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As I mentioned in my last post, I received a lot of mail and packages in the almost 3 weeks we were away in Aruba.

United States Postal Service box with mail in it

Including many magazines and catalogs.  Here are just a few.

Victoria's Secret, Parents, allure, and professional's source magazineI actually don’t subscribe to any of these.  They seriously just show up.  Not kidding. Parenting magazines are notorious for this.  You get pregnant and you get put on magazine lists, forever.  At least for me that’s how it was.

I know I’ve turned into a photography geek when I’d rather look at my (first) B & H Photo Video catalog with all things camera stuff than VS stuff.

B & H Photo Video catalogBoy, how times have changed.  See, I can actually use the camera stuff.

Camera bags listingsThe VS stuff?  Not so much.

I wear $16.99 Target sports bras and see my answer under U about my underwear if you care.  Not sure why you would care about underwear or why I even answered that question, but I did.

In the mail, I received a couple sample packets of Amazing Grass ORAC Green Superfood Powder in packets.

Amazing Grass ORAC Green Superfood Powder packets

ORAC is the body’s ability to neutralize free radicals and one small packed of this product is a powerhouse of a free radical neutralizer.

Amazing Grass Antioxidant Green Superfood: Antioxidants to the rescue! These superheroes of nutrition help support your body's natural ability to neutralize free radicals. Their power is measured through ORAC. Broccoli has 900 ORAC units per 3.5 oz. serving and for the same amount of carrots, around 210 ORAC units. Just one scoop of ORAC Green Superfood has a whopping 15,000 ORAC units. Using a combination of 5 key blends made from high quality fruits, vegetables and herbs, it is the perfect sidekick to our Green Superfood.So is a plant-based diet and eating the rainbow but sometimes some supplements or powders are like “insurance” if we’re not getting what is optimal via food sources.  I prefer food to supplements overall but it’s fun to try new things.

I’d like to try a packet of this in a Purple Rain Smoothie

Purple Rain Smoothie in glass

Or maybe in a Peach Banana Colada Smoothie

Peach Banana Colada Smoothie in jar

I also received a large container of Tropical Traditions Powdered Dishwasher Detergent with enzymes.

Tropical Traditions Powdered Dishwasher Detergent jarI usually use whatever “pellets” or “gel-packs” are on sale from Target or the grocery store and haven’t used powder in ages in the dishwasher.

After one load of dishes, so far so good.   The Tropical Traditions powdered dish detergent worked beautifully.

I am also a big fan of TT’s Dish Liquid that I reviewed in this post.

The powdered dish detergent I just received is ultra-concentrated, contains no chlorine, phosphates, fillers or fragrances., and is therefore much more environmentally friendly than most mainstream dishwasher detergents.

Powdered dish detergent is non-toxic and environmentally safe with no harmful by-products upon decomposition. Powered dish detergent does NOT contain chlorine phosphates, fillers, or fragrances. Powdered dish detergent rinses away completely leaving no residue on your dishes so you get a clean, safe sparkle.Best of all, it worked. Nothing worse than having to re-run your dishwasher if your detergent doesn’t get the job done!

Speaking of chores, thank for sharing what Chores you can’t stand in my last post, Chores & Goodies.

And for letting me know if there’s any fun goodies you’ve gotten lately!


1. Best thing you’ve eaten or done so far this weekend?

Waking up and knowing I don’t have 5 loads of laundry to do before noon was a nice feeling.

And I’m about to go rock a good workout.  I can feel it.

2. Do you use powder dishwasher detergent or laundry detergent?

I tend to buy almost exclusively “pellets” or “gel packs” for the former, and 100% of the time I use liquid in my washing machine.

I know you can use powdered laundry detergents in front loaders if you dissolve it first in water and even though powder is much cheaper than liquid, that’s one of those cost-saving measures I just don’t take.

That goes true for all cleaning products for me and really, with all products, in general:  They can be organic, free from this, fortified with this or that, but they have to work, as previously discussed.

if the product doesn’t work or doesn’t live up to my expectations and I have to re-do chores for a second time around, I am not a happy camper but so far so good with the TT products.

3. Fave protein powder or supplement powder?

I am not a big protein powder girl, but I’d say my PP of choice is brown rice Chocolate Sun Warrior when I use it.

It’s great in my Overnight Chocolate Brownie Protein Oats with additional Tips Here

Chocolate Brownie Protein Oats in tupperware
Chocolate Brownie Protein Oats in tupperware

And Amazing Grass makes great “flavored” powders like Berry and Orange Dreamsicle, which are different than protein powders, of course, and seem more focused on other nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

I’m about to go drink a vanilla iced coffee

vanilla iced coffee in a glass

And go outside and enjoy the San Diego pretty weather we’re having today with a run.

palm trees and blue skyHave a great Saturday!

