Halloween Plans

I’m anxious to hear what everyone’s plans for Halloween weekend are.

Will you be going out?

Or will you be staying in and keeping your pumpkin company?

Maybe passing out candy to the kiddos?

Being that the “holiday” falls on a Monday, there’s a built-in opportunity to turn this weekend into one big long and drawn out party.   Starting Thursday night and continuing through Monday night for some, I’m sure.

It won’t be quite as crazy here as Pride Weekend, but close to it.

Scott and I have a Princess to take out trick or treating.  We don’t have any big party plans.

Skylar is having a Halloween party at school.  That’s one more party than Scott and I will be attending.

Long gone are the crazy party days and vodka-infused Halloweens.  Yes, we had fun.

We drank lots of these.

But now it’s more like one of these

Not even sure if we will get any trick or treaters.

But we won’t be around to find out since we’ll be gone and out with Skylar helping her to have fun.

I’d like to say I’d make White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups with Chocolate Peanut Butter Centers and pass them out the kids but no, I’ll be keeping them all for myself.  You can’t give out homemade candy anyway these days.


1. Do you have Halloween plans?

2. Do you think Halloween has become an excuse for adults to dress up in skimpy outfits, get really drunk, and party like rock stars for days?  <– Have you ever been one of  ‘those people’?

I do feel like Halloween is a mini New Years Eve, in many respects.

Lots of scantily clad women (and in my neighborhood, scantily clad men, too) who drink way too much, and are out hootin’ and hollerin’ and screaming in the streets and acting crazy, and it goes on for days leading up to the ‘holiday’.

And because it’s on a Monday this year, I know all weekend will be crazy here.  That’s ok.  Makes for fun people-watching!

And nothing wrong with it, either.  I’ve been there.  It was fun, but life moves on.

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30 comments on “Halloween Plans”

  1. Sadly, I will be traveling for Halloween. But if I weren’t, is 27 too old to trick or treat? :)

  2. I hate how everyone takes Halloween as an excuse to dress up skimpily and act ridiculous. I have seen so much of it and it gets old really fast! I think as long as a costume is creative then I don’t mind what it looks like, but sometimes you can tell the only reason a person wore the costume they chose is because it’s skimpy…yikes!

    I’m going to a Harajuku-themed party that my BFF’s workplace is throwing, so we have to dress in crazy funky Japanese styles. I basically bought a bunch of neon 80s stuff! That’s crazy enough for me ;). I’m not the best with costumes…

  3. I’m going trick or treating with my friend & 3-year-old nephew, who’s going to be Yoda. His dog is going to be Darth Vader. I think it’s going to be epic. :)

    I’ve been invited to several Halloween parties, but I’m going out of town for a conference this weekend. You’re right, life moves on.

  4. Halloween is definitely an excuse for lack of clothing and lots of booze these days!
    I, however, will be doing work this weekend, but its sort of Halloween themed. I’m acting in a short film that’s starts shooting Saturday called Frankendancer. I’m a ballerina in search of her missing leg. Never a dull moment in Hollywood!

  5. this is our first thanksgiving in a neighborhood house (as opposed to apartment the past 2 years) and we are SO excited for the trick-or-treaters!! we have a million kids in our area and i have stocked up on yummy candy.

    as for #2, absolutely yes. i don’t even want to go into some of my college years costumes… ridiculous.

  6. I’m going to a Halloween party this weekend. I’ll be the pregnant woman watching everyone else drink. :-0 Our costumes should be funny though. Then we have trick or treating on Monday. I’m. Ore excited for that than the party! :-)

  7. Halloween… we bought candy for the little beggars. All kinds we like, just in case there’s leftovers. ;) Dustin will probably pass it out; I’m not feeling all that wonderful, but hope by then I will. We bought costumes, I’m festive like that. Just wish I felt better. I want some Twizzlers! Nothing tastes very good at the moment… blah.

  8. No plans for us. I’m not a big Halloween person, never really was – too shy so trick-or-treating wasn’t really exciting for me. Now the candy part rule LOL. Maybe it’s one of those holidays you either are all in on or not.

    I do love seeing how excited my niece and nephew get. I bet S is going to make the cutest princess!!! She’s such a doll.

  9. Y’all will have fun with your little lady!

  10. hallowe’en is one of two times when i miss having a house – i LOVED handing out hallowe’en candy before the condo days…i’d dress up and loved seeing the kids’ costumes. (the other thing a house is better for is treking in tons of groceries – it’s a PITA in the condo!).
    i have no party plans and am working the 31st all day and eve, so not much celebrating!
    have fun taking skylar out. seriously, it is the best to see the kids so excited, having fun…of course, i can say that because i am not a parent and don’t have to deal with sugar highs and crashes!

  11. No real plans. I will probably take advantage of the fact that everyone is going to be out toting their kids around and enjoy a date night with my husband at an unpacked restaurant.

    And, yeah, halloween has definitely gotten more “adult” and quite a bit crazier over the years!

  12. Yup the weekend will be long and fun for me, for sure! Still in college, which is still a great excuse to draw out the weekend. Hope you have fun with your family and a great weekend!

  13. The White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups look delicious! It’s always fun to splurge on Halloween and this treat looks so yummy. I want to make them for Halloween! Everything else you’ve added looks amazing as well.

  14. I’m going to be a Vitamix for Halloween. Yeah, that’s insane. I know. Speaking of Vitamixes, should I email you about details? Plus, I would love to say hello. ;)

  15. I made my kid’s outfits and we’re going out for free canddyyy! I have never dressed skimpily but gracious knows you can see some of the most mouth-dropping people on that fated night :)) good for some giggles, that’s for sure.

  16. I LOVE this post. That is so cute to have those pictures with your cute story. It’s all worth it to stay home and trick or treat with the babies. I only wish I had some! Lol. I am new to your blog and I love it. This Halloween my boyfriend and I are staying in, we were traveling last year which was our first year in our new house and missed the fun Halloween parties and/or seeing the kids. But we have been over the partying for a while, we will be safe at home, we live in a great area and will hopefully get a lot of kids. I’m so excited!!! Happy Halloween. Oh yeah and I would love one of those peanut butter cups.. I may have to peek at the recipe for that! ;) Thanks for the Halloween share.

  17. Sadly Australians don’t observe halloween – which is just a tragic state of affairs. I am not pleased with it at all!

    Those peanut butter cups look- AMAZING.

  18. I have been invited to a few Halloween parties for Saturday night, but I think I am staying in to do research. On Monday the hubby will hand out candy while I do more research. Blah.

  19. 1. Not really for the weekend or Halloween plans since hubby is coming back from a business trip and we’re still breaking in a new dog, it will be a chill weekend of catch up and handing out candy.
    2. Maybe and that’s fine if they want to. I’ve never been into adult costume parties, wearing costumes to work, etc.

  20. I haven’t decided if I’m giving out candy or not… probably will just go to yoga, lol. :)

  21. I wish I was doing something Halloween-y for Halloween, however, I think I have had my fill this month. I’m tired–I’ve been posting all things Halloween this month and I’m about to pass out from exhaustion :) But it sounds like you are going to have a fun weekend! We are similar in the sense that we both live in parts of California where there will be plenty of scantily clad women and men… I’m bringing the popcorn and a lawn chair to enjoy the festivities :)

  22. Trick or treating with my nieces and nephews has been my Halloween plans for the past few years. Yeah I’m a REAL party animal ;) But it’s fun to see them get so excited.

  23. I’ve never ever been a skimpy Halloweener, but it being my favorite holiday I used to love trick or treating! I hope you have a blast with Skylar.

    My plans include Boston VegFest!!

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