A First Time For Everything

I am writing this post using Windows Live Writer for the first time. 

computer-2A big step for me! But this is what my goal was when I went through all kinds of crazy efforts in order to get Windows + Windows Live Writer set up on my new iMac.

Another first is that this past week I’ve been enjoying the first white nectarines of the season.

Saying they are “the first of the season”, however, implies there is a long season for white nectarines.  Oh, contraire.  Blink and you miss it.


So I have been enjoying juicy, sweet, perfect white nectarines like they’re going out of style.  Because they will be, soon, actually.

It’s also the first time I won a giveaway that included beans, grill tools, a cooking pot, and a $50 Visa gift card!


I want to extend a big thank you to Bush’s Beans and Maria of Two Peas and Their Pod.  I won her Bush’s giveaway that she hosted a few weeks ago and just received my prize yesterday.

I can’t wait to cook up some beans in my new pot!  I’ll be cooking them up the beans savory style. 

I also want to take a can of beans and use them in a Cheezy Vegetable Bake

Whatever fresh veggies or canned beans you have on hand will work.  It’s a very flexible recipe.

But there will be No Beans In Desserts for me, though.  Not yet, anyway.  I still haven’t jumped on board that trend.

There will never be beans in White Chocolate Blondies with Chocolate Peanut Butter Frosting, ever.

And now it’s time to announce the winner of my Coconut Oil Giveaway:

Beth on June 8, 2011 at 5:38 am said: I’m subscribed to TT’s newsletter.
I use coconut oil in pie crust, cookie dough balls, raw vegan coconut chocolate snowballs, protein bars, and raw vegan chocolate / fudge.

Congrats, Beth!  Email me your shipping address and your coconut oil will be on the way!

Thanks for the great comments, thoughts, and perspectives from my last post, Rising Food & Grocery Prices.  Most of you said that yes, you unfortunately have noticed rising food prices and you’re just trying to cut corners and do the best you can to deal with it.

Many of you mentioned that gas prices are really inching up and that is worrisome, too.

Let’s not talk about rising prices.  Let’s talk about something sweet like Rice Pudding with Raisins



1. Do you like white nectarines?  Or peaches and nectarines in general?

I love apricots, peaches, nectarines, and there is just nothing better than a perfectly ripe, in season, juicy peach, nectarine, or apricot for me!  Eating out of season fruit is not even worth eating.  Especially when it comes to peaches.  <—Wood much?

2. What’s a First for you lately?

As I am concluding the end of this post, from editing the pictures in Lightroom 3, saving them on my computer, then getting them uploaded into the post and just figuring out where everything is on the settings in WLW, this post has taken me at least 5 times as long as it would have had I not tried to use Windows Live Writer and just blogged directly from WordPress.

I resisted the urge about 17 times to just quit WLW and go back to WP because I knew it would have been faster but everyone swears WLW is faster so I hope I get the hang of it and am whizzing around on it in no time.

Now, fingers crossed, the post publishes ok.  I am saving a copy before I hit publish.  If I lost this post, I would start crying!

Honestly, maybe I am missing something, but I don’t see how this is going to be that much faster?  I can almost feel myself going back to just blogging from WordPress’ platform for all you inquiring minds because with my new computer, it has taken me far less time anyway.

All that…for possibly nothing.  Ahh, well, live and learn and you never know til you try something, right.

And I haven’t ruled WLW out completely yet, but it did just take me forever to write this post!

One other first was our ocean boat ride with Skylar.   Firsts lived through the eyes of a child are the best.

3. Weekend plans?

I am working but plan to spend some time with Skylar.


And I plan to get some nice runs and yoga in, as well as hopefully some time outside and keeping my fingers crossed for sunny weather!


TGIF and enjoy your weekend!

68 comments on “A First Time For Everything”

  1. I love nearly all stone fruits, white nectarines *especially*. I could eat them all day long. For months. :)
    Did you buy yours at a farmer’s market or a grocery? I can’t find any nice ones at the groceries near my house (unless they’ve just got a new crop in, like, today…) but usually white necs from farmer’s markets are way better anyway. ;)

  2. Love peaches and nectarines :D I love all fruit like that. I honestly can’t think of anything I don’t really like. But like you said, everything has to be in season otherwise it’s just not worth it.
    I think my weekend is going to spent mostly at home. We’re working potty training and I don’t think going out is worth disrupting the schedule we have. Can’t wait for this to be over, haha.

  3. You do use beans in a dessert… those sweet garbanzo beans with sugar and cin. that taste like roasted peanuts! They may not be Bush’s beans but hey as far as I am concerned you have journeyed down the avenue of making beans a dessert!

  4. The food looks delicious. I’ve been waiting all year for the summer fruits to arrive and those nectarines look fantastic.

  5. Love all your dessert and ball recipes, keep ’em coming!! Any recommendation for best chocolate chips? Dark choc? Vegan?

