When I went to the farmer’s market, I saw a table with bowls and bowls of mushrooms.

Something about these bowls of mushrooms just draws me in.

Aren’t the baby portobellas cute?

Both from a foodie standpoint and a picture-making standpoint, I loved coming across this table.

It was fun to see all those glorious shrooms.

I could eat mushrooms raw, whole, and plain.

Just by themselves. Sometimes I crave them.

Sometimes I will marinate them and then eat them mixed into a salad.

Or marinated and on a sandwich like my Sweet & Sour Marinated Mushrooms

Not into raw or marinated mushrooms and prefer them cooked?

I hold the meat and add the ‘shrooms in Vegan Fajitas with Vegan Sweet Ginger-Lime-Cumin Dipping Sauce

You could also add or use tofu to the vegan fajitas if you’re not a big ‘shroom fan or want to bump up the protein content.

Or you can always tuck some of your favorite fungi into a Cheezy Vegetable Bake

Just toss them in with all the other veggies and bake…

…and voila.

The cheezy veggie bake is great for:

using up veggie odds and ends

for hiding/camouflaging vegetables if someone in your world doesn’t always like to eat or try their veggies

and also for those times when you think you have nothing to eat and nothing to work with in your cupboards/fridge/freezer, you can toss just about anything you have on hand in and pull a rabbit veggie bake out of your hat.

Now for the Taste of Adams Avenue Giveaway Winner:

Amanda Jewell June 15, 2011 at 11:36 am

“how great! I don’t think I’ve been to the Taste of Adams Avenue before (but definitely taste of little italy.. yumm)! The most recent fair I went to was the Sicilian Festival here in Little Italy. I’m going to try to make it to the Del Mar Fair too b/c it’s always so much fun! Do you go to the fair too?”

Congrats, Amanda, and I will email you about the details.

From my last post about the flat tire I had yesterday, thankfully Scott took it and had one new tire on and it was “only” $150.  Ugh. I’m trading the car in within the next 6 weeks!   Oh, the timing.

And some of you did have some life hands you lemons moments recently that you shared, but hopefully things are all better now.


1. Do you like mushrooms?

My mother hates mushrooms so growing up, I was never exposed to them and assumed I hated them too.  Wrong! I  really enjoy the chewiness and density they have.  And I don’t eat them all that frequently, but I love grilled portobellas or shitakes.

I am not a fan of mushrooms in recipes such as mushrooms in soup or in sauces or spreads.  I prefer them whole and alone or as the star ingredient of a dish, like a grilled portobella.

And I despise canned or salty mushrooms.  Icky.

2. Fave way to eat or use them?

Plain and raw suits me but some people have to have their shrooms cooked.

Or just with a little marinade on them is great.

And I like them in salads and love the bites with mushrooms that have soaked up homemade vegan slaw salad dressing.

The mushrooms act as little sponge for the salad dressing, which for me, is perfect since I love sauces and dressings with a passion.

Mmm, good stuff.

Mushroom fan or not? It’s usually a love ’em or hate ’em food.

P.S. Keep the entries coming for the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 giveaway!


70 comments on “Mushrooms”

  1. I love mushrooms – they’re so versatile! I love them plain on salads or sauteed in olive oil with garlic and spinach!

  2. oh I adore mushrooms! in everyway! that sandwich had be biting my lip. hehe.

    and I am so glad that scott came to the rescue yesterday. Thats what husbands are for, right?

  3. I can’t believe you had to get an entirely new tire! My mechanic just took the nail out and patched that baby up. It was seriously less than $30.00 and good as new! Hmm.. I always wonder about those mechanics.
    ANYWAY, I am in love with mushrooms. Raw, sauteed, reconstituted from being dehydrated, I pretty much love ’em all. Except for canned… Ick.

  4. Gorgeous mushroom pics! I LOVE mushrooms and I HAVE to try your Cheezy Vegetable Bake now! Om nom nom!

  5. Growing up I always thought I didn’t like mushrooms either because my parents didn’t. They thought they were slimy and gross. I didn’t know you could eat them raw either, and now I know much better and love them! And yes, I do like the chewiness of them and their earthy flavor too, especially as one of the main stars of a dish! Good post!

  6. I adore button mushrooms, as they are sooo low calorie and not too weirdly slimy or textured! I’ve had some pretty exotic mushrooms and some of them are a little TOO chewy LOL…I add button mushrooms to almost anything to add low cal bulk- eg. in the tofu scramble I made for breakfast :)

  7. I don’t know if there is any correlation but I NEVER like mushrooms until I became vegan 3 months ago. Now they are just one of the best things since sliced bread. I think oyster mushrooms are the only ones I’ve come across that I didn’t really care for, but portabello’s are my favorite.
    Great post and I love all of the options you’ve pictured.

