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Hi Bloggies!  How was Monday for you?  It’s been a chain pull kind of day for us today.   Skylar’s furniture was supposed to be delivered today and set up.  Well, most of it.  The bedframe is being shipped separately and will need to be assembled, so that will take place later in the week.  Why has it been a chain pull day?  Well because Ikea gave me a 4 hour delivery window, noon to 4pm but told me I was the first stop.   But that was not the case because it’s nearly 4pm here and after waiting around my house the entire day, still no Ikea delivery.   Sigh.  

I did make good use of my time and took everything out of her existing dresser and it’s all sorted and waiting to be put into the new one.

Clothes stacked on bed

Piles of children's clothing
Although I have always given away the clothes that she grows out of almost immediately (if you don’t, trust me, baby & kid stuff multiplies in the drawers and takes over your house quickly!), but it was a trip down memory lane today for me. 

And the current toy and book stash is ready for the new toy organizer

Boxes and bins full of toys and books

Here were the swimsuits she wore on her first vacation Aruba when she was 9 months old.  She learned to crawl there.

Girls pink swimsuit
Girls polka dot red and white swimsuit
This swimsuit was from Nordstrom and cost more than my bikini did that year.  And it was totally worth it.

And some newborn shoes and one-sies that were never even worn.  Babies don’t have a need for shoes til they can walk which is why I never understood the concept of “baby shoes”for the 0 to 6 month olds.

Newborn shoes in packaging
Pack of baby onesies
Yes, I had plenty.  She nursed til she was just over 3 years.

And here were a couple of slings.  I babywore.  She never left my chest for the first two years of her life.  Mommy is the end all and be all; breasts and heartbeats = comfortI kid you not, I put the attachment in attachment parenting.

Baby slings

And my cloth diaper bags for soiled cloth diapers and my cloth wipes.  

Cloth diaper bagsCloth wipes
Just seeing these wipes reminds me of the smell of homemade babywipe solution I would make using tea tree oil and lavender essential oil babywash solution.  I never bought wipes.  Why put chemicals on your baby’s tiny butt if you don’t have to.
If you missed my post on some of our alternative parenting choices, Click Here for what we do and why.  
And here was a recent post on unschooling, too.

And here was the baby jewelry

Bags of baby jewelry
Kay Jewelers BagTiffany & Co Bag

And a few blankets and baby toys

Stack of blanket and baby toys

But she’s a big girl now.  As I ball my eyes out.  Tears of joy, of course.  She is growing up, and it’s beautiful.

Little girl smiling in bedroom
Side view of little girl standing in bedroom
Little girl posing and smiling
Close up of little girls face smiling

Moving onto Voting…
There are so many choices for bedding but I am not sure which was I am going yet.  Scott’s like babe, just keep them all and rotate them.  Gotta love a man who loves to spend money more than I do!  Anyway, I thought I’d see which Bedding You Like.

Choice A:
Pros: Cotton, very machine washable, typical little girl, girlie & sweet
Cons: The fabric feels a little rough and not as soft as I wish, i.e. a little bit cheap feeling

Bag of bedding setClose up of what bedding set looks like
Purple and white bedding with flowersSide view of bedding set in package

Choice B:
Pros: Soft fabric, classy, mature, I love teal accents
Cons: Not Pink.  Is it ok to have black and white in a little girls room?  I think so but hey….

Black and teal bedding set in bagPhoto of what bedding set looks like on bed
Overhead photo of black and teal bedding setClose up of white black and teal bedding set

Choice C:
Pros: Sateen Fabric is super soft and slinky, Cute sateen pillows included and one in the shape of a purse, totally girlie, looks really luxe and rich.   
Cons: Not sure how this will wash and wear over time.  I have had slinky duvets and they tend to slide around and not stay put on top of the bed, worry that I will always be putting this back on top of the bed after it’s slid onto the floor.  No white accents at all in it to pick up the white of the furniture.

Sateen Purple and Pink bedding set in bagPhoto of what bedding set would look like on bedClose up of what bedding set includes on packaging
Multiple packages of bedding set decor

From Yesterday…
I’m glad you liked the

Green Tea & Honey Ginger Tofu in clear container
Stacked Green Tea & Honey Ginger Tofu in container

Thanks for telling me what kind of crazy marinades you’ve come up with in the past, too!

