Coffee in Aruba

How are you doing?  Greetings from a warm and sunny place!  I’m actually in Aruba.  And let me tell you, if you forget your memory stick card reader in order to import photos from your digital camera into your antiquated Sony Vaio laptop, and you’re running on some rickety barely-better-than dial-up-kind-of-DSL-lines, blogging can be a real beast.  (Insert many other words that start with B, too.)  So let’s just get to the pics, what do you say?  But before I do, many, many thanks to Heather for her Guest Post.  If anyone missed it, check it outWe’re a couple of Crows.

My day started off perfectly.  I went for a quick couple mile run, did a little bit of yoga, and it was time to run some errands.  But first, I had to snap a couple pics of Skylar.

She was so happy she was dancing!  With some St. Patrick’s Day Parade Beads that have gone from San Diego to Phoenix to Aruba.  And we haven’t lost them yet.

Then I went in search of coffee.  Ohhh, cool, an coffee bar called Espresso.  Guess what, they open at 7PMMakes perfect sense.

So the search for coffee continued.  I found this little kiosk.  Cool until I realized that their to-go-cup was the size of a Dixie Cup.  

That was a no goSkylar’s expression here summed up my feelings about the coffee search:

But then, I found this quaint little cafe.  Perfect.  

Until I paid for the coffee.  $6 Dollars.  Six American Dollars for 1 styrofoam cup of coffee.   “But we use really good beans” the barista said.  I’m thinking, I can buy a half pound of really good beans for 6 bucks, but addicts don’t complain.  They just pay up.

Addicts just get in our cars and get ready for our errands and the rest of the day.

So off I went to the supermarket.  And see utter mayhem.  Grocery stores are closed on the weekends here so Monday morning at the Grocery store is like Friday afternoon at the bank with everyone cashing their paychecks:  Pandemonium!
Good thing I ran right into this Moet display.  Gosh how I adore Rose Champagne.

But since I was still nursing my coffee, I passed on the champagne.

But what I overpaid for in coffee, I made up for in bowls.  50 cents each!  That’s right 2 porcelain bowls for a buck.  Love it. 

Will be perfect to eat my Hugh Jass’es in

Yoga Today is Janu Shirsana A (Head to Knee Forward Bend).  When you’re doing this pose, you should have a very slight twisting of your core to be over your extended leg.

Tip of the Day:
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What have you overpaid for lately but at the time you’re like, I really don’t care, I just have to have it, now!  In addtion to the coffee, I’ve had to pay up for a card reader and memory stick because I forgot half my set-up at home.  That’s what Red Eye’s will do for ya!  What have you overpaid for?

Stay Tuned For an Awesome Guest Post Tomorrow and more Vacation Pics & Stories provided I have internet connectivity, without issues…

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  1. I have been looking for a good dark chocolate-coffee bar (Green and Black's is just okay); two of my favorite things to eat! And fair trade to boot – not bad!

    I agree about the greens too. Vegetables make up 80-90% of my diet, and the more I eat, the less I crave sweets. It's all about balance though, as you are obviously aware. Clean eating + exercise = balance for me too!

    (and I am the Katie who comments on your blog – obviously :) Thanks for reading and commenting on mine!)

  2. Sweetness on the giveaway!
    That milk chocolate looks deicious. It's true; I don't think I tire of chocolate because when I'm tired of cocoa I just turn to white or visa versa. I could also eat maple syrup, oatmeal, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and peanut butter everyday. In fact, I think I do.
    Now that I'm home I can't wait to try that hot chocolate and PB cups! I'll need to hunt down some nutritional yeast

  3. Mmmmm CHOCOLATE!! And fruit! I'm developing a serious craving for mango at the moment–it's been too long!

  4. Hey! Thanks for checking out my blog :) I've had a rough time this year with my eating (I eat clean), and then the ALCAT, which cut a lot of stuff out that I ate on a daily basis (blueberries, green beans, even cane sugar!)I will let you know how it goes. My doc said to give it a month to see if it's working for me. I just made your chocolate coconut balls and they are DIVINE. And no cane sugar! :) Thank you for the recipe! I will be sure to try the others that you mentioned also!

