The Best Raspberry Bread


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The Best Raspberry Bread – There are almost more raspberries than bread in my recipe for the BEST RASPBERRY BREAD!! You’ll want to make it over and over because it’s super soft and just bursting with juicy berries!!


Raspberry Bread loaf sliced

Easy Raspberry Bread Recipe

I have 40+ recipes for banana breadcherry bread, blueberry bread, peach mango bread, and pineapple bread. There’s strawberry rolls, orange rollsmixed berry scones and multiple blueberry muffin recipes. So many fruity breads and pastries, but none with just raspberries. It was time to change that and show some raspberry love.

This raspberry bread recipe is loosely based on my Cinnamon Ribbon Bread recipe, and I’ve also made it as muffins.I love that recipe because the bread is fall-apart soft and tender thanks to a trifecta of moisturizing and tenderizing ingredients: butter, oil, and buttermilk.

Butter adds rich flavor, oil keeps baked goods softer and springier than butter alone, and buttermilk provides lightness and fluffiness. With that lineup, it’s impossible to have dry bread. Throw in 2 cups of raspberries, and you’re destined for they juiciest and best loaf of raspberry bread ever.

The bread is bursting with raspberries in every bite. There are almost as many raspberries as there is bread, perfect for me. The only thing more perfect would be adding a cup of chocolate chips to the batter. Next time! 

I definitely need to make another loaf because this one disappeared in a day. But since it’s packed with fruit, it’s automatically healthy of course.

easy raspberry dessert recipe

What’s in Raspberry Bread? 

For this easy raspberry recipe, you’ll need a handful of basic pantry staples. The key ingredients in this recipe are: 

  • All-purpose flour
  • Light brown sugar
  • Granulated sugar
  • Baking soda
  • Salt
  • Unsalted butter
  • Egg
  • Buttermilk
  • Vegetable oil
  • Vanilla extract
  • Raspberries

sliced loaf of raspberry fruit bread on cutting board

How to Make Raspberry Bread

This raspberry dessert recipe couldn’t be easier to make! Simply whisk together the wet and dry ingredients in two separate bowls, then combine the two and mix until just combined (the batter may be a little lumpy, but that’s okay). Toss the berries in a few tablespoons of flour before gently mixing them into the batter. 

Turn the batter into a greased loaf pan, then bake for around 45 minutes to an hour. You’ll know the quick bread is finished baking when it’s set on top and a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean. Note that baking times will vary depending on whether you use fresh or frozen raspberries. I’ve left detailed notes in the recipe card below to help you out! 

Let the raspberry bread cool for 15 minutes in the pan before turning it out onto a wire rack to cool. This bread needs to cool completely before slicing and serving it, otherwise it’ll fall apart. 

sliced loaf of Raspberry Bread

What to Serve with Raspberry Bread

Don’t get me wrong, this raspberry bread is perfectly delicious as is. But if you want to take things up a notch, I highly recommend making a flavored butter to slather atop a slice. Some of my favorite butters include Blueberry Butter, Strawberry Butter, Honey Butter, and Cinnamon-Sugar Butter

You could even make a Vanilla Browned Butter Glaze to drizzle over top the entire loaf! 

Should I Use Fresh or Frozen Raspberries? 

I used frozen raspberries to make this loaf, and they released so much juice that I worried the tops and sides of the bread would become too browned before the center cooked through. Many times in my baking, I use frozen fruit because it saves money and I’m able to stash it in the freezer for rainy day, but save yourself the headache and use fresh berries for this fruit bread recipe.

raspberry recipe for quick bread

Is There a Buttermilk Substitute I Can Use? 

I haven’t tried any of the popular buttermilk substitutes when making this raspberry recipe, so I can’t say for certain if you can sub anything for real buttermilk. I highly suggest picking up the real thing if you plan on making this bread recipe. Buttermilk makes this bread extra moist and fluffy, so try to get your hands on some! 

Can I Freeze Raspberry Bread? 

Breads typically freeze well, so most likely the answer is yes! You’ll need to let the bread cool completely before freezing it in a freezer bag (or a few layers of plastic wrap). It should last up to 3 months in the freezer if frozen properly. 

The Best Raspberry Bread - There's almost more raspberries than bread! Super soft and just bursting with juicy berries! So delishhhh!

Tips for Making Raspberry Bread

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when making this raspberry bread. First and foremost, you need to let the melted butter cool for a minute or two before mixing it in with the wet ingredients. If you don’t give the butter time to cool off, you run the risk of scrambling the egg! 

Also note that it’s important to not over mix the batter. Like I mentioned before, the batter will be slightly lumpy but that’s totally normal. If you try to stir out all the lumps, your raspberry bread will wind up tough and chewy. 

Lastly, make sure to toss the raspberries (fresh or frozen) with some flour before mixing them into the batter. The flour will prevent the berries from sinking to the bottom of the loaf. 

What Else Can I Make with Raspberries? 

