Outdoor Triple Burner Stove and Artisan Pizza Oven Giveaway ($350 Value)


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I’m excited to bring you this giveaway for the Expedition 3X Triple Burner Stove with Griddle ($200) and the Italia Artisan Pizza Oven ($135)

Expedition 3X Triple Burner Stove with Griddle

The products are available from Outdoorcooking.com and work just as well on the patio as they do in the great outdoors. And they’re not just for the guys to take out on a camping trip.

The range has three separate burners with enough output to get a pot of water boiling faster than most household stoves.

Expedition 3X Triple Burner Stove with Griddle

Enjoy delicious artisan pizzas, warm pancake breakfasts, fresh fajitas and more – all on a single stove.

It has a matchless ignition system and folding side shelves.

Expedition 3X Triple Burner Stove with Griddle

Expedition 3X  Features:

  • Three high capacity 30,000 BTU burners
  • Includes true seasoned Professional Flat Top Griddle (16″ x 24″)
  • Includes paper towel holder
  • Includes utensil holder
  • Three-sided wind screen
  • Burner housing limits hot/cold spots and gives extra wind protection
  • Convenient cooking height
  • Regulator and 3 ft. hose included
  • Fully adjustable heat-control dials
  • Play hard and eat well with a versatile Camp Chef stove

The pizza oven is going to make your pizza taste wonderful.

 Expedition 3X Triple Burner Stove with Griddle Pizza ovenIt can safely reach temperatures of 650F degrees, allowing you to bake rolls or whip up an artisan pizza with a delectable crusty in 6 minutes or less.

Expedition 3X Triple Burner Stove with Griddle

Italia Artisan Pizza Oven Features:

  • Opened face pizza oven cooks like a traditional wood-fired brick oven
  • Fully adjustable heat allows for cooking several styles of pizza including artisan, premade, and frozen pizzas.
  • Ceramic stone pulls outer moisture off dough and promotes perfect crust, leaving the inside moist and fluffy.
  • Pizza stone made of cordierite ceramic
  • Cooking Surface Diameter: 15″ x 20″ (300 sq. in)
  • Specially designed heat diffusion plates
  • Built in temperature gauge
  • Includes Italia Pizza Oven Cooking Guide with recipes
  • Fits all Camp Chef 16″ Cooking System stoves
  • Temperature range: Temperatures can reach up to 700° F
  • Overall Dimensions: 16″ x 24″ x 9″
  • Front Opening Dimensions: 20.5 x 4.5

Here are 10 Recipes Ideas for the Outdoor Stove and Pizza Oven:

1. Pepperoni Pizza and Chipotle Avocado Cucumber Flatbreads

Pepperoni Pizza and Chipotle Avocado Cucumber Flatbreads @Averie Sunshine {Averie Cooks}

Pepperoni Pizza and Chipotle Avocado Cucumber Flatbreads @Averie Sunshine {Averie Cooks}

2. Bourbon Maple Slow Cooker Baked Beans (vegan, GF) – Simmer them on the outdoor stovetop

Bourbon Maple Slow Cooker Baked Beans (vegan, GF) Recipe at averiecooks.com

3. One Hour Whole Wheat Pizza Dough (vegan) – Stop buying dough and make your own healthy, whole wheat dough in 1 hour

One Hour Whole Wheat Pizza Dough (vegan) averiecooks.com

4. Creamy and Crispy Hash Browns Frittata (GF)

Creamy and Crispy Hash Browns Frittata 

5. 30-Minute Cheesy Avocado Skillet Pizza Bread (Whole-Wheat & Vegan)

30-Minute Cheesy Avocado Skillet Pizza Bread (Whole-Wheat & Vegan) - Recipe at averiecooks.com

6. Corn Chip-Crusted Southwestern Salmon Cakes with Creamy Lemon Chili Sauce

Corn Chip-Crusted Southwestern Salmon Cakes with Creamy Lemon Chili Sauce

7. Roasted Sweet Potato and Goat Cheese Pizza

Roasted Sweet Potato & Goat Cheese Pizza with 1-Hour Homemade Wheat Crust averiecooks.com

8. Vegetable Fried Rice Frittata (vegetarian, GF)

Vegetable Fried Rice Fritatta

9. Mango Basil Personal-Sized Tortilla Pizzas (GF)

Mango Basil Personal-Sized Tortilla Pizzas

10. Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Oatmeal Skillet Cookie

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Oatmeal Skillet Cookie

One winner will receive one Expedition 3X Triple Burner Stove with Griddle and one Italia Artisan Pizza Oven ($350 Value).

