Coffee in Aruba

How are you doing?  Greetings from a warm and sunny place!  I’m actually in Aruba.  And let me tell you, if you forget your memory stick card reader in order to import photos from your digital camera into your antiquated Sony Vaio laptop, and you’re running on some rickety barely-better-than dial-up-kind-of-DSL-lines, blogging can be a real beast.  (Insert many other words that start with B, too.)  So let’s just get to the pics, what do you say?  But before I do, many, many thanks to Heather for her Guest Post.  If anyone missed it, check it outWe’re a couple of Crows.

My day started off perfectly.  I went for a quick couple mile run, did a little bit of yoga, and it was time to run some errands.  But first, I had to snap a couple pics of Skylar.

She was so happy she was dancing!  With some St. Patrick’s Day Parade Beads that have gone from San Diego to Phoenix to Aruba.  And we haven’t lost them yet.

Then I went in search of coffee.  Ohhh, cool, an coffee bar called Espresso.  Guess what, they open at 7PMMakes perfect sense.

So the search for coffee continued.  I found this little kiosk.  Cool until I realized that their to-go-cup was the size of a Dixie Cup.  

That was a no goSkylar’s expression here summed up my feelings about the coffee search:

But then, I found this quaint little cafe.  Perfect.  

Until I paid for the coffee.  $6 Dollars.  Six American Dollars for 1 styrofoam cup of coffee.   “But we use really good beans” the barista said.  I’m thinking, I can buy a half pound of really good beans for 6 bucks, but addicts don’t complain.  They just pay up.

Addicts just get in our cars and get ready for our errands and the rest of the day.

So off I went to the supermarket.  And see utter mayhem.  Grocery stores are closed on the weekends here so Monday morning at the Grocery store is like Friday afternoon at the bank with everyone cashing their paychecks:  Pandemonium!
Good thing I ran right into this Moet display.  Gosh how I adore Rose Champagne.

But since I was still nursing my coffee, I passed on the champagne.

But what I overpaid for in coffee, I made up for in bowls.  50 cents each!  That’s right 2 porcelain bowls for a buck.  Love it. 

Will be perfect to eat my Hugh Jass’es in

Yoga Today is Janu Shirsana A (Head to Knee Forward Bend).  When you’re doing this pose, you should have a very slight twisting of your core to be over your extended leg.

Tip of the Day:
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What have you overpaid for lately but at the time you’re like, I really don’t care, I just have to have it, now!  In addtion to the coffee, I’ve had to pay up for a card reader and memory stick because I forgot half my set-up at home.  That’s what Red Eye’s will do for ya!  What have you overpaid for?

Stay Tuned For an Awesome Guest Post Tomorrow and more Vacation Pics & Stories provided I have internet connectivity, without issues…

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  1. I would love to make those chocolate protein oats! YUM

  2. I like my oats with PB and extra salt

  3. My favorite way to eat oats is in my Protein Dollie/Baked goods recipes!

  4. I love oats! I've never actually tried overnight oats (need to do this ASAP) — but I love good old fashioned stove top oats, but I'd have to say my favorite is taking instant oatmeal packets, combining them with 1/2 a banana, 1/4 cup egg whites, and LOTS of cinnamon and about 1/2 tsp baking powder to make an Oatmeal Pancake. It's easy to make and keeps me full for many hours! I've eaten too many to count, usually eat one every day before I go to my classes!

  5. Oatmeal with bananas, chocolate and pb is my favorite, though I tried your chocolate protein oats recently and loved it! I'll admit I was skeptical about the lack of liquid, but it was delicious.

  6. My favorite way to eat oats is definitely chewy oatmeal cookies! No raisins! hehe

  7. I feel kind of boring in the oats department.. but my favorite way to enjoy them is with a banana and peanutbutter melted in and a touch of stevia and cinnamon

  8. My favorite use of oats, right now at least, is your cookie dough balls. My brother is addicted to these. He says they are waaaay better than any cookies he's ever had.

  9. So, I saw your chocolate protein oats link on today's (the 9th) post and thought it'd be perfect for after my Mysore class today. I figured I'd make some up real quick and leave it in the fridge and have it when I get back. One question…I mixed together the banana, oats, protein powder, liquid stevia…and it was really really dry. I had to add some soymilk to get it to an even remotely brownie like texture. I also had to add some cocoa powder, I can't believe the sun warrior is that dark, yum!

    Oh, but bottom line, it is SUPER awesome!

  10. Ok, there is just so much in this post that I want to comment on 'cause your content is awesome!! First of all, I love how you take us on a journey from sweet to savory….chocolate to salad and I am drooling the whole time!! Yum all the way!
    I have not tried New Naturals stevia drops only their stevia powder which I adore. I am a huge fan of Sweetleaf Stevia's flavored drops. Only problem is I spend waaaayyy too much on them 'cause I use them on all my sweets each and every day.
    Now on to read your thoughts on the xmas gifts…. Happy b'day to your hubby. Treats looked great.

  11. to be totally honest the best looking thing here is that MANGO! omg i die over a good, fresh, ripe mango! mmmm.

    SKYLAR IS SO STINKIN CUTE! yogini at heart.

    never get tired of ice cream, cereal and bread. i am a carb monsta.

    love you!

  12. I'd probably never get tired of kale. I have major kare for kale. It's just absolutely wholesomely greenly delicious – I can't get enough of it! Skylar's down dog is totally rockin'. :)

  13. I love those vanilla stevia drops – heaven! (please, oh please don't cause cancer Stevia. I'm begging you.)

  14. Chocolate! Who doesn't love that?

    Those snowballs are perfect for the weather I'm having.

  15. Lot's of people recommend yoga as an easy way to get back into physical exercise, I don't know whether this is because they don't really understand it or I don't really understand it – so I thought I'd ask the one person who knows everything about yoga!

    What is your opinion on yoga for someone who has only just become physically healthy after being at an emaciated weight for a few years?

    Thanks, Katie.

  16. You make me jealous of your eats even when you are thousands of miles away! That white chocolate looks insane! I could eat peanut butter and banana every day for the rest of my life!

  17. Oh my goodness, I just LOVE that you brought your own coffee pot with you! Makes me giggle. That's really what I should have done when coming here… because Nescafe is all the Doha rage ;)

    Enjoy your oats! They look delish.

  18. ~ new to your blog, but wanted to say hi and let you know I'm looking forward to reading more! ;)

  19. Aww, thanks Averie! I LOVE the S. Berger dark chocolate I've had and hadn't seen it in Evan's expansive chocolate collection I figured it would be a good choice ;) I read about the exchange on someone's blog (wish I could remember who!) that linked over to it, and I signed up just in time! If I'm in the know next Christmas promise I'll let you know too :)

  20. oh i wanttt those oats! definitely on my menu sometime soon but i'm all about the vanilla :) mmm mmm

    i totaly would never ever ever ever ever get sick of apples! i eat like 2 a day atleaaast! and love them so much. i guess i'm a big apple girl at heart ;)

    i'm feelin your use of things from home while you're away. way to pull through girl

  21. I have been looking for a good dark chocolate-coffee bar (Green and Black's is just okay); two of my favorite things to eat! And fair trade to boot – not bad!

    I agree about the greens too. Vegetables make up 80-90% of my diet, and the more I eat, the less I crave sweets. It's all about balance though, as you are obviously aware. Clean eating + exercise = balance for me too!

    (and I am the Katie who comments on your blog – obviously :) Thanks for reading and commenting on mine!)

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