If you have lots of raspberries on hand (lucky you!), a few of my other favorite raspberry recipes include my Raspberry Peach Crisp, Raspberry Oatmeal Crumble Bars, and Watermelon Raspberry Slushies. If there are other raspberry desserts you’re dying for me to make, leave me a comment below! 

The Best Raspberry Bread - There's almost more raspberries than bread in my recipe for the BEST RASPBERRY BREAD!! You'll want to make it over and over because it's super soft and just bursting with juicy berries!!

The Best Raspberry Bread - There are almost more raspberries than bread in my recipe for the BEST RASPBERRY BREAD!! You'll want to make it over and over because it's super soft and just bursting with juicy berries!!

The Best Raspberry Bread - There are almost more raspberries than bread in my recipe for the BEST RASPBERRY BREAD!! You'll want to make it over and over because it's super soft and just bursting with juicy berries!!

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Yield: 1 loaf

The Best Raspberry Bread

The Best Raspberry Bread

There’s almost more raspberries than bread in my recipe for the BEST RASPBERRY BREAD!! You’ll want to make it over and over because it’s super soft and just bursting with juicy berries!!

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 45 minutes
Total Time 55 minutes


  • 2 cups + 4 tablespoons all-purpose flour, divided
  • 3/4 cup light brown sugar, packed
  • 1/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • pinch salt, optional and to taste
  • 1/4 cup unsalted butter, melted
  • 1 large egg
  • 3/4 cup buttermilk
  • 1/4 cup canola or vegetable oil
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 10 to 12 ounces raspberries, about 2 cups*


  1. Preheat oven to 350F. Spray one 9×5-inch loaf pan with floured cooking spray, or grease and flour the pan; set aside.
  2. In a large bowl, add 2 cups + 2 tablespoons flour, sugars, baking soda, optional salt, and whisk to combine; set aside.
  3. In a medium microwave-safe bowl or glass measuring cup, melt the butter, about 45 seconds on high power. Allow butter to cool momentarily so you don’t scramble the egg.
  4. To the butter, add the egg, buttermilk, oil, vanilla, and whisk to combine.
  5. Pour wet over dry and stir until just combined; don’t overmix. Batter will be somewhat lumpy and don’t try to stir the lumps smooth or bread will be tough; set aside.
  6. In a medium bowl, add the raspberries, 2 tablespoons flour, and toss lightly to combine (coating berries in flour helps to reduce sinking while baking).
  7. Add the raspberries to the batter and fold very lightly to combine.
  8. Turn batter out into prepared pan, smoothing the top lightly with a spatula and pushing it into corners and sides as necessary.
  9. Bake bread for 45 minutes to an hour. Bread is done when top is set in the middle, slightly domed, springy to the touch, and a toothpick inserted in the center (if you can find a patch without hitting raspberries) comes out clean or with a few moist crumbs, but no batter.**
  10. Allow bread to cool in pan for about 15 minutes before turning out on a wire rack to cool completely before slicing and serving.
  11. Bread will keep airtight at room temperature for up to 1 week, or in the freezer for up to 6 months.


* I used frozen raspberries but highly recommend using fresh if possible.

**Note: Baking time will vary greatly based on if you use fresh or frozen berries. I used frozen berries and baked for 1 hour 17 minutes, and tented the pan with foil (lay a sheet of foil over top of pan) at the 30-minute mark. If using fresh berries (highly recommended), I estimate baking time to be about 45 minutes; tent pan with foil about 30 minutes into baking to prevent top and sides from becoming overly browned.

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  1. You have the perfect combination of ingredients in this recipe.Using oil and butter combination is perfect and will guarantee a moist, delicious loaf. I also appreciate that I don’t have to look far to find such lovely fruit recipes! So many to choose from! I just wanted to add that you definitely can sub a milk and vinegar or lemon juice mix for the buttermilk with great success. I have done it and it works great with pretty much every recipe. I don’t have any problems with using froazen berries either, so you can use these with confidence unless of couse a lot of ice is in them!Thanks for wonderful recipes!

    Rating: 5
    1. I am so glad that this turned out perfectly for you! Sometimes I too use the milk/vinegar trick (or lemon juice) and it does work if you’re in a jam and don’t have any actual buttermilk. Great to know you don’t have any issues with frozen berries!

  2. I made the best raspberry bread. I used plain Greek yogurt instead of buttermilk as I didn’t have any. Also added a couple tablespoons of almond milk because batter was very stiff and fresh raspberries. I cooked it for 1 hour tenting with foil the last 15 min. It was delicious! Not too sweet. I’ll definitely make this again. Thank you.

    Rating: 5
    1. Thanks for the 5 star review and I am glad this was the best raspberry bread for you and you’ll definitely make it again!

  3. I wrote to you last July about this bread. Time really does fly. I made it again this year and it is delicious. We had a little piece, while still warm, and it was heavenly. I love the local, fresh produce this time of the year. It is so much more flavorful! Thank you.

