Quick Breakfast Recipe: Vegan Maple & Flax Pancake-Cookie

Happy Saturday Morning, the Weekend’s Here, woo-hoo!  Just a quickie post to remind you about the Maple Flax “Peanut Butter” Pancake Cookies I made earlier in the week.  I made these again Friday morning, and I thought, ya know, I need to post these again because they’re sooo easy and satisfying.  This time, I’ll give you the recipe…

And Oh Yeah, I’m doin’ the VeganMofo III action.  If you’re not clued in, check it out.

Vegan Maple & Flax “Peanut Butter” Pancake-Cookie Recipe:
Take 1 c flax seeds and Grind.  I used toasted flax which will give things sorta a peanut buttery flavor, even though there’s no actual PB in here.

Add 2 Tbsp Coconut Oil + 1/4 c Maple Syrup

Blend again

Take out and mold into 4 lil cakes

Drizzle a lil syrup, garnish with raisins like I did, or use nuts, fresh or dried fruit, nut buttah, you name it, go for it…

And if you make an extra batch, they wrap up realllly well for out-n-about snackies.  Enjoy!

What’s your fave brekkie item on the weekends to indulge in? 

And thanks to everyone for showin’ the love on my last post about shopping finds & fave cookbooks!

Next up dessert & treats recap so stay tuned……

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