It’s been a lovely day in San Diego.

Trees and blue sky in San Diego

I went for 20 minute outdoor run and came inside and did 20 minutes of yoga + weightlifting moves

The sun was shining all day, the temperature was around 78F with a light breeze that was just enough to make the palm fronds blow.

Palm tree hanging over sidewalkClose up of pink flowersThe flowers are blooming, the days are getting longer (love it!), and I can feel spring in the air!

Life has been good.

In other matters, I got two bags of blue chips in the mail from Terra Chips

Terra Blues Potato Chip bagsI like these Terra chips because they are a very “hearty” chip.  Not flimsy or airy, nice and crunchy.  Since I don’t usually eat much sodium, the salt on the chips definitely wakes up my tastebuds.

Handy little chip clip.  You can never have too many of these.

Terra Chips Chip Clip

Terra Chips partnered with Jet Blue and they’re giving away tropical vacations and other fun stuff.  You may want to enter to win, here.

Eating these blue chips reminded me of my Ginger Roasted Tri-Colored Potatoes

Ginger Roasted Tri-Colored Potatoes on foil lined pan
I don’t think the purple potatoes taste any differently, but they’re fun to serve.  Purple food is just more fun.
Close up of Ginger Roasted Tri-Colored Potatoes


But let’s move on from Blue Food to Fun Toppings for Food…

Like Vegan GF Pancakes topped with syrup and blueberries.  I guess blueberries fall into the blue food realm, though.

Vegan Pancakes with butter, syrup and blueberries

Or go a little crazy…

and have Butterfinger Oatmeal

Butterfinger Oatmeal topped with sliced bananas and crushed up ButterfingersIt has oats + bananas, so it’s still “healthy”, right?
Close up of Butterfinger Oatmeal in bowl

From my last post about Photography Homework & Lighting, thanks for sharing your tips and tricks.

Thanks for bearing with seeing the same food photographed from all those angles.  It still amazes me what just angles and positioning and lighting can do to change the final result and finished product.

And glad you liked the iPhone apps recap list!

Dessert: Butterscotch Chip Topped Rice Krispy Treats (with Vegan Chocolate Frosting)

Butterscotch Chip Topped Rice Krispy TreatsButterscotch Chips = a fun topping!



1. Best thing you’ve ate or done so far this weekend?

Being with Skylar and enjoying the lovely weather!

2. Ever tried blue chips or blue potatoes?  Do you think they taste any differently?

I don’t, but I am not that into potatoes.  I know some people have distinct preferences and are particular whether they have yukon golds, new potatoes, red potatoes, russets, Idaho, etc. but to me, they are all just taters.  Except for Sweet Potatoes, as discussed a few days ago.

3. What are your Toppings for Oatmeal or Smoothies?

I won’t lie, crushing up Butterfingers makes a bowl of oatmeal super good.  So does adding frosting, sprinkles, butterscotch chips, or chocolate chips.

Looking for toppings that are a little “healthier”?  What, candy for breakfast isn’t healthy?

Try raisins, chia seeds or other seeds, nuts, or crumbling up some homemade granola (20 minutes to make, vegan + GF)

Or just add a drizzle of my quick Raw Vegan Chocolate.  Makes everything instantly better in 30 seconds.  And it’s healthy because of the coconut oil.  Right.

Raw Vegan Chocolate being stirred in bowl

What are your fun or favorite toppings?  Either for oatmeal, smoothies, or in general?

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