New Jeans, New Makeup, and a Trip!


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Hi Friends!  Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to my Canadian friends!  How has your weekend been so far?  I hope your weekend is off to a great start!  I am just happy to be spending some time with my family.  My 4-day per week work schedule does not leave much time for overlapping with Scott so that’s why I love weekends because we get to see each other.

Yesterday I found some new jeans!  I went to the mall on Friday afternoon with not much extra time to dilly dally and I also had Skylar with me, but on a whim, walked through Nordstrom where there was a huge table of Hudson jeans.  And that table beckoned me over.  I tried on two pairs of Hudson’s:  bootleg and skinny opening bootleg and I purchased the original Bootleg.  Bam.  Simple as that!  Two pairs.  That never happens! I guess the Jeans Gods were smiling down on me! 

Open Nordstrom bag

I have a pair of Hudson that are 5 years old and so I hope these new ones last me as long as my previous pair has.

Close up of upper portion of new jeans
Pocket of folded up jeans
Hudson brand label on pocket of jeans

The denim is super soft and very thin.  The opposite of True Religion which are stiff and thick.  The Hudson’s are just so comfy.  Love them.  They aren’t cheap, but you can’t put a price on jeans.  If they feel good, and you feel like you look good in them, then as women, we just pay up.   Right?  Kind of like hair.  You just pay up to have it done right.

Did you see my Post on Jeans Shopping and Brands that Everyone Recommended?

and also my Follow Up Post where I gave a Summary of the Brand Recommendations? 

Yesterday I mentioned I was taking my old MAC makeup empty containers and was going to recycle them.  Make sure you do this so you get your free goodies!

Empty MAC makeup containers in bag
Trade one bag of empties in…


…And get a new bag!  Well, ya know, some of it was free at least.
Bag of new MAC Makeup

Thanks for sharing you fave makeup and MAC makeup must haves.  I love the stuff.  Other than Chanel, I don’t find any other makeup to really gives the depth that MAC does, and I use very minimal amounts.  I hate having to apply half a container of eye shadow of some brands and still, the results are just, meh.    

Ok so why the new jeans and new makeup?  

Because I am going on a Trip and I leave later this week!  

It has to do with This Post

Hand holding open red envelope
 Surprises can be very good things!

I am going to be gone for a few days later this week and am going to be meeting up with about a dozen other bloggers. 

No, this is not the Food Buzz Festival trip.  But I am thinking about going on that, too.  I am pre-registered but haven’t officially registered, yet. 

I am so excited about my trip and to meet up with the other bloggers and have a ball!  More details on it all to follow soon!

From yesterday’s post, thanks for the chiming in about getting new clothes as a kidBoots, coats, new jeans for school, good memories from childhood.  Lots of you told me you wore lots of hand-me-downs but that you loved getting new kiddie clothes.

Young girl wearing purple puffer jacket and boots

Dessert: Vegan Peanut Butter Banana Bread Cake (Gluten/Soy-Free)
This is one of those recipes that uses up your extra ripe bananas and whatever you have left in jars of peanut or nut butter laying around.  Sounds good, right?

Vegan Peanut Butter Banana Bread Cake batter in pan topped with banana slices
Vegan Peanut Butter Banana Bread Cake in baking pan
Nothing Dry about this cake the way lots of GF baked goods can be.
Slice of Vegan Peanut Butter Banana Bread Cake on plate

1. Best Thing You’ve Done or Ate So Far this weekend?
Me = the nice walk I am about to do with my family and then I’ll probably do a few At Home Workout Moves in my garage Home Gym

2.  Finding my Jeans yesterday was a great unexpected nice score!  One just doesn’t expect to get that lucky, especially with a toddler, on a harried Friday afternoon.  Normally it takes trying on about 87 pairs and still, sometimes No Dice on finding jeans that fit.  

The only tiny reservation I have about them is that I am in between sizes and I do know they are going to stretch out.  But I hate buying jeans “too tight” just to know they are going to stretch.   Something about paying top dollar for something that as you’re standing in the dressing room you feel like a stuffed sausage, no, I don’t pay money for that and opt for the bigger size and pray they don’t stretch too much.  

Do you buy your jeans (extra) tight knowing they are going to stretch or do you buy them to be comfortable day-of-purchase and don’t care if they stretch in the future?
Such a hard call because no one wants saggy butt and having to pull them up all the time later but I won’t even put them on if they’re too tight to begin with…

3. Any Guesses Where my Trip is At or What it Has to Do With?
I will fill you all in within a few days but for now, I’ll keep you guessing.   Insert evil laugh. 

4. Are you going to Food Buzz?
If I didn’t have this trip this week, and also my trip to Aruba, I would for sure be going to Food Buzz.  As it stands, I’m pre-registered but haven’t officially registered. 

It’s a lot to bite off with a child and juggling work, family, and life to be jet-setting on all these trips, but hey, that’s a good “problem” to have.  Who’s going to Food Buzz?

5. Talk about Wacky Weather!  Here’s a few self-portrait shots of Skylar and I from a couple days ago at the park.  It was chilly and we were all bundled up in warm coats!  Today, it’s pretty warm out.  Sports bra only walking weather.  Can’t wait!  

Woman and child taking photo close up at park
Play area lined with tall trees at park
 Crisp & Cool the other Day.  Hot Now.
Woman and child sitting on ground at park smiling
Is the Weather being Wacky where you are?

Have a great Saturday and enjoy time with your families! 

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