Winner will be notified by email and will have 24 hours to reply, at which point another winner will be selected if winner does not reply.

Using Rafflecopter, enter to win the giveaway by completing the first three tasks and any optional ways you’d like to enter.

Leave a blog comment below in response to the first question and follow the prompts for additional entries. Sometimes the widget is a bit slow to load, so please be patient.

Use Discount Code AVERIE15 to save 15% off anything from Outdoorcooking.com through October 31, 2013.
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Good Luck and make sure to also enter the Magimix Colored Vision Toaster Giveaway ($200 Value)

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  1. I would love to win this!! I would totally make pizza. I would love to make more pizza but the oven just doesn’t do it for me. I think this oven would change this!!

  2. i would love to win this! My family eats pizza far more than I’d care to tell, but we never like to cook it! Cooking out is always much more fun! Especially as down here in australia, it’s coming into summer, when the barbecuing fun always starts!

  3. I would use the stove to make some great home brew. I’d follow that up by using the pizza over create pizzas using spent grain dough from the brews.

  4. Lately I’ve been craving these pot roast pie pockets we made the last time we went camping. I think this could handle them.

    in case you are wondering, take crescent dough add mashed potatoes, shredded pot roast and a little gravy. wrap the dough around the rest and cook. Simple I know, but you have to actually make the pot roast first. This is how we got rid of the left overs.

  5. Wow what a great gift. I could do so much with this set, it would take my cooking skills to a new level. Bread, Chili, Stews, and Pizza. Just come and see
    the new things I would create if I won.

  6. Awesome recipes! Can’t wait to try! I’m loving outdoor cookingwebsite!! Great articles, ideas for family, and wonderful products!! :)

  7. We love to go camping and a stove like the Expedition 3x would be awesome! Do you think we could do pizza out in the wild? I’m up to trying!

  8. I have been wanting a stove like this for canning on. I warped my kitchen counter next to my stove with my canning this summer and would love to use this for canning.

  9. it would be nice to win this outdoor cooker because my family and I love being outside and cooking it would be great to do pizzas one night for camping or on the beach….I love to BBQ so I think this outdoor cooker will fit in nicely with my summer adventures….

  10. The pizza oven looks great! We just started making homemade pizza so that would be the first thing I’d make.

  11. I would be so excited to win these!! I don’t even have a grill, so I would do burgers, steaks, barbeque chicken breasts, marinated chuck roast and many different things, even hot dogs!! Also, I would love baking homemade pizzas and some skillet fruit and cookie desserts! Thank You for the opportunity, Averie!! :)

  12. Pizza! Vegetarian Pizza. Kimchi Pizza. Seafood Pizza. Bread. Pretty much anything and everything cheese related :)

  13. Wow! What a cool outdoor stove! Love your recipes and would love to experiment with them on this product! :)

  14. We would love this for our cooking show! We would make so much with this, Pizza shrimp kabobs steak & SO MUCH MORE!!!!

  15. Oh My Goodness! I would love this! We love making pizza, but I can never get the crust crispy enough for our liking. Yup, this looks like it would do the trick

  16. We have been wanting a grill for 3 years but it keeps getting pushed back by other purchases. Would love to grill chicken breasts!

  17. well we’re in the process of buying a piece of land and putting a camper on it to live out of so an outdoor cooking space is the next thing to tackle. this would solve that problem and then some! we love to cook and this would be wonderful!

  18. OH MY!!! I would love to win this. We had looked at something similar a few weeks ago, but can’t afford it. I would be so happy. :-) Good luck to us all.

  19. I can really put this to good use. I live in a small house in a senior HOA in florida. The exhaust in the house is not particularly good and there is always residual odor from broiling that i cannot get rid of. I would make and dearly love to have some grilled burgers and or steak. That would be heaven to me. Also, from time to time during storms we lose electric which is what all the houses here run on, no gas. It would be terrific to be able to have something hot to eat when those situations arise. Thank you for this opportunity.

  20. I would love to try to make some of the skillet desserts! I’ll have sweet dreams tonight after seeing the Chocolate peanut butter skillet. YUM!

