Magimix Colored Vision Toaster Giveaway ($200 Value)


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I’ve wanted one of these Magimix Colored Vision Toasters for years, and I finally got one.

It was worth the wait, and I love this toaster to the point that I’ve been making loaves of bread, just to use my toaster. Yeah.

Magimix Colored Vision Toasters

I got the ivory color, and think it has a retro-meets-modern charm, but one lucky winner can select from ivory, red, or black.

Magimix Colored Vision Toasters

Experience the only toaster with a viewing window that lets you watch the toasting process in action. Set the toaster to an automatic brown setting, or simply press a button to pop up your toast when it’s browned just the way you like.

As the world’s first see-through toaster, the Magimix Vision Toaster does away with interrupting the toasting process to check on your toast.

Magimix Colored Vision Toasters

For ultimate browning you can choose an automatic browning setting or simply glance at the glass-sided toaster and press a button to pop up your toast, bagels, baguettes and buns when they’re browned to your liking.

The toasters are available at Williams-Sonoma or from Chef’s Catalog

Product Details

  • Four quartz heating elements produce crisp, uniformly browned toast.
  • Four preprogrammed heat settings include Toast, Bagel, Reheat and Defrost.
  • Extra-wide slots accommodate the thickest bagels and toast.
  • Durable stainless-steel and plastic construction.
  • Glossy color finish.
  • Built to last for 30,000 uses.

Magimix Colored Vision Toasters

To make sure you have plenty of bread to toast, here are 15 Favorite Bread Recipes

1. Soft and Fluffy Sandwich Bread (vegan)

Soft and Fluffy Sandwich Bread

2. Honey Maple Beer Bread

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3. Easy Homemade Cinnamon Raisin Bagels

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4. 30 Minute Honey Whole Wheat Skillet Bread

30 Minute Honey Whole Wheat Skillet Bread

5. No-Knead Buttery Parmesan and Sour Cream Bread

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6. Outback Steakhouse Wheat Bread (vegan)

Outback Steakhouse Wheat Bread 

7. Honey Butter Pumpkin Dinner Rolls

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8.Honey Dinner Rolls

Honey Dinner Rolls

9. No-Knead Make Ahead Dinner Rolls with Honey Butter

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10. 100% Whole Wheat No-Knead Make Ahead Dinner Rolls with Honey Butter

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11. Cinnamon and Spice Sweet Potato Bread

Cinnamon and Spice Sweet Potato Bread

12. Raisin Bread for Raisin Lovers

Raisin Bread for Raisin Lovers

13. Cinnamon Raisin English Muffin Bread with Cinnamon Sugar Butter – A goofproof, foolproof, no-knead recipe that’s perfect for the first-time bread maker

Cinnamon Raisin English Muffin Bread with Cinnamon Sugar Butter 

14. Cinnamon Swirl Bread – As close to cinnamon buns as bread gets. Filled with a sweet cinnamon-sugar butter mixture that’s swirled throughout, this is a tender, buttery, sweet loaf that novice bread-makers can successfully tackle

 Cinnamon Swirl Bread

15. Soft and Chewy Coconut Milk Bread (vegan)

Soft and Chewy Coconut Milk Bread (vegan)

One winner will receive a Magimix Colored Vision Toaster ($200 Value) in the color of his/her choice, based on availability.

Winner will be notified by email and will have 24 hours to reply, at which point another winner will be selected if winner does not reply.

Using Rafflecopter, enter to win the giveaway by completing the first three tasks and any optional ways you’d like to enter.

Leave a blog comment below in response to the first question and follow the prompts for additional entries. Sometimes the widget is a bit slow to load, so please be patient.

Magimix Colored Vision Toaster 

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Good Luck and make sure to also enter the Outdoor Triple Burner Stove and Artisan Pizza Oven Giveaway ($350 Value)

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  1. We’re on a bagel kick at our house right now (I CAN’T. STOP. EATING. the Thomas ‘limited edition’ Pumpkin bagels…) so that would probably be the first thing. My little girl is all about buttery toast and frozen waffles these days, too. I think she’d LOVE watching it “in action”!

  2. I LOVE toasted ‘everything’ bagels and would be thrilled to make that my first endeavor in the toaster. Crunchy toasts of all sort are a comfort food to me. My 4 slice toaster, another manufacturer, had to be thrown out about 2 years ago since it started sparking and i was afraid of either electric shock or fire and i have not replaced it. This not only would make wonderful toast of all sorts, but would be entertaining at the same time. Thank you for the opportunity.

  3. I would love to have this multi-functional toaster in red! Right now all I have is a two slice one & it can’t hold bagels. (I have to use the oven & flip them over). Also, I make my own bread & cut the loaf into Texas toast. It sure would be great to have a toaster to accommodate the larger sizes of bread.