    Rating: 5
    1. Thanks for the 5 star review and I am glad that you made this bread again this year! I am glad it’s a hit for you – and yes, time really does fly by! I agree too that summer produce is sooo much more flavorful than other times of the year!

  4. This bread is absolutely delicious. I used a very full two cups of fresh raspberries and had to tweak the baking time for my oven. I waited a little longer to cover the bread with the foil and also baked the recipe using fresh raspberries for a good hour. Great texture and perfect mix of sweet and tart, this is definitely a keeper! Oh yes, my husband is smiling as I write this!

    Rating: 5
    1. Thanks for the 5 star review and I am glad that you loved the bread and it’s a keeper! Also 2 cups of fresh raspberries this time of year is a total delicacy and treat so glad the bread was absolutely delicious!

  5. This is a lovely recipe. I get close to 30 lbs of raspberries from my garden so I was happy to use 2 cups in here. Because I can’t resist, I added the zest of an orange & a couple tablespoons of lemon juice. I also lined my pan with parchment & the loaf came out beautifully. I will make this again. Thanks!

    Rating: 5
    1. Thanks for the 5 star review and great you could use up so many raspberries. I only wish I had that many to use :)

  6. I couldn’t wait to make this bread. There is a fabulous 200-acre farm market in Milford, N.J. They grow just about anything you can think of. Our summer here in Buck Co,, Pa. has been horribly hot and dry. It has probably affected the red raspberry crop but I was determined to buy the berries from Phillip’s. We use to pick but not this summer. They cost $4.00 for a 1/2 pint box!. It was definitely worth it. My kitchen is 84-86 degrees so I appreciated your quick and super easy recipe. It turned out perfectly. I’m going to freeze pieces for our weekly visit to Cherie’s with her coffee. Next, I’m making the zucchini chocolate chip bread. Thanks!

    Rating: 5
    1. Thanks for the 5 star review and glad this turned out perfectly! All food costs seem so high lately so I understand totally.

  7. I baked this bread using frozen mixed berries and it turned out perfect. I will definitely put this recipe in rotation.

    Rating: 5
  8. Just put a jump to recipe link, I’ve been baking for 50+ years and don’t need to read every little thing.

    1. I am getting a new website in January and it will have that. Some people don’t know how to cook at all which is why all the info is included.

      1. You must have scrolled past them. They are in the recipe card section of the post.

  9. Suggested changes for 4000 elevation?  Currently takes much longer before middle is done and then outside is almost too done.  Also doesn’t rise with normal arch of a loaf.  Comes out ver flat across too.  Appreciate suggested changes.  Tastes delicious but want to perfect it a bit more for my altitude.  Thank you!

    1. I don’t bake at altitude so I can’t give any tips. The King Arthur Flour website as I recall has info.

      Tenting the loaf with foil will prevent some excess browning on the tops and sides giving the interior a chance to bake more. I tent about 15 mins before a loaf is done, generally speaking.

  10. This bread is delicious!! I used frozen raspberries from my garden, thawed and drained them first before coating them with flour and the bread turned out wonderful. I also added some white baking chips to this recipe before baking – to die for!!

    Rating: 5
    1. That is amazing you have garden raspberries you are able to freeze and that they worked great for the bread! I am sure the white baking chips made this to die for, indeed!

  11. excellent recipe to use up all our raspberries….making extra loaves to put in freezer. A little scoop of vanilla ice cream with homemade raspberry syrup (cuz we have soooo many raspberries) drizzled overtop made the bread look very decadent! Thanks for sharing!

    Rating: 5
    1. That’s wonderful that you still have raspberries in October and that the recipe turned out great for you!

  12. I followed the recipe exactly but baked mini-loaves. I cut back the time to 45 minutes. They came out perfectly. If you have raspberry bushes you know how many you get every day. I will definitely be making lots of these loaves.

    Rating: 5
  13. The bread turned out great, moist with a crispy crust! I did 1 cup of raspberries and 1 cup of blueberries instead. Just a heads up, I used fresh berries and it was also closer to 1hr and 15 mins of bake time.

    Rating: 5
  14. Yes I love it. I had to substitute 1 cup of the flour to ground hazelnut as I had a lot of them and turned out so good.  Thank you for a good quality raspberry loaf recipe. I am your fan now.

    Rating: 5
  15. Made this for my girls. They absolute loved it! Will do this again later this summer. Thank you for this outstanding recipe!

    Rating: 5
  16. This is a keeper! Excellent balance of sweet & tart! I’m glad I followed your tip on tenting for part of baking. Took the full hr if not a few min longer, but could be due to elevation. Used fresh raspberries a neighbor gave me. Have enough left for another loaf! Will def use your recipe again! 

    Rating: 5
    1. Thanks for the 5 star review and glad you will make this again! I wish I had a neighbor who gave me fresh raspberries!

  17. The bread was so moist and tasty. Since we don’t get raspberries (at least in this season) in India, I made this bread using a purple Indian berry called “Jamun” and some lemon zest. Kept everything else the same. The result was so delicious! Thank you for this recipe, Averie! Can’t wait to try the cherry bread next :D

    Rating: 5
    1. Thanks for the 5 star review and glad that you were able to use the Jamun berries you have in India to make this!

