Included No Longer

My day yesterday included:

Blue skies and palm trees

Lots of watermelon eating.

Okay, you got me.  I didn’t eat all of these.

But I went to town on this beauty.

Why can’t it be watermelon season year round?

Also included: Skylar putting her dolls down for a nap.

If only I could put her down for a nap.  She’s apparently a chip off the old block and seems to need only a fraction of the sleep other kids seem to need.   “But I’m not tired, Mommy.” 

When I was her age I actually sleptAnd liked it. 

I passed this sign on my run.

Even though I didn’t stop off for a cocktail all hot and sweaty mid-run…

…I did come home and make a snack with Dark Rum Caramel Sauce + Triscuits + Chocolate Chips

I used to live on Triscuits + Peanut Butter and lots of vodka on the rocks with marschino cherries.   <– Actually, that was a pretty common “dinner” from ages 21-26. 

Unbalanced?  Yes.

Wonderful memories that I’d never trade?  Yes!

You only live once, may as well make the most of it.

And I made the most of this snack.

I really can’t eat these Triscuits anymore, though.   It’s a major bummer because I love them so much and they are such a versatile cracker.  I laid off them for at least five years, and tried them again a month or so ago, and then re-tried them this week, and they are a no-go.  I suffered major GI distress from them.

I can tolerate some gluten again and am less sensitive overall because I’ve healed my gut, but as I mentioned about nuts yesterday, I really can’t tolerate nuts.  Or the gluten in the Triscuits.

Good thing I enjoyed these because no more.

Not worth the tummy ache and all the other gluten “poisoning” symptoms like pounding headache and major GI issues.  Ugh.

But I encourage you to try my little snack.

I will be eating my own version of Homemade Mary’s Crackers from now on

Easy and you can bake them in the oven.

Vegan and Gluten Free.  <— key

And with the Dark Rum Caramel Sauce you can dip fresh fruit like apples, pears, peaches, bananas (or veggies like sugar snap peas, carrot or zucchini sticks) into it, too.

Everything tastes better with dark rum + caramel

Funny the gluten in White Chocolate Blondies with Chocolate Peanut Butter Frosting does not bother me.  I’m not just saying that.  It really doesn’t if I eat say one blondie per day.

I think the way in which wheat is processed and milled and way in which certain foods are processed and made definitely effects whether or not I can tolerate it.

Food allergies, intolerances, and sensitives are such tricky beasts!

From my earlier post, thanks for the compliments about me in my new tshirt.   Yes, I am digging it!  Thanks again, Callie!

And it was fun to read about what’s been making you feel foxy lately.  Or a lil sassy!


1. Are there any foods that you are no longer including in your diet for whatever reason?  

Some people eliminate foods on account of food allergies or intolerances.

Some people stop eating meat or animal products because they have moral or ethical issues with it.  When I was in Mexico City and saw all the meat in the markets, all the blood and slaughter, it really reinforced my commitment to a plant-based diet.  I just do not have it in me to see dead chickens hanging upside down and say, gee, I think I’ll have chicken today.   Not that I was close to that or planning on it but it was one of those life moments I just won’t ever forget.

However, to each her own!  I truly don’t care what anyone else does or eats, but for me personally, it’s a no go.

Some people no longer feel certain foods are “healthy” choices.  Again, to each her own what you deem “healthy”, but I actually believe in an moderation approach.  So even if a brownie isn’t “healthy”, I still include it in my dietary path.  In moderation. 

I look at the big picture, the forest not the tree, and don’t sweat the small stuff or obsess about one brownie, one cookie, one this or that, when the overwhelming majority of my diet is “healthy” and balanced.    I am also not really into ‘healthifying’ desserts.

2. What did your day include that was fun or made you smile?

Mine included restocking my fresh produce.  It’s the little things sometimes.

Last reminder for the Glass Straw Giveaway.  Winner announced Friday.

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  5. All of the foods I don’t eat are because of food intolerances, except for meat. But that is a taste/texture intolerance. BLECH!

    All of my actual food intolerances are of foods I actually really love, which just makes it sad. I think my list right now is : soy, gluten, almonds, whey, cheese, onions, citrus, xanthan gum….that’s all I can think of right now so hopefully that’s it! I’m thinking about cutting out dairy completely to see if that improves anything. Well, starting slowly I might cut out everything except for yogurt before cutting it out completely. Because that’s going to be the hardest one for me!

  6. im so happy i found out i couldn’t have gluten… before my diagnosis i didn’t actually realize that i wasn’t feeling the best that i possibly could..i had migraines and often had stomache issues..but i never thought too much into it..i never thought it was caused by something i ate! since eliminating it though… omg..a world of difference!!!

  7. Meat and fish haven’t been part of my diet for more than 4.5 years now. I’ve found that animal products are hard to digest for my body. Lately I’ve also reduced my dairy intake, as it also has negative effects on my tummy. I felt so sick after having some greek yoghurt. Yuck! No more.
    But I don’t think I’ll ever be a full-on vegan. I’ve tried it a few times and it didn’t feel right for me. I like to have some eggs and cheese on occasion. All in moderation!
    I also try to go easy on sugar and other sweeteners. I love sweets, but they don’t love me back. Too much of it, and I feel sick and horribly thirsty.

  8. I am sorry to hear of your tummy troubles! Sensitives can really really be the worst. I am very sensitive like you, and I am also vegan. No meat and no dairy is very important to me. I also am free of gluten and processes foods in general. I went to the market, which always makes me happy!

  9. How can people tell if they’re gluten sensitive or not? Just curious…like GI issues I guess?

  10. That’s interesting about the nuts! Especially since most raw vegan books/cookbooks/sites used nuts SO much for creams, crusts, sauces, etc. I love nuts (and the nut butters) and eat a LOT of them..oof! I’m pretty sure it doesn’t agree with me :( I’ve always wondered how others could tolerate them so much….interesting!

  11. I don’t include animal products in my diet & also try not to include them in other areas of my life.
    I could say I don’t care what other people do, but I do. I think it’s ridiculous that Americans consume so much bad food that that in and of itself can easily cause a debt crises. I also think it’s crazy that by us gorging ourselves on meat and cheese we are using more resources than we should and taking away food and water from others, in other countries. But I don’t have kids & I HOPE I only live once!!
    If the Hindus are right, I’m depressed, because all I can think of if I come back, is that I am going to be very thirsty!! People with children, maybe, should consider their food and environmental choices just a bit more, because their immediate bloodlines will be affected. Of course we are all related to each other, but in the States, it seems like it truly hits home when it is you or your family. If it is a brown family in another part of the world, well, we don’t see them, so it’s easy to blow off while buying 400 dollar shoes.

    • Oh, also!! Of course I don’t think it’s cool to kill animals either!! To say I think it is others people’s right to kill them, to me, is kind of like me saying that it’s okay for people to kill other people, or your kids. But if ya eat them, then it may be more likely they kill you in the end…….Since 2/3 of peeps in the States are overweight and milk & cheese are addictive. And ICK on factory farmed junk which is probably 99 percent of what is available.

  12. can you believe i actually hate watermelon! yes it’s true but its definitely a fruit i would be fine living without forever haha, i know i know don’t judge me. everyone loves it!

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