I had a productive day.  I went to the grocery store and restocked…


Vine ripened tomatoes

Containers of strawberries


Bag of oranges

And Greens

Spring mix, Edamame, zucchini and green beans

Bag of green grapes

I also restocked my Band-Aid and first aid supplies.

Box of band-aids

I am doing better since my fall in terms of my glute, hip, and knee swelling and pain.  Bruised, but not as painful, which is great.

However, my hands have horrible gashes on them and I am missing chunks of skin the size of golf balls.  And the craters are deep.  The holes on my hands are more painful than getting a half sleeve tattooNot joking. The stinging and throbbing makes my eyes roll back in my head but I have just been trying to tell myself it doesn’t hurt because life must go on.  Mind over matter.

So what’s a girl to do?

Well, I enjoyed the beautiful weather and went for a run/walk combo.  I spent most of the 20 minutes I was running/walking wondering if I was going to trip again!  I concentrated on every. single. step. I. took.  Overthink much? But better overthinking than falling!

Skyline view with trees

It was just too beautiful of a day not to enjoy the 78F and sunny weather and admire all the beautiful flowers on my path.

Purple flowering bush

From my last post about Cost of Living, it was so informative to read whether you like where you live and whether you live in a high, average, or lower cost of living area.

I enjoyed hearing what things you like about your area and what you’d be willing to give up, or not, as it pertains to cost of living.

Lots of California readers chimed in and said it may be expensive here, but that’s okay because you love the weather and everything else and you’re willing to pay for itMe too.

In foodie matters, springtime, warmer weather, and all the fresh produce I picked up has me wanting to make Raw Cucumber Wraps with Sweet Citrus Mustard Dip

Raw Cucumber Wraps in container
Sweet Citrus Mustard Dip
Raw Cucumber Wraps on salad with Sweet Citrus Mustard Dip

For Dessert, try Peanut Butter Cup Cookie Cupcakes

Peanut Butter Cup Cookie Cupcakes in muffin tin
Hand holding one Peanut Butter Cup Cookie Cupcakes
Piled up Peanut Butter Cup Cookie Cupcakes


1. How did you move and groove today?

I went to work, was a mommy, did housework, was a short order cook, and blogger to name a few things.  Movin’ and groovin’ is the only way I know how to be!

2. Have you ever had an event or situation come up that left you feeling a little gun shy, leery, or had you proceeding with caution?

In my post about falling, I also rattled off dozens of other sports-related injuries I’ve had.  I have lived a full life in terms of physical fitness and athletic pursuits and with that comes accidents and injuries.  You can never learn to ski, ice skate, or ride a bike unless you spend plenty of time on your butt, first.  Falling is how you learn to stay up.

But, I always get back up and try again because that’s just who I am.  Maybe stubborn?  Crazy?  Or just passionate and determined.

That doesn’t mean that I wasn’t a little, okay a lot, gun shy on my first run/walk since falling.  I watched every crack in the sidewalk, every rock, pebble, and stone.  I concentrated on every step I took.  It was like running for the first time but hey, I did it.

Tomorrow’s run will hopefully be a bit more “autopilot”.  But that’s how I fell, was by being a little too autopilot-ish.  So who knows.

Other things that have left me gunshy and proceeding with caution:

Shellfish.  I had a sudden, unexpected anaphalatic shock reaction to them in my early 20s.  However, I adore lobster and shrimp, especially when we’re in Aruba and it’s everywhere, but I am leery about partaking, for obvious reasons.

I am gunshy about buying products or clothes from certain stores because usually their items don’t last long.  As in one use.

I am also very cautious about relationships with certain people.  Every time I let certain people into my heart or headspace, I get comfortable and things are “fine” for awhile.  But as time passes and these individuals true colors show once again, I am left disappointed, let down, or hurt.

What situations have you proceeding with caution?

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