  18. This is by FAR the best bread i have ever made! It has the perfect level of sweetness, which is great because it balances out the other lovely flavours. I wasn’t too sure on to use frozen or normal raspberries but i stuck to frozen since it was cheaper and it worked out perfectly! Thank you so much Averie for the delicious recipe, it was so tasty :)

    Rating: 5
    1. Thanks for the 5 star review and wonderful to hear this is by far the best bread you’ve ever made!

  19. Please disregard my last comment. I said the flavor was great, but it didn’t cook through in an hour, using fresh berries.Now that I’ve read the other comments, I realize I used baking powder instead of baking soda!I will make it again and try your other fruit bread recipes. I think real buttermilk was the secret ingredient. The flavor was amazing, and I thank you for insisting.I saved my undercooked loaf, with the baking powder, by cutting it in 9 slices, putting them on a baking sheet, and baking at 350 for 30 minutes. The centers are still dense, but cooked, and they have a delightful crustiness on the edges.

    Rating: 5
    1. Thanks for the 5 star review and glad that it still worked out for you with the baking powder/soda mixup. Yes real buttermilk is just different than the milk/vinegar homemade DIY version in my experience per your last comment, too.

  20. Fantastic taste and moistness. Better than I even imagined. I used fresh black raspberries, I didnt have any buttermilk so 1st loaf I used a small raspberry yogert Idumped it in a 1 cup measure, them topped up to the 3/4 of a cup with milk, 2nd loaf I used between 1/4 to 1/2 sour cream and again topped up the measuring cup to 3/4 with milk. ( note I used 1% milk) Loaf came out perfect both times. I baked 45 to 55 minutes. I am so impressed with how easy and tasty this is I will definitely be trying some of your other recipes.

    Rating: 5
    1. Thanks for the 5 star review and glad that you were able to make due without buttermilk and that it turned out even better than you imagined!

  21. I’m not much of a baker, but last season we let too many raspberries from our garden go to waste and I was determined not to let that happen again. This bread is so easy to make and has a perfect texture and balance of sweetness. I’m also disabled by MS and I really appreciate recipes that are not only easy, but forgiving of small mistakes. Definitely will be making this again!

    Rating: 5
    1. Thanks for the 5 star review and glad you were able to put your homegrown raspberries to use!

      It is my goal in writing recipes, even baking not just savory cooking, that small errors are fine and that the recipe will still work out successfully.

  22. This is seriously the best fruit bread I’ve ever made. It was so good I made another batch into muffins. 🙌So delicious!Also, I used fresh raspberries but it definitely took at least an hour to cook.

    Rating: 5
    1. Thanks for the 5 star review and glad this is the best fruit bread you’ve ever made! And that the muffins were also delish!

  23. Great results with this recipe, not too sweet. Made into 3 medium sized loaves. Wonderful bread for breakfast or an afternoon snack!

    Rating: 5
  24. I made this exactly as the recipe is presented with fresh raspberries from my garden.  It turned to perfectly!  Yummy!!!

    Rating: 5
    1. Thanks for the 5 star review and glad it was perfect! How lovely you have your own crop of garden fresh raspberries!

    1. I have only made it as written so cannot say. You’d have to experiment or ‘make’ buttermilk by Googling how to do it.

    2. I have made this twice by using 3/4 cup milk and 1 tablespoon vinegar and let sit for 5 minutes and pour it in. 
      You could use lemon juice in place of vinegar. 

  25. This is my go to Raspberry Sweet Bread recipe, I’ve made it quite a number of times and its always a winner!!!! Note – i typically use Dehydrated Buttermilk and add it with the dry ingredients, and add water with the wet ingredients. Works great!

    Rating: 5
    1. Thanks for the 5 star review and glad this is y our go to raspberry bread and that the dehydrated powdered buttermilk works great for you!

  26. Hello. I made the raspberry bread yesterday, and made it with ALL fresh ingredients, and followed the recipe to a T, as I always do the first time. It turned out beautiful. However we were a bit disappointed in the taste. It lacked flavor. Can you help?

    Rating: 4
    1. It lacked flavor that’s interesting. Between the sugar and the berries I’ve never had that happen, some berries are sweeter than others, that could be part of it.

      I would also make sure to add a generous pinch of salt then, maybe a half a teaspoon or so, that might bump up the flavor for you. I’ve never had anyone say this so I’m a little bit stumped but that’s what I would try.

      Also you could try dusting the tub with about 2 to 3 tablespoons of granulated sugar after you get it in hand before you bake it.

    1. I really don’t know, have only made as bread. Most muffins are 20-ish minutes as a guideline.

  27. Hi Averie,Thanks for sharing your recipe for raspberry bread. It turned out fantastically and I will definitely be making it again. I also wanted to let you know I’ve included it in my Recipe Roundup of recipes for 12 foods high in antioxidants.Here is the link if you want to check it out. you so much for sharing your amazing recipes!

