 90 percent of the time it’s water and the other 10 percent is coffee) but sometimes I need to spruce things up a bit. Coconut water is also great.

Thanks for the Capresso 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker Giveaway entries & have a great weekend!

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  1. A cold charge?!? I’ve never heard of such a thing. That’s crazy! They’ll charge for anything these days–whatever makes a few more bucks. Annoying!

    I used to drink Gatorade when I was training/running marathons, but since I don’t do those anymore, water is sufficient. I haven’t had any in years . . . I wonder if it would taste funny to me now.

  2. OMG cold charge? That’s ridiculous! I’ve never heard of that before! What a waste of money. I love the lemon lime gatorade too, but the Fruit Punch is my favorite flavor. I could seriously drink it by the gallon. But lately I’ve been drinking a lot of vitamin water. Oh and regular water too of course. Smoothies refresh me like no other. Cold, creamy, full of frozen bananas, berries, spinach, yogurt, and MANGO! Oh and umm… a cold beer refreshes me too lol. I know you don’t like beer though. So a margarita usually does the trick too ;)

    Your strawberries and cream smoothie looks incredible!

  3. I generally drink more water if it has a little flavor to it so I add lemon or lime juice and some fruit flavored stevia drops….chug-a-lug! I can down smoothies pretty well too–they satisfy my thirst and mild hunger at the same time. As I look through all these attractive looking drinks, I realized I have the same goblets the blueberry banana recovery smoothie is photographed in! I generally have 1 (or 2) water bottles with me at work or in the car so I don’t buy bottled drinks very often but I like Sobe and Gatorade

  4. I LOVE Gatorade – but only the red and blue ones. After a night of drinking a few too many glasses of wine, Gatorade is the only thing that makes me feel hydrated again.

    Not that I drink too much wine ever ;)

  5. It would have to be my raspberry lemonade Crystal Light. There is also a new product called Mio which I’m really liking- it comes in many flavors and you add your desired amount for a stronger/less strong beverage to water. And it’s a LIQUID add in! When I feel a little bit naught,however, my drink is Diet Coke (I actually don’t like regular!)

  6. Interesting on the cold charge. I always thought that hot beer should be cheaper, so maybe it makes sense… I don’t like Gatorade. If I drink it, it’s out of necessity and I have to water it down. Jason really likes it though. I’ve started using NUUN or GuBrew tabs with double the water. I am super sensitive to electrolytes, but after a run I really want water. The other stuff always makes me thirstier even though I know it’s necessary for me personally

  7. I actually do not like Gatorade. There is something just too artificial in the way it tastes for me to enjoy it, even when I was a teenager. My refreshing drink of choice is coconut water. I drink 2 almost every day! Coffee, is my number one, though. And yes, it is refreshing to me, even hot, on any day of the week! ;-)

  8. a cold charge?! come onnnn! your drinks look delicious though! perfect for a hot day — in aruba!! :)

  9. …not a fan of gatorade actually, but back in my soccer hay day i was ALL about lemon ice. remember that flavor? it was clear but soooo much better than water. do they still make it? i dont think so…

  10. I used to love Gatorade and drink it all the time. But I drank it too much and gained weight from it. Now that I’ve lost it and focus on keeping it off, I drink only water and the occasional cocktail. I prefer my calories in the form of dessert, anyway, but I definitely understand your love of Gatorade. My favorite was always Glacier Freeze, like Grape but better.

  11. Mm, I love Gatorade! But the sugar in it makes my tummy upset, so usually I’ll stick to the G2 lower-calorie kind. Actually, I rarely have it–my go-to drink is unsweetened iced black tea, very strongly brewed. And if I’m feeling fancy (or am cranky, hehe) I choose Diet Coke. Love the stuff.

  12. What are my favorite refreshing drinks? I don’t drink a lot of water, most of the water is infused with all kinds of herbs and fruits, and berries. To the gym I take my bottle with water to which I add a lemon, a fresh mint, that I pick on my way from my garden, and a few berries, raspberries for example. It’s a water, but with flavor! :) After workouts I need a glass of kefir, I make my own but it’s available in many stores too. Wonderfully refreshing! Then I also drink several cups of different teas, and some juices, when I am not lazy to make one…:) And I do love coconut water, I wish I lived under coconut tree…:)

  13. Gorgeous photos as usual!

    I actually never did like Gatorade, but I did like this blue Powerade drink that they had at McDonald’s when I worked there (many, many years ago). I have no clue what the flavor was, but it was blue and I remember I started getting it because I figured it was healthier than getting pop. Don’t know if that’s true, but now I really want some!

  14. A cold charge? That’s crazy!
    And you have such absolutely beautiful food photographs!!! I think I visited your blog before, but not sure why I didn’t subscribe and check it out more…I sure am this time :) Have a great weekend!

  15. Lemon lime is the best gatorade flavor! A cold charge? Who knew…

  16. I don’t like Gatorade, but I have been drinking Vitamin Water occasionally lately.

  17. You know, I love salty stuff but I just can’t drink Gatorade. It’s not even that high in sodium, but it just tastes a bit too salty for me when I’m expecting a sweet juice. But I will eat salt straight up and drink any other juice! haha

    • and i have such a sweet tooth and am not into salty-based drinks, i.e. martinis with blue cheese olives or things like that, but with gatorade, I rarely get that salty vibe – then again I usually only drink it after Ive been working out and sweating like 17 lbs of sweat in 17 minutes down here…lol

  18. I drank tons of gatorade doing field work in Arizona. When I worked on the river in the middle of the Grand Canyon, I couldn’t drink enough of it. I remember buying one of those jars of the powedered orange kind, and I had drank all of it in 5 days. It is so great for replacing electrolytes when you are sweating like mad. I’m sure they go down fast and furiously in Aruba!

  19. That drives me nuts! I just encountered this in Tel Aviv as well. Price gouging!

  20. The cold charge is like the bag charge that many stores in Europe charge. Thank goodness for the proliferation of reusable grocery bags!
    I’m a water and coffee girl – not coffee for recovery, though. But I love to fill up my Camelback with H20 and drink, drink, drink!

  21. That’s crazy on the cold charge, never seen that before! Great beverage inspiration here, thanks! Lately I’ve been guzzling a lot of water especially with our dry heat in the triple digits. I’m always toting a Klean Kanteen bottle loaded with ice water.

  22. Cold charge!? Haha, geez I am surprised Arizona has not caught onto that!

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