And most of you sleep with a couple pillows, but aren’t quite as pillow-happy as I am…with my 8 and all! 

I really enjoyed the comments about making choices and living with regret.  Many of you indicated that you don’t like the word regret, either.  Nor do I! 

We all do the best we can at the time, but it’s not productive to look backwards, dwell, wallow, or regret things.  I find that honoring the choice that was (in)correctly made, having a grieving or mourning period if you will, but then letting it go and moving on, is the best way for me to handle things when I make a choice that I wish I hadn’t.

So I am not saying oh everything always works out perfectly because some things and choices just are awful and it takes a lot of work and energy not to experience regret about them, but if you honor it and then try to let it go, that works best for me and keeps my soul lighter and freer than continuing to second guess and dwell on the what if’s of life.

Today I had an abundance of bananas to be used and had already put some into a container in the freezer for banana softserve bananas.

Bunches of bananas and vine tomatoes
Bunches of bananas and sliced bananas in clear container
Close up of sliced bananas in container


Love Banana Softserve!  See my Recipes Tab for my Dozen Variations of it! 

Including Peanut Butter Soft Serve

Jar of Butter Toffee Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter Soft Serve in blender 

Peanut Butter Soft Serve

Warm Cinnamon Sugar Bananas
Today I sliced a banana lengthwise, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and microwaved for 30 seconds. 

Warm Cinnamon Sugar Bananas on plateClose up of Warm Cinnamon Sugar Bananas on plate


These were a big hit with Skylar!  And me too!  Warm and flavorful, loved ’em!  And they made the house smell great for a couple hours!
Slice of banana showing cinnamon toppingWarm Cinnamon Sugar Bananas close up on brown plate
Warm Cinnamon Sugar Bananas

Dessert: High Raw Vegan Peanut Butter (or Almond/Sunflower Seed/Walnut/Cashew Butter) Vanilla Balls 

Vegan Peanut Butter Vanilla Balls 
Close up of Vegan Peanut Butter Vanilla Balls 


Gym & Weights Workout Today From This Tab: Arms/Back/Legs and Abs.   
Used my Home Gym/FreeWeights & Bowflex
Did Abs with my Exercise Balls from This Post



Tip of the Day:  My Give Away for 3 Boxes of Cereal

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Crispy Brown Rice with Mixed Berries Cereal
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1.  Have you ever wasted a day on a “delivery window”?  
I think it’s absurd that I have been held hostage in my house all day and they still are not here!  And I have to repeat this later in the week for the second half of the delivery.  Grrrr!!!!

2. Cast Your Vote on Skylar’s Bedroom Decor.  Choice A, B, or C from above.  And if you want to tell me why you are picking what you picked, I’d love to hear that, too!

3. Remember when I said I bought my Bowflex after very little research?  Well, I walked into Ikea and re-designed Skylar’s room, on the fly, from start to finish, paid for it and set up delivery, in 2 hours.  
When you’re re-doing a room, or making purchases that are bigger, how long does it take you?   
Back in my single girl, or even childless woman, days, I loved “kicking tires” and obsessing over every last sconce, valance, throw pillow, and accent candles.  Now, I have no time or energy for that.  Wham, bam, thank you maam, is more my style!  Plus, it’s Skylar’s room, not mine.  I would be more anal with my own…haha!  
How much time does it take you to deliberate and choose on home decorating or more major purchases?

4. Are you sentimental?  Do you like to reminisce and take trips down memory lane? 
I would not describe myself as an overly mushy person by any means but I am highly sensitive.  So when something does move me or take hold, it really moves me.   And I don’t like to dwell or live in the past, but it is fun and warms my soul to think back to prior times and events in my life from Skylar’s early newborn days to my own childhood to my Las Vegas Wedding.   Do you like to reminisce and take little trips down memory lane?

5.  For the moms or parents, do you hang on to your kids’ stuff, donate it all, hold on to key pieces, what’s your strategy since we can’t save everything.  Nor do I want to! 
I have pretty much donated 98% of everything to friends or charities, but there a few things like my cloth wipes and 1st swimsuits that I have a hard time parting with.  Or cute infant stuffed animals.   Too sweet and precious to part with!

Stay Tuned For Room Makeover Pics…

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