    Rating: 5
  28. I was excited to try the best raspberry bread recipe and followed your instructions all the way. However, most of the fresh raspberries settled at the bottom all moist and mushy. I wonder WHY?
    The family enjoyed the bread and I would like to try the recipe again. I would appreciate your feedback.

    1. It’s hard to say from afar what happens in people’s kitchens and their baking.

      I would say toss the berries in a bit of flour but I also indicated that step 6. Sometimes berries just sink when baking. It just does happen when baking with berries sometimes.

  29. Truly the BEST raspberry bread I’ve ever had. Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to try your other recipes .

    Rating: 5
  30. Hi, I’d like to make this recipe using 1/2 fresh raspberries & 1/2 fresh blueberries. Do you think that would work or will the blueberries have too much juice & change the outcome?

    1. As long as they’re fresh berries, I think almost any combo of berries would work fine. It’s only if they’ve been previously frozen that the extra juice/water issue starts coming into play more.

  31. I made this recipe and it was a disaster—I can’t figure out what went wrong. By about 30 minutes it had overflowed the pan and was flat and dark brown on top. I cooked it for a full hour but it never cooked through. Any suggestions?

    1. Honestly it is very hard to say what happened. If it overflowed I am thinking that you over-measured an ingredient, possibly used baking powder not soda, too much buttermilk, hard to say. But if it never cooked through yet was burnt, my guess is too much buttermilk and/or not enough flour. This recipe is very popular with readers overall so not exactly sure about what happened for you.

    1. Thanks for the 5 star review and glad you were able to take advantage of raspberries from your own garden!

  32. Love that this bread is bursting with fresh raspberries, they’re my all-time fave berry. I need to make this bread ASAP!

  33. Yum! Sounds good. And there are lots of ripe raspberries on my landlord’s bushes right now. I picked a few for dinner tonight, but I’m thinking I need to go back and keep picking them before they go bad. No one else seems to be going for them! I don’t like buttermilk, but I do keep buttermilk powder in the freezer just for those times when I come across a recipe that calls for buttermilk.

  34. Made this this week with fresh raspberries from my bushes. Turned out delicious. Was a hit with the whole family.

  35. I’m not a fan of raspberries but being the sweet wife that I am, I made six jumbo muffins for my husband who likes raspberries. I also added a cup of dark chocolate chips. He loves them. I individually wrapped each muffin with love and froze the extras. 40 minute bake time.

    Rating: 5
    1. Thanks for the five star review and I’m glad this came out great as jumbo muffins and that is so nice of you to bake something for your husband that you knowingly aren’t that fond of going into it :) Glad he loves them!

  36. Hi, Can I use wholewheat flour instead of all purpose flour ? Planning to make it today. Earlier had made banana carrot bread, came out well and was yummy! Thanks.

  37. Wonderful bread! My kids thought it could be sweeter, but I say it was the perfect level of sweetness. I used 1.5 c flour and .5 c oats, which I processed into flour. I didn’t have unsalted butter, so I withheld extra salt. I baked it for 55 minutes. Next, I will alter it to make a vegan version and see if it holds up. Thanks for sharing!

    Rating: 5
    1. Thanks for the five star review and I’m glad the bread turned out so well with the changes that you made it.

  38. I made this recipe after fearing the raspberries in my fridge would go to waste- it was a hit! I wished the bread was a little sweeter; do you think the 1/4 cup of sugar could be modified to 1/2 cup? Or is that too much? Otherwise it was absolutely wonderful!!

    Rating: 5
    1. All berries vary in their sweetness level and maybe yours just weren’t as sweet. I think 1/2 cup would be fine.

  39. Delicious!!!I had some raspberries given to me and though not a raspberry fan accepted them. Then on a mission to use them thoughtfully found this recipe and tried it. Best choice; this bread turned out phenomenal. I portioned the batter into the smaller loaves and baked for approx 45 min. One loaf went to the friends from whence the berries came. ThereThe rest was devoured happily. Will definitely keep this recipe handy. Thanks.

    Rating: 5
    1. Thanks for the 5 star review and I wish I had someone give me fresh raspberries! I think they are a delicacy :) So overpriced in the store. Glad this was devoured!

  40. Made two loaves for my grandchildren’s first day of school… was a hit!Definitely was not done at 45 minutes, so I removed the foil on top & cooked additional 20 minuets before bread was done.

    Rating: 5
  41. Delicious bread – very easy recipe and directions. What a great use for our berries we just picked! Now I’d like to try it with our ‘free’ black raspberries that come in 2 weeks earlier – food for thought for next year. Thanks for sharing.

    Rating: 5
  42. I made this bread today and used fresh berries from my garden. It took one hour and 15 minutes to bake. The bread is delicious. I will make this often.

    Rating: 5
  43. The chocolate chips are an excellent addition (I often try to forget them, because they’re not in the ingredient list…). I make about 8 loaves of this every summer when we have ripe raspberries growing in the yard. What we dont eat immediately goes in the freezer. Thaws wonderfully.

