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Thank goodness that after my iPhone was stolen on Monday, my new phone arrived late Wednesday.

iPhone 4 box

UPS came to the house earlier in the day, didn’t ring the bell, and left.  I realized this hours later when I saw a sticky note on the door.  I called them and they sent the driver back to my house.  At 6pm. I waited all day for my phone, but finally, I got it.  Grrr to waiting on deliveries!

Brand new and sealed in the box.  I was worried they were going to try to send me a refurbished phone but they didn’t!

iPhone 4 inside box

I think because it’s a new-to-Verizon phone, it’s the 4G (a new phone in general) and because I had originally purchased the more expensive (and probably less common) 32 MB model rather than the 16 MB model, so there simply weren’t any “used” phones to refurbish and send to me.  So I “lucked out” and got a new phone.

However, I would hardly call having one’s phone stolen, paying $250 out of pocket for the replacement + new case, and having to endure the sense of violation and frustration that has resulted from this whole ordeal “lucky”, but you know what I mean. I’m grateful that insult to injury wasn’t added by sending me someone else’s castoff a refurbished phone.

I’m back in business!

iPhone with purple case

I bought the same case that I had before.  It’s not one of the more silicone-based cases.  Those pull my hair out!   This one is more smooth and not as “grippy” and the bottom part detaches in case you want to dock it in a Bose system or something similar and you don’t have to remove the entire case.

iPhone with purple case

And rather than downloading tons of apps that I realized I didn’t use or need anyway, I only downloaded

Pandora Radio

Runkeeper (because it has GPS and is great to see running or walking routes)

WordPops (I don’t want to play Words With Friends.  My friends are busy and take way too long to make their move.  I like scrabble-ish games that are fast-paced and WordPops suits my needs)

And I hid or removed all kinds of icons/apps like Stocks or Calendar and only have the ones I use most often on my home screen.  To do this: hold the icon til it begins to jiggle, then you can move it by dragging it or just delete it by clicking on the red x that will appear.  Many of you asked how to do this.  

iPhone with purple caseStreamlined simplicity on the home screen.

I am so happy to have my phone back!  I never realized in just six weeks how antiquated the Blackberry feels and how much I love the iPhone.  I felt naked without my phone.  For better or worse, I think we’re all pretty attached to our technology.  Especially our phones!

From my last post about Turbo Mode, thanks for sharing what you’ve been turbo’ing though.  We are all so busy but that’s okay.  Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, right?

And I got a kick out of your fill in the blank answers.


1. What’s the last thing you waited for?  Anything you’re in the process of waiting for?

Waiting two days for my replacement phone, and then waiting on UPS to come back to my house because the driver never rang the bell (assumed no one was home I guess and just put a sticky on the door and bailed without ringing first) was a long two and a half days days!  But worth it, clearly, so I could have my phone back.

I am currently waiting to go on vacation.

I’m waiting to buy a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I really want one.

And I’m waiting to see if I win the lottery.  I won’t hold my breath on that since I don’t even play the lottery.

2.  Favorite Brownie Recipes?

I know everyone has a favorite recipe for them but if you have any recipes that you adore, please share them.  Links welcome, but only two links, max, or your comment will go into moderation.

You can even tell me you love to doctor up Duncan Hines or Betty C’s brownie mixes, or that you make your own with your Aunt Susie’s treasured recipe.  Does not have to be vegan, GF, or “healthy”.  Inherently, I don’t think brownies are “healthy”.  I think they are dessert and that’s a beautiful thing.

I have Raw Vegan Brownies in my recipe arsenal (Vegan, GF)

Raw Vegan Brownies

And Peanut Butter Cup Brownie Cupcakes with White Chocolate Icing

Peanut Butter Cup Brownie Cupcake
Peanut Butter Cup Brownie Cupcake with White Chocolate Icing

…But I’d like to make really awesome brownies for an event and try out a new recipe in the process.

I know Jessica has more rich decadent brownies and bars on her site than one could imagine and so does Jenny, but fill me in on any of your favorite recipes, please!

3. What makes a good brownie recipe for you?

For me, a good brownie is rich, moist, not dry, more fudgy than cakey, has a gooey center with barely crisped edges.

Frosting is optional.  Buttercream or cream cheese frosting is preferred over chocolate frosting.

And no nuts in the brownies.  Nuts in the brownies is a 100% deal breaker.  I hate nuts in baked goods!



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  1. I am sure your brownies are amazing!……. we are new to them in Australia but if you DON’T like nuts? have you tried popping in white chocolate bits in the mix instead of nuts. They go hard and give the texture of nuts, but are sweet and go well with the brownies. just an idea that works well for my family. Can’t wait to try making yours they sound delish