  4. I am all about my carbs (inmaderation of course) I could imagine many itmes in the toaster – waht a great idea to see the browning process – maybe myt husband will toast without burning

  5. would love to have a great toaster like this to toast cinnamon cranberry walnut gluten free bagels!
    Cathy B*****y palmbreezelife atyahoodotcom

  6. Cinnamon-raisin toast is among my favorite things, and I often make a loaf in my bread machine just to have for toasting.

  7. I’m simple in that I love toast, but I love toast with peanut or almond butter on top. Simple snack, but one of my favorites!

  8. Theres nothing like a toasted english muffin smothered with jam, butter, or cream cheese! This toaster is so cool!

  9. I love toasted pumpkin bread! Its such a perfect fall snack. Fresh-baked is always delightful too, but I love the smell that fills the house when I toast pumpkin bread:)

  10. My kids would be thrilled, we never make toast mainly because we keep our older unsightly toaster stashed in a cabinet. this one is so pretty and so multi-functional!

  11. I love a good sourdough bread, or a fluffy rye bread perfectly toasted so it’s soft and chewy/airy on the inside, and crunchy and perfectly toasted on the outside!

  12. My favorite toast would have to be fresh sourdough bread. Then butter it & add a bit of peanut butter. Yep. That’s it.

  13. Oooh love this toaster design! I’m drooling thinking about toasting french bread, fresh onion bagels, and homemade cinnamon raisin bread. Thanks so much!

  14. I love making a sauteed spinach, salt and pepper, on an over easy egg, sandwiched between two toasted multigrain sandwich thins!

  15. I just saw this toaster when we were out. It looks so neat! I would put some gluten free waffles in it!

  16. One favorite? Impossible! I get potato bread from a local little shop every week, we make bread, we sometimes have bread my grandmother bakes, or mother. I love bagels and English muffins, and sourdough breads, too.

  17. I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on toasted bread, so I would definitely be giving it a workout! What an ingenious idea for a toaster!

  18. My vintage toaster finally died and I’ve been looking for a replacement– this is beautiful. I’m missing my morning buttered toast now that fall has arrived in the Hudson Valley.

  19. I like to toast cinnamon bread and bagels. I love that you can see through and see how the toast is doing on these toasters.

  20. I would love to win this. Have been without toaster for a couple years. First thing I would toast would be a gluten-free cranberry walnut bagel! ( then top with organic pumpkin cream cheese ( DIY)
    Cathy B*****y palmbreezelife at yahoodotcom

  21. I love toasting cinnamon sugar bagels and putting honey almond cream cheese smear on them! Oh weeeee that makes me want to make one right now! Better cross my fingers to win this bad boy! xo

  22. I love toasting bread to use for a pb&j or any sandwich to add some crunch! Toasting gluten free bread makes it so much tastier!

  23. I like to toast bagels! I’ve wanted a toaster like this since the first time I saw them. Thanks for the giveaway.

  24. I toast the bread I buy when I visit Elkins, Arkansas. I usually buy Honey, Flax, Oats & and Sprouted Wheat Bread from Ozark Natural Breads. Her breads are amazing, delicious and healthy.

  25. Cinnamon swirl bread or blueberry waffles for breakfast! LOVE that toaster!

    Thanx for the chance to win and for all the yummy recipes! :)

  26. I love the smell of cinnamon raisin swirl bread as it is toasting. I could see myself toasting up quite a few slices of cinnamon swirl bread. I sometimes make myself an Utterly Immature Sandwich. Toast cinnamon bread, spread a healthy amount of peanut butter on one slice, top with a healthy drizzle of honey, 1/2 banana sliced or mashed, and the other slice. Dress casual, this sandwich is always messy. At least it is for me, I like honey!

  27. Cinnamon raisin bread is my favorite thing to toast! Oooo or waffles! And, my toaster is awful, so this would be an incredible win! :)

  28. I love taking a piece of toast and spreading peanut butter on it then put cinnamon mixed with honey over that. It is so good.

  29. I could keep this for myself or it would make an excellent gift for one of my daughters. The grandchildren would love to watch it work.

  30. I would actually give this toaster to my daughter. She and her boyfriend just bought a house. This toaster would be a great house warming gift for them!

  31. We do love sliced and toasted zucchini bread for breakfast! MMMM! Thank you for this Magimix Colored Vision Toaster Giveaway! I would love to win, and I wish everyone who enters “Good Luck!”

  32. My favorite thing to toast is homemade bread. I use my bread machine, so it’s cheater bread, but still tasty!

  33. English muffins or fresh bread (right before covering it with peanut butter and honey. Or right now, this amazing strawberry fig preserve I found!).

  34. This would be used every morning for toasting either a bagel or homemade bread for my husbands breakfast. I might actually be able to toast it without burning and then scraping! I have hated my toaster oven since the day I bought it. I want this toaster! :) Here’s hoping !

  35. I like to toast English muffins and any of my homemade breads. Love these toasters and have wanted one ever since they first came out. Maybe this will be my lucky day!

