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Do the words bottomless + mimosa sound like good things to you?

brunch sign

They kind of do to me.   Okay, they really sound like good things.

But there were no bottomless mimosas in my life today.  And no more flat tiresWhew.

I did enjoy a Vanilla Iced Coffee instead.

Vanilla Iced Coffee

And I baked.

Not these exact Peanut Butter Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies (Vegan, GF), but similar.

Peanut Butter Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies
And oh boy, they smelled good!

And I brought back an oldie but a goodie: Overnight Chocolate Brownie Protein Oats with additional tips here

Overnight Chocolate Brownie Protein Oats
The perfect summertime breakfast.  Love that it’s waiting for me and whenever I am ready for it, it’s ready for me.

I made Mango Balsamic Rice, Beans, & Mixed Vegetables which smelled really good.  The smell of mango cooking is luscious and makes me thankful for my nose. A one-pot complete meal in 20 minutes.  That makes your house smell good. <–bonus!

Mango Balsamic Rice, Beans, & Mixed Vegetables



At the farmer’s market I saw a woman selling sachets filled with French lavender.

sachets filled with French lavender


From my last post about Mushrooms, there are definitely some major mushroom fans!  

Multiple bowls of mushroomsBut it’s a love it or hate it food, I think.  Some of you said you hate the fungus.  Fair enough.


1. Do you have a good sense of smell?

I have a ridiculously keen sense of smell.

I can smell garlic on Scott that he ate 3 days ago on a business trip and 2000 miles away.

I can walk past a person and in passing them, I can pretty much discern if they have showered that day, if they are wearing deodorant, if their shampoo is a good one or not, and how much natural oil has built up on their body.  How’s that for an exciting talent.

I can smell bologna in the refrigerator as my grandmother used to say, and this is not always a blessing, trust me. Some things and some people I’d really prefer not to be so acutely aware of.  Ahem.

I am the nose/scent equivalent to a supertaster I think.

2. What’s the last thing you smelled that was mmmm, so good?  Or what scents do you love?

The cookies I baked smelled so good.

And I love vanilla anything.

Various vanilla products on countertopI have an entire post on my love for it complete with some vanilla-centric recipes.

I also love body sprays and Carried Away as mentioned is one of my latest faves.

Three body sprays on countertop

And the smell of fresh roses is always beautiful.

Orange and pink flowers

What smells good to you?

P.S. Thank you for all the entries on the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 Giveaway!  Keep them coming!

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  1. I have a really good sense of smell …

    Not always the best thing when you teach a bunch of teenagers! LOL!

    I love the smell of lilacs, fresh baked bread, coffee …

  2. Yum, the oats and coffee do sound good about now.

    1. Yes, too good I think because I can pick up awful smells before just about anyone else … like bad breath.
    2. Flowers for spring and a wonderful curry lentil stew I cooked.

  3. I definitely agree that having a great sense of smell is often a burden! I am the same way. But I am even worse with my hearing. As in it’s far too good! I am often kept awake by some random noise that no other human being could possibly hear. I once spent the night at a friend’s house and was up rummaging around in her clothes attempting to find “the ticking, the horrible ticking!” She thought I was crazy until at the very bottom of the pile I found a clock that was, quite loudly ticking, but she couldn’t hear it under all of the other junk! Darn ears.

    My favorite smells are fruity ones, like citrus, apples, and cucumber melon.

  4. I love lavender! I have a nice sized plant in my front garden that smells so pretty. My Mom has always put lavender sachets in her underwear drawer…..and now I do, too! Funny how some “traditions” follow you , huh? :)

  5. I have a really good sense of smell, too! It’s hard for me right now because I’m a little “under the weather” so not having a sense of smell/taste is really frustrating…especially since I’m used to REALLY using those senses!!!

  6. Bottomless mimosa’s? Don’t mind if I do ;) Haha!

    Mmm I love BBW scents – my new go-to is the Country Chic scent and Carried Away (like you!!). Loving your other picks as well.

    Smells like summa!

    MUCH love!

