Hi Friends!  How’s your weekend going so far?  Have you been up to anything fun?  It’s been cold and dreary here but that hasn’t stopped us from getting a nice walk in as a family.   Just seeing my husband is great.  Talking is even better!  Lots of working, busy schedules, traveling = not much overlapping time for us lately.

Earlier last week I went Halloween Costume Shopping for Skylar.  What do you think she wants to be this year for Halloween?  

A Princess.  But of course.

See This Post for Halloween Pictures from Last Year

Halloween 2009
Young girl in fairy princess costume with woman kneeling behind her


 She looks like such a baby.  She was 2.5 years last year in this photo.  It’s amazing how much they change in one year!  And seeing my house in Phoenix makes me so happy I am not living there anymore!

And This Post, too, has more Halloween 2009 pictures

Young girl holding trick-or-treat bag wearing costume
That trip down memory lane over.  Kind of.
Does the new costume in the package (below) look like the one she’s wearing in the photo (above)? 


 Fairy Princess Costume in bag with Princess Trick-or-Treat container
It should.  It’s the Same Costume she wore last year, with the exception of an extra ruffle.

We went to a Costume Superstore with hundreds of costumes and she walked right over to the pink princess costumes and picked out the same exact Disney Princess costume she wore last year.  I could have just bought it in a larger size for this year but decided to buy a slightly different version.   Still a Pink Princess, but this one has some purple on the front and more ruffles but it’s pretty much the same costume. 

Close up of bag showing Fairy Princess Costume
I kept asking her do you want to be a: kitty, fairy, witch, bumblebee, pumpkin, etc..  And she kept saying, “No Mommy, I already told you, I want to be a princess.”  Fair enough, so princess costume it was.

And we got a matching Princess “pumpkin” for her candy.

Close up of Disney Princess trick-or-treating container
Yes, she eats candy on Halloween.  After a few pieces, she’s sick of it anyway and she’s 3.  If you can’t live life and eat a few pieces of mainstream (non “healthified” candy) as a kid, sorry, that’s just not my idea of childhood.  To each their own as it pertains to parenting though.  We are a 99% candy-free house so I really don’t think one day matters.  At all.

From yesterday’s post about Being Recognized, some of you said you’ve been recognized from random situations but most of you said it’s never really happened to you, but that you have recognized others, or even celebrities, from time to time. 

As for Food Choices on the weekends, some of you do use the weekend to skip or lighten up on your workout/exercise choices, and also relax any “rules” you may have with food.  But many of you said you don’t eat too differently on the weekends.

And hanging out with kids or the adults, lots of you said you liked hanging out with the adults, too, when you were a kid.  I guess most of us were pretty nosy about what the adults at the adult table were talking about.  Remember those from family gatherings?

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Dessert Today is the Vegan Vanilla Softserve I just made.  Even though it’s cold out, there were still ripe bananas to be used.

Feel free to doctor this up with protein powder, cocoa powder, mint extract, coffee extract, sprinkles, chocolate or carob chips, whatever you like.

I have a whole Dairy-Free Vegan “Ice Cream” Recipe Section for various ideas in my Recipes Tab

Four bowls of Vegan Vanilla Softserve
Close up of Vegan Vanilla Softserve

1. Best Thing You’ve Ate or Done so far this weekend?
Me = a nice At Home Lifting Workout with my 12 pound weights and exercise balls from Here and a walk with Scott and Skylar just taking in the fall weather.

2. Favorite costume memory from childhood or fave Halloween memory?
Mine was probably dressing up like a cross between Madonna and Cyndi Lauper in the 80s when I was maybe 8 or 10 or so.  Complete with frosted blue and pink eyeshadow, crimped hair, tons of Dippity Do gel and Rave hairspray while rocking the jeans with ankle zippers.

And I was old enough to treat trick or treating like sport.  Start early, hit as many houses as I could, go home and unload a full pumpkin full of candy, and then go out and get more!  Not even to eat the candy.   Just to get more.  Just because I could.

3. Have you ever dressed up as an adult?  What were you? 
I went to a massive Halloween party in the Castro in San Francisco the year before I got pregnant with Skylar.  About a half million people.  Yes, huge. 

I was dressed up as a Cop, complete with a billy club and handcuffs.  It was so much fun!  Talk about mayhem and eye candy galore.  Lots of drunken craziness going on is an understatement.  I’ve never been to Times Square for New Years Eve but I am thinking there may be similarities between the two.  Crowds, chaos, drunk people, celebration, random outfits, or lack of appropriate outfits, all come to mind!

4. Are you Dressing Up for Halloween this Year?
Considering that my first priority is making sure my Little Princess has a fabulous Halloween, I won’t be going out and getting dressed up this year on Halloween.  It’s all about her! 

But my work is putting on a little Halloween party a few days before the 31st and they are encouraging dressing up.  Not sure what I will go as, if anything.

I hope you all go out and post pictures in your costumes on your blogs so I can see how great you look all dressed up!

5. What are you up to later today?
It’s off to the Mall for me to try to find some clothes, and a cocktail dress, for my Food Buzz Trip!  Any tips for your fave place to find a cocktail dress or just any cute clothes you’ve seen recently?  I could use a few casual things, too.

Have a Great Saturday!

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