  5. OMG!! Skylar is too cute. She is rockin that downward dog pose! I love it!! GO girl!
    That chocolate from aruba looks absolutely heavenly. And that overnight chocolate brownie and those chocolate snowballs… So amazing. I want to eat those right now!

    I with you on the veggies. I crave them everyday. My husbands always asks about how I can eat so many but I just love them. So good and even better I feel good about myself after I eat them too. But my two vices that I cant live without are coffee and nut butters. They are so tasty!
    This weekend I plan on finishing up all last minute holiday stuff and doing some major relaxing. I cant wait. I hope you have a fabulous day!

  6. oh my gosh!! i love those photos of Skyler. A yogi in training <3 like her momma! awe, i love you two <3
    and YUM that fresh mango had me salivating… as well as those brownie oats.. anything brownie and you have me hooked.
    thank you for you comment dear Averie <3 it means so much!
    Your trip to Aruba sounds and looks AMAZING. haha. I cant belive it was 6 dollars for a cup of coffee!! HOLY MAN.. but, worth it i bet ;) xox

  7. Right now…Kale. Period. have a batch in the oven right now dehydrating (I have not made the trek to Costco yet to go pick mine up…considering it my xmas gift)

    I've made a seriously good go at "not needing" one but since I've been keeping my oven on continously since Fall started to dehydrate things …I guess I've justified spending $50 bucks on one I like.

    I esp like that I can make a dish and warm it just a tad..OH and a spiralizer too.

    well, more RAW food is on my agenda, I've also been CRAVING NOOCH…and I think b vitamins are calling my name. I too notice when I eat my veggies (leafy greens esp) I crave junk less.

    Our family decided we are going to go shopping as a unit (AFTER XMAS) and take advantage of sales. Of course stockings and gifts are reserved for the little uns (as it should be) and I am so okay with this.

    also my Step daughter is home from basic and we are going to spend the weekend and weeks ahead re connecting as a family.

    me? hope to be busy in the kitchen cooking fun foods to snack on!

    love your chocolate stash! Love trying new things!

  8. Oh no! The chocolate post is killing me! I ate like 3 almond butter cups yesterday and I was so pudgy feeling I vowed to have nothing to do with chocolate for a week! I think that may be out the window now ; )

    I can't live without blueberries! They are back in season and I could eat nothing but those all day long and I'd be a happy, happy girl : )

  9. oh my gosh GO SKYLAR!! haha she is a doll baby!! and a future yoga star like her momma!!!

    girl ive never gotten sick of peanut butter!! i HAVE gotten sick of oats but never PB! i hope i never do!

    keep having fun!!

  10. aw little Sky-Sky is a yogini in the making :)

    Can I officially dub you the queen of chocolate? (I officially wanted to dub you the queen of balls but I figured that could be misconstrued) Your recipes are so amazing, regardless of how many times I see them!

    love you, Av :)

  11. Skylar is SO CUTE!! I can't even handle it!

    I love foreign candy – those chocolates sound amazing and I'm not even that big of a chocolate lover. Your overnight oats remind me of those no bake cookies (you're a Midwest girl, you HAVE to know what I'm talking about). Sounds yummy!

    Enjoy paradise!!

  12. What a fun post Averie! All that chocolate looks SO good. I'm totally intrigued by that Cappuccino bar. YUM!!!

    Hmm… I don't think I could EVER get sick of apples, carrots, greek yogurt, and sweet potatoes.


  13. I would never, ever get sick of peanut butter, nor of popcorn.

    Cool that you can tell that you don't crave sweets as much when you feel your diet is healthy.

    Nice of your friends to bring you a gift!

  14. Skylar is beautiful. I can't wait to start doing Mom and daughter things with Ava.

    Foods/drink I could eat and never get sick of: honeycrisp apples, sweet potatoes, squash, wine, kombucha and coconut candy from the carribean.

