Overnight Growth

I went to The Money Pit Target yesterday.  Skylar has been growing like a weed and her pants literally went from normal to high waters, overnight. A shopping trip was in order to restock pants.  Usually I restock produce, but yesterday it was restocking pants.

Yes, she is very tall for a four year old

Good thing Target kids clothes are usually a deal at $4 to $5 per item.  I picked up a couple pairs of pants and some dollar bin Easter socks.

And a couple pairs of shorts and a new bikini for her.  We’ll need those for our Caribbean getaway that’s coming up.

After some toiletries, toilet paper, and other thrilling items, I was a “good” girl and didn’t even venture into the dishes and kitchen area.

I found these towels in the dollar bins even though they were more than a dollar.  <– How does that work?

I’ve been so busy that easy, simple food is about all I can manage.

Snacking on fresh fruit

And Raw Pasta Salad with Creamy Lemon & Herb Dressing (vegan) makes a fast and easy, fresh meal

With Ginger Coconut Roasted Fennel, Carrots & Potatoes

Fennel is a favorite of mine.  It really reminds me of spring.

And for dessert Vegan Fudge hits the spot.

Good thing it’s no-bake, since I don’t have time for anything complicated or fussy these days.

From my last post about Posing, it was fun to hear what poses you’re working on in both yoga, and otherwise. It was also a joy to read that many of you with kids have your kids watching you practice and that they try their own little versions of yoga.  Cute!


1. Do you remember having growth spurts as a child?

Growing up I was, and still am, quite tall.  I remember growing about six inches during the school year of 5th grade.  I went from about 5’0 to 5’6″ that school year.  Nearly an inch per month of height growth!

I got growing pains in my legs, I ate like a horse, I outgrew my pants and shoes, monthly. I wore a woman’s size 10 shoe at age 1o and they didn’t stop there.  Big foot much?

I towered over everyone else, even more so than I did previously.  So yes, I remember growing!

2. Last Target (or similar store) purchases?

I am curious when I read other people’s blogs about what they bought, which brings me back to the major influence of blogs on shaping purchasing decisions.  It’s fun to hear what everyone is grooving on and sometimes I hear about great things, and also find some cautionary reviews, too.  Gabriela just posted about a dry shampoo she wasn’t loving.

At Target yesterday, other than clothes for Skylar, a couple dish towels, I also bought toilet paper, Palmer’s cocoa butter lotion, Carmex, Pantene conditioner for Skylar’s hair, Olay toner for my face, and I bought some goodies for Easter basket making.  The Easter Bunny is coming soon, after all!

Enjoy your day.  It’s almost Friday!

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  1. Target is a money pit, I have another list for it this week! Great food pics, I hear ya on simple dishes after this week!

    1. Not really, but I must have had them since I’m 6′ tall. Being the youngest of three, I got a lot of hand-me-downs that didn’t always fit perfectly – I wore crops before they were the style. :-P
    2. Birthday cards and an iTunes gift card for a gift.

  2. 3rd through 5th grade was CRAZY for me!!! I think I had 5 new wardrobes a year between those two times. I think I would have appreciated that more if I was a few years older. ;) There was a Kmart in our town at the time, so that’s where my mom bought a lot of my clothes as I was growing, but by 5th grade I was hitting American Eagle, Hollister, and Abercrombie. Definitely AFTER the major growth though!

  3. What a beautiful little girl. She’s going to grow up to be tall and beautiful like her momma :)

  4. Awww, that’s so awesome that Skylar is growing like a healthy little sprout should. She’s probably going to be taller than me soon, LOL.

    I love Target’s $1 bins, but yeah, they are tricky. Some are $2-3 or more. Those towels are super cute!! Love <3

  5. I LOVE Target! I cannot get out of there without spending less than $50! Skylar is so beautiful, my goodness – she is ging to be a heart breaker!

    I have always been tall – I towered over everyone my entire life. I’ve actually been 5’8″ since I was 12!

  6. I grew about 5 inches the summer between 7th and 8th grade. And only an inch or two since then. That was a beastly summer.

    Those dollar bins get me every time. Every single time, I tell you.

  7. Your recipe for raw pasta is SOOO good! I tried it about a week ago, it was delicious! My only problem was that I let it set for about an hour, and my “noodles” got WAY too soft for my liking. Can’t stand anything squishy, haha otherwise it was delish! Thanks for sharing!

  8. i havent had a growth spurt since about grade 5 or 6. i used to be the tall kid in class… and then i never never grew again. i stopped at a nice even 5 feet. it makes shopping for clothes hard sometimes (everythings always too long) but i’m comfortable with my height :-)

  9. After reading so much about Sunbutter, I found some at Target on clearance (with flax seeds mixed in to boot). I couldn’t pass it up! It’s definitely very tasty. I’ve got to stay away from the dollar bin…I’d go crazy there!

  10. wanna hear something crazy?? i went to target today and the only thing I walked out with was a bag of green beans and 20 dollars cash back from my purchase!! I was really surprised but I was in one of those moods where nothing was appealing to me and I didn’t feel like spending money on silly things I didn’t need!

