Rainy Day Projects

The weather here turned rainy, windy, cold, and nasty.   It’s been rainy pretty hard for almost a day.  Pretty soon I’ll need another new roof.

I didn’t even want to go out in it so this is a shot from my 4th story balcony.

I forgot about this fireplace on this balcony.  I need to sit outside and use it once the rain clears up but before it gets too hot out to take advantage of it.

Note to self:  Bring something from Here

…Out to Here

What’s a good rainy day project?

Getting your tax paperwork organized and ready to mail to the accountant.

And what’s a good thing to eat when it’s rainy and miserable out?

Warm and hearty food…

Caribbean Coconut Rice with Garbanzos & Veggies

Or Savory Pumpkin, Potato, & Carrot Soup

Or warm and comforting breads or cakes…

Vegan GF Peanut Butter Banana Bread

Or a warm Microwave Blueberry Banana Oat Cake

Ready in 5 minutes

From my earlier Challenge Post about Zodiac signs and if you think your sign fits you, and how much stock you do or don’t put into them, it was fun to read your perspectives on astrology, horoscopes, your sign, and also whether you believe in things like Full Moon phenomenon.   Thanks for the fun comments.


1. Best thing you’ve ate or done so far this weekend?

Being done with another day of work is definitely a good thing.  I’ve been working so much lately.  Just checking each day off my list as being another day being “done” with work is a good feeling.  Item #2 has been in full force which has been facilitating Item #1.

2. Have you gotten started on your taxes yet? Do you expect that you’ll have to pay in? Get a refund? Or pretty much even?

I have structured things so that I hope I am even.  But one never quite knows until all the numbers are ran.  Fingers crossed I don’t have to pay in!

I don’t even care (or want) a big refund.  Some people count on having a big refund which is great for them, but I’d rather have access to my money all year, rather than the government holding it, and then giving me my money back in the form of a refund each spring.

However, for some people, it’s a sort of forced “savings” plan.  The IRS holds your money, then gives it back to you in one lump sum, and it feels like you just hit the lottery.  Which hey, whatever works.

I have had years where I’ve had to pay in a ridiculous sum.   To the point that I literally didn’t know what I was going to do and was pawning and ebay’ing my life away.  Thankfully, this hopefully shouldn’t be one of those years.

3. What do you like to do on rainy days?

Right along with going to the gynecologist, going to the dentist, and getting my tax paperwork in order, I’d like to watch paint dry or listen to nails on a chalkboard on rainy days.  Kidding.

Not really much changes for me, I still actually squeezed in a 20 minute run during a break in the rain.

I worked, got housework done…

…and made sure this little one had plenty of paper and crayons and indoor things to do.

Enjoy your weekend!  What are you up to?

58 comments on “Rainy Day Projects”

  1. I haven’t done my taxes yet, just waiting on a couple papers from the University. I should be getting a refund because of school.

  2. I dont mind the rain when its warm out the sound is soothing, I would love to sit by that fire sip on some baileys and read a good book or cookbook :)

  3. Sigh–I’m needing to get on to taxes today too. Need the information so that I can apply for financial aid for my masters. Rainy days are great for reading, researching stuff online that I don’t otherwise get to, curling up with my love and trading massages…

    That fireplace on your outdoor roof/balcony is awesome. I hope you do take a bottle up there and enjoy. Seems like you have a lovely view even on a gray day.

  4. Baking is always my rainy day project .:)

  5. A fireplace on the balcony? Now I’ve seen everything!

    I haven’t done my taxes yet because things are still due to arrive in the mail. Getting an appointment with someone to do my taxes is easy and not very expensive because I’m a student. I know I could do them on my own but I’d rather they were done right, especially since I have so many different things to juggle!

  6. That coconut rice looks like the perfect cure to the rainy day blues! Yum!

    I really need to get to work on getting all my tax stuff in order. I usually always get something back so hopefully this year won’t be any different.

    Best thing/only thing I’ve eaten so far today was a nice cool bowl of Peachy Overnight Oats topped with Justin’s Maple AB and crushed gingersnaps! Ahhh, a party in my mouth…makes me want to have breakfast for every meal of the day!

    On rainy days, I love to stay in and read, catch up on some Netflix movies, or bake.

    So jealous of your outdoor fireplace! I could definitely see myself lounging beside that with a nice glass of red wine!

