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Hi Friends!  How has your weekend been so far?  What have you been up to?  I’ve been working, savoring some great weather, and time with the fam.  Nothing better.   Scott travels a lot for work so I cherish our time together so very much.  Hopefully you’re having a mellow, somewhat or very unplugged, kind of weekend.  We just got back from a power walk where we chatted about what we were doing 9 years ago today.  More on that below. 

Recently I received a box of Vitamins and Supplements from Nature Made

Box of Vitamins and Supplements from Nature Made

Close up of Vitamins and Supplements from Nature Made
NatureMade Cholestoff
Two bottles of Vitamin D
I’ve posted before about how many, if not most, people are Vitamin D depleted and it’s nearly impossible to get enough D via dietary or food sources.  The sun or tanning is one way to get D but supplementation is something to consider.  To each her own.


Thanks, Nature Made! Between Scott and I, we’ll put these to use.

If anyone missed a big post I did on what supplements I take and why, Click Here.  

Bottle of Calm Anti stress drink
Box of probiotics
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And I also recently reviewed Kroeger Herbs & Supplements in This Post

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From yesterday’s post about Reading and Books, thanks for your recommendations and suggestions.  It’s ironic that a few of you mentioned the author Jennifer Weiner.  She writes exactly the type of stuff I can hang with.  Light, funny, the struggles of a woman who needs to buy a cute dress that will make Mr. Right or Mr. Right for Tonight, want to fall in love with her.

My attention span can be short for books since many things just don’t seem to hold my interest or are overly heavy or deep, but I love her style.  The last book I read that I can recall was in 2006 in Aruba.  It was Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner.   I was 8 months pregnant and Good In Bed was very far from my radar screen…ahem.  hah!  But I loved the book!  And have read a few others by her that I enjoyed.

And it sounds like most of you do love to read but many of us are guilty of not making the time to do it.  Sigh.  Need to work on that!

And my question about Chocolate or Vanilla/White, not surprised, most of you are Chocolate-aholics!   Although vanilla when it comes to ice cream seemed to be more popular than chocolate ie cream.

I actually have an entire post devoted to Chocolate (Dessert) Recipes with pictures.

Hand holding High Raw Vegan Chocolate "Turtles" showing underside 
One High Raw Vegan Chocolate "Turtles"
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Here’s a few pictures from our day today…

Woman and child on side walk next to plants embracing and smilingWoman in workout gear with chid in front of plants on walk smilingWoman and child on sidewalk smilingClose up of child doing a kissing face at woman
She’s such a little lovebug always giving little kisses and hugs

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1. Best Thing You’ve Done or Eaten So Far this weekend?
My time with my family and soaking up the great “fall” weather, i.e. mid 70s, not humid, light breeze, that’s perfect for me.  And just cherishing them and what I have.  

2. Remembering 9/11
There are so many things to write about on this topic but I’ll start with my memories from that day.  Scott and I had just moved across the country to start our life together.  (See this post for our back story, how we met, where we got married, etc.)  We weren’t yet married, and we had just moved 2 weeks earlier to a quaint, tiny, remote beach town in North Carolina.  We didn’t know a soul and were driving home together from a midday pilates class.  Ahh, the memories of doing midday yoga and pilates with my spouse, feels like a lifetime ago but I digress.  Anyway, I had the car radio on and heard the news.  We drove back to our house, turned on the tv and were glued to it for days.

It was so surreal because we had just moved to this new place, we didn’t know anyone, we only had each other, and it felt like the world was literally blowing up around me.   Adding to the fact of how serious the situation was were the huge fighter jets flying up and down the coastline in front of our house (we lived on the beach) in order to protect the coastal border which went on for months afterward.

I remember crying for days, being scared, sad, shaken, incredulous, and really being in a total state of disbelief.  I will never forget that day.  It’s burned in me forever.  As well as the ensuing days.

I want to extend my deepest empathy and compassion to anyone who lost a loved one on 9/11, or in any tragedy, and to all those who are fighting for the security of our country.  Thank you for all that you do. 

What do you remember about 9/11/01?  Where were you?  What did you do?  Tell me about it.

3. How much TV footage of 9/11 did you watch or of any natural disaster or tragedy?
After about 5 days or so of watching the news, I stopped watching it as much because it was too troubling for me.  The same thing happened with Hurricane Katrina footage as well as the San Diego Fires of 07 footage.  

I cannot watch planes going into buildings on repeat loop, people living in the Superdome, or of people’s houses being burned to the crisp and losing everything, over and over and over.  I am just not cut out to see that.  I literally have nightmares for months.  So I need to know when I’ve seen enough and not watch anymore.

4. How has life changed for you since then?  Do you feel you are changed forever? 
I don’t live my life in fear.  I don’t live in fear that I am going to encounter a random act of terrorism.   I live my life and go about my days, realizing that one day, everyone’s number comes up.  And I cherish my family and the life I have, and I live my life to the fullest so that when my number does come up, I’ve had as joyous of a life as possible, free from as much worry as possible.    A tiny bit of ignorance is bliss?  Perhaps.  But it’s how I cope and not get bogged down with worry.  

5.  Do you feel that anything is really different in terms of safety in our country now, especially as it pertains to air travel?
I don’t fear flying.   Sadly, I believe that many of the “precautions” they take in airports are largely a farce and a timewaster and a hassle and that if someone truly wants to blow up an airplane, that the current airport security screening process is not going to stop them.  That’s just my opinion, of course.  Sadly, where there is a will, there’s a way.   But I don’t live in fear nor do I fear air travel.  Again, back to not getting bogged down with worry.  If I need to travel, I get on a plane and go.  Scott, in the 9 years since 9/11 had had to fly on 9/11.  That has worried me a little but not tons more than all the other travel he does.

I hope the deeper thoughts are okay with everyone today.  It’s a day to pause, think, and reflect.  But, I hope you are all having an awesome weekend and I’ll be back tomorrow with lighter thoughts!

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