  36. BAGELS! Love the idea that i can keep tabs on how the toasting is going through the window!

    Thanks for a chance at the giveaway!

  37. What’s your favorite thing to toast or what do you envision using this toaster for?

    raisin taost in the morning

  38. i love to toast homemade bread just like my mom. i’ve never seen a toaster like this, this is the awe of all toasters. thanks for a chance to win

  39. My kids like their bread ever so lightly toasted, this would be a huge help. Our dog won’t be a fan, he won’t be getting so much over cooked toast anymore.

  40. I LOVE to toast sourdough bread and put butter and honey on it. I also love mini bagels and I think I could even warm up biscuits in this thing!!

  41. My boyfriend makes breakfast sandwiches at some point during most weekends. My favorite is fried egg, bacon, American cheese, Sriracha, and a little dab of mayonnaise on a toasted everything bagel. My mouth is watering just thinking about it… Love the design of this toaster. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  42. In all honesty, my son will use this most after stamping a skull and crossbones in his toast with a bread stamper

  43. Favorite thing to toast is rye bread! I love it just a little crunchy with melted butter all over it! That and cinnamon raisin bread is my favorite toasted! Yum!

  44. All of these recipes look wonderful! My husband and I are particular fans of English muffins, toasted, and toasted raisin cinnamon bread. I’d love the blue one! :)

  45. your cinnamon swirl bread has my name written all over it :) i’d have to try that one first.

  46. I think we probably toast bagels the most in this house. Love the retro but also modern look of these toasters!

  47. I make my own honey oat whole wheat bread (which btw is surprisingly light and fluffy) so I would definitely toast that and have it with some peanut butter.

  48. I have celiac and have to use toaster bags for my bread in our family toaster so I would use this toaster for ME! To toast all my Gluten free items and it would be safe and pretty!

  49. I am guilty of loving to toast poptarts (not often!) and of course I love to toast bread, particularly sourdough.

  50. This new fangled see-what-you-are toasting toaster reminds me of my grandmothers old metal bread toaster that she’d heat up on her gas burner. As a child along with my siblings, we’d watch in fascination as the bread turned golden brown being toasted right before our eyes!
    It sure looks versitile, so you really get to watch how dark you want your toast. It’s great that it comes in 3 colors. I’m sure my own grand children (and me, too) would enjoy making our own memories watching toast being made right-before-our eyes with the Black rimmed piece.

  51. I absolutely LOVE cinnamon raisin toast! It would be so much easier to get it just right with this toaster where I could watch it brown!

  52. I love just a simple slice of wholewheat bread toasted to dark brown with peanut butter and lingonberry jam. It’s my favourite Saturday breakfast :) So I’m looking forward to tomorrow morning!

  53. I invested a few years ago in a Dr. Weil toaster it was over $100 and it sucks, (when you can manage to get bread of the 1 side that works out it’s burned ) I would just like to have a toaster that isn’t a piece of crap. My toddler loves pumpkin bagels ATM so I’m sure we’d use it for that. I’d toast homemade bread I keep finding awesome recipes on Pinterest.

  54. Oh my gosh, I need this SO BADLY. I don’t own a toaster. Because it’s a “unitasker,” my husband has vetoed me spending any money (or counterspace) on one. But here’s the thing – I eat toast EVERY SINGLE MORNING at breakfast. To make it, I have to heat up a cast iron grill pan (which, as you know, takes a bit of time) and grill the bread by pressing down on it with another heavy skillet. As delicious as it is, the process is time-consuming and annoying as can be. I would LOVE to finally have a toaster, especially one this beautiful! I’d use it, of course, for my morning toast made with local sourdough bread.

  55. I really like dry toast. Lame I know but it is the best to me. The bread has to be homemade though. That is a must.

  56. I am really excited to make the maple bread you posted ! Although I am a big fan of homemade seed breads. I think this toaster is adorable.

  57. I am addicted to english muffins – I love a good breakfast sandwich so I am toasting one of those almost everyday. : )

  58. I love honey wheat bread so toasting it with butter would be oh so delicious. Actually, I just love bread. That was the nickname that my parents gave me as a child.

  59. My husband likes to toast buns, bread and pitas before we stick stuff in ’em, so that’d probably top the list of uses!

  60. I love a good English Muffin with butter and honey on it so an English muffin would be used in the toaster along with other items.

  61. Can’t wait to try your version of cinnamon raisin bread! I just tried one a few months back where you mull the raisins in red wine and spices before adding them to the bread…so decadent!

  62. I’m boring and usually resort to toasted potato bread with nutella, but my brother is still in college and somehow uses his toaster to make toasted cheese sandwiches, which I still haven’t figured out the technicalities of…

  63. I haven’t had toast in awhile. It would be great to start again using this beautiful toaster!

  64. I’d love to toast some of the raisin bread you posted above. Raisin toast with cream cheese was one of my favourite breakfasts growing up.