  6. My first? Well, today I am colouring my hair brown – I haven’t done that in years! I don’t count the mess my hair is in now… it’s pretty much black :(

    This weekend I am going to a gluten-free cooking class! It’s all baking, so I am learning how to make bread, pizza dough… lots of delicious things!

  7. I am jealous of how tidy and urban chic your desk is, Averie. :)

    Congrats to Beth!

  8. Nectarines sound delicious!! I love this time of year :)

  9. I like peaches and nectarines but I have to peel my peaches cause thy fuzzy texture on the skin bothers me! Totally random I know but it’s one of my weird food quirks.
    And running and yoga are most definetly on my weekend agenda too! And shopping to stock up for my tripps this summer :)

  10. I love white nectarines and nectarines in general. So yummy!

    That’s a nice win!! Congrats.

    I’ve used beans in baking, it’s actually quite good. I might use some today, actually.

    So busy. Dustin is knee-deep in something I think you’ll heart.

    • Aww, thanks for the update :) No rush.

      Ive had my own chaos from the moment I landed a week ago…It’s been a whirlwind!

      Beans in baking, can’t wait to see the posts!

      I think you told me you use WLW…we’ll have to chat on email. So far…meh? It’s taking me 10x as long!

  11. what a great prize! Those dutch ovens are neat, I’ve always wanted to try cooking with one. A first for me lately hmm… purchasing a using a cast iron skillet. I’ve been having some fun with and its quickly becoming my new favorite kitchen appliance!

  12. Mmmmmmm. I adore white nectarines. Even more so because they’re so hard to find! :)

    I’ve been working to add pages to my blog which is coming along slowly, but I’m learning!

    I’m leaving the city for the weekend and heading to upstate NY to spend some time with family and friends and enjoy the cool mountain air!

    Have a great weekend, Averie!

  13. White nectarines are my absolute favorite. I buy white ones for me and regular ones for the husband so he doesn’t touch my stash!

  14. I love good peaches, but when they’re bad, they’re REALLY bad. There’s not an in between. I plan on enjoying some pool time this weekend.

  15. Ahhh, you are going to LOVE live writer!!!!

  16. I didn’t even know that program existed!! I will have to look into it for my MAC too!!! Was it easy to install???
    Did you ever get my email that I sent out around Memorial Day??? :)

  17. What IS Windows Live Writer? You mean it’s not WordPress?…Like a different domain, etc.?…I know nothing clearly – oye ;)

    Just read your last post about the cost of food going up – very interesting and true. You brought up some great points – thanks for including stuff like that it’s not just recipe links.

    Yes, gas is very expensive too. I often worry about the prices as is now let alone with more going up ….where do you draw the line? I can’t imagine people with families! I’ll have to check out your Tips Post for Saving – but I imagine it’ll be quite different since I also eat meat and cheese, eggs, etc.

  18. I haven’t hopped on the WLW bandwagon either, but I was thinking about giving it a try just to see if it was fast and easier to use than Blogger (I know many will say that WP is better and I am not arguing, but Blogger suits my needs just fine for now :)

  19. ha, Averie! I was going to email you about this – you know what’s funny? since I stopped using WLW recently with vpn, I’ve been using wordpress… and I LIKE IT. :) I think I have gotten into an (even quicker!) groove, and now that I am playing with my brand new Chromebook (weeee! so excited!) I am looking at cloud-based blog editing tools, and… I’m hesitant to try any… I think I am liking the basic wordpress. I am for now, anyway. perhaps it’s because I’m learning chrome, so I don’t have “room” for anything else right now in my head – ha! :)

    • I dont even know what this is but congrats “brand new Chromebook” — yay!~

      As for blogging on WP, I think they continually make small tweaks that does make it more user friendly and really, with my new fast computer, I am fine with it :)

  20. I just saw the link love you left me on that No Beans post, thanks hon! You don’t have to try them… I’ll eat them all myself! ;) Don’t get me wrong, I love me some real desserts too, but I love the texture and the flavor combo and the fact that I can eat a bunch of em. I hope you have a great weekend, Averie! xo

  21. Averie I’m going with what I told you in an email — you are just a blogging superstar that can master something like WP. Using WP took me FOREVER and I lost posts all the time. With WLW I find it much easier, but maybe it isn’t for everyone? Sorry that I added to the hype but it really has made it easier for me. Maybe with time it will for you too?

    I love that giveaway prize you got!

  22. I have been thinking about using windows live writer for awhile now but havent yet! I need to.

  23. well for the FIRST time in a long time, I feel truly happy..I guess thats a first for me..sometimes breaking away from someone and something can be the best and most positive thing you can do for yourself…it took me a while to realize that, but i did finally.

    oh i love stone fruits like peaches and nectarines, and love them HARD (TWSS) haha…but really I cant stand the soft ones bleh…harder the better !

  24. I had NO idea you could set up windows live writer on a mac!! Neat!

    I love nectarines..mmm! And peaches. Some of summer’s finest fruits :D

  25. Yay! Glad you got your prize!! Those white nectarines look delicious!

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