    Also as a side note I’ve started my own blog, I’ve been reading yours and just have continually been inspired. So I took that inspiration and started my own, not it is nothing near as well put together as your pages, but if you get a chance could you stop by and give me some constructive criticism?

  8. Ohhhh Averie, you are singing my praises… girl! I LOVE mushrooms!!!! Especially roasted or grilled. Oh man. I think i’m gonna have to incorporate some into my dinner tonight :) Love love LOVE them! And I also love that i just came across some awesome new recipes… thanks for the inspiration!!!

  9. Just yesterday I stir-fried up a mess of zucchini and mushrooms with marinara sauce on top. I prefer crimini over button for everyday use, because they’re drier and don’t water down whatever you’re eating them with.

  10. wah 150 bucks for a flat TIRE? that is unreal!!
    I can´t stand mushrooms, I really do hate them with a passion. Even the smell is making me sick.
    But I have found a way to deal with the vegetarian MUSHROOM options on a menu- I always say I am allergic, so they happily prepare me something else ;)
    Averie, I think you should do a photography book featuring food (produce) and food only!! I would certainly buy it!

    • Awww, thanks. Sometimes I’d love to do a photography book featuring food (produce) and food would be so fun but not sure it would fly off the shelves or anything :)

      • I am sure it would! I actually have one already, but it is kinda lame. Who knows, maybe a chef will stumble across your blog and will want YOU to take his pictures for his new cookbook ;)

  11. I adore mushrooms! They are so versatile and great prepared almost any way. I like them just raw with some hummus or sauteed :) I also have used your marinade recipe before and absolutely LOVE it!

  12. holy mushroom!
    I used to hate mushrooms as a kid. The only ones I ate were the canned. It wasn’t until I was older that I gave fresh mushrooms a try. I’m not a big fan of the white ones, but cremini and portobella? Mmm I could swim in them. My favorite way to enjoy them is on pizza, or stuffed!

  13. LOVE LOVE mushrooms!! raw is the best. i eat at least a couple every day and you are right – just dipping into a salad dressing or sauce is awesome goodness. i also throw them into salads. i like when my brother grills portobello mushrooms on the bbq, too. even tinned are good! i rinse them off so they’re not salty and throw them in a salad beast. and they’re my favourite pizza topper.
    love the photos from the market, esp the very first one!

  14. I used to eat a pound of mushrooms in about 2 days. Whether they were raw or cooked, I would eat them. Now, I am taking a little break from mushrooms since I ate them too much. The texture is what I like about them. They are best raw, with hummus stuffed in the middle. :)

  15. I MUST make those cheesy veggie bake!! yum–loveeee mushrooms!!

  16. I usually think every single thing you post on your blog looks delicious, but not today my friend. Mushrooms are completely and totally disgusting and you couldn’t pay me to eat a plate full of them.

  17. I eat one of those mushroom containers pretty much every day. I can’t eat them enough. I prefer them raw or in salad, but they do add a great flavor to stir fries and soups. Usually I’m too lazy though and I love how they soak up the dressing too. Great dipped in salsa too.

  18. I love mushrooms! Those marinated mushrooms look yum! I’ll do a post soon on portobello burgers that I have been making!

  19. This is the best article I have seen on the different uses of mushrooms. They all look so good too!

  20. oh my gosh I LOVE shrooms!!! seriously one of my favorite veggies! some people hate them, and I get it theyre a wierd texture and somewhat odd flavor, but I just love them! grilled, roasted, charred up and thrown on salads or on pizza is the best!!!

  21. oh man do I love them?!! I love them in annnnyyy way actually! especially in Asian dishes, and big portabella caps as burgers~And I think they really make for beautiful pics for some reason!

  22. I just bought some portabella’s from my market on Saturday and trying to decide what to do with them. I was thinking of grilling them and using them as a burger instead of an actual hamburger…but we’ll see :)

  23. I love mushrooms! but Im picky about them :P They have to be fresh (I cant stand canned mushrooms), but they have to be cooked. There is something about eating them raw that grosses me out :( And I LOVE them grilled- I think that is my favorit way to eat them :D

  24. I love mushrooms of all kinds, although I didn’t like them as a kid. Last year when I was in San Francisco, I couldn’t believe how many varieties of mushrooms were available -wish we had that on the East Coast!

  25. I love mushrooms! I’ll eat them any way you could imagine, but my favorite is just raw mushrooms dipped in hummus and sprinkled with a little nooch. Simple and delicious! :-)

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