My weekend has been stuffed.

Not so much with this food.

But more with life stuff.

I’ve been cramming all kinds of things in before our trip.  We leave in less than a week!  I am so excited.

Malmok Beach

But there’s so much to do beforehand.

I addressed out 50 of our 2011 Holiday Cards to my nearest and dearest.  It was a card-stuffing assembly line: card stuffed into envelope, lick, find the address from my computer files, address the envelop, apply return address label, apply stamp.  Repeat 50 times.

I also started stuffing a suitcase.  Just putting a few items in as I think of them to make sure I don’t forget things.

Two bags of luggage

For a week or so leading up to any trip, as I see things laying around the house that I know I want to bring with me but that I know I may also tend to overlook and forget, I toss them into a suitcase.

Everything from Vanilla Stevia to the earbuds for my iPhone to Skylar’s Advent calendar to Band-aids to extra Q-tips to my camera charger.

This method saves those “ohmygod what am I forgetting” feelings that happen to me with the adrenaline and crunch-time of  a trip.

I went to the grocery store and re-stocked on some fresh produce.

Fresh produce

After all the Thanksgiving fare which tends to be lots of brown and white cooked food, it was nice to see some fresh and colorful food.

Ok, and some brown food made it into my cart, too.  Chocolate chip restocking was necessary.

Bags of groceries

Speaking of stuffed and chocolate chips, I should make a batch of Snickers Bar Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

Snickers Bar Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

Or just work on stuffing myself with these

Coconut Cinnamon Sugar Roasted Almonds

Stuff away.

It’s also been beautiful here today!  Mid 70s and sunny.  I’ll take it.

Nature with flowers blooming

Hope your holiday weekend is going fabulously.


1.  What kind of Stuffing has been going on in your world lately?

Food, friends, family, shopping?

2. Any Black Friday shopping?

I wanted to buy a few things that I saw online but the items I wanted were sold out moments after the stroke of midnight on Black Friday.  Makes me wonder how many, or few, of those items those websites really had available at those killer prices.

P.S. Thanks for the $50 Clothing Giveaway entries

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