  7. Though I’m not a fan of mushrooms, not even the smell, I am a big fan of lavender, and vanilla. In fact, the current smell pumping through my house courtesy of a Febreze plug-in is a lavender vanilla combination, and whenever I walk into the door, I go to my happy place.

  8. I love summer smells so much. Barbeques and charcoal grills are on the top of the list. And I miss the smell of the ocean SO much it hurts. Freshly cut grass I love too. I think because I associate all these with summertime and the best memories.

  9. My sister bought me some dried lavender from The Spice House. It’s so aromatic. I love the smell. I use it in cooking sometimes with other dried herbs (in herbes de provence style), and my sis once made shortbread cookies with it which were delicious.

  10. bottomless mimosa does sound great…but that mango rice dish and iced coffee sound even better!

  11. I think I have a pretty normal sense of smell, but I’ll admit that with my pretty bad allergies, that it’s been a bit diminished the last several months. I certainly don’t have your very acute sense!
    I love the smell of fresh laundry just out of the dryer, anything minty (like a nice rosemary mint room spray), onions and garlic sauteeing, and the smell of bread baking. I think the most recent smell that sticks out in my mind was the fresh pizza we had on Sunday.

  12. Ever since doing an IUI a couple years ago (I think it was from the ovidrel trigger), my sense of smell has been pretty keen. Not quite as sensitive as yours, but I did impress the energy tech when I had him out to investigate a gas-smell from the basement in our old house and he swore up and down that the tiny leak he found should *not* have an obvious odor, let alone one that I could smell from the main floor and certain parts of the 2nd floor.
    Scents I love – that depends on the day. Cinnamon/apple, chai tea, apple blossoms and lilacs, anything tropical, my husband after a long day of work (he thinks it’s creepy), sugar scented body sprays, and these 2 perfumes I got a few years ago from Bath and Body works. Oh and fall leaves, bonfires, almost any kind of cookie/brownie/pie/cake, and tomato/garlic.

  13. I want everything in this post. :)

    the smell of baking is the best, but on the flip side, the smell of onion and garlic sauteeing is pretty bomb, too. And vanilla…. mmm, vanilla.

  14. Those cookies looks AMAZING. And the smell of baking cannot be beat. I have a really good sense of smell as well, and a really good sense of taste. I once tasted the tablespoon of parmigiana cheese my mom put into an entire casserole and yelled at her because I did not want to eat dairy. I love the small of fresh baked cinnamon buns, that was the last best thing I smelt!

  15. Those cookies look amazing!

    I dont really think I have a great sense of smell. I always have allergies so my nose is usually a little stuffy! I have so many favorite scents though. Vanilla, freshly baked goods, roses and rain are some of my favorites. Whenever I say rain people look at me like I’m crazy but it really is true the air smells so much sweeter after it rains!

  16. I’m trying your oats in the morning! I prepped them with vanilla and cinnamon tonight (snickerdoodle feel rather than chocolate). They were good already – I think I may have found a way to use that SunWarrior that I like. Thank you!!!

  17. You have to buy that lavender! My gosh, I would have bought all of it. Every night before bed, I spray my pillow with lavender. It was something my mom used to do when I was a kid and I’ve kept the tradition going!

  18. mmm, love the smell of lavender! I think I have a pretty decent sense of smell, but no where as keen as yours. That’s really cool though!

    I can smell my anthousa candle (pomelo scent, i think?) as I sit here on my computer. It smells gooood :)

  19. I have a sensitive sniffer. Some scents are so foul to me that they can alter my mood, such as very floral perfumes, smelling reheated leftovers or anything cooking from the second floor which alters the original smell, body odor, alcohol, beans cooking, rotten broccoli, cat food, unscented lotions and soaps, burnt chocolate, and woody snells. Conversely, some scents are utterly intoxicating to me: gasoline, mildewy basements, vanilla extract, rain, hot asphalt, almond ( biscotti), Dustin’s hair paste, garages with grease, WD-40, Irish spring soap, zest soap, and many mens colognes. I swear, sometimes I think I’m a huffier when I go into the basement and try to savor the mildewy snell that I LOVE! Lol, I’m such a freak.