  21. I am SUCH A PIZZA JUNKIE – I would absolutely die and go to heaven if I won that thing. It would be my most well-loved appliance. Instantly. ;)

  22. I will make my homemade pizzas first (a deluxe pizza, meat pizza and just pepperoni). Next, I’ll try some yummy cookies, breads, and pancakes.

  23. definitely would try to make paleo pizza (with cauliflower crust) and see how it turns out. lots of yummy marinara sauciness going on!

  24. I love to cook in the outdoors and have long looked at this stove and pizza oven, but couldn’t afford it. I would love to win it! Oh the things I could cook outside! Mmmmm.

  25. We would adore the Triple Burner Stove and Artisan Pizza Oven for our new home–especially for our Friday night favorite of homemade gluten free pizzas!

  26. I really really love pizza but am celiac so no gluten. My husband grills pizza sometimes and it makes such a huge difference with gf dough! I bet the pizza oven would be even better

  27. Woah! This is such a fantastic utility! I would love to work wonders with it. Imagining all of the wonderful pizza creations is making my mouth water!!

  28. These look awesome! Such possibilities…..Our family of 5 would love the pizza oven! And everything tastes better cooked and eaten outside! Fabulous!

  29. I would love to be able to make pizza in this oven. My family loves home made pizza and this would just kick it up a bunch.

  30. We’ll keep the outdoor (and indoor) parties going. First recipe will be a batch of flapjacks or pizzas. We make 8-10 pizzas a month on the grill, but with another grill. . . more pizzas (and pancakes).

  31. I would give this to my mom who makes the best homemade pizza! this would make it 100x better!! love this!

  32. I pride myself in saying that I can cook a full meal on a camping stove… but this one would just make it so much easier and FUN!!!

  33. Mmmm…homemade pizza! AND a grill – two of the most awesome ways to cook together! We don’t have a grill for our patio – and this one is the perfect size AND did I mention that it has two of the most awesome ways to cook together in one grill ???

  34. I’ve always wanted a brick pizza oven so this would be so cool, this would get used a lot at home and in the summer when I go camping!

  35. This pizza oven and burner stove is what our family could really use. We are currently using a toaster oven and portable electric 2 burner unit for our meals
    And winning this would be awesome. We will be cooking lots of our regular meals on this unit. Baking skillet meals and pizzas in the oven and use the burners with the griddles for bacon and pancakes. the grill for meats and slow cooking soups on the burners

  36. My kids LOVE pizza and the grill would be a great way to try new recipes and broaden the number of meals I make on the grill :)

  37. I would have to start with a standard cheese on homemade crust for the pizza oven. Of course burgers for the triple burner stove.

  38. I would use this stove for so many things from cooking up
    Great recipes of Averie’s, to doing my canning on it. Take all that heat out if my kitchen.

  39. This would be so great and make camp cooking much easier and fun. It would be great to make Artisian pizza, which is our favorite. We have never made pizza camping. Would be a great hit with the Grandchildren.
    Making our traditional pancakes on the griddle part instead of a small camp stove and an old pan.
    This would be the bomb to have!!!!!

  40. I’d make the cinnamon pizza wheel dessert a copycat of the Papa Murphy’s dessert and I’d try to create my family’s favorite pizza we order it’s called Monterey chicken classic it loaded with grilled green onions, red bell peppers, chicken and, garlic with a white ranch sauce as the base! Monterey Jack cheese and cheddar !

  41. I will definitely make pizza and we will do a lot of our regular and camp cooking on that stove – my husband grew up with something similar and he misses being able to cook outside… it would make him so happy!

  42. I could really use these. I have trouble with cooking and cleaning due to some health issues, and this could really help me to eat healthier!

  43. We are forever creating new pizza recipes, so this would be perfect – even more so now that I’m looking at buying my first house! It would be the first addition to our yard!

  44. I was thinking that I would love a caprese pizza or a pizza with butternut squash, spinach, goat cheese and sage…then I saw that skillet cookie!

  45. this grill, stove and oven would make my camping kitchen complete. make homemade pizza with venison, sausage, onions, peppers and cheese is great made in the outdoors.

  46. Homemade pizza (cheese and pepperoni) with the kids. I will use the stove when the kids and I go camping. This stove is awesome.

  47. How would I use these? I regularly do father son campouts with the youth group at my church. This’d be an awesome, and extremely useful, addition!

