I’ve had a nice weekend so far.  It’s been fun because…

I’ve been enjoying the 74F and sunny San Diego weather

Tree lined street with power poles

I went on a power walk with Scott and Skylar

Young girl and woman sitting on couch smiling

I heated up the last of my Chipotle Salsa Lentils & Mixed Vegetables leftovers.   Leftovers save my sanity.

Leftover Chipotle Salsa Lentils & Mixed Vegetables in clear container

And it’s been productive because…

I worked.

I cleaned.  Swiffering my floors always makes me feel productive.

I did laundry.

Stacked washer and dryer

I sat at my desk making Valentines for Skylar’s 18 friends for her  Valentine’s Day party.

Valentines on desktop

Each child is the lucky recipient of either a mini Crunch bar or a mini Butterfinger bar inside their Valentine.

Close up of finished Valentinesx 18

One Valentine Next to a mini candy barMeaning, Skylar is likely going to come home with 18 types of candy.  Sugar much?

From my last post about Being Grateful and Thankful, thanks for chiming in with all the wonderful things you’re grateful and thankful for!  I love hearing those things because it reminds me, and reminds all of us, that we all have so much that is good. Which enables us to stop sweating the small stuff when we focus on all the wonderful things we all have.

Dessert: Coconut Banana Cookie Bites (Raw, Vegan, GF)

You can make these in the oven if you don’t have a dehydrator.  Or don’t have the patience for your dehydrator.  Ahem, that would be me lately.

Coconut Banana Cookie Bites on dehydrator tray
Close up of one Coconut Banana Cookie Bite
Underside of Coconut Banana Cookie Bite
Coconut Banana Cookie Bite on dehydrator tray


1. How has your weekend been so far?  Have you done anything fun or productive?

Next up on my list is to blog about a recipe I created this morning.  I was productive in the kitchen.  And now I have to get productive at my keyboard.

2. How’s your weather?

I won’t rub it in that it’s been perfect here

Flowering tree

And that the flowers are blooming and I can feel the days getting slightly longer with each passing day.  I love that. Spring is maybe in the air.

Pink flowers

3. Any big Valentine’s Day plans?

I  mentioned our plans, or lack thereof, here.

Heart made out of pink roses

Have a great V-Day Weekend!

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