Fly Away & Happy Places

On Tuesday I called Scott in the middle of the day and said, “I’d like to get away.”

He said, “Really?  I can’t.”

I said, “Well, I’m buying.”

He said, “Great! Where are we going and when are we leaving?”

When I used to sell timeshare it was always interesting that no one could ever “find time to get away”, but if the trip was paid for, time away was never an issue.  Funny how that works.

So as simple as that, I did some quick research on flights and travel dates, spent a small fortune on airline tickets (it’s only money. I can always make more), and we’re going away!

We’re going back to my happy place.  Where peace and tranquility, beaches, sun, and R & R is plentiful.

And time with my daughter is in abundance.  That’s priceless.

I don’t blog about it, but I work insane hours and sleep 4 hours a night.  I am failing big time on Item #4.

I am supporting our family.  I work 7 days a week.  It’s time to take a break and recharge my batteries.

We’re leaving in a few weeks.  And we’ll be gone a few weeks.

I will be blogging the whole time.  I have a DSLR camera this time around.   I plan to go to the beach, read, take pictures, hang out with the fam, cook island food, workout on my island path, and of course, I will blog about it all.  Hopefully with nice pictures. Between my newfound passion for photography and spare time on my hands, I am excited to bring my new camera.

From my last post about Clean Teeth and Generosity.

Seems most of you take care of your choppers.  Good!  Keep it up!

As for generosity, I loved reading what you’ve witnessed recently that shows the generous side of human behavior and what random acts of kindness or generosity you’re seen or experienced recently.  Thanks for sharing!

Buying airline tickets at the spur of the moment calls for celebratory Sex on the BeachThe drink or the shot I mean.  The other?  Not a fan of the sand factor.


Washing it down with Cheezy Kale Chips (Raw or use your oven, Vegan) sounds about right.


And making a batch of “Cheater’s” Guacamole sounds perfect right now.

Something about warm weather and tropical locales + guac = a match made in heaven


1. What is your happy place?

My happy place is Aruba.  I love it there.  I’ve been going down there since 1997, bought a house there in 2003, and I feel a great sense of peace and calm when I am there.  There is just something about it that I love.  I can be inside, it can be raining, but it doesn’t matter, I am still happy.

And if I can’t travel 5000 miles, my other happy places are:

my yoga mat

Trader Joe’s

Marshall’s housewares section

a run outside in sunny weather

2. Do you have any trips planned?

Yes, this one and one other but the other way is a long ways off.

3. Favorite trip or vacation you’ve ever been on?  Why? Where did you go?

Aruba is always my fave but I have loved traveling to Grand Cayman, St. John, St. Thomas, Mexico, Austria, Costa Rica, and many other places.  Travel makes one grow.  I posted about this and my Travel Tips.

I can’t wait to take Skylar more places when she’s a bit older so she remembers them more.

Enjoy your day!

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  2. YAY! So excited for you!!! You deserve a break, sweet one! I can’t wait to see the pics with your new camera. You’re going to have an amazing time. And you’re right, it’s just money. ou need to enjoy life, feel rejuvenated. Good for you!! :D

    My happy place is my hometown, in the valley. We live in the mountains now. I can’t wait to move back to the valley when we buy a house. My other happy place is being inside on a chilly winter’s day during Christmastime with Christmas lights on.

  3. Good for you! Yay! You’re right, it’s only money…you only live once :-). And amen to #1 and #4 on your list of happy places. I have gotten THREE “runs” in this year. It’s mindblowingly little compared to what I used to, but I don’t want to compare with the past…in the light of everything it’s great, and every one of them felt amazing, which is what counts. I’m leaving on monday thru thursday, have a long day at work today trying to do a bit in advance so I won’t be swamped when I come back – and so things run smoothly while I’m away. Phew – looking forward! Take care Averie,

  4. I am sooo jealous averie!! have fun!! you need it!!

  5. My happy place is the beach or anywhere with a margarita!!! No beach trips coming up but hopefully soon!!

  6. Man, am I jealous. My ability to get away is limited by vacation time at work. I work like a dog, but I only get 3 weeks vacation a year, so I have to use it judiciously. My husband has the same issue. And very soon, all of our time off will be dictated by my son’s elementary school schedule also.

    But I did just get back from a week in Hawaii. Where I went to a timeshare presentation and turned it down because we only vacation like that once every 4 years. Every other year we go visit family. And we’ve been trying to do weekends away, like last year’s camping in Joshua tree and a weekend in San Diego.

    But have a GREAT!! time.

  7. I can’t even express how happy for you I am!!! Not only do you deserve this much needed time away, but you are so right for just doing it, no matter what. Money stops so many people from doing what they want, but unless you can enjoy it, what’s the point? I am just so extatic right now!!! Good for you.

    And Skylar is going to LOVE that she gets another trip down there!!

  8. Wow, I wish I could survive on 4 hours sleep a night.

    I’m a grouch in the morning even after 7 hours :-)

  9. yay! for a get away! that is well deserved for sure!! I think everyone needs something to look forward to. We are going to Ny in a few weeks and I can’t wait.
    I need to make a trip to aruba. the sun and ocean sounds wonderful

  10. Holy crap I did not know you worked full time 7 days a week! I hope this trip totally recharges your batteries!! <3

  11. Have Fun! Seriously, 4 hours every night. Are you tired all the time or just one of those people that is so “together” and balanced and you don’t overeat so you are always energized. I don’t sleep that much, but then I feel like I knew I “missed” sleep.