  7. I’ll take drying apint anytime over taxes or the gyno, for sure… I am not slow person and I had my share of maths, but I have given up on grasping taxes. So honestly, I just cross my fingers, hope for the best, and fear the day when I have something to actually file…fornow, my finacial situation is pretty basic, but I know that’ll change someday, ugh. Of course I payd the price for my ignorance one year when I had to pay back a ton of money – that hurts. I know the letter with this years verdict will be in the mail shortly – deep breath :-)

    Good thing you kept your little girl happy in the rain – I know that’s not always an easy deal! Hope you’re enjoying the w-e. :-)

  8. Hey darlin!! omg I feel ya on the rain. It was a massive downpour last night. even our power was out. yuck! But all is well again=) I so have to get started on the taxes too. Not exciting. But has to be done! I think I would feel better about it if I were eating some of that awesome looking carribean coconut rice and sipping some wine on that great balcony of yours! =) With an awesome fireplace too! Looks so cozy! The banana oat cake looks so good and so does the banana bread! I just cant decide what to make first. Yum!!! I hope you have a great day!! (and I hope that rain clears up!)

  9. That fire place on your balcony is awesome!! I could definitely see myself sippin’ on some wine next to a fire with a view like that! :)

  10. Reading a good book is my top thing to do on rainy days! :)

  11. Girl you have a balcony?! That is the most gorgeous outdoor fireplace I have ever seen! Slash I wish it was sunny today:(

  12. Our accountant got our taxes ready today :) I can’t wait for the refund to hit our account! It’s such a good feeling to cross it off my list!

  13. I have to do all of my errands and activities this morning because your rain is heading my way this afternoon!

  14. So I always just got Roma tomatoes because they are so much cheaper then cluster tomatoes. but wow. i had a vine-riped tomato and it was SO much tastier. I could nosh on a plain one and be totally satisfied. wish they weren’t so pricey :( i shelled out the $7.31 for my bunch today.

    this and Vegan Slaw dressing… long time staples for sure

    Thanks Averie :)

  15. Ick, that sums up our weather for most of the week. And it’s still looking like that today making me not sure I wanna cram in my long run. Totally use the fireplace, I love mine on days like this because it takes the cold edge off the room quick without having to run the heater. Yes, alcohol also takes the cold edge off. :-)

    Hubby finished our taxes early and I couldn’t be more thankful, I hate dealing with that.

    1. Since it’s so early, coffee I guess. :-)
    2. Done, woohoo! And we’re getting a refund which will mostly be mine. :-)
    3. Work on indoor projects like cleaning, re-organizing and recipes. Also watch TV and play video games.

  16. I’d take rain right now….its snowing. We’re supposed to get 10-18 inches in the next 24 hours. Talk about being stuck at home. Ick. I should go out to the store now, before it gets worse.

    I used to be that person that liked a big refund, until I learned how to save money. The refund is nice, but saving and getting the interest on that money all year long is even nicer.

  17. Do you use your fireplace much? It looks so lovely!

  18. We’ve already got both of our refunds. Rob files electronically the moment we get our W-2s.

    Been raining here, too. It’s a drag if it rains when I’m on my way to the gym (walking) because then I have to change into dry shoes and socks when I get there. Don’t mind if it pours on me on the way home, ’cause then it just feels all the cozier when I put on dry, snuggly sweats.

    Fearless Flyer time at Trader Joe’s! Going today to pick up some new stuff; the sweet potato gnocci is a must-try.

  19. I still have to do my taxes too – UGHH such a hassle!

  20. I’d actually love to be there in the rain right now, especially because it’s only 30 degrees here!

  21. I’ve never done my own taxes. I consider myself a pretty intelligent person in most areas, but finance? Um, no. Numbers are not my thing. I leave that to my dad! I know he pays a lot in taxes and generally isn’t too happy about it…but then again, who is??

    On rainy days I like just watching TV and vegging out. I love them…unless I have to go outside!!

  22. Ahh…taxes; I need to get on that, stat!

    The weather here is super windy and ironically, snowy too, since yesterday it was nearly 60 degrees outside! I can’t wait for spring.

    The best thing I’ve done this weekend is had a relaxing Friday reading!

  23. Ooh I like your outdoor fireplace! I could use one of those, that’s for sure.

    We haven’t started taxes yet, but I agree with you on not needing/wanting a big refund. I prefer to have my money when I get paid!

    I get my hair done today, so I assume that will be the best thing I do this weekend :)

    Have a great weekend!

  24. Boo to that weather!! The most exciting thing I’ve done this weekend so far is eat sushi. :) That coconut rice looks amazing!! I have the recipe bookmarked. We have an accountant do our taxes since the Husband also owns a business – he takes care of EVERYTHING. I’m not good with numbers.

  25. Hope your weather improves!

    Went to a salsa club last night (Friday usual); and then more dance and studying this weekend.

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