I have had a wickedly busy day:

40 minute Workout (20 minute outdoor run + yoga/core work at home)


Marshall’s (got four more plates so now I have a set of 8 plates for $25 bucks!)

Grocery Store

Cooked a great dinner.  To be blogged about tomorrow.

And have just been going, going, going.  And still have to go to my paid job.

Today is the perfect day for the Alphabet.  I saw Gabriela post about it and she got it from Shannon.

Now it’s my turn to give you the Alphabet of Averie with some corresponding food for some of the letters:

Age: old enough to know better than to put my birthdate on the internet

Almond Butter Cookies (Raw, Vegan, GF)

Bed Size: king

Chore you hate: sweeping dead bugs off the garage floor

Cucumber Wraps

Dogs: none

Essential start to your day: checking email

Favorite Color: pink

Fudge Balls (Raw, Vegan, GF)

Gold or Silver: gold!

Height: 5’10”

Hummus – 4 ingredient

Instruments You Play: tenor saxophone (well), piano (not well)

Job Title: crazed maniac

Kids: 1

Kale Chips

Live: San Diego

Mom’s Name: Marsha

Nicknames: not fit to print

No Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Protein Bars

Overnight Hospital Stays: after giving birth, I stayed until 6am and checked us out, asap.

Pet Peeve: Directionless/aimless/lolly-gagging people who block the sidewalk/roads and are oblivious to it

Pancakes (Vegan & GF)

Quote from a Movie: I don’t watch movies.  I read blogs.

Right or left handed: right

Roasted Cinnamon & Sugar Chickpea “Peanuts”

Siblings: 1 younger sister

Special K Bars

Time You Wake Up: about 5 hours after I go to bed.  This varies greatly.

Tofu – Pumpkin Honey

Underwear: commando

Vegetable You Dislike: onions

Vanilla Softserve

What Makes You Run Late: too much to do, too little time to do it.  And having a child compounds this, greatly.

X-Rays You’ve Had Done: teeth, head/concussion, nose, hands, fingers, arms, elbow, knees, shins, ankles, feet, toes.  Huge jock, tons of sports-related injuries, tons of xrays.  I am radioactive, I’m sure.

Yummy Food You Make: Any of these Desserts

Zoo, Favorite Animal: Big Cats

Zucchini Pasta with Mixed Vegetables & Peanut Sauce

From my last post on Algae and Trying Anything Once, it was fun to read what you’ve tried once.  What you’d be willing to try once.  And the things you’re not willing to try, or to try ever again.

And thanks for your thoughts on supplements.  Most of you said you feel similarly to me, that food over supplements any day, but there are situations and needs in which supplements can be helpful.


1.  Pick a letter and tell me your answer.

Letters I’d be more curious about…T through Z.   But I’m not picky.

Or pick a few and fill me in.

2. What’s going on for you this weekend?

I’m working, working out, cooking, cleaning, errand-running, parenting.  Oh wait, I do this every day.  The weekend isn’t “special” but that’s ok.  Being busy is a good thing, right?


41 comments on “Alphabet”

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  2. I feel like a chicken saying this, but I think my favorite zoo animals are the otters! They’re just irresistible!

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  4. I knew you looked tall, but 5″10′? That’s awesome!! I’m only 5″7′ but sometimes I feel like such a giant next to all my super short friends!

    W: What makes me run late? This blasted contraption I’m currently typing on! If I open the laptop in the morning, I am automatically guaranteed to be AT LEAST 15 minutes late! Gah!

  5. Oh, these are fun!
    I also prefer commando…cheaper, easier, and more comfy.
    I played sax, too. I was good, but haven’t done it in years. So neat.

  6. im so confused about what you do. i mean i know youre a mom, obviously, but i thought you were a yoga instructor? this post makes me think ive been wrong all along. yikes sorry girlfriend, i thought i knew you but i guess not. so, what DO you do? crazed maniac is evey moms alternate title, right?

  7. “Nicknames: not fit to print”

    Now you’ve got me REALLY curious!

  8. (t)ime I wake up: 6:30. I should get up much earlier but I’m not the best at early rising. :)

  9. Wow, busy day! These alphabet posts are fun and love all the recipe ideas added in.

    1. Chore I hate – vacuuming.
    2. A long run and grocery shopping – that’s about it so far.

  10. The cucumber wraps look SO good.
    Time I wake up: 4 am. I take my dog out and then go to work (coffee shop).
    U for University of Florida… the awesome place I go to school at!

  11. The alphabet thing looks fun! Here’s my T through Z:

    Time I wake up: Usually 4:10am
    Underwear: Jockey bikini
    Vegetable I dislike: brussel sprouts
    What Makes Me Run Late: Being with someone else who is running late. By myself, I’m always on time.
    X-Rays: Teeth, on regular basis
    Ankle, when I broke it a year ago
    Lungs, when I had pneumonia 30 years ago.
    Yummy food I make: Pumpkin enchiladas, broccoli stir-fry.
    Zoo, favorite animal: Love to watch the penguins when they’re going bonkers.

  12. Thanks for the shoutout!!
    T= 7:00 AM, almost every day
    U= a wide variety, depending on the outfit and mood
    V= mushrooms. ew.
    W= traffic/public transportation issues. I’m a punctual person, haha.
    X= knees, hips, teeth
    Y= super charge me cookies!
    Z= anything cute! baby animals especially.

  13. LOVE this idea! It was a lot of fun to read and I love the addition of the recipes! I might have to do it too. I laughed out loud at “commando”.

  14. Time I wake up: about 645am
    Underwear: thong
    Vegetable I dislike: not sure…
    What Makes you Run Late: Exercise in the AM
    Xrays: Back, Teeth – maybe more?
    Zoo Animal – Elephants!

    I am having dinner with my Great Grandparent’s tonight! Excited to see them, haven’t seen them since Christmas. My boyfriend wants me to go to the circus but I am would rather boycott it.

  15. Those raw almond cookies look delicious!

    I’m right there with you on X = x-rays. Who BREAKS their jaw?! Me. Argh.

    This weekend is a fun one – it is the Atlanta Rollergirls’ season opener! I love sunny weather and sports. :)

  16. What a great idea for a post.
    Time You Wake Up: 6am
    Underwear: hipsters
    Vegetable You Dislike: brussel sprouts
    What Makes You Run Late: cleaning up cat puke
    X-Rays You’ve Had Done: teeth, right foot, spine (chiropractic x-ray)
    Yummy Food You Make: Sweet potato fries
    Zoo, Favorite Animal: Alligator – although I haven’t been to a zoo in over 12 years

    Amazingly, no plans for this weekend. I’m hoping for more snow so I can get out on the snow shoes.

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