    Rating: 5
    1. I’m jealous that you have enough homegrown raspberries to make eight loaves of this! I’m glad you love it so much!

  44. I was given a LOT of fresh berries the other day that I had no idea what to do with. My family was just not eating it up quickly enough & I didn’t want them to go bad. So I came across this recipe on Pinterest & knew I had to try it.I doubled the recipe & used a total of 4 cups of mixed berries. It took about 90 minutes for both loaves to finish (I tented them with foil after the first 30 minutes, like you suggested). I worried they would be dry or unevenly baked or something after being in the oven for so long, but they were so moist & beautiful. We enjoyed a slice for breakfast this morning with our coffee. This recipe is going in my recipe box for sure. :)TIP: I never have buttermilk on hand, but if you add 1 TBSP of white vinegar or lemon juice to your milk of choice & leave it for 5 minutes on your counter, it works beautifully!

    Rating: 5
    1. Thanks for the 5 star review and glad you loved this! Glad that 2 loaves at once worked as did your shortcut buttermilk (I know that trick but not everyone does). Good job to tent them after 30 minutes so they didn’t get too dark.

  45. I passed by the raspberries at the supermarket and the looked oh so yummy. Only problem was I don’t really enjoy them on their own. Now thinking about it I rarely eat them at all. So I looked up a recipe and luckily came across this one. I got all the ingredients and followed the recipe and oh my god to describe the smell and the taste in one word is almost impossible. Definitely doing this recipe again.

    1. Can’t believe you have yummy looking raspberries this time of year, I’m envious! Glad you loved the bread and will make it again!

  46. I made this bread today. Used fresh raspberries that had started to juice. The bread did not have large pieces of fruit but was more infused into the dough giving it a nice raspberry flavor. I had no problems cutting it into nice slices.

  47. Do you have a book? Because your recipes are fabulous but your blog loads badly on an iPad and the ads are really annoying. Made the raspberry bread for an eclipse party and it was a huge hit! Thanks.

  48. Had rasberrys i got on sale my daughter wanted ahe never ate ans i was affraid were going to go to waste found this recipe but didt have alot of the stuff so i gave it a shot I made the raspberry bread at the top…i didt have buttermilk or oil…i used vanilla yogurt 3/4 cup and 1/4 water also used margarine rather then butter so 1/4 of each…and no egg turned out just as you said moist and beautiful!! Also added a cup of semi sweet c. Chips I had left over great idea!!thank you I will def be trying the others soon!

  49. Thanks for this most excellent recipe! I bought teeny raspberries at a farm stand while traveling in Alaska and baked this in my RV toaster oven. Hubby loved it and so did I!

    1. Thanks for trying the recipe and I’m glad it came out great for you! And in a toaster oven no less…awesome!

      1. It’s a Breville–a real workhorse! We live in our RV fulltime, so the Breville IS my oven.

  50. Oh my goodness!!!!! I made this yesterday with raspberries I’d just picked from our garden. It. Was. Beautiful!!!!!!!!! Absolutely. The smell of the raspberries as you cut the loaf is intense. Gorgeous. Definitely a keeper. Thanks very much for posting this recipe.

    1. Thanks for trying the recipe and I’m glad it came out great for you! I love that you have fresh raspberries from your garden – what a delicacy!

  51. My husband loved this bread! Thanks for sharing :) Can it be frozen successfully? If so, for how long? 

  52. I made this at the weekend and it came out great – tasted great and looked exactly like the pictures! Thank you for this recipe, I’ll definitely be making this again!

  53. I actually didn’t want to buy buttermilk so I used whole milk and squeezed about a tablespoon of lemon juice into it. Whisked it with a fork until it thickened. It happened pretty quickly. Other than that I followed the recipe pretty closely.

    1. That’s a trick that will generally work in a pinch and glad it seemed to work out for you!

      1. The recipe calls for buttermilk for a reason: you need to use it.

        I have had not tinkered around with trying to substitute yogurt that’s been thinned out, etc. so cannot make any other suggestions other than to follow the recipe as written.

      1. Thanks for trying the recipe and I’m glad it came out great for you! Glad regular milk was just fine!

  54. I’ve made this twice with raspberries and once with blackberries. It is sooo good! Takes about an hour and 15 mins to bake through. I’m wondering if anyone has tried it as muffins and how long should they take?

    1. Most muffins take 17-25 minutes, depending on the batter, the oven, etc. Just keep an eye on them, you’ll know when they’re done.

  55. Made this tonight with some fresh raspberries that we’re getting a little mushy. Followed the recipe to a T! Awesome! This is a keeper especially with all the wild raspberries I get! Thank you!

