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Oh it’s Saturday, the first one of 2010…whatcha been up to?  I have had a super busy day!  First, I’m still getting my bearings after being gone for close to a month and catching up on the never ended laundry, mail sorting, returning phone calls and such.  But that’s just hum-drum stuff.   

What was exciting?  Going back to yoga today and having a lovely practice!  I did the full primary series and it was lovely.  A warm practice space, great energy from being in the company of other yogis, and giving hearts from my teachers.  As I had mentioned before, I am working on completing the highest level of yoga certification, the 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher credential and I am almost finished (I’ve had my 200 hour RYT since 2002).  Anyway, it felt great to be back in a yoga studio today after traveling!  What have you been up to?

I’m glad you enjoyed the yesterday’s post about all the mail I received while I was goneYes, indeed, I did get alot of stuff!  Everything from Holiday Cards

to Lovely Gifts that Bloggie Friends Sent


to some Product Reviews

And thanks for your comments and opinions about the new Disclosure Rules that Bloggers must abide by, or face massive ($11,000) fines for non-compliance!  It was great to hear your thoughts, what you normally do or write in terms of disclosure, and how, if at all, these rules will change the way you blog.  I love discussing things like this and hearing everyone’s take on it!

But let’s move on to recapping this past week’s eats, treats, and events!  If you missed last week’s recap, here is is.  Check that one out for tons of great Aruba vacation, food, and fun pictures!

Sunday Gena of Choosing Raw talked about Tips for Digestive Health

And I posted Sunset and Vacation Pics

Monday I showed you pics of All the Great Food we Ate


Like Kale, Broccoli, Cuke, & Cauli Salad with my Homemade Vegan Slaw Dressing


To Cool Birds we watched

And all the Fun we Had at the Beach

Tuesday Deb of Smoothie Girl Eats graced us with a hilarious post about how to fold a yoga mat

And I got thirsty for one her amazing smoothies!

And Skylar and I hit the Beach

Wednesday I Made a Vegan Stir Fry

I also talked about how I Don’t Get Hung Up on being a fanatical label-reading maniac, and that Bloggers are Only Human, too.


And Broke a nearly 5 Year Dry Spell with a Peach Pina Colada

And it was amazing

As it whispered in my ear: Drink Me Now!

And Showed some Aruba Trip Finale Pictures

On my Chaise Lounge

Oh sorry, too much skinI’ll cover Up.

Thursday we traveled back to AZ and at 1am I went on a crazed fruit & veggie grocery shopping run

And this was because US Customs confiscated all my food!   How dare they take my broccoli & fresh produce!

And gave you another Recipe for my Homemade Vegan Slaw Dressing

Friday I posted about all the mail and goodies I received in December

Saturday I went to the mailbox and was happy to find a card from Gina! Thanks to The Fitnessista & Pilot for brightening my day!

Last night for dinner I ate (another) Kale Salad.  Bekah and I wonder if we should continue to post our kale salads since we eat them daily.  Abby, I think you’ve got the same “problem”, right?

This one was raw kale, tomatoes, and brock, slathered in my Vegan Slaw Dressing.  Considering I was in Aruban Kale Withdrawals, I think I kinda can’t ever get sick of these!

On the side, I had a couple of Flackers that I won in Michelle of Lucky Taste Bud‘s Give Away awhile back.

Dehydrated food, it’s “a good keeper” as my grandmother used to say.

And the stats are great on flax seeds

But the taste rocks!

Dessert (i.e. Midnight Snack Time) was a Prana Bar

Just what I like to see: Organic, Gluten Free, & Vegan

Stats and the 1st three ingredients are organic cashews and organic almond butter, followed by organic date paste.  Yum!

Naturally Sweet, very pliable, super moist, chewy, doesn’t fall apart. 


Pretty much an amazing bar!

Yoga Today is Kapotasana (King Pigeon Pose).  Please do not try this unless your back is thoroughly warmed up as well as your quads.  Yoga is not a competition and so please don’t force yourself into a pose.  I don’t want you to hurt yourself.  This is a pose to work towards with patience, compassion, and mindfulness for any limitations your body has.

Tip of the Day:  I am borrowing something my yoga teacher said today in class:  “You cannot do anything wrong in this class”.  And I thought that it was a great message because who would attempt an asana (pose) if they felt they were going to be judged or that they were “doing it wrong”? Sure, there are ways that are better or worse for alignment and entering/exiting a pose, basically the theoretical anatomy & practical nature of body mechanics which are not necessarily up for discussion (yes, you can do things wrong and get hurt), but I am talking about the spiritual, emotional, much deeper message: You cannot do yoga wrong. 

Think about that.  Where ever you are in your practice, on your path, on or off your mat, accepting and honoring where you are is a beautiful gift you can give yourself; free from judging yourself that you’re “doing something wrong”.  Namaste, my friends!

Do you get caught up in judging yourself?  Do you judge others?  What has helped you judge others and yourself less?  Anything special that’s worked for you?  For me, after a decade’s long yoga practice, being married for a decade, and being a parent for 3 years, all those things have helped me realize that you cannot always control, know or understand why something happens like it does, or what someone else’s “story” is, so no sense in judging it or them.   Is this something you’re working on?  Easy or hard for you?  Are you harder on yourself than you’d ever be on others?

Stay Tuned For Recipes and Good Stuff…

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