  48. Homemade pizza dough and toppings, I love home made pizza!!! This is such a great idea, so many things in one, we love to grill veggies and chicken, and make a pesto quinoa grilled chicken and veggies dish!! :)

  49. My husband would go crazy for this! We camp a couple of times a year and he is always complaining about our old camp stove. And the pizza oven, wow! That would be a great addition to our backyard BBQs!

  50. I would definitely give this to daughter and son-in-law. They’ve been having trouble with their grill which they use all the time. With 2 growing boys, grilling is they do together. This would be wonderful! :)

  51. Wow I’ve never seen anything like this! How awesome! I would make lots of veggie pizzas, and your hash browns recipe looks so good too. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win this amazing giveaway!

  52. I love making homemade pizza. That would be so cool! I have so many favorite pizza toppings that I don’t know where to start.

  53. My place only has an electric stove so having a burner stove outside would be a great supplement for my cooking!

  54. We love to cook sausage, onions and peppers on the grill while camping — that would be my first choice, but so many other great possibilities!

  55. Wow, I always wanted a pizza oven. This would be fantastic especially when it is hot out as our old house has no air conditioning . This would be great because we could do most of our cooking outside. Maybe do some entertaining in our yard next summer. Thanks for a chance to win this great prize. Would be trying out some of your pizza recipes. Yeah family fun night.

  56. I’d make vegetable pizza with goat cheese and a balsamic reduction glaze. I love vegetable loaded pizzas, and a goat cheese topping would give it a nice tart balance, but the balsamic reduction glaze would be the perfect sweetness factor :)

  57. I would use the pizza oven on our family RV trips. Pizza is good any time of day or night for any kind of meal. Breakfast pizzas, Lunch pizzas and dinner pizzas. WOW!

  58. I’ve been wanting to try a breakfast pizza with shredded Gruyere, sliced potatoes, red bell pepper, onion and a couple of cracked eggs. Drizzled with a little olive oil and black pepper. Geese, I hope I win!

  59. We love having summer get togethers in our backyard all the time. It would be great to make pizza as well as our usual bbq fare. I also would love to make other flatbread appetizers in it.

  60. we often have parties and I could really put this to GOOD use, love pizza on the grill and I could see me flipping tortillas and care asada too :)

  61. I would make the burgers, pizza but with one could make numerous different things.

    This would come in handy for my family because we are a family of six and I come from a very big extended family so this would really be put to good use by my family because we are always getting together especially in the summer … we are always looking for any excuse to have an impromptu cook out.

  62. The pizza oven sounds like so much fun. I would let each person make their own individual pizzas. Creative toppings encouraged!

  63. We make pizza once a week so this would be very handy! I’d like to try frying bacon on it too to keep the mess outside.

  64. What a great giveaway! I went the entire summer without a grill (or other contraption) for outdoor cooking. This would be perfect on my deck for cooking up some authentic Italian style pizzas (and turkey burgers on occasion!).

  65. I have been waiting for fall to make a butternut squash pizza and I bet this would make it even that much better. Plus it would be perfect in my small outdoor space!

  66. Oh my! I was just thinking last night that I wished I had a grill to cook a nice juicy steak on!! Perfect timing. And wouldn’t it be nice to make some crusty rolls to go with the steak?

  67. I would love to have a grill again. I love having backyard cookouts and haven’t had one since I had to move out of my last house. It will be a great way to bring my friends and household together

  68. Ooh I’d love to make homemade veggie pizza! I love how you can grill so easily outdoors with this awesome stove!

  69. I love making a pizza with sauteed spinach, ricotta, garlic, cracked egg on top on a thin crust!

    The stove and pizza oven would be handy for making a bunch of savory and dessert pizzas, and grill veggies for the topping!

  70. My family is addicted to homemade pizza – from savory to sweet! This would be amazing for us to try new recipes on

  71. We usually are the ones who host family outdoor parties. It would be different to have a grilled pizza party

  72. OMG….I would use this for my daughter’s upcoming 17th birthday party, she wants to have a load of people and I just don’t have the stove space in the kitchen to make all the dishes she has requested, the #1 request being pizza, She has requested pizza bar and Zebra decorations, so pizzas with grill marks would fit right in!

  73. I make pizza once a week and i LOVE to cook outdoors. I do not have an outdoor grill at the moment and i miss cooking outside so much! the smell, the wind, the elements! it’s fabulous!