    1. Thanks for trying the recipe and I’m glad it came out great for you! Fresh, wild raspberries – how amazing!

  56. Holy cow! This was AMAZING!!!! Made it tonight after perusing Pinterest for some recipes to use the 15 cups of raspberries we’ve picked the last few days!! Just the right amount of sweetness, and I agree that the more raspberries in each bite, the better! I will be making a few more batches over the next couple of days to use up my berries, and I’ll freeze the loaves. The only differences I had were that I didn’t have buttermilk on hand, so I used whole milk with a few teaspoons of vinegar per the substituting guide in my Betty Crocker cookbook. I also made 4 mini loaves instead of a big loaf – my oven cooks unevenly (it’s old) and I find I have more success that way. Thanks for the great recipe!

    1. Glad that the whole milk/vinegar swap worked for you and I totally agree with your thoughts about mini loaves cooking more evenly in general, especially if it’s an older oven! Thanks for trying the recipe and I’m glad it came out great for you!

  57. i’ve made this a few times now with a frozen berry  mix and it’s delicious! this morning, i used it to make french toast and it was incredible!!! probably one of the best french toast dishes i’ve ever had!! :) 

  58. Looks gorgeous and yummy!! Quick question. Can I substitute with frozen strawberries? Do let me know pls! Thanks.

  59. I just made this with strawberries instead of raspberries in my toaster oven, and it so good and easy to make!! it was delicious! thanks for a great recipe! i’m planning on making a bunch of your other breads soon! 

    1. Thanks for trying the recipe and I’m glad it came out great for you! And in a toaster oven no less, wonderful!

    2. people are still raving about this bread days later! i bought frozen mixed berries recently and will have to make this again soon!

      1. Thanks for trying the recipe and I’m glad it came out great for you! And that people are still raving about it! Love that!

    1. No I add them frozen and that’s what I recommend doing so they’re not overly soft and watery upon being added to the batter.

  60. I made it last night using fresh raspberries and added mixed with some blueberries(kept total fruit measurement the same). It was so delicious…my kids loved it!!!!! It was so moist they thought it was cake

    1. Thanks for trying the recipe and I’m glad it came out great for you! And yes so super moist it’s almost like having cake :) Love that you worked in some blueberries!

  61. I made the raspberry bread it was delicious. I used fresh raspberries and at 350 degrees it took almost two hours to bake.

  62. This looks delicious.  I can tell from the ingredients it will be spectacular.  I am planning on making this and surprising my teen-aged son who loves raspberries (his favorite berry) and loves trying new recipes I’ve cooked or baked.  I will have it ready for an after-school snack with a cup of hot tea since it’s a little chilly here today.  Averie, thanks so much for the recipe.  I will let you know how it turns out.

  63. I will have to try this with frozen raspberries–it’s cold here, so the raspberries will not be growing now. My DH bought a raspberry bread at a local popular bakery this week but it was not what he expected. It was just OK–I think they used raspberry juice to make it pink, there was not a raspberry in site. I told him I would find a recipe to make at home. And I will have to try the cinnamon because he really likes cinnamon bread.
    Thank you.

  64. I bought fresh berries to make your raspberry bread. I am headed to the kitchen to try it out. I will let you know how it turns out. Thanks for all the great looking bread recipes! I will try several of them over the next few weeks!

  65. The AMAZING photos of this loaf FORCED me to bake it immediately! I used fresh raspberries rather than frozen and your cooking time said 45 mins, but mine has been in there for an hour and the top center is still mush! I hope I haven’t done something wrong, because I totally planned to give myself a belly ache eating too much of it tonight.

    1. Just bake until it’s done, whatever that means in your oven. Some ovens run colder and fruit is juicier, etc. I’m sure it’s just fine. Enjoy!

      1. I ended up cooking it for a bit over an hour and it was perfect. You’re right, it probably is just a difference in ovens. Thanks a lot for sharing your recipes, I see a few more that I definitely want to try!

  66. I made this tonight, and it was terrible. I followed the recipe exactly and even used fresh raspberries. It tasted like sawdust.

    1. I’m sorry that you didn’t have good luck with it. Not sure how a cup of sugar in the batter, along with oil and buttermilk and juicy berries could end up with a dry or tasteless loaf of bread. Are you absolutely sure didn’t over-measure the flour and/or hard-pack it into the cup and accidentally therefore add too much? We loved this bread and it’s adapted from a recipe of mine that’s been pinned 500k+ times and thousands of people have literally written to me saying they’ve made it..and this version simply adds raspberries. So not sure what happened.

  67. I’ve tried making this recipe twice and they taste delicious, but for some reason my raspberries end up being super gooey and mushy rather than baked in. Any suggestions or know why that is? I baked it for about 50-55 minutes the second time and it still did that.

    1. Raspberries are extremely delicate and so I really don’t think there’s anything wrong with smooshed in. I would describe mine as that way too!

  68. Averie, you have outdone yourself with this bread – it looks so luscious and soft! Raspberry muffins are one of my favorite kinds (with chocolate!)! Dee-lish!

  69. Averie, I wonder if I can replace the flour with gluten – free flour mix? Would it give the same result?

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Your guess is as good as mine. Gluten helps things rise and without it, I don’t know what this bread will do if you replace it with a GF baking blend. You can try and see what happens!

