When I was at Bed Bath and Beyond buying my cake pop maker and donut pan, I saw lots of other fun goodies.

Shelves of babycakes makers for donuts and cake pops and cupcakes

Like a popcorn maker

Shelf display of popcorn maker with popcorn and popcorn themed cups

A Cotton Candy Maker

Pink Cotton Candy Maker

Pretzel Maker

Pretzel maker press with molds

Pigs In a Blanket Makers.  I really don’t think these are flying off the shelves but I could be wrong.

Stacks of Pigs in a blanket making machines

The seasonal baking goodies were out in full force.

Cupcake decorating supplies

Betty Crocker Cupcake stands and cupcake decorating sets

Cupcake-making toys

Brownie pop maker kit, giant donut and jumbo cupcake decorating kits

And more toys and gadgets including multiple types of cookie, cake, and cupcake decorating tools

Cookie Pro ultra, cuisinart electric cookie froster and dessert decorator pro syringe

Moving onto food processors

Shelves of Cuisinart food processorsI don’t own one. I use my Vita for everything but I think a food processor would be really helpful.  I’d still like to hear what kind you have and like if you have food processor opinions.

And ta-da, Stand Mixers.  Another thing I don’t own but want to.  It was either a lens or a stand mixer.  I chose a lens and the stand mixer is on my Christmas list, for sure.

Kitchen aid mixers on shelves with black, pink, and red mixers

And that was just one little section of the store.

We didn’t even get to dishes, bedding, bathroom stuff, organizing products, trash cans, cloth napkins, beauty items, candles, seasonal foods and goodies, lamps, shower caddies, towels, curtains, or toilet rugs.   It’s.just.endless.

I could have a field day!

Wall of baking utensils, spatulas

My favorite purchase from the day so far has been the $3.99 cookie scoop

clear cookie scoop with orange backCannot say enough great things about it.  Small, but a life-changer.

Or a cookie-changer

Pans of cookies and a pan of special k bars


1. What “makers” do you want from this post?  Or what appliances, tools, or kitchen items do you want, in general?

I think it’s fair to say most of us would love a stand mixer or a Vita-Mix.

After that, no one would complain about a set of gorgeous knives, a stainless juicer, a great food processor, or for the coffee lovers, a fancy schmancy espresso maker.

But for things well below the $500 price point, I have to say, a popcorn maker or a cotton candy maker would make me smile. I love cotton candy!  And chocolate-covered popcorn, too.

But my kitchen is the size of a shoebox.  No storage for most of this stuff.  Which is probably a good thing.

2. Do you like shopping for housewares?  Do you like Bed Bath & Beyond or similar stores?  Any favorite stores?

Since Linens ‘n Things has closed, BB & B really has the corner on the market in my area.

Ikea, Target, Marshalls, Homegoods, TJ Maxx,  specialty cooking stores, Williams-Sonoma, Sur La Table, none of them really have the one-stop-shopping for housewares of all kinds that bankrupts me excites me quite like BB & B.

Where else can you buy a down comforter, a cookie scoop, a Vita-Mix, a shower caddy, stock up on toothpaste and exotic coffees from their market section, get a couple of Yankee candles to burn, while browsing lamps for your desk and throw in some bamboo towels and champagne flutes and an iron for good measure.

I don’t know how their employees actually leave with a paycheck.  I wouldn’t!

One tip about the Bed Bath & Beyond coupons is that they never expire, even though they have a printed expiration date on them, it doesn’t matter.  The stores will always take them so I hoard them and save them in an envelope for a rainy day.  With a 20% off savings, most things at BB & B are cheaper or almost as cheap as any online “deals” you can find.  Plus you get to walk out of the store with your purchase that day rather than waiting for online orders to ship.   Of course, there are exceptions to this, but 20% off coupons are great.  Save them!

P.S. Thanks for the Sunglasses Giveaway entries.  Looks like lots of you want some shades.

And if you have one spare second, could you please Vote for Me in the Delta/Biscoff Bake-Off.  Thank you!  I really appreciate it.

Happy Halloween Weekend!

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