    Hey I do have a Q for you…I want a bathing suit for my competition for my photo shoot (Not for the show) any suggestions of websites?? I know vickis has a lot but im bore dof their stuff! I feel like you may know some sneaky websites!!


  11. No way she’s only four!! I would have guessed six or so :) She’s adorable! I never really had a growth spurt. I was never much taller or shorter than any of the boys, so I think I just steadily grew to 5’4″ haha. Oh and the Target $1 bins have different color dots on the tags. Some are $1, some are $2 and some are $2.50 I think. Clearly I frequent those bins ;)

  12. Target is SUCH a money suck! I find I can’t go in there without making a significant dent in my paycheck. I usually buy essentials there – shampoo, soap, kitchen utensils (yes, these are essential!), dishes, clothes, you name it. Another store that sucks up my money is World Market. I bought pillows, cushions, a doormat and of course FOOD there the other day! Thinking about going back to get a Papasan chair. :)

  13. i literally just took pictures of my dole brand bananas on a wooden table too.

  14. Skylar has crazy-long hair too! I wish my hair grew like that; when I was four it was barely to my shoulders.
    My last purchases were in the produce section. Kale, red leaf lettuce, avocadoes, bananas and pears. It actually reminded me of you’re frequent produce hauls, kinda made me laugh. And I bought a bar of Lindt 90% dark chocolate. Mmmm…

  15. omg i just made your raw vegan choc choc chip cookies in my dehydrator. YUM! somehow i missed the 1st time you posted the recipe. it’s a new fave here. i don’t comment much but i so enjoy your blog.

    i have 3 kiddos so as far as the growth spurts, we like tar-jay, ebay, outlets, hand-me-downs from nice neighbors, goodwill stores . . .

  16. I bought a bathing suit at Target yesterday! Only 17 bucks- it was a steal :)

  17. I don’t remember growing too much. Just my last growth spurt. In grade 5 or 6 I was the tallest kid in the class at just under 5″2. And then I completely stopped growing and I was dwarfed by everyone, haha! Just curious, how tall are your parents? Do you come from a tall family? My mom and her mom are short like me but my dads side are all fairly tall or at least average height. My daughters still coming out of the pudgy baby phase and she’s slowly turning into a tall and thin toddler. I love it, but the clothing thing sucks! She’s got 6-12 month pants that fall off her little waist but they’re not even too short yet(she’s small all over, but apparently she has a tiny waist and no butt, haha!). It’s frustrating, but I’m sure she’ll grow out of it soon enough. My son had a similar problem too.

  18. My boys always have a growth spurt in February. My 12-year-old got his first pairs of men’s jeans because he had outgrown the boys’ sizes and my 3-year-old (4 in one month) is now in 5T. All of his long-sleeve shirts are looking like 3/4 sleeves, but he’ll just have to make do. We’ve got a lot of warm weather on the horizon.

  19. I grew from 5’0″ to 5’7″ in about a year, and haven’t grown since. Hello growth spurt! It’s funny that it happened so quickly, and then nothing since, though.

    I haven’t been to Target for awhile, but whenever I’m there I always pick up a few Champion Sports Bras, beauty products and food staples. Wish there was one near me here!

  20. I always love seeing your pictures of all the beautiful flowers. It is always refreshing!

    My recent food purchases? I just now posted about them…


    I hope you have a wonderful day!

  21. Averie,

    I rarely comment but I just have to say THANK YOU. I always look forward to reading your posts as a little break during my busy days and they are always positive and always make me smile!

    Thanks, as always, for the radiating joy that comes from all of your posts,


  22. i TOTALLY remember growth spurts – the growing pains and my mom rubbing my legs to make them feel better, the suddenly-too-short pants…i was always the tallest girl in the class til about grade 7, then i just stopped growing! until then, my parents were sure i was going to be 6’+ (i’m 5’5″).
    great finds for skylar! i love those socks! sooo wish we had target…
    enjoy the rest of your day!

  23. I hear ya on growing kids! Like weeds I tell ya. I remember growing pains as a kid. I know my kids go through it too. I can always tell when mine are about to grow too because they eat like crazy and their faces get a little rounder…I swear they wake up the next day taller!

  24. I don’t remember growth spurts, but I remember my younger sisters suddenly growing one year — and it was close to when you’re describing — 4th or 5th grade. I’m sure I did the same thing but I don’t remember.

    My niece is 4 and she is growing so fast too! She has really long legs. My sister (her mother) is almost 6 feet tall so we expected her to be tall too!

    Latest purchases — thankfully I haven’t gone shopping all week but I’m going tomorrow after work. I’m sure I’ll find plenty of stuff to get.

    And I laughed at the more-than-a-dollar towels in the dollar section. I don’t get it either!

  25. My son is not tall, but I had to do the big pants refresh as well (and duh, also at Target). He’s 4 and a half, and we had to move him from 3T into 4T pants (FINALLY!!!).

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