    1. Ok there is something to all that. That’s not just random. A naturopath or a good acupunturist or a traditional chinese medicine person could connect these dots.

      Til then, I’ll just call you Huffy :)

  20. That picture of the drunk cat on that sign is hysterical! :D

    The last good thing I smelled was the strawberry rhubarb crisp I made. I think my favourite scent ever has got to be French vanilla though. I always have vanilla candles in my room!

  21. My favorite scents is an essential oil I wear everyday called Ambre Essence, it’s ahhhhmazing and when I walk in a room someone is always asking what the wonderful scent is :) Apple pie baking in the oven comes in a close 2nd!

  22. I adore the smell of orange and coffee (separately, though they might smell nice together, too!). Interestingly, they are not foods/beverages I particularly enjoyed consuming– but their smells are divine!

  23. I do have a really good sense of smell…sometimes it works against me :-)

    Endless mimosas? YES, please!!! :-)

  24. Haha, that’s funny. I’m a smell sensitive person as well. When I go out for walks at night I play this little game where I try to guess what people are eating based on the smells coming from their houses.

  25. The idea of bottomless mimosas are always better than the reality ;P Don’t ask me how I know.

  26. I don’t drink, but you just made me want some freshly juiced OJ. I haven’t had that… since last summer in Greece. FAIL.
    I loooove the smell of garlic bread baking, sweet potatoes cooking, and of course, breads and cookies baking (chocolate, pb, coconut, snickerdoodle, you name it!)
    Last thing that I ate that smelled good… all of my meals today! Bfast: peanut butter & banana oats, Lunch = green cherry peanut butter banana smoothie, Dinner: gluten free penne with marinara …. hmmm…. now i’m hungry again :-)

  27. I just stuck my nose in bread fresh out of the oven… Grain-free protein powder bread from the Cotter Crunch blog. I omitted all the seasonings and it’s very close to corn bread. Oh em gee.

    I know how super-sensitivity can be a bane rather than a blessing sometimes… I hear every little noise around me and it drives me nutzo.

  28. The last good scent I smelled was some homemade coconut butter!! It looks DELICIOUS!!

    I have a pretty good sense of smell, but my grandma has a RIDICULOUSLY keen one!!

  29. Lavender and vanilla are definitely two of my favorite smells. Coffee and chocolate are on the list too along with pretty much any freshly baked type smells.

  30. I am totally one of the love it peeps when it comes to mushrooms. I ate nearly an entire container today on my pizza experimentation =)

    glad there are no more flat tires but we have got to get in on this bottomless mimosa thing! seriously! haha

  31. It’s funny you mentioned this! Today one of the girls I work with brought in a cake. It had almond extract in it. I LOVE the smell of almond extract (and the taste!) Honestly, if they made it into a perfume I would wear it haha

  32. mmmm, lavendar! thanks for the reminder! i generally do not like floral scents (exceptions being lily of the valley and lavendar) but i love coffee, vanilla, coconut for lotions and candles.
    the best scent for in the home is freshly baked cookies!
    definitely buy some lavendar for yourself – those prices look pretty reasonable!

  33. My sense of smell is WAY too good- like I can smell food inside of the fridge! And not old food!

    The best thing I smell is my Whole Foods Pleasant Morning Buzz coffee. Mmmm. No mimosa, but good!

  34. I just read an article today about Seattle’s best choco chip cookies and then I see this post. Those cookies look amazing! ;) See you soon!

  35. I just bought the Forever Sunshine scent from B&Bworks and I absolutely LOVE it! I also go the Carried Away which is just as wonderful.

  36. Ohhhh bottomless mimosas are now calling my name. I have a pretty good sense of smell too, I can smell when it’s going to rain like 10 minutes before it actually does–which can be VERY helpful! :) I love the smell of vanilla, gardenias, and cinnamon. Freshly baked anything smells wonderful to me.

  37. Bottomless mimosas? Yes please ;-) I do have a pretty keen sense of smell. I actually used lavender satchels in lieu of rice at my wedding (to be thrown obviously). My fave smell is vanilla.