    I am doing a quick stop at Scottsdale Fashion "show" today, and other than that, staying away from stores as much as possible. We are going to take a picnic to Fountain Hills tomorrow and sit by the fountain and bask in the beautiful weather we've been having. Maybe a little cooking and baking. :-)

  15. Oh gosh everything looks fabulous! I love overnight oats and protein oats.. I'm definitely trying your combination! And I may need to make those little doughnut balls for my family this holiday.. they are chocolate freaks!

  16. Yum! I've been making a variation of Chocolate Oats of my own lately! I'll post my recipe soon!
    LOVE your PB Cups, and so does the BF. I might make some tonight…just to be an extra sweet girl.
    And guess who just found Bora Bora bars at Costco? ME. Can't wait to try them, even if it was risky buying a whole box with out even trying them first! I'm SO stepping outside my comfort box!!!!
    Hope the Vaycay is going well!

  17. Skylar is adorable!

    It's funny – before I became veg I had the hugest sweet tooth, baked all the time, and now I'm like, eh. I still love to bake, but don't have the urge to eat it all myself. It's not about the sweets, I just enjoy the act of baking now. You're so right about a well-rounded diet!

    I crave . . . peanut butter, but that's the only food I have to eat regularly, that and bananas, usually together. And since I made my pot of cabbage veggie stew yesterday I've eaten like half of the entire Dutch oven, can't get enough of those vegs!

    I ALSO agree with VG and CCV. :)

  18. Oh boy. So jealous of your capabilities and zest for life :)
    Jealously is evil.
    Looks like you got some good chocolate buys.
    Be safe and sound.

  19. I agree with VG. How cute would that be?! Plus, all those yuppie mommies would EATT IT UP! And Skylar is totally gorgeous, so the camera would love her.

    Now as for this post, I don't like it at all… I mean, a post dedicated to chocolate? Boring!

    Averie, your pb cups are at the TOP of my to-make list. I'm serious; I have all the ingredients now and just have to get off my lazy butt and make them. Maybe when my mom and sister start making Christmas cookies, I'll make yours so I won't be left out.

    Love you, babe!

  20. You and Skylar need to make a mother/daughter yoga DVD! :)

  21. Skylar is adorable! (BTW..I love that name!)

    I'll be braving the grocery store this weekend for ingredients to make some raw goodies…but that's it. No "shopping" to speak of. ;-)

    I never get sick of organic apples. So juicy and yummy.

  22. Ok girl – where do I get my hands on vanilla stevia??? I need to try this in the Joe!

    You are too cute – you brought your own coffee pot…..cute…

    I Hope you are having a blast!

    All the best!
    This weekend is christmas light viewings – there is a large park here that lights every single bush up!!


  23. I love Skylar's downward dog! :) So cute. You know, I wish that I craved veggies. And it's not like I haven't tried. In training for fitness comps I've spent a few months really limited sweets, eating other natural foods and forcing down veggies a few times a day in every form possible.

    What do you suggest I do, dear Averie?? I wish I liked them. I can't ever imagine craving greenery..LOL! It makes me laugh. :)

  24. I LOVED Alison's story because clearly I'm still eating too many calories as the weight is not moving. I think I'm gonna have to buckle down and count calories after all (or at least go back to WW Points which I'm used to). Part if me knows I should just count calories as they are the real deal and not the casino chip version (aka Points). Anyhoo, pain my butt. Apparently, I'm not in the "I gave up sugar and white flour and the pounds melted off" category.

    (PS. I did not join the Bora Bora giveaway b/c guess who's getting her first free swag??? If you had anything to do with that – muchas gracias!)

  25. LOVE Skylar's take on downward dog. Yoga master in training :)

    I never ever get sick of sweet potatoes, raw veggies, or apples. Seriously.. could consume all 3.. everyday.. all day!

    Congrats to Evan!!

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