  12. I hope you have a fantastic vacation and get some time to recharge :) I am not sure if I have an ideal happy place, any where sunny, warm and sandy would work for me right about now!

  13. My happy place = anywhere with my loved ones :)

    NYC at the end of the month with Suave Slav and the folks! Belated birthday celebration.

  14. So glad you are getting to go away! You more than deserve it!!

  15. Congratulations on planning the getaway! We won’t be getting away anytime soon, but that’s okay because I’m really kind of a homebody anyway.

  16. oh i’m SO happy for you!!!!! you work so hard and deserve a good getaway! and i love scott’s just willingness to be like ‘okay!’ <–good hubbie ;)

    my happy place is definitely our family house out east. there's no tv, a lot of times there's no internet and it's just my family, and the water and a gorgeous view and lots of 'me' time. its the best feeling in the world :) can't wait to go with you! haha well via the blog

  17. Yes! I’m a long-time lurker, but I give you major kudos for (among so many other things) realizing Skylar will enjoy trips more when she’s older. My family hasn’t vacationed much in recent years (the kids are pretty much grown — even if we don’t act it sometimes), but in the early 90s we took all sorts of crazy trips — a cross-country excursion in a Chrysler van to Las Vegas, Disney World, etc. And I was toddler for all of them! I always grumble that we never went anywhere good. My parents try to remind me of the trips, but they don’t exist much in my memory.

    Anyway, all of that to say — enjoy this trip and many more to come!!

  18. I’m so happy for you that you’ve got plans to get away and just relax for a bit, Averie!! And especially back to your happy place :] I’m with Jolene…4 hours?! I don’t know how you do it, either. You are so hardworking and passionate about everything you do and I truly admire you for it.
    My happy place? Sounds silly, since it’s obviously nothing extravagant…but the barn. Especially now that I’m at a place where there’s always something going on/people around/horses to play with. Even if I can’t ride, just hanging out or helping with chores is my idea of peace & relaxing!
    We’ve never been big travelers here. I used to go to Boston allll the time, though. I’d love being there while I was there, but after 2 days I NEEDED to come back to the countryside!

  19. Wow, I love how you live your life. Have a great vacay!

    My happy place is anywhere where my dad or some of my friends are.

  20. Aruba again!!! Exciting!!!!!!!

    I don’t know how you function on 4 hours of sleep … I really don’t. That is insane!!!

    The hubby and I have 2 trips booked. NY in a couple weeks and Vegas in September.

  21. I feel like it’s been foreverrrrr since I sent you a comment! Where have I been?! (College+marathons+work+internship+social life…..that’s where.)

    I LOVE to travel. My favorite way to travel is by cruise ship…I’ve taken a cruise down Mexico, a cruise to Alaska, and my favorite…a Caribbean cruise. My favorite PLACE is Cabo San Lucas, MX, though – my grandparents have a timeshare that we take advantage off. My Cabo San Lucas=your Aruba….sunshine, beach, tortilla chips….the best.

    Apparently, people don’t run in Cabo either…the staff at the resort our time share is at has become convinced that I’m a professional athlete because I run every morning. I’ve tried to explain that I’m not, but eventually I gave up and decided to let them be happy and give my ego a boost. I even signed an autograph once!

  22. 1. My room at home. I miss it sooo much. Either that or Planet Organic. Best grocery store ever.
    2. Not really, unless going home in 20 days counts.
    3. Disneyland in grade five. Or Mexico in grade six. I got major sunburns on both (and when I went to Hawaii, but I complained a lot because I missed home. Go figure) but they were still pretty good. I don’t feel like I have any stand out vacations.
    OH wait, kidding. New York. No sun burn, no problem.

  23. Congrats on putting your mental health FIRST!!! So happy that you are getting a well-deserved break for you and your family in such a wonderful setting. I can’t wait to hear all about it!!!

    My happy places? With my brothers or a couple of my closest friends ANYWHERE, or laying in the sun in the summer with a good book!

  24. Oh, you’re so lucky! I really need to getaway myself, but time and money are an issue now with hubby’s work schedule. But I totally get what you mean about breaking away, I’ve been drooling over the idea of seeing Key West again.

    1. Not sure I have one specific happy place, depends on the season and my moods. I guess anyplace with great nature views, laid back feeling and great weather.
    2. Nope, I want to badly. But hubby has a crazy job shake up coming, so hopefully when everything settles.
    3. It’s a tie between Key West and Hawaii

  25. That is awesome – so happy for your Averie. You’ve given me the inspiration to sit down with Doug and plan out our vacation in August. I keep saying “We should go somewhere close so it’s not too expensive” – but really, I want to go somewhere awesomely fun with him and it’s right before I start grad school which means no big vacations for a while. So heck yes! Vacation planning!

    My favorite – or one of them – vacations was when I went to San Francisco three summers ago. I was supposed to go with a friend but she cancelled. I said screw it and went alone. It.was.awesome. I had never traveled alone before and it was so freeing. Just me, my map and the road.

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