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  1. So true on times changing, I spend a lot more on food and geek toys than fashion.

    I’ve been curious to try AmazingGrass, but I’m kind of hooked on Vitamineral Green currently. It’s not cheap, but has tons of raw, powdered veggies.

    1. The food fest yesterday and seeing one of my favorite raw chefs in action, meeting her, and getting pictures.
    2. Yes and I’m going through plenty of it today! I haven’t tried a lot of natural alternatives yet, but and open to try more.
    3. Vanilla pea protein, Vitamineral Green, and hemp protein powder for being full of fiber and protein while being versatile in sweet and savory recipes.

  2. i am like you–prefer to get my nutrition from food….ps i felt like having peanut butter cookies, and made peanut butter dough balls from your basic cookie dough recipe….but i used whole peanuts NOT peanut butter….they are so good…next i am making cookie dough balls from molasses to try to make ginger bread style dough balls

  3. I have never bought anything other than powder for the dishwasher. But I agree, whatever it is, it has to work!

    I like the concept of Amazing Grass, but wish the taste was easier to disguise! I mix it with fruit, and yet that grassy taste still comes through. Finding a protein powder that’s gluten-free, tastes good, and also doesn’t have xanthan gum is a pain.

  4. its all hand washing dishes for this chick! I really can’t wait to one day have a dishwasher, because its truly one chore I could do without. But liquid detergent, although I really want to try making my own powdered detergent soon! Yum to the coconut!!! I can’t imagine not having a taste for it, like you. Have a great day!

  5. I don’t have a dishwasher, but I’d LOVE one. And I don’t do the protein/supplement powders ever anymore. I think I get plenty of nutrients from my daily giant salads, so I’m not too worried.

    I went to Arches National Park which was amazing, but dinner in Denver with a great friend that I haven’t seen in five years was the highlight for sure! The food sucked and the service was awful, but the sangria was delicious and the conversation was perfect. It was a great day, and now we are heading out to cover Nebraska and Iowa….today will not be as cool. ;)

  6. it’s crazy some of the random mail that gets sent out there! i’ve gotten magazines for geriatrics, huggies coupons (i have no kids) and the mailing list that i really question is one for cigarettes…umm, never smoked a day in my life!
    that said, i’m not one to turn down freebies, so thanks for sharing about the powders and other goodies you got. as for laundry/dishwasher i’m a liquids girl and for supplements i don’t really use them. i have in the past done protein powders but i prefer to eat my nutrients. but maybe i’ll check out that Sun Warrior, and I’m seeing LOTS about chia seeds have you used them? (i’m really sorry if i’m a total idiot and you’ve just posted a recipe using them, i don’t think i’ve seen them but you very well may have talked about them…lol!)
    hope you’re having a great weekend, had a great workout! i finished a long run earlier and i always feel great after those. :)

    1. okay, i’m an idiot! i’m seeing those chia seeds in your smoothies and so i’m sorry about that one, you’ve obviously used them! but what’s your take on them, every time i see them i think of those funny chia pets!

  7. I’m eating home-made bruschetta right now that is certinaly one of my favorite things of this week! Oh and fresh-popped kettlecorn from farmers market.

    I use liquid detergent, but I’m planning to switch to natural detergents, the one you make yourself wit baking soda and etc.

  8. I just got home from vacation and all I got in the mail were bills!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, it meant a lot.

    And to answer the question about favorite things I’ve eaten so far…it would have to be an avocado salad…so darn yummy!

    Brooke Annessa

  9. My goodness, you got so many amazing things! I really need to try that amazing grass stuff.
    We use powdered dish and laundry soap and love it! We buy it at the local market for a really good price and it’s all organic. Great stuff!

  10. It must feel so good having a surprise like that in the mail! so far I’ve liked GNC’s wheybolic the most. But, I’ve yet to try sunwarrior!

  11. You’re amazing me with your energy, girl and all you got accomplished right after you got home from your trip! Sheesh…makes me tired just thinking about it. I know how it is though to get unpacked and feel “settled” after a long trip. I’m the same way…

    As for detergents–for the laundry I actually make my own out of a Ivory bar or Bronners bar, washing soda, and borax. It works pretty well! The clothes come out clean, and smell good–no scent. I tried to make a similar product for the dishwasher, but sadly, it didn’t work, so back to my original product. I use some stuff labeled “eco” (who knows..?) and it’s a liquid. It is cheap, and works. The end. :D

  12. My favorite protein powder is definitely True Vitality in Chocolate. Soo good!
    I usually use those gel packs for detergent. Mainly for the convenience.