  74. I would love to make pizza outdoors for my grandchildren. Looks like so much fun. Adds another dimension to camping.

  75. We have been getting into Socca and Naan lately, I would be curious to try that. I bought two Haas avocadoes yesterday with plans to make your 30-Minute Cheesy Avocado Skillet Pizza Bread (thinking of adding chciekn) this week!

  76. We make pizza at least once a week with my homemade dough; I make the dough and my hubby throws it together and cooks it. It would super exciting to make it with the pizza oven!

  77. Well pizza of course! :) Actually love grilling/cooking outside even in the winter (in California you can do that worth of thing)

  78. all your recipes look amazing. I think if I won I would try one of your pizza recipes. We go camping all the time and I think it’s about time I tried it.

  79. I would make Cajun pizza with our homemade smoked andouille sausage. It would be great to use this to make pizzas on camping trips.

  80. We love grilling outside! It’s a great way to get the family outside and interacting with dinner. We live in Texas and this I the best time of year to grill because it’s not unbearbly hot outside! :-)

  81. Your photos are so amazing. I really wish, on the rare occasion I make something I feel is so beautiful, I knew how to photograph my food.

    We have a family of seven, so we feed a crowd every day. I would love for us to have this for a million reasons, but a super-hot oven for pizza and breads really thrills me.

  82. I love margherita pizza’s I would be making some of those for sure.
    This grill looks like the perfect size for my patio at my apartment, great for cooking out and having family time (and keeping electricity costs down in the summer)

  83. What a great item to give away! My fiance and I are huge football fans and love to tailgate prior to going to Denver Broncos games. This would be so useful for tailgating. We love to make upscale finger foods and pizzas before each game. Thanks for the chance.

  84. I love making pizza and grilling, but every time I heat the oven over 450 degrees, every smoke detector in the house goes off. These might solve that problem!

  85. We fix homemade pizza at least once a week. It would be fun to have a pizza oven instead of an oven in which we cook a pizza. Thanks for the giveaway.

  86. I love this giveaway! i’m both a pizza (maker) fanatic, and I am recently obsessed with cooking on a flat top, I’m currently using a cast iron flat top in my tiny apartment, both cooking pizza at 500 degrees (my smoke alarm goes off because of the heat…) and cooking on a flat top make for some loud afternoon’s and evenings.. having outdoor capability (I have a walk out) would be great!

  87. I can think of lots of stuff to do with both of these! I have been making my own pizza dough for years, and for years when she was young, my step-daughter begged me to open a pizza place.! I’ve always used a stone in the oven, but now I live in an apartment and when I preheat the oven to 500 my smoke alarm goes off because of the heat! not good. I also love cooking on a flat top griddle, my latest obsession, Korean bbq! so this would also come in handy! Love this giveaway!

  88. I recently attended a demo on this pizza making contraption at a Cowboy Symposium. This would be awesome to win!

  89. My family loves pizza and I have a great healthy pizza dough recipe that I would love to use on this grill! And I would love to try ry your sweet potato pizza!

  90. I’d be most excited to use it for making pizza. My husband LOVES pizza, he could eat it every day!

  91. OMG! This would be so amazing to have! not only do we cook outside most of the year but we don’t have a generator for when we lose power with storm! Also tailgaiting would be amazing!!!!

  92. We like to do most of our cooking outside and our grill finally burned out and we have been in need of a new one, this would really be awesome to have as pizza is one of my favorite’s and I could make it out on the grill with this!!!!

  93. That pizza oven is so cool. I am currently all over pesto. I would make a cheesy pesto, tomato pizza.

  94. We don’t have a grill and we love cooking and bbqing food outdoors in every chance we get. Maybe its because its rustic and food tastes so good and there is much satisfaction in doing it the way our forefathers did it. This wonderful outdoor stove and oven can be envisioned around many family and friends gathered together and cooking and laughing outside! Here is to wishing!

  95. I love pizza, so I would use that pizza oven for sure. I could make a gluten free crust so eating it doesn’t kill my husband’s stomach.

  96. We absolutely love grilling out! This outdoor stove and pizza oven would be the perfect addition to the new patio we will be building next summer! Below are some tasty ideas to make on the oven.


