I’m anxious to hear what everyone’s plans for Halloween weekend are.

Will you be going out?

Or will you be staying in and keeping your pumpkin company?

Box of green, red, white pumpkins

Maybe passing out candy to the kiddos?

Bag of different candy bars, KitKat, Rolo, Almond JOy, Heath bars 56 snack size piecesBeing that the “holiday” falls on a Monday, there’s a built-in opportunity to turn this weekend into one big long and drawn out party.   Starting Thursday night and continuing through Monday night for some, I’m sure.

It won’t be quite as crazy here as Pride Weekend, but close to it.

Street corner with Beach hut food stand and free parking signs, rainbow balloons

Scott and I have a Princess to take out trick or treating.  We don’t have any big party plans.

Skylar is having a Halloween party at school.  That’s one more party than Scott and I will be attending.

Long gone are the crazy party days and vodka-infused Halloweens.  Yes, we had fun.

We drank lots of these.

Sex on the beach red alcoholic drink with cherry in it

But now it’s more like one of these

Caramel Maple Pumpkin Pie smoothie

Not even sure if we will get any trick or treaters.

Bag of snack candies, Reese's cups, Almond Joy, Reese's pieces, almond joy pieces

But we won’t be around to find out since we’ll be gone and out with Skylar helping her to have fun.

Disney Princess pink halloween candy collection bag

I’d like to say I’d make White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups with Chocolate Peanut Butter Centers and pass them out the kids but no, I’ll be keeping them all for myself.  You can’t give out homemade candy anyway these days.

White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups in half, stacked
White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups in half, stacked


1. Do you have Halloween plans?

2. Do you think Halloween has become an excuse for adults to dress up in skimpy outfits, get really drunk, and party like rock stars for days?  <– Have you ever been one of  ‘those people’?

I do feel like Halloween is a mini New Years Eve, in many respects.

Lots of scantily clad women (and in my neighborhood, scantily clad men, too) who drink way too much, and are out hootin’ and hollerin’ and screaming in the streets and acting crazy, and it goes on for days leading up to the ‘holiday’.

And because it’s on a Monday this year, I know all weekend will be crazy here.  That’s ok.  Makes for fun people-watching!

And nothing wrong with it, either.  I’ve been there.  It was fun, but life moves on.

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