    1. I just put them in frozen which was part of the reason that this bread took so long to cook – they released so much moisture. I would use fresh berries next time for sure!

  70. you can never have too many good sweet bread recipes! i have too many banana bread recipes to count! this raspberry bread looks delicious.. so moist and totally jam packed with flavour. definitely a must try in my kitchen!

  71. This look SO moist and delicious. I’ll have to remember that trifecta of ingredients.

    P.S. I like how you think about adding chocolate chips ;)

  72. We really like raspberries and my raspberry patch has been good to me this year. Making raspberry bread is now on my to do list :)

  73. Your photos are amazing, Averie- and this looks divine. I bet blueberries and blackberries would go great in this as well- like a berry bread :)

  74. What a gorgeous loaf!! The raspberries lend the perfect pop of magenta. I would have no problem finishing this myself. I bet you’d love it with white chocolate – or even a white chocolate glaze. Not that it needs it. Looks perfect on its own!

    1. Sally after I made it and started thinking about chocolate, your rasp-choc banana bread came to mine. Next time :)

  75. “But since it’s packed with fruit, it’s automatically healthy of course.” <– With that reasoning, I'm SO tempted to add fruit to every single baked good I ever make! Seriously the best logic ever. I'm going to bake fruity cookies right now, just to have a "healthy" dinner!! ;) Love the gorgeous berries and their pretty color in your bread Averie. If you had any left, I bet it'd make amazing French toast too!

  76. Phew, Averie, that is one heck of a gorgeous loaf! Raspberries are so good in baked goods – the sugary carbs help balance out the tart berries. Moist breads keep me coming back for one more half slice … and then another half slice … and another :) It would be so worth it with this one!

    1. What you just described is EXACTLY what I did with this bread. I should just have 2 or 3 slices right off the bat. But am the queen of ‘just 1/2 more….’

  77. This bread is so beautiful and looks so delicious! I wish I could have a slice to eat with my coffee right now!

  78. This loaf looks lovely Averie, I love how the raspberries just pop with their gorgeous colour.

  79. This bread looks absolutely amazing – so moist and delicious! Don’t expect any less from you :) pinning for sure!

  80. Heck yeah! This looks incredibly perfect, texture-wise. I think you’ve mastered the art of tempting me with food pics at odd hours!
    And triple yes to chocolate chips. With the raspberries, that’s so good!

  81. This: The only thing more perfect would be adding a cup of chocolate chips to the batter. Next time.

    Normally, I’m a purist with breads like this and I don’t like too many competing flavors, but this loaf is pretty much BEGGING for white chocolate chips! Or maybe that is me begging? ;)

    1. I am normally a purist too and after the fact realized that yeah, with choc chips even better…next time, for sure :)

  82. I also use frozen fruit in baking. I just froze 24 pints of blueberries while they’re in season & cheap. Still have cranberries from last fall. I wonder if this recipe would be good with them – might need to add additional sugar?

    1. I think this dough base would make a GREAT cranberry loaf. I would bump up the sugar by maybe 1/3 cup and then if you bake it and it’s still too tart, you could do a light powdered sugar icing/glaze. That should handle it!

  83. I’m not sure the raspberries would make it into the bread. I LOVE raspberries. I love raspberry baked goods and frankly, I think any kind of chips would ruin it for me–I want the berry and bread flavor without any distraction–but that’s the beauty of baking–we can make things to our own taste!

    1. Isn’t that the truth, we can customize! Amen! It’s amazing though how many people don’t think to do that. They don’t think to add nuts, swap dark choc chips for white, etc. because it was ‘written that way’. A recipe only works properly for me if I make 17 tweaks to it first…LOL

  84. This bread is beautiful..I’ve had success with every one of your bread recipes that I’ve tried…can’t wait to give this one a try and I’ll take your suggestion and add some choc. chips.

    1. Thanks, Lisa, for telling me all the other bread recipes of mine have been a success! If you try this one, LMK how it goes!

  85. Raspberries are my favorite berry…or fruit for that matter! This loaf looks just so moist and delicious…and i bet that raspberries + brown sugar & butter combo is heaven!

    1. I would love to swap some of this for your key lime pie sandwich cookies which I pinned and want!

  86. This looks so great Averie! Can’t wait to try it. I have tons of blackberry bushes around my house, so maybe I’ll be a blackberry-raspberry mix…..yum! Thanks for sharing, as always. Happy weekend!

  87. I love raspberries, and this bread is beautiful, Averie! I love that it has butter, oil and buttermilk. It doesn’t get much better than that! Looks so good, as always!

  88. This looks tender indeed–I love all the little spaces that form around the berries. Adding chocolate chips would be wonderful–I’d be tempted to try dark and white just to see which I’d like better!

  89. This bread looks so yummy! I would agree though the addition of chocolate chips sounds pretty sweet too.

    1. I’ve never even thought of making a raspberry loaf. This is a must!