  97. The 3 burner would be perfect for my son who loves to camp and I’d make ham and pineapple pizza in the pizza ovem!

  98. Just wanted to let you know that if I win this and you are verifying the email newsletter that the email I have on the rafflecopter is different than the one I use for your newsletter. Here is the correct email to verify that sbroughton61@yahoo.com

  99. oh wow this is amazing, i would definately make pizza first then let the imagination run wild. thanks for the chance to win

  100. The pizza oven would be perfect to make Canadian Bacon and pineapple pizza. The triple burner stove looks great for cooking outside and keeping the kitchen cool. Thinking pot of beans and cornbread in a cast iron skillet. Thanks for the chance to win.

  101. We would start to grill our Pizzas if we won this. I also love to grill most of my recipes because it tastes so good but is also lower in fat than frying etc,

  102. I would bring the ingredients to make Thai chicken pizza and re-give the pizza oven and outdoor stove to my son who recently moved into his first home.

  103. Oh bless our hearts…we had to sell our grill when we moved down for school. My poor husband misses grilling more than anything! He made the best cilantro/lime grilled chicken and grilled veggies! Perfect meal! Crossing our fingers and toes!

  104. I’d make a pesto pizza with caramelized onions and ricotta. This is an awesome giveaway! Makes me ready for summer again, and it’s just barely Fall…..

  105. The pizza oven would be great for some crusty breads and pizzas-especially since I’m struggling with my oven holding temperature.

  106. I’ve wanted an outdoor grill for years. I’d love to have one for fish, chicken, burgers, steaks, and yes pizza. I’d definitely put this to good use and would love to make gluten free pizzas.

  107. I would love these for our backyard – especially the pizza oven…we make homemade pizza all the time and they would be amazing made in there!

  108. Grilling is important to my family! We have a Big Green Egg for brick oven pizza and BBQ at home, but my kids are of the age that we’ve started tailgating and camping more this year. This stove would be incredible!

  109. I love the outdoors and camping so I would use the stove and griddle on my back deck to cook pancake breakfasts and grilled vegetables and grilled cheese sandwiches…. I would cook everything on it all year round and then I would also take it camping! The Artisan Pizza Oven would be fun and I would love to try different recipes. Lol, I am not a creative cook, so if I won these prizes I would be back here on your blog getting recipes!!!!

  110. What an amazing backyard stove. I would make a pizza and maybe some beans and crab cakes – I would love to just show-off with this!

    [it also might come in handy if there was an earthquake and we had no gas or power – just sayin’]

  111. My boyfriend would use the griddle, but I make homemade pizza on weekends and would def use the pizza oven

  112. my husband and I do not have a grill and I really LOVE this one….and
    that pizza oven is fabulous…i think i’d eat pizza every day! ;)

  113. I’ve never had a gas grill but this one looks amazing. I could bbq for friends and family and make a vegan pizza for the rest of us. Thanks for your site. I’m new to being a vegan and looking for some great recipes!

  114. I would love to make the mango basil pizza! Sounds yummy. I would love to be able to grill outside rather than on a George foreman!

  115. I would give this to my mom if I won it! She would be so happy with this. She’s been wanting a grill for quite a while.

  116. I am a pizza geek, making it from scratch every week. It would be nice to have the ability to cook it outside, especially in the summer when its 90+ degrees outside and I have the oven at 550 for 2 hours. One of my favorites is my take on the Greek pizza…Olive oil base, crushed garlic, leafy baby spinach, sundried tomatoes (from my garden), roasted pine nuts, feta cheese, a bit of mozzarella and a sprinkle of fresh basil! One I made recently that tasted better than I thought it would was a Mac & Cheese pizza. I made the mac the night before (only homemade, hate the boxed stuff) and had some left over. I tossed on some broccoli and bacon.

  117. Wow what an awesome prize. That grill is amazing and I would love a pizza oven. I love making homemade pizzas and I have never even had a pizza stone. I would first tackle a sausage and pepper pizza.

  118. My boyfriend and I are pizza fanatics, so there’s so many pizzas I’ve been wanting to try at home. I think first up I would try to recreate the Cream&Crimson from Aver’s in Bloomington, IN. Thin slices of potatoes, gorgonzola, bacon… So yummy. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  119. There are so many things I can think of using both of these items for. We love to tailgate, my husband is an avid hunter as well so I know the stove would be used a ton. The oven would be so exciting since I am gluten free I would love to make pizza that I can eat in the comfort of my own home. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a great contest.

  120. I would love to make a spinach, mushroom and garlic alfredo pizza. We love making pizza and grilling at our house!

  121. We live in an apt, so we have no way of cooking outdoors! I’d love something we could use for parties at our house until we get a real grill (and a real back porch!).

  122. Our grill has made it through one too many seasons… We were just talking about how we needed to replace it next spring :) So this would become a permanent fixture on our grill pad.

    1. I would love to try to make challah bread in a pizza oven that resembles a real wood oven! My family loves to grill – a new multifunction grill would be just perfect for us! It would speed up meal making by giving us 2 separate cooking options at the same time!

  123. Your idea of simmering baked beans on the stove is perfect because I love baked beans. And any pizza that comes out of that oven would taste amazing! I’d make anything in it.

  124. I’d make the pizza and skillet cookie to start with! I’m luck enough to live in CA so cooking outdoors year round would be no problem!

  125. I’ve been craving an arugula, prosciutto, and fig pizza, so that’s probably the first thing I’d make with the pizza oven.

  126. I am hoping to redo my kitchen soon, so it would be great to have these to cook while the kitchen in out of service!

  127. Wow, my fiancée has been wanting to get a grill for the longest time (not that we have a backyard to put it in…yet…but we could use our landlord’s), and one that doubles as a pizza oven?! Even better!

  128. I would make a BBQ Chicken Pizza! This would be a great Congrats on getting that awesome job present for the Hubby since we don’t have a grill.

  129. We used to always make homemade pizza on Friday nights. It would be fun to use the pizza oven and bring back an old family tradition.

  130. I went through 4 propane tanks for my grill this summer. I would LOVE this! I would grill anything and everything. The first thing I’d make would be boring probably – grilled zucchini. I just love it!

  131. My boyfriend and I always make our own pizza from scratch, so we would definitely make a margherita pizza with mozzarella cheese, fresh tomato sauce, and fresh basil (which I also grow myself).

  132. My husband would LOVE to make pizza at home – particularly pepperoni. I think that would be first on the list. :)

  133. Thank you so much for offering yet another wonderful giveaway. The first thing I would make is that delicious looking Roasted Sweet Potato and Goat Cheese Pizza!

  134. My husband love loves pizza and this would be like something he has never dreamt of before. I looks like it would be used over and over again. He loves to cook outdoors too.

  135. Definitely grill up some veggies & use them to top a pizza. I don’t have a grill and I’ve so wanted an outdoor pizza/bread oven. I would/could really use this!!! Hoping!!!!

  136. Fig and prosciutto pizza! So delicious and great for fall…and this time it would be from the comfort of my own home. Nothing gets better than that :)

  137. Pizza, pizza and more pizza. I will start with a bacon, onion and garlic pizza. The possibilities are truly endless. Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  138. My fiance and I love to have family and friends over – especially for the 4th of July – this would be so much easier to cook everything outside!

  139. With a growing (and running) toddler, our family is focused on preparing healthy and homecooked meals – pizza is our favorite!! All three of us will love the versatility of this grill and oven!!

  140. This looks too wonderful to be real! I’d pitch out our old camping grill that travels with us, but never does a decent job, and joyfully replace it with this stove! I’ll bet I could even bake my bread in that pizza oven!

  141. We grill all the time, this would be awesome to have on the manny family camping trips we take…to be able to make yummy breakfast and awesome pizza for dinner would be so cool. Such a great prize, thanks Averie :)

  142. This would most definitely come in handy for my family because we live in Florida and yesterday it still got up to 91 degrees outside! It’s just too hot to turn on the oven. So I’d put this out on our patio and would love to try doing a pizza on it! How awesome!

  143. I would love to make the Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Oatmeal Skillet Cookie on this stove!

    This stove would be an awesome addition to our emergency preparedness kit. We’ve got stockpiles of food and water already… this stove would give us a great way to cook the food and if necessary, heat the water!

  144. Currently have a charcoal grill (husband uses it). Would love to have one I can use. Would do lots of things with it! Making pizza would be one and of course all kinds of grilling!! :-)

  145. We recently had to retire our tiny camping stove, and we’re hoping to take lots of camping trips next year! This stove would be perfect. And a pizza stone? Well, let’s just say there will be lots of personal pies happening.

  146. I’m a pizza addict. From thin Neapolitan style to Chicago deep dish, I truly love it. Please be my enabler? :)

  147. My husband and I would definitely put this to good use! We love to make grilled fish and